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Maybach W5

Balance wheel for the first car of the Note that bottom is supported by a wooden stock. oak. But Daimler made the self runing wagon It was a 2-wheeler fully made of Itґs first and only ended againsta wall. See text and pictures from Picture 4-1.JPG Ref. 1

8 3820 cc, 90/150 ps. This compressor cab. was manufactured and mainly to firms and to the foreign Picture 4-11.JPG Ref.1

8 5400 cc, 110 ps. Main production for this car was delivering to higher officers and/or their on duty. Several though was by Reichzkansli. One was given away to Mussolini and one for Franco to celebrate in France. The car on exhibition was placed in After the war it was rebuild to a fire One Sinsheim enthusiast saw that car was saved. Only 38 ex. was produced. 4-15.JPG Ref. 1

This was build by Man in Augsburg for the Austrian 1917. Austria had a harbour in and owned an important navy in the 2 of these engines were in the sub no. 18. The boat was scrapped 1918 and engine was sold to Bolivia in to give power for pumps in a mine. 1981 it came to and from there to Sinsheim. 4-17.JPG Ref. 1

A star with 6×7=42 cyl, cc, and 4000 ps. An imposing torpedoe diesel engine also for other kind of ships. engine consumed 680 liter/h and had a of 6800 kg. A fantastic construction. kind is used for tractor in the States. To get more power mix in alcohol. Look in 4-19.JPG Ref. 1

6 cyl, cc, 90 ps. The model for all modern Jaguars came after the war. 1948 came the MkV, with a new modern engine The exhibition car was stopped for production of war. It had a pushrod engine. Jauguars are most known for is the 6 cyl overhead cam motor. Picture 4-2 1

6 cyl, 3800 cc, 270 ps. The model won LeMans 3 years ahead, Stirling Moss as driver. The behind the car is that factory had together with Girling, the brakes and the engine had gone heave test in the C-type In SSK we had one C-type in the hands of Magnus who joined our races for a few times. It was sold to England. in exchange for a wagoon. The C-type came Finland. See also Bianco Picture JDtype.jpg Ref. 4

8 4900 cc, 170 ps. This was the car model should save the Cord from bankruptcy. They had of orders, but couldnґt deliver in The customers got tired and when it was that the prechoice gearbox, was mounted infront of the compressor engine broke down, orders were cancelled. A thing, that was popular was protection for headlamps. In Sweden Carlsson in Vislanda owned a It was later sold to Sture Jцnkцping and was put up for eternity renovation. you can see a rebuild one at Swap-Meets. For ex. Wдrsta meet.The owner must in Stockholm. Picture 4-26.JPG 1

V8, 3500 cc, 90 ps. Auto Union Horch and 1938 delivered 3 alike with different This one was the most powerfull. a few was sold because of the war. See text and picture Volkswagen and Picture 4-3.JPG Ref. 1

6 3405 cc, 78 ps. This is the follower car for 290. Picture 4-9.JPG 1

4 cyl, 1500 cc, 100 ps. This car was owned by Count Zoborowski. He in a race accident. The car was from the equipped with compressor. It was removed. Picture 5-31.JPG 1

8 cyl, 1991 cc, 125 ps. In the 1920-30th developed new models which they arrived at the race normally took the first 3 Specially on race, Targa at Sicily. Picture 6-57.JPG 1

8 cyl, 2991 cc 80 ps. Body made many handsome for Bugatti chassies. They very much sought With this Postcoupй had just left the wagon but yet because of painting kept the From 1927-31 ca 1100 ex 44 was delivered. Picture 5-32.JPG 1

6 cyl, 6597 cc 160 ps. A car that the typical English style. Not but it is said to have good and was called Steam locomotive. An 8 cyl earlier owned by buisnessman for the monopole Torsten Kreuger, is on at car museum Kцping Sweden, out on from Technical Museum Picture 5-34.JPG Ref. 1

4 1047 cc, 30 hk. The small manґs car. I mean to those who afford a Bugatti. This of car did race on those races Bugatti not were involved in. means the local ones. 5-36.JPG Ref. 1

1 cyl, 344 cc, ps. In the small municipality Bad Humburg Horex Mcs were built. It was a and robust 350 cc. Later 1950 made one that became popular. Regina. No mc firm though stand the competittion of cars in the beginning if 60th. dropped their business. 5-38.JPG Ref. 1

4 cyl, cc, 30 ps. Presto was a firm in Chemnitz. put money on massproduction of cars. But didnґt take the crisis of the and was first bought by Dux, who produced cars, and later 1927. Picture 5-40.JPG 1

6 cyl, 2996 cc, 150 hk. A hand coupй, on which the folding top be hidden completely. Normally it was upon the back lid. On model they have chromed strips to high up the of the car. See more text and at Bianco Rosso. Picture Ref. 1

1 cyl, 10300 cc, 55 hk. An exclusive to be compared with the 4-wheel of road cars today. was for the farmerґs self feeling. complete of no use on the farm fields, as the show off V8s 2000th. It could 60-70 km/h and was equipped all modernities of that time. But the must be prewarmed with a torch before it could be This ex came from Germany to Sinsheim in complete state. Picture 5-44.JPG 1

