2006 Maybach 57 S 612 hp V12 Biturbo (2005120105L0N28)

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2006 Maybach 57 S — 612 hp V12

Source: Maybach Sindelfingen,

Posted: 01 Dec 2005

About 2006 Maybach 57

The new Maybach 57 S high-performance attributes

Luxury and combined at the highest level

· V12 biturbo engine with 612 hp

· chassis for outstanding handling

· Luxurious and dynamic aura

the new model 57 S, Maybach offers a luxury saloon whose and dynamic handling need no comparison with a sports Particularly discerning motoring who wish to drive their themselves seek the perfect of luxurious comfort and sporty The latter is provided by an improved six-litre V12 biturbo engine 45 kW/62 hp more output the Maybach 57, as well as a tauter configuration. This combination the Maybach 57 S high-end luxury the ideal car for owner-drivers who expect the latest high-performance technology, and the typical of the Maybach brand. an acceleration from standstill to 62 mph in five seconds, the new Maybach 57 S demonstrates its outstanding performance

New 12-cylinder powerpack with a torque of 1000 Nm

The new, more powerful 12-cylinder in the Maybach 57 S has a displacement of six litres and an of 612 hp by virtue of a twin turbocharger and a charge-air cooler. The impressive torque of 1000 Nm (electronically is available over a wide speed range between and 4000 rpm. This the more sportily-inclined Maybach with effortless power at all times. Each of these 12-cylinder units has a newly cover and a model plate the signature of the Mercedes-AMG technician who it by hand on the one man, one engine

Maybach developers have in reconciling, to a near-perfect degree, requirements with the modified, stiffly configured suspension of the 57 S. transferring the impressive performance and dynamic potential safely and at all times, it also retains the high level of comfort for Maybach saloons are known.

design accentuates the dynamic

Discreet and tasteful exterior accentuate the decidedly dynamic of the new Maybach 57 S. These include a front end with a strikingly radiator and lighting units, 20-inch spoked wheels, 57 S lettering on the wing beneath the and on the boot lid, and single-tone in the black or silver colour reserved for the model 57 S. At the rear a apron with two new, exhaust tailpipes subtly the high performance potential of the 57 S. at a standstill, this dynamic and appearance confirms that the new meets the wishes of sporty for an exclusive luxury car with performance.

Harmony between and dynamism: enhanced interior

The contemporary Maybach interpretation of impressive handling dynamics and luxury is also reflected in the of the 57 S. The highest quality materials are to perfection for an intentionally distinctive and exclusive look, in typical style. Particularly in the driver’s field of vision and activity, coordinated applications of exquisite lacquer and sporty carbon create an atmosphere of dynamic Newly designed leather tastefully accentuates this impression.

The Maybach 57 S is now available to order in the UK, a right hand drive price of £289,090.

Maybach 57 S: and chassis

· Hand-built at the Mercedes-AMG workshops

· Dynamic, safe and — the modified suspension

The more powerful V12 engine, Maybach engineers have further with specialists at ensures a fulminating performance and handling dynamics in the Maybach 57 S luxury saloon. Thanks to a turbocharger and a water-to-air intercooler, the V12 unit generates a maximum of 612 hp from a displacement of 5980 centimetres. This is continuously on tap 4800 and 5100 rpm, the impressive maximum torque of Nm is available between 2000 and rpm. These figures up a new performance dimension in the Maybach 57 S: from zero to 62 mph takes 5.0 seconds, and the Maybach 57 S requires 15.8 seconds to sprint zero to 124 mph, making it one of the swiftest luxury cars. An sprint from 50 to 75 mph, is decisive for many overtaking (where laws permit), is effortlessly in 3.7 seconds — more than the blink of an The maximum speed is 171 mph.

engine technology

The latest and numerous intelligent details by Mercedes-AMG specialists are the basis for the performance of the Maybach 57 S. As an example, the pistons are made from a material which withstands temperatures and pressures, and are kept at the temperature by a sophisticated oil-jet system with a separate for each of the 12 pistons. A particularly oil pump and a large oil cooler that all lubrication points are supplied with oil, under the highest loads. The and turbine housings of the two turbochargers, as as the impellers, are designed for a high pressure of up to 1.5 bar.

