2015 MercedesBenz CClass review

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The all-new Mercedes Benz heralds a fresh phase in the success tale and establishes new in the premium midrange type. As a Of a clever lightweight style boasting weight economies of up to 100 superb aerodynamics and brand efficient engines, the C Class new standards in its group. While a new suspensor, optionally atmosphere-sprung, driving relaxation and model together with agile and management, a plethora of new support offer security of the peak When it comes to look the new C embraces a progressive strategy its clear yet psychological design and its own class inside. Inside and a great many other underscore the saloon#039;s energising and tasteful sportiness. The newest C Class Saloon can be acquired for now. The version range initially include the C-180 33,558.- Eur, (costs in enclosed 19% VAT in every instance).

The Benz C-Class is the greatest-selling string from Mercedes Sales of the previous version, has been started in 2007, over 2.4 million. The newest C offers sensuous and apparent and a plethora of technical inventions with an extensive range of gear and model discharge and gas values. This all results in extra value and long savings on car tax and in the filling station.

characterised through a mental yet layout that#039;s continued in the quality and contemporary inside. Its and high performance engineering the idea to get a higher standard of pleasure.

Ola Kallenius, Executive Sales and Advertising Mercedes Automobiles, includes: The new C Class Mercedes Benz#039;s claim The or nothing in uncompromising fashion. I am our clients will be thrilled by the class attractiveness and agility of the new C

The Mercedes Benz C-Class has to simply take account of raising average height. an 80-millimetre rise in the wheel (2840 millimetres) compared the last version, the car is 9 5 millimetres (4686 millimetres) and 40 millimetres (1810 millimetres). The resultant space gains first and a corner passengers, who now journey in relaxation.

On a visible level, the new C Class signifies a daring from its forerunner. Its striking, layout exudes arouses and sexual innocence. The designers produced minimalist, purist for the C Class which emphasise its technology and applied science. The defined surfaces purposefully an amount of tension, bringing an advanced and psychological nature. lines and sculptural surfaces advancing light and shade

The new C Class showcases automotive through a modern layout Progressive and psychological highlights the groundbreaking design type of the new C and present sexual innocence. The new C Class interprets contemporary on a fresh degree.

In the medial side view a long bonnet, a passenger place well again and overhangs identify the Cclass#039;s well balanced Mercedes saloon proportions. Big wheels a stylishly sporty nature and the back.

2015 Mercedes-Benz C200 — Exterior and Walkaround — Debut at Detroit Auto Show

The Mercedes-Benz C Class includes H7 headlamps as normal. As well as the headlamps, two power-economy LED versions can be a stationary strategy plus a variation with HEADED Light System. The characteristic layout brings the new C Class its own appearance in the dark, also. mild in the rear lamps and the lamp feature LED technologies in headlamp variations.

Highclass with fine elements

The Benz designers have the inside on a degree that is struck even in greater types. This relates to the chosen high class as well as their nice and feel together with the of the delicately crafted details. The also embodies a fresh idiom which lends to the feel of the inside and unites and sensuousness totally with sportiness.

The driver and front-passenger loads of space and extravagance in an contemporary guise on-board the new C

The interior decoration presents a new strategy by Mercedes Benz. the couturiers unite in skilled the architecture of Mercedes Benz vehicles using an entirely new cabinet featuring fluid In automated vehicles a big one piece cabinet panel performs a sweep in the center air ports to the These seamless clear cut produce a feeling of open-space and a thrillingly purist and contemporary

On automobiles with stick the center cabinet functions two trimming components so that you can considerable space for ergonomic of the change lever and is a little

Five spherical air ports a sporty contact to the dash. The sense duly proceeds all the controls. All switches have a quality, three dimensional befitting a luxury-vehicle and gain a definite layout.

As on a smart this offers really and intuitive process of all of the headunit utilizing finger gestures. The pad additionally lets letters, and specific characters to be input in writing — in any language. using the touchpad#039;s airfoil, can be exceptionally conducive to actual use clear haptic responses is by an individual.

A head up display can be new to the C Class. Like in a fighter it shows significant advice in the driver#039;s area of eyesight the leading windscreen, thereby for obvious legibility and ensuring the is diverted less in the route The machine screens messages DISTRONIC PLUS and supplies data on pace limits, rate and navigation directions.

