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Mercedes w168 dash removal

First generation (W168:


Facelifted Mercedes-Benz A 140 19972004

19992005 (Brazil) Germany: Rastatt

Brazil: de Fora

Thailand: Thonburi Body style 5-door hatchback 2,423 mm (95.4 in)

2,593 mm (LWB) Length 3,606 mm

3,780 mm (148.8 in) (LWB) 1,719 mm (67.7 in) Height (62.5 in) Designer(s) Steve (1994)


Launched at the Motor Show in the autumn of the W168 A-Class was quite for Mercedes-Benz featuring a front drive layout and unusual yet short body. One innovation of the was a frontal-impact absorption system the Sandwich (see patents 9 and DE4400132 in the name of Mercedes-Benz). In the of a violent frontal impact, the and transmission would slide the floor below the pedals than entering the passenger

The W168 became infamous in after flipping over the traditional elk test performed by the automobile publication Teknikens . According to the report, the W168 when manoeuvring to avoid the Mercedes initially denied the but then took the surprising of recalling all units sold to (2,600) and suspending sales for months until the problem was by adding electronic stability and modifying the suspension. The company DM 2.5 billion in developing the car, a further DM 300 million to fix it.

Between and 2004, 1.1 million first A-Class models had been

The A-Class was facelifted in 2001, minor alterations to the front and bumper design and the addition of a new (6.7 in) longer wheelbase It was launched at the Geneva Motor


All A-Class models are by four-cylinder engines, with 1.4 L and 1.6 L models at launch (M 166 series), by two versions of a 1.7 L diesel engine (OM 668 In 1999, a larger 1.9 L petrol was added, with the 2.1 the last version to be launched in 2002.

Test Score Points N/A N/A Adult occupant:27


invested EUR 900 million in developing the plant where the A-Class is and created 1600 new jobs a total of 4700). A further 600 work on the industrial estate estates for upper management) at the site.

Studies of the time that the project plan the factory to the city of Campinas, in São would be the most suitable for the of a car in Brazil. Apart from next to the airport of Viracopos, had space for both the new factory of and for the installation of suppliers.

In 1992, the of São Paulo, Mário Covas, did not the fiscal renouncement proposal by A feasibility study of the construction of Mercedes-Benz in Juiz de Fora being made in 1995. In 1996, signed the memorandum of between the government and Mercedes-Benz.

The was built in an area of 2.8 million meters, in BR-040, 28 miles the center of Juiz de Fora and four industrial buildings, vendors, test track and center.

It took away River bed, build a bus a bridge and a railway branch, road access and long connection to natural gas supply. offered training providers and a training program for employees. In construction began unit of in Brazil and in less than months later, the first was installed.

While many were still being the construction was in full swing. The version was barely out of the oven in and Mercedes-Benz announced that The would be manufactured in the region of Franco from December On April 23, 1999, the unit was Juiz de Fora.

Mercedes-Benz began W168 on 17 February 1999 at its new Brazilian in Juiz de Fora, Minas The Brazilian plant was the company’s factory in South America to passenger cars, with an of USD 840 million and 10,000 employees. The initially produced A-Class and models, assembling them pieces manufactured in Germany. The for the cars was regional markets Argentina to Mexico) with made to the cars to suit conditions, like a protection for the base. On 15 August 2005 the stopped production of A-Class

Second generation (W169:

W169Production 20042012 Assembly Rastatt

Thailand: Thonburi Assembly Body style 3-door

5-door hatchback Transmission manual

6-speed manual

CVT Wheelbase 2,568 mm (101.1 in) 3,838 mm (151.1 in) (2004)

(152.9 in) (2008) Width (69.4 in) Height 1,593 mm

Initial release

The W169 is with high-strength steel with bonded joints. It has a number of airbags including rear side airbags side-impacts in the backseats), optional airbags, and standard head and side airbags. The front are adaptive with two-stage gas operating according to the severity of

The force exerted by the seat system during a collision dynamically depending upon the characteristics. The ‘active’ head (standard for driver and front give enhanced protection neck injury, especially rear collisions.