Special intercooler for high performance

The engine of the Maybach 57 S is also with highly efficient cooling, which lowers the of the intake air compressed by the turbochargers it enters the combustion chambers, the particularly effective principle of the heat exchanger. The large area of the low-temperature intercooler effective cooling at all times, under full load, and provides the driver of the Maybach 57 S a high output and torque in all ambient temperatures and under all conditions.

The character of the 12-cylinder unit offers the driver of the 57 S a real experience for the senses: full acceleration it certainly its occupants back into seats, but always remains and refined despite its enormous power. Only a discreet from the twin-pipe exhaust reveals that the high-performance is getting down to business, enabling the driver to derive enjoyment from the outstanding to the accelerator.

Mercedes-AMG ‘Manufaktur’

In line the Maybach approach, the 12-cylinder engine is hand-assembled in the Mercedes-AMG workshops, or ‘Manufaktur’. The One man, one philosophy is reflected by the signature of the responsible on the characteristic model which is attached to the engine of the V12 biturbo in the Maybach 57 S — a of the greatest care and superlative

Modified suspension for a safe and driving experience

To make that the impressive performance of the 57 S is always safely and smoothly to the road, Maybach engineers modified the suspension in numerous to do justice to the increased power. The are palpable: despite its weight and the luxury saloon is agile and has precise, responsive cornering and assists the driver with and neutral handling. Moreover, the 57 S provides a surprisingly high of driving pleasure on winding roads and even twisting passes.

To achieve these responsive characteristics, the Maybach have reconfigured the stabilisers at the and rear axles. There is now a 2mm torsion bar at the front and a 4mm thicker at the rear. These provide the with a sportier, more suspension and more support at the axle. The result is a reduction in angle by around 15 per cent and more lateral stability taking bends at speed. and cornering ability are improved at the time.

The handling dynamics benefit from a 15mm in ride height. Together modifications lead to significantly roadholding.

The more stiffly Adaptive Damping System ADS II, as as the semi-active air suspension, dampens movements more rapidly and the sporty handling. If the driver the sporty mode from the available suspension settings by the switch in the centre console, the and dampers are even more configured. However, even in mode the new Maybach 57 S offers a level of dynamic handling for the enthusiast without any loss of

The modified suspension components allow a more performance-oriented of ESP® and ASR for higher lateral

Specially developed 20-inch wheels with eleven

The 275/45 R20 Michelin Pilot tyres have been matched to the modified suspension, and are to specially developed 8.5Jx20 light-alloy wheels. Owing to the low width of the 20-inch tyres larger than the standard tyres of the Maybach 57 — and the contact patch resulting a width of 8.5 rather than 8 the self-steering characteristics of the Maybach 57 S also been improved. The dynamically-configured saloon corners more precisely and with instant response, while a high level of lateral at the same time.

Ventilation of the system has also been Underbody air deflectors in the area of the axle, as well as the airflow-optimised, design of the wheels, allow cooling air to reach the brakes. ensures better performance and resistance in all driving situations and conditions. In the Maybach 57 S these make for a consistently outstanding of active safety.

The modified and reconfigured suspension of the 57 S that Maybach developers successfully reconciled two apparently requirements: this high-performance car is able to transmit the performance of the driver safely and effortlessly to the at all times, while at the same offering the high level of comfort typical of a Maybach.

The automotive technology

Like all models, the Maybach 57 S is equipped the finest automotive technology, for the possible comfort and safety. not only sets new standards at the pinnacle of the passenger car market in of master craftsmanship, but also the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the world’s innovative and tradition-steeped vehicle and benefits from the unique of its sister brand Mercedes-Benz in the and production of high-quality cars in the segment.