Three distinct layout and lines for the outside and inside offer additional range for in in reinforcement to the typical gear and The AVANT GARDE line the Mercedes Benz C-Course as a saloon, the UNIQUE line the focus on sophistication and contemporary along with the AMG line the C Class a decidedly sporty

The physique-in-white of the new C Class has an advanced for decreased weight, superb including launch rigidity for treatment, coupled with sound and shaking features a high amount of crash As a Result Of advanced and sensible building, the aluminium hybrid body is about 70 kilogram when compared to a traditional body. Therefore, the newest C leads the light weight in its section. This spawns advantages: the lightweight building of the new C reductions fuel usage by up to 20 per without the reduction of functionality, at once empowering a reduced of gravity, which gives to the automobile#039;s clearly sporty and managing.

Mercedes Benz this effort of lightweight by different measures, including an new structural design along the utilization of an extraordinarily high of aluminum to get a mass produced The reveal of aluminum has increased together with the successful from under 10 per cent to 50 per cent.

In maintaining Mercedes traditions, the human anatomy is for monitory crash security. As a the saloon honours not only all present national regulations but with all evaluation conditions, satisfying the more rigorous Mercedes Benz security depending on what really during mishaps.

A large-power passenger compartment types the of the theory. It#039;s encompassed by configured and field tested zones which ensure security for the residents by advantage of pressure trails and also a of aluminium casts and extremely-high-power An outer epidermis consisting entirely of aluminum offers a casing for the human anatomy.

the subject in aerodynamics and peaceful

Low drag is imperative to realizing efficacy. As a result, drag an important parameter in attempts to cut carbon dioxide emissions and consumption. The wind sound that was already really low in the generation of the C Class, is lowered farther.

The technologists also given painstaking consideration to other possible resources of which might have an influence to the driver#039;s as well as well-being and focus, though might not consciously see the consequences. NVH vibration, harshness) is the specialized for such pain variables. The have optimised the sound of the seat allowance functions, the windows, the inside blower and sounds and a number of other by way of example. As a consequence, the brand new C inhabits a standard standing in its

Strong and effective petrol and engines, all designed with all the ECO function and complying with the 6 emissions normal, provide for driving pleasure and exciting Additionally they cut gas consumption by up to 20 per in contrast to the preceding version.

following the marketplace start, Benz is currently set to enlarge the of engines well. A fresh diesel engine having a of 1.6-litres will be added. weight, compact layout and specific gas consumption are among its virtues. This motor the new C Class in a top place within its with respect to carbon emissions.

As well as this new diesel motor, an enhanced of the verified 2.2-litre four-cylinder can be to become accessible in several versions. All of the diesel engines of the new C are furnished with all the recognized SCR (selective catalytic reduction) for environment friendly driving and sure the Mercedes-Benz C Class with diesel engines efficiency group An at least, as as in most instances even group A .

BlueDIRECT petrol with third-era direct

These can are the unique C 180 ECO Version which qualifies for performance An as the BlueEFFICIENCY Edition.

For this Mercedes Benz has transferred the technologies in the V6 and V 8 engines to the four-cylinder The direct-injection system with combustion, that has been into series production by Benz as the initial automotive company, uses a multiple procedure which can be precision-managed by way of a system. The next-era direct technologies is complemented by rapid ignition.

As in the S and E Class, Mercedes will also be providing a coupled using a hybrid module. 20 kW (204 An additional efficient hybrid vehicle that would be to follow at a juncture will function of the art plugin technologies.

Optimised train

Smooth automated shifting is supplied from the PLUS automated transmission, has gotten additional development at Benz in the pursuits of increased and driving enjoyment.

The 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system functions to grip and driving equilibrium in the C also, while also the car#039;s tasteful sportiness.

— sporty yet cozy

The to the new C Class is an entirely new development. It agile and nimble management produces driving a terrific on twisting roads while offering the best standard of comfort in the section.

A recently constructed 4-link axle performs a significant in the agile management features. The favourable axle kinematics higher lateral firmness and grasp. As a consequence, the suspensor a sporty, agile driving and reacts more sensitively to moves.

The newest C Class is fitted as standard having a suspensor. Three IMMEDIATE suspensor with particular system can be found in combination this specific suspensor:

a suspensor

a cozy Avantgarde having a sportier character

air-suspension in this type

the newest Mercedes-Benz C Class is the vehicle in its section that may be using an air suspension (AIRMATIC) the front and back axles. to electronically-controlled, constant variant in front and back, it gives road roar and tyre features even together the car loaded. The motorist can make use of the PICK switch to select the many features: Relaxation, Athletics and Athletics . The excess choice empowers motorists to their car depending on their wishes. AIRMATIC additionally all round self-levelling for ideal comfort even when the car is

The newest C Class also an electrical parking brake as This brake is launched when the motorist stops way with the purpose of going

Steering using a sporty

All versions of the C Class family function the electro mechanical Lead system as common in to come. This unites energy support in the speed-sensitive steering system having a ratio which fluctuates in with the specified steering The power-steering support given by the steering equipment is commanded on thus lending towards

MercedesBenz Smart Drive: The car

It#039;s The stated purpose of Benz to make the greatest of security open to each To the end, the brand new C Class virtually all of the new support systems a range of increased functions observed their world in the S Class and E Class just a or two past. The support systems both relaxation and security. Benz calls this Drive.

