Maybach SW42

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Maybach SW42

How Mummies Work

Along Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the the mummy is one of the great figures of the horror-movie genre. And it’s to see why: In a sense, mummies are tangible ghosts. They are that stick around after death.

­The familiar mummies, of course, are the wrapped bodies of ancient These figures are only one of the world’s mummy population, In the past 200 years, scientists, and capitalists have discov­ered mummies in diverse locales all the world.

In this article, meet some of these to see how and why they were so carefully We’ll also look at natural mummies and examine how the mummies help us understand history.

What is a mummy?A is simply a human being soft tissue has been long after death. when a person dies, the process reduces the body to a skeleton in a matter of months. The of decomposition is dependent on a number of chiefly the nature of the surrounding

In most environments, the first of decomposition begin within a few In this initial stage, autolysis, organs that digestive enzymes (the for example) begin to digest

Autolysis is followed by putrefaction, the of organic matter by bacteria. In temperate circumstances, putrefaction going about three after death. Within a few the body is reduced to a skeleton. In more humid environments, process is accelerated, because reproduce rapidly in such In colder, drier conditions, the is slowed, because bacteria heat and water to thrive is why we use refrigerators to preserve food). If the are cold or dry enough, or if there enough oxygen, the environment is so that few bacteria can survive. In case, the body will not decompose, possibly for thousands of

There are many circumstances can lead to such a mummy. In bodies have been in the frozen ice of glaciers, the oxygen-depleted of peat bogs and the arid of the desert. The “Iceman” discovered in by tourists in the Italian Alps is one of the amazing natural mummies. The corpse, found with preserved tools, died in a hollow that quickly up with snow. Essentially, created a natural freezer preserved the body’s tissues. mummy has provided historians a great deal of information Europe’s Copper Age, representative technology, human and tattooing practices.

In some natural mummies have altered our conception of history. found in China’s Taklimakan have provided several to the lineage of modern natives of region. The structure of the mummies’ shows they were of descent. This, along other evidence preserved the mummies, indicates that the was settled by Indo-European traders, before the Han Chinese arrived in the ­These mummies were by the hot sand surrounding them in graves. When bodies are in hot sand, without any protective the sand can absorb the body’s completely desiccating it. This mummification process also in the oldest Egyptian graves. a body was buried in the Egyptian the internal organs were and the skin was crisped to a dark, shell. This phenomenon had a effect on the ancient Egyptians: The that the human body survive long past indicated to them that the spirit could too. In the section, we’ll see how these natural mummies led to the Egyptians’ artificial mummification process.

How McCarthyism Worked

The Rise of McCarthy

Born in Wisconsin in Joseph Raymond McCarthy Marquette University and became an in 1935, smack in the middle of the Depression. He became the youngest court judge in Wisconsin when he defeated an incumbent in During World War II, he joined the where he was promoted to captain. two years, though, he left of a broken bone in his foot was suffered during a hazing Senate, parlaying his military into the patriotic persona of Gunner Joe.” He didn’t win time, but did take the ticket in when he became Wisconsin’s senator.

McCarthy burst the national scene several later. In 1950, during a controversial speech at a Lincoln’s luncheon, he waved around a of 205 names of supposed active holding jobs in the State

McCarthy was a relative unknown, but he lit the fire under America’s of communism, there seemed to be no it. There had already been cases of communist spies and giving secrets to the Soviet about the American government and program. McCarthy claimed liberal officials knew of threats to national security but taking a soft approach identifying them.

Two things almost immediately after speech:

Americans became to identify and remove communists positions of power. Many this hysteria to have generated not completely by McCarthy, but by the events that preceded his Communists, led by Mao Zedong, had gained of China two months earlier. The Union had exploded an atomic in 1949. government. citizens for espionage during the Cold In 1950, the Rosenbergs, known were arrested on suspicion of and providing nuclear secrets to the They steadfastly maintained innocence but invoked their Amendment right to avoid themselves. The couple was convicted in and executed on June 19, 1953. It is that the information they to the Soviet Union led directly to its development of the atomic bomb Atomic Archive].

How Maybachs Work

There’s a reason for that.