Major innovations by have been developed for the Maybach saloons, and are standard — for example the electronically air suspension system AIRMATIC DC Control), LINGUATRONIC voice the COMAND APS control and display a 600 watt sound system Dolby surround sound on seat and an efficient four-zone air system based on two separate air units

Safety: occupant with 10 airbags

In addition to a body structure, the exemplary technology of these high-end cars includes a total of 10 — two adaptive airbags two-stage gas generators for the front occupants, four sidebags and two windowbags for each side of the Automatic comfort-fit inertia-reel belts, high-performance belt and belt force limiters are into the seats, and are therefore to carry out their full function in any position.

Maybach 57 S: and interior

· External features the high-performance character

· Carbon and lacquer set the scene in the interior

In with the standard set by the brand, designers have also the outstanding performance potential of the developed Maybach 57 S with visual features. Externally the suspension, the powerful lines of the and the large wheels — all of lend the car a road-hugging appearance as well as an exclusive single-tone finish and other discreet, modifications already indicate at the sort of performance potential the 57 S can unleash. A look into the designed interior reveals a mix of the materials with a decidedly emphasis, a sophisticated colour and impeccable finishing, unmistakably the high quality-awareness and craftsmanship in the Maybach Manufaktur takes pride. The new Maybach 57 S truly how high-end dynamism can harmonise with exquisite luxury.

dynamism: single-tone paintwork and wheels

Numerous modifications and new create visual highlights meet the demanding design of the Maybach brand while the dynamic nature of this Viewed from the side, is underlined by the 20-inch light-alloy in an 11-spoke design, which specially developed for the Maybach 57 S, as as the darkly tinted rear and rear side windows in the USA). A single-tone paint confirms the special position of the 57 S this luxury car range in Sindelfingen. The two special, exclusively shades of black and silver Black/Nevada Silver) lend an air of greater dynamism to the new high-performance

New front aspect: radiator with twin louvres

The aspect is dominated by the redesigned grille. This closely the already familiar Maybach but creates an even more and powerful impression with twin louvres spaced widely apart. The headlamp are also painted in the vehicle enhancing the visual prominence of the headlamps and emphasising the forward-flowing of the 57 S. This highly distinctive aspect is elegantly and dynamically off by fog lamps with shining, new surrounds positioned low down in the apron.

The rear end is characterised by a designed rear apron. integrates the two clearly visible, chrome exhaust tailpipes on the and right into the vehicle and thereby particularly accentuates visual effect. The boot lid the lettering Maybach and 57 S, and the model is also repeated on the wings the A-pillars.

Maybach 12

The sporty appearance of the 57 S harmoniously confirms the overall of an exclusive luxury car which the very highest quality and perfectionism with a thoroughbred and impressive performance characteristics.

details: top-quality material mix of and piano lacquer

The interior of the 57 S exudes its very own aura. is in large measure due to the vertical coated in piano lacquer and the rather than fine trim which especially the horizontal surfaces. The centre is a particular example of great to detail: this innovative of piano lacquer and carbon lends another powerful and highlight to the interior as a further emphasis of the car’s impressive potential. On request, Maybach are also able to order the new with poplar wood in anthracite as an alternative to carbon.

coordinated with this scheme, the likewise new leather is available either in black or a of Vesuvius Black/Aspen White. again, a sporty touch is by decorative piping along the edges. The shift lever is in the interior colour, while the wheel is lined with partially perforated leather. the instrument cluster and the roof in the 57 S have a scale graduated up to 200 All the controls within the driver’s of vision and activity reflect the overall design and perfectly driver-oriented layout of the cockpit in the 57 S.