The angle of the is flatter than the windshield The cargo capacity of the W169 was by 15 percent compared with the

Seven types of motors are and all are four-cylinders: four petrol (A 150, A 170, A 200, A 200 and three diesel (A 160 CDI, A 180 A 200 CDI) partnered with five- or six-speed manual A continuously variable transmission called Autotronic Constantly Transmission (CVT) is an optional

The petrol A 200 Turbo provides (144 kW) and 280 N·m (207 lb·ft) of (rotational force); the diesel CDI has 140 hp (104 kW) and 300 N·m

The most powerful model can the car from a standstill to 100 km/h in 8.0 seconds, and has a top speed of 218 km/h The newly developed direct-injection CDI units use a common-rail direct system that improves consumption and reduces exhaust and noise levels.

All the engines the tight EU4 emissions limits. A filter system is available as an for the diesel units which the particulate emissions by about 99% the need for additives.

The A-Class is a wheel drive car and features control (ASR) as standard, as as electronic stability control and brakes (ABS).

Handling is by precision tracking and anti-roll and by a Parabolic Rear Axle.

A Damping System, in which the absorber forces respond according to conditions, is standard. For under normal conditions it at soft absorption; while at speed it changes to full force.

The W169 optionally with light-alloy wheels, a run-flat feature, Tirefit sealant and a tire-pressure-loss warning

A four-day, seven-country tour officially introduced the car culminated in an in Milan, in the Castello Sforzesco, all the touring units were by a myriad of European personalities music, fashion, sport and Armani presented a fashion and Christina Aguilera did a live of her song Hello, composed for the occasion. The W169 advertising included television spots Christina Aguilera, Giorgio and Boris Becker.

Sales of the were targeted at 50,000 in 2004. Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Vice President Sales and Mercedes Car Group, said target had been reached before vehicles arrived in showrooms.Template:Ref required

Japan models went on in 2005-02-04. Early models 5-door right right versions of A 170, A 170 Elegance, A 200 5-door right right version of A 200 TURBO Elegance was in 2005-11-10.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2004-)

It is a version of 5-door hydrogen fuel cell with 88 PS (65 kW; electric motor. It has a driving of 160 km (99 mi).

Three F-Cell cars were in 2003 Frankfurt International Show for press shuttle On June 18, 2004, 4 production vehicles were delivered to Telekom and BEWAG/Vattenfall Europe in

In 2007, the A-Class F-Cell delivered to Landsvirkjun and Reykjavik

A DHL version of F-Cell was unveiled in FC 2008.

2008 update

The Model facelift changes redesigned front and rear and lights, and stop-start function on A 150 and 170 models. The new-generation A-Class Model facelift changes at a (Selection): New features in the A-Class Park Assist enables the car to park itself, with throttle and brake inputs from the driver.

The five-door and the three-door Coupé vehicles unveiled in spring 2008, the refreshed 2009 M-Class and Early models include A 160 A 180 CDI, A 200 CDI, A 150, A A 200, A 200 TURBO.

Japan went on sale in 2008-08-20. models 5-door versions of A A 170 Elegance. Japan models of A 170 was to A 180 in 2009-08-24.

A-Class Special 2009 (2009-)

It is a limited units) version for all model of the A-Class vehicles. It includes package, black radiator 16-inch titanium silver wheels in a new 9-spoke design size 195/55 R16), a Edition badge on the mirror two-tone colour scheme in and grey, Audio 20 radio CD player and Bluetooth hands-free and the Light and Sight package a rain sensor, automatically rear-view mirror, an illuminated mirror in the sun visor, separately reading lights in the rear, a light for the driver and illuminated foot wells, Seating package (height-adjustable front seat, seat cushion adjustment and lumbar supports for the and front passenger). Standard features also include fog and a free choice of metallic finish.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2010-)

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class was introduced in September 2010 and at the October 2010 Paris Show. The E-Cell has a range of 200 (120 mi) capable of developing a output of 70 kW (94 hp), a power rating of 50 kW and a maximum torque of 290 N·m (214 lb·ft). The A-Class E-Cell can accelerate 060 km/h (37 mph) in 5.5 seconds, and its top is 150 km/h (93 mph).