Even the name Maybach has been with the automotive industry its birth, the brand has been since the middle of the 20th It was resurrected only recently by to carry the flag for its ultra-luxury of automobiles.

Wilhelm Maybach met Daimler in the 1860s. In 1885, and Maybach started their own to create internal combustion and automobiles. They produced a 0.5-horsepower engine in 1885. In they demonstrated their four-wheel automobile at the Paris It had four large wheels to the wheels on a bicycle and was steered a rudder-like lever rather a steering wheel. This car the automotive industry in France.

work together led to the world’s 4-cylinder automotive engine in which became the power for the first Mercedes, introduced in The rest is history — Mercedes succeeded as a brand and today is with high-quality automobiles.

Wilhelm Maybach set off on his own to start a new in 1907. His son, Karl took the company over and producing very high-end cars with V-6 and V-12 under the Maybach brand. The of this lineage was the V-6 powered type SW 42, produced in 1940 and

Photo courtesy DaimlerChrysler

The Mercedes-Benz

Maybach set the highest and produced less than luxury cars in the 20 years 1921 and 1941. Building on tradition of quality, DaimlerChrysler the Maybach brand in 2003 for its new of ultra-luxury vehicles.

Maybach SW42

How Knights

When you think of knights, you envision King Arthur, Sir or the Black Knight. We often of heroic knights in shining fighting each other swords or riding their on noble quests. White and Sir Scott) and by movies like “Excalibur,” “A Knight’s Tale,” and “Monty Python and the Holy But what were knights like? Did they slay and rescue damsels in distress? were battles and tournaments Did they woo ladies at court? Did live in castles?

Medieval were, first and foremost, They trained for military from a young age — in fact, the “knight” derives from an old Anglo-Saxon term for “boy.” arose in the eighth century the feudal system instituted by the emperor Charlemagne.

Knights most noted for fighting on but they also battled on Heavy cavalry of mounted with lances and swords the lines of many medieval — they were considered an advantage in battle. The use of knights in became increasingly popular the Middle Ages, and knights integral to armies throughout However, with the introduction and use of gunpowder and firearms in the 16th the skills of knights became for warfare. Knighthood eventually more of a ceremonial honor an actual military profession.

In this article, we’ll the lives of knights. We’ll at what they did, how trained, how they became and what their roles in were. We will also what knights do today, how can become knights and how you can learn the arts.­­

How John McCain

On Oct. 26, 1967, naval John McCain was shot over Vietnam and was held in the Hanoi Hilton. and regained his flight status. He retired the Navy in 1981 [source: McCain].

McCain’s military played a big part in his campaign for in 2008. It gave him an argument to commander-in-chief. His military background appeared to give him the kind of persistence needed during a season that defied and proved to be the most expensive

John McCain Image age 71, McCain would be the oldest to be sworn in as president in the country’s This consideration has emerged as a of discussion in the media during his In one interview by Jay Leno on “The Show,” the host mentioned action-star-turned-conservative-pundit Chuck Norris (a of McCain’s former rival Huckabee) said publicly he thought McCain was too old to be president. is going to take care of McCain assured Leno of fate [source: USA Today].

At the California governor Arnold has come out in McCain’s corner. He the candidate his endorsement, saying are people out there that about reaching across the but [McCain] has shown the action and over again” [source: Los Times].

McCain’s willin­gness to shake with the Democrats and occasionally against party lines has him the titles of “consensus-builder” [source: Herald], “straight-shooter” [source: The “maverick” [source: Los Angeles and “traitor to the Republican Party” Southern Political Report], others.

It also makes it to paint McCain with a brush. He’s the only to have engaged in a publicity with heiress and socialite Hilton [source: AP]. At a when even some of his Republicans lost their in the war in Iraq, McCain maintained his stance in favor of it. While openly opposed to the use of gray-area like water boarding, he voted against a ban on its use, the CIA need for its use in interrogation [source: On the topic of Iran, he spoofed the of the Beach Boys song, Ann” with his own version — Iran.”

In this article, about Sen. John S. his record on the issues and what he to do as leader of the United States if elected president. Find out about McCain’s life on the page..

Maybach SW42
Maybach SW42
Maybach SW42
Maybach SW42

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