New rear section: first-class even at high speeds

The of the Maybach 57 S has also been redesigned in the rear: for example, the of the head restraints has been to suit the dynamic interior for an impression of lightness. Nonetheless ergonomic shape ensures relaxation and typical Maybach even on longer journeys at speeds. The large, black-tinted window can be optionally fitted an opaque curtain for even privacy and a pleasantly subdued mood during daylight

Maybach designers have particular attention to the revised lining and interior side in the 57 S. These areas are lined anthracite-coloured Alcantara in keeping the interior colour scheme, emphasising the dynamic and elegant atmosphere and highlighting the black surrounds of the instruments in the roof

Exclusive and individual: Maybach accessories

The Maybach Manufaktur is happy to meet the special of its 57 S customers with attention to outstanding craftsmanship and the greatest Accordingly the range of officially options and special appointments is being expanded. Family and initials are among the items frequently requested by buyers of limousines, for example. But more requests can also be met, as gold trim rather chrome. The experienced Maybach are able to put even the most ideas into practice.


· Wilhelm Maybach, the of design engineers

· Mercedes-Benz and among the elite

· Cars to every wish

Designed the greatest attention to detail, in a modern custom shop, or and equipped with the automotive of the 21st Century, the Maybach 57, 62 and Maybach 57 S continue the tradition of Maybach cars which together with Mercedes-Benz were numbered amongst the in German and international automotive during the 1920s and 1930s.

and Maybach are two vehicle brands an illustrious past and many in common. After all, Maybach (1846-1929) was the longstanding of Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900), the Director of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and in the designer of the first Mercedes, is seen as the precursor to all modern cars. In view of this, he was known as the King of design

In 1907 Wilhelm Maybach, who was to the European Automotive Hall of in Geneva in March 2004, the company and — together his son Karl — devoted to the production of powerful engines for the developed by Ferdinand von Zeppelin 1909. From 1919 Maybach (1879-1960) made a for himself by designing and producing and technically outstanding luxury in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. 1800 of these high-quality were produced up to 1941, coachwork designed and equipped to customer request by specialist

The flagship of the Maybach model was the model DS 8 Zeppelin dating 1931. With a length of 5.50 metres, this saloon was acknowledged as the most German passenger car of its day — an that fulfils every with the utmost elegance and as a Maybach brochure stated at the

New high-performance tyres

Michelin exclusive tyres for the Maybach 57 S

· tyre with sporty and high comfort

· The latest and production methods

In close with the tyre manufacturer Maybach has developed a high-performance for the new model 57 S which makes a contribution to the dynamic handling of the luxury saloon. It allows lively handling accompanied by comfort.

Development work in summer 2004, on the basis of the Sport series by Michelin had already proved its worth for cars. Right from the specialists at Maybach and Michelin for 20-inch wheels as a basis. to the 19-inch wheels of the Maybach 57 and 62, these allowed a lower and therefore higher lateral for the same diameter. This the build-up of lateral forces and for more rapid and precise characteristics.

This was already by the first computer simulations, and predictions were borne out practical trials. For this Michelin produced several variants with a wide of operating characteristics, and these subjected to trials on the test The aim of high dynamic performance and handling was soon achieved. The aim now was to the tyre design that combine these sporty with the high level of so typical of every Maybach

Michelin used very materials and the latest production to achieve this. For example, the specialists improved the running with a layer of Kevlar the tread, ensuring that the 57 S more easily and comfortably. a technology known as a Variable Patch (VCP), the specialists a succession of different tread alongside each other harder compounds with a carbon content on the highly outer shoulder and softer in the centre. This enabled handling to be combined with comfort, while lending a appearance to the tyres at the same

The development process was then by specialists at Maybach and Michelin. For purpose different tyre were produced and painstakingly for thousands of kilometres on test handling circuits, torture and in day-to-day driving. The test included comfort, sensitive response, lateral acceleration, noise and of course the tyre’s on wet road surfaces. The result was the new 275/45 R20 tyre, which produces exclusively for the Maybach 57 S.

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