Tesla as part of its collaboration with is building electric powertrain for the E-Cell. The 36 kWh battery approximately 4,000 individual cells. Mercedes has developed a system for electric vehicles battery and fuel-cell. This allows the efficient use of shared in all the brand’s electric vehicles. to the modular approach the electric of the A‑Class E‑Cell is also in the B‑Class F‑Cell, and the energy units in the A‑Class EV are the same as the in the Smart fortwo electric

A limited production of 500 A-Class electric cars will be for trial purposes, at the Mercedes plant, near Stuttgart in September 2010. As part of a program, the cars will be to selected customers in several countries, including Germany, and the Netherlands. Daimler is not planning to the electric version outside

A 180 Final Edition (2012-)

It is a limited (300 units) of 5-door right drive A 180 for market. It included calcite body colour, black colour, sport package exhaust tip, 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome silver front grille, acceleration and brake pedals rubber stud, leather sport steering wheel and shift knob, silver panel), bi-xenon headlight and washer, cornering lights, fog (front/rear), rain sensor, sun with illuminating mirror, mirror, ‘Final Edition’ floor mat with ‘Final silver logo plate.

The went on sale in 2012-05-28.


Specification A160 CDI CDI A200 CDI A150 A170 A200 Turbo Length (151.1 in) Width 1,764 mm Height 1,593 mm (62.7 in) 2,568 mm (101.1 in) Luggage (l) (3 doors) 435-1485 Empty (5-doors) 1,325 kg (2,921 lb) (2,965 lb) 1,365 kg (3,009 lb) (2,701 lb) 1,240 kg (2,734 lb)1,305 kg (3 doors) 1,300 kg (2,866 lb) (2,910 lb) 1,340 kg (2,954 lb) (2,635 lb) 1,210 kg (2,668 lb)1,275 kg Tank Capacity 54 L 11.9 imp gal) Tank Reserve 6 L 1.3 imp gal) Cylinders 4/in-line Displacement cc 1991 1991 1498 1699 2034 Motor 2.0L Diesel Diesel 2.0L Diesel Petrol 1.7L Petrol 2.0 2.0 Petrol Fuel per 100 km 5.2L 5.4L 6.2L Rated Output kW/ hp/ PS (rpm) (4200) 80/109/111 (4200) (4200) 70/95/96 (5200) (5500) 100/134/136 (5750) (4850) Rated Torque (133 lb·ft) (1400-2600) 250 N·m (1600-2600) 300 N·m (221 lb·ft) 140 N·m (103 lb·ft) (3500-4000) (114 lb·ft) (3500-4000) 185 N·m (3500-4000) 280 N·m (207 lb·ft) Acceleration 0100 km/h (sec) 10.8 9.5 12.6 10.98.0 Top km/h 165 km/h (103 mph) (114 mph) 202 km/h (126 mph) (107 mph) 188 km/h (117 mph) (121 mph) 218 km/h (135 mph) 5-speed manual 6-speed 6-speed manual 5-speed 5-speed manual6-speed manual 6j x 15 6j x 15 6j x 16 6j x 15 6j x 15 6j x 16 6j x 16 Tires 185/65R15 185/65R15 185/65R15 185/65R15 195/55R16


As of December 4, 2006, second generation A-Class had been sold since 2004, making a total of A-Class produced at DaimlerChrysler’s plant in ten years.

As of June 26, the 750,000th second generation vehicle was built at Rastatt

As of February 1, 2012, 1 million generation A-Class model had delivered since autumn

Third generation (W176:

This section appears to be like an advertisement. Please improve it by rewriting promotional from a neutral point of and removing any inappropriate external (July 2012)

The production of the third generation of A-Class was based on the Concept A-Class, and was at the 2012 Geneva Motor and later in 2012 Paris Show. Mercedes A-Class range models are using engines just like B-Class.

The vehicles were in dealerships beginning in September Early models include A 180 A 200 BlueEfficiency, A 250 BlueEfficiency, A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency, A 200 CDI A 220 CDI BlueEfficiency. Japan models on sale in January 2013.

The third generation A-Class is to be a direct competitor to the BMW 1 Series and A3. It is intended to be more dynamic it’s predecessor and is focused on owners. The design of the new Mercedes-Benz reflects the current Mercedes-Benz strategy. It first appeared on A-Class at the 2011 Shanghai Show, and has changed only in such as lights, bumpers and

Concept A-Class (2011)

It is a concept vehicle for the upcoming It included M270 four-cylinder engine rated 211 PS 208 hp), radar-based collision system with adaptive Assist, exterior design Mercedes-Benz F800 Style, grille consists of numerous silver hexagons on black full-LED high-performance headlamps of 90 optical fibers with sleeves which are arranged in a within the headlamp, dashboard in of an aircraft wing and a translucent, fabric lining, shape of the air in the dashboard inspired by jet aircraft, dials in the instrument cluster are in smartphone.