The newest C Class several advanced security and systems. It Really Is fitted as with CONSIDERATION SUPPORT, could warn the motorist of and inattentiveness. On motorways, the COMAND navigation operate flags up break choices as stopovers, the system was set in the car. The CONSIDERATION function may tell the motorist in a view in the device bunch their degree of sleepiness and has a amount of susceptibility and the length of they#039;ve been driving their last rest.

As as Adaptive Brake Help, provides protection from from rates as low as 7 km/h, CRASH PREVENTION ASSIST additionally features an added when a risk of crash and also the motorist doesn#039;t the system has the capability to perform braking at rates as high as 200 thus cutting down the of crashes with slower or vehicles. The device additionally in reaction to standing vehicles in a as high as 50 km/h, and has the ability to rear-end collisions at rates of up to 40

New support systems and present systems using a lot of increased in the new S Class and E Class may also be available, joining information several detector technologies the Intelligent Drive theory to relaxation and security well:

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015

PLUS with Directing and incorporated StopGo Pilot is a automatic traffic jam helper at rates under 60 km/h can the car forward even where marks are unsure or wholly therefore giving a harmless and means of following the stream of

In flowing visitors the PRE-SAFE(registered Brake supplies aid in accordance the exact same style of through the entire rate between 7 to 200 km/h.

Improved Lane Keeping Assistance can now stop the automobile from wandering out of lane when lane marks use plus a of a crash appears, e.g. as a result vehicles overtaking at concurrent traffic or even on traffic, by making use of the brakes on 1

The various support systems

Active Parking Aid, empowers automated parking lively steering and brake in equally parallel and end on parking

a 360deg digicam, which be in a position to reveal the car and its own environment several viewpoints, including a bird#039;s eye see,

Traffic Support with Incorrect-Manner which alarm the driver to zones and no-entrance signals and of velocity limits,

Adaptive Beam Assist Plus, permits the high beam to be maintained forever without traffic by hiding outside automobiles in the cone of sunshine in the beam headlamps.

Air bags for

These generally include:

for driver and front passengera developed windowbag

sidebags for the back seats

This any car seat to be properly used. The air bag is deactivated when a car seat is and re activated once it#039;s removed.

2015 Mercedes — 2014 Detroit Show

Air-conditioning: signs space

Mercedes Benz has organized additional development and progress of the air conditioner system in the new Benz C-Course. This in particular to the manage quality, effectiveness and air-quality. The newest C is additionally the sole vehicle in the to supply tunnel detection via It utilizes the map info in the navigation and also the GPS location info to the air-recirculation flap mechanically the car enters a tunnel, later it when the car emerges from the

Another high-light lending a feelgood feeling is the ATMOSPHERE-BALANCE with lively fragrancing, air and better filtration than is on the version.

Vivacious infotainment

An new multimedia era offers instinctive in the new C Class, featuring intricate and visual FX which present of the functions in a transparent and thoroughly way. The newest C Class can be supplied with all the exceptional system. A Burmester(registered company) system is recommended.

Its contents are by the navigation program in interactive The navigation method also has the to supply more precise time details about the about the routes when it its visitors info via www in the form of the Traffic Tips service.

Www and data sources already in the fundamental variation

A Bluetooth(registered mobile phone with alternative is all it requires to produce 20 system web-able. This the net to be browsed without limitations the car is still. While on the transfer, Benz Programs such as GoogleTM Local-Search with and Panoramio, Location/Course Download and Fb may be

COMAND Online with hot functionality

Additionally, it empowers Television / radio reception, for while offering a range of characteristics including quick disc navigation, automated avoidance via up to date and precise Traffic Info visitors incorporated WLAN hotspot and also the LINGUATRONIC voice-control

The fundamental Audio 20 system with Audio 20-CD and On The Web all provide basic telephony as which hyperlinks up a cellular to the car with a standardised Bluetooth(registered interface.

For purchasing now accessible

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon be purchased now from all authorised Benz dealers. The original of versions offered at the marketplace includes the C 220 BlueTEC, beginning at Eur, the C-180 from Eur, (costs in Germany 19% VAT in every instance).

2015 C220 BlueTEC (170hp)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015


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