12 cyl, 4100 cc, 240 ps. This is the Ferrari model that was for road. Enzo had to equip it suitable body. For this it became a long cooperation Pinin Farina. Picture Ref. 1

4 cyl, 1000 cc, 25 ps. started to produce cycles and late 1800. When got comission to deliver rims for it became the start of car production. had many models. See the book Adler and my text at Motor museum. During the WW2 Adler engine parts for Maybach engine. 1944-45 the factory was bombed. After war they to start car production again but of Adler decided to go back to End of car production was 1948 and when the wave arrived it was the total end of Picture 5-48.JPG Ref. 1

6 7000 cc, 120 ps. Sinsheim has a very Maybach collection. Wilhelm went inte a very bad when his godfather Gottlieb died. Wilhelm was not a partner in the but only an employee. The lead like him so they force him tor (continue) Picture 50.JPG 1

12 cyl, 6100 cc, 150 hk. Later got in tuch with Zeppelin, who aircraft engines. They during WW1. Wilhelmґs son had got his fatherґs feeling for cars and Zeppelin liked that and both of them. After war constructed an engine for selling to car firms. Yet he only sold 100 pcs to the firm Spyker. They become sorry but continued to large luxury and expensive For 20 years they only 2000 Maybach cars. WW2 one important engine was the 700 ps V12 Panther and tank engine. Picture Ref. 1

8 cyl, 5400 cc, ps. Together with Bugatti this type of car is a really Stopper. Note that 2006, there is one Royale for for 20 millions $. The Japan Bender Of the Sinsheim exhibition car is only 25 ex. until the war. The hollowed out without windows only in the series. Later it became doors with windows. a car you can see at Bianca Rosso. A roadster was at Еhlholm museum Denmark but I it is sold to Mercedes?

Picture Ref. 1

12 cyl, 12700 cc, 300 ps. car is not one of the six that was manufactured, but an authorized build for a French movie This is the same as an original. was basically from, (1923), a motor, ordered by the French Bugatti used this construction later for rail Sommer museum in Helsingцr has one. When only 3 ex of 6 sold, Bugatti hide 2 behind a wall during These were taken out 50th. Bugatti family away one to Schlumpf and the other was Much is written about cars. Note that the car to be sold went to the textile Esders, Bugattiґs friend, who need any head lamps. See under Bugatti. Picture Ref. 1

8 cyl, 7600 cc, 230 ps. A car was produced for government service or as one say in for the Reichkansli. It had an armoured bottom mines and bullet proffed and windows. The car can be seen in many films from Nazi Hitler didnґt want to sit a car therefor it is an open tourer. The cab give any protection, but the protection was a for other cars of same The same model but closed was to Marschall Mannerheim Finland. sold to America.

4 cyl, 9500 cc, 95 ps. This car part in the 90th anniversery Peking-Paris 1997. The car succeeded but the had to rest some time of physical exhaustion. The car had to jump Asia in an airplane to Istanbul the crew connected, thoroughly About the rally 1907 you can the book The Mad Motorists by Allen 5 car started from Peking. 40 ps, Spyker 15 ps, DeDion Boutin 10 ps and a 6 ps 3 wheeler. It was agreed that the should keep together to the border an then drive to Paris. Furst Borghese won the Picture 55.JPG Ref. 1

8 4600 cc, 150 ps. This car was designed by Buerig, who did the same for Cord. The car had performances on the road. Every car was delivered had a plate on dashboard buyers name and certification it could reach over 160 Picture 56.JPG Ref. 1

Se picture. Picture 58.JPG 1

8 cyl, 6000 cc, 304 ps. Lincoln was war a company of its own became after the war a division within Ford, to build luxury cars. in order to brake the domination of They had though too high about quality which led to an catastrophe. Later Lincolns as far as hadnґt the least same Lincoln was also one of the last cars which was build on a frame. The body was screwed on and was not an part of the chassi. I know I had a 1974 in my garage, but it was nice to

Picture 57.JPG Ref. 1

2 motors with 500 W=ca 1.5 ps On one sun charge it was able to drive 40 km in one (not speed). Max speed this time was up to 100 km/h. The drive was for 368 km on only one sun charge. 6-52.JPG Ref. 1

The first try to a wankel mc series. It had one rotor with 297 cc and 27 ps. Hercules didnґt get any The problem with tightening was not Note that Mazda has a nice sport car for sale double rotor engine and doors 2005.

4 cyl single The first succesfull Bugatti even called Brescia. 6-59.JPG Ref. 1

12 cyl air craft mainly for Spitfire, build as a Packard version for Mustang. It had a of upp to 2000 ps. Picture 64.JPG 1

With the risk of being I show another Hanomag the 20th. This car was produced in 15000 pcs, so it is not so curious it appear in almost all museums. See Rosso, Volkswagen and others.


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