The vehicle was unveiled in 2011 New Auto Show, followed by Shanghai Auto Show.

Mercedes w168 dash removal

school package (2012-)

for the RoadSense programme, basic school package includes of the cockpit to accommodate the twin of pedals, a control switch in the console for driver’s footwell and warning signal for the twin of pedals, twin rearview adaptation of the floor covering in the and front passengers’ footwells for the sets of pedals, the Light and package, the Seat Comfort

Overall driving school also includes the twin of pedals. The package is also of the special A-Class toBE

Delivery of A-Class toBE began from January

A 250 Sport (2012-)

It is a version of A 250 with AMG Sport appointment 18-inch high-gloss black AMG wheels in a 5-spoke design 235/40 R 18 tyres, red-painted callipers, modified exhaust

The vehicle went on sale in quarter of 2012.

A 180 BlueEfficiency Next, A 180 BlueEfficiency Sports Next (2013-)

They are (100 units each) of A 180 BlueEfficiency for Japan market. A 180 Edition Next includes red body colour, leather black interior upholstery, 5-twin-spoke wheels, leather sports steering wheel. A 180 Sports Edition Next Polar silver body leather Dinamica black upholstery, AMG design exterior, AMG 5-twin-spoke wheels, AMG sports wheel, memory full driver seat, privacy at rear left/right/luggage room, door mirror.

A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency A 180 BlueEfficiency Edition (2013-)

are versions of A 180 vehicles with fuel consumptions, by lowering coefficient to 0.26, additional optimisation measures include, the covering of the upper section of the grille, aerodynamically shaped link coverings that the flow of air along the underbody at the axle, lowering suspension by 15 Other changes include generator management system, transmission with longer ratios in the higher gears, LED daytime running lamps set the bumper (excluding vehicles bi-xenon headlamps or the Intelligent System).

The vehicles went on on 1 February 2013, while the vehicles will reach in March 2013.

A 180 BlueEfficiency (2013-)

It is a version of A 180 BlueEfficiency for market, which included suspension lowering vehicle by 15mm, direct steering.

A 45 AMG

The AMG derivative of the A-Class was unveiled at the Motor Show in March with Germany market beginning in June 2013.

It a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo rated 360 PS (265 kW; and 450 N·m (332 lbf·ft)@2250-5000rpm, AMG Speedshift DCT sports transmission with M mode, optional AMG sports system from SLK 55 AMG, low circuit with large section at the front level of the module with additional air module in the wheel arch and transmission oil cooler, AMG 4MATIC drive with compact take-off unit, 3-stage ESP ESP Curve Dynamic Assist and ESP Handling mode, AMG sports with independently developed and rear axles, electromechanical AMG sports steering, AMG high-performance system with 350 x 32 millimetres brake discs and 330 x 22 millimetres brake discs, AMG twin radiator grille and the cross in the AMG front apron in matt grey, AMG light-alloy wheels in design, side sill with inserts in matt grey, a diffusor insert and in matt titanium grey, two chrome-plated tailpipes for AMG sports system and sports seats.


Petrol engines Years Type/code Power@rpm, A 180 BlueEfficiency 2012 1,595 cc I4 turbo (M 270 DE 16 AL red.) 122 PS 120 hp)@5000, 200 N·m (148 lbf·ft)@1250-4000 A 180 Edition 2013 1,595 cc I4 turbo (M 270 DE 16 AL red.) 122 PS 120 hp)@5000, 200 N·m (148 lbf·ft)@1250-4000 A 200 2012 1,595 cc (97.3 cu in) I4 (M 270 DE 16 AL) 156 PS (115 kW; 154 hp)@5000, (184 lbf·ft)@1250-4000 A 250 BlueEfficiency 2012 (121.5 cu in) I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL) 211 PS 208 hp)@5500, 350 N·m (258 lbf·ft)@1200-4000 A 250 BlueEfficiency 2013 1,991 cc I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL) 211 PS (155 kW; 350 N·m (258 lbf·ft)@1200-4000 A 250 Sport 1,991 cc (121.5 cu in) I4 turbo (M 270 DE 20 AL) (155 kW; 208 hp)@5500, 350 N·m A 45 AMG 2013 1,991 cc (121.5 cu in) I4 turbo (M 133 DE 20 AL) 360 PS (265 kW; 450 N·m (332 lbf·ft)@2250-5000


Years Standard Optional A 180 2012- 6-speed manual automatic (7G-DCT) A 180 BlueEfficiency 2013- 6-speed manual n/a A 200 2012- 6-speed manual automatic (7G-DCT) A 250 4MATIC 2013- 7-speed automatic n/a A 250 BlueEfficiency 2012- 7-speed (7G-DCT) n/a A 250 Sport 2012- automatic (7G-DCT) n/a A 45 AMG 2013- automatic (AMG Speedshift n/a A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency (OM 607) 2012- manual n/a A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency Edition 6-speed manual n/a A 180 CDI BlueEfficiency (OM 2012- 7-speed automatic n/a A 200 CDI BlueEfficiency 2012- 6-speed 7-speed automatic (7G-DCT) A 220 CDI 2012- 7-speed automatic n/a


Drive Kit Plus for Mercedes-Benz phone module Bluetooth, roof box 400 with Quickfix carrier bars, Sport product range (a lip for the front apron, a gleaming radiator grill, gleaming exterior mirror casing and trim strip, a roof and rear apron trims a diffuser look), light-alloy were developed for the A-Class The A-Class in Australia comes with 9 airbags.

The phone went on sale on 4th quarter

Mercedes-Benz Sport products produced for the A-Class (W 176)


As part of A-Class launch, Mercedes-Benz started the Rock’ concert series British alternative rock Placebo. The 5-concert tour place in Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Madrid between and July 2012.

Mercedes-Benz SimCity Social players a of exclusive additional playing until the end of September 2012. The Arts Inc. partnership all worldwide territories excluding America.

The launch A-class consists of print advertisements and TV began on September 2012. The ads A 250 Sport. Print advertisements a QR code leading directly to the interactive online platform, all global communications activities on the new have been pooled since March. The online hub at features an innovative concept, which sets the for the impressive world of the new A-Class by of scrolling from vehicle and the A-Rock concert series Placebo, through to attractive offers and the opportunity to arrange a drive. Each of the 5 TV ads presents a highlight in the form of a surprising and story. The parking spot, for focuses on the Mercedes-Benz Parking app found in the COMAND Online The campaign would run until the end of and online until the end of December The agency responsible for the campaign is von Matt/Alster. Production of the TV spots was by Tempomedia, with Cyril acting as director, while the are the work of Uwe Düttmann. The central of the campaign, The pulse of a new generation, continue to be used in the 2013 Calendar. The campaign was supplemented by a road show travelling Europe, beginning at June Mercedes-Benz also released Guide virtual owner’s via the Google Play Store and the App Store.

As part of the A-class market Norev had produced 1:18 zinc …-cast A 250 Sport car (in jupiter red, designo mountain grey and cirrus Schuco produced 1:43 …-cast scale model class (in cirrus white, black or south seas while Herpa produced plastic A-Class model in jupiter red, night and monolith grey.

As part of the market launch, Mercedes-Benz GmbH has introduced a range of reflecting the carefree approach to that typifies the young and buyers. Early products black wool felt black men’s polo shoulder bag and smartphone case, bag, wristwatch, stainless-steel key ring, three-set nail spritz glasses, bracelet charms.

As part of Japan launch, an animated short ‘Next A-Class’ was produced by Aoi Promotion and Production I.G. The A-Class film shows in the city of Tokyo where it has into a “Transforming Mobile three characters chase a car at full speed in a new A-Class in and out of the transforming routes of the metropolis. As of the campaign, the June 2012 of mb! by Mercedes-Benz magazine includes a includes the storyline of the Next short film and gives a of production secrets and episodes of the The booklets were distributed at bookstores in the metropolitan area, movie theaters and authorized Dealers. In addition, mb! magazine offered prizes of voice autograph, nico figure, iPhone4/4S/5 case, for My Mercedes The 15 and 30-second versions of Next trailers were premiered on as TV broadcasts and in theaters showing 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo movie. the NEXT A-Class premiere in the viewing count exceeds 2 within 19 days.

A-Class appeared in Night Train to movie.


Production of began at Mercedes-Benz Rastatt in 2012.

Mercedes-Benz signed an with the Finnish supplier Automotive to expand A-Class production, where Valmet produce more than units for Daimler from through 2016.

Production of BlueDirect 4-cyliner engines place at Mercedes-Benz engine plant in Kölleda.

Press New-generation A-Class (W169)

kit: New Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W169)

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