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Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series

Dodge Challenger

What do you ‘Cuda or Challenger

(the of course)

A: It is a 1970 Hemi replica of a very rare

This particular version of the is one of the Holy Grails of Muscle Car The 1 of 14 could be a reference to the convertible with the 426 engine. The 426 Drag is supposedly capable of 425 horsepower at rpm, with 0-60 in 5.7 — muscular indeed. The NB Site notes that a 426 Hemi engine with Carter AFB four-barrels. ‘Cuda have already noted the front grill of the car used in BRIDGES in indicative of a 1971 because of the quad headlights, not a ‘Cuda as the show states. In an on the TONIGHT SHOW Don Johnson this by noting the difference in the headlights instead of two, but the car was still a 1970 ‘Cuda.

Q: cloning my 1972 Dodge into a 1970 Dodge RT devalue it or increase the value?

I am wondering, I am not big on cloning cars, but my car is the 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, and love to make my car into but I would not want to do that, if it my car, can anyone help?

A: it hurt the value of it a lot,the 72 was a much desired car just the 70 was,so its worth as much it is,if it were me id just do minor modifications to is such as and decals and not do any body change at all to just as soon have a 72 as 70 that the cars that are the valuable are the well documented with original paper doing this is only to hurt it if you ever decided to it,and their was nothing with the way the 72 looked,good luck.

Q: What do you guys think the Dodge Challenger?

I’m considering to get one even if they say the is better, I’m gonna get the RT 6 I just want some first, thank you.

A: If into straight-line speed, the is amazing. However, my friend has an R/T and the is ghastly. The Camaro and Mustang better, and the Camaro SS is slightly but I love Mopar and I feel the is a good car and will hold up.

Q: is it to get a 72 dodge challenger painted black?

A: depending if you block it and then primer then it again until you have the high and low places in the body as it 72 it is not most likely in perfect and if it is ,I would paint it the original getting code off of the vin #

Q: What is the in the 2010 Dodge Challenger

the one where England and the US are about to and george washington drives up in the

A: The music was written especially for commercial by Jay Ungar, who wrote Farewell for the PBS mini series, The War.




Here is Ashokan Farewellwww.youtube.com/watch?v=sx6dxrhqPZY

Q: How much would it cost to a fully loaded Dodge to have these specs?

V12 (Converted from V8)

Orange paint

20 Orange rims in the and 22s in the back, orange.

Maybe NOS (Probably won’t happen, but a man dream)

A: I could make happen for about $250,000.00

includes the price of the base

You’re right, a mans dream.

: )

Q: Im looking for a 1983 Challenger in Ontario Canada. anyone know where i pick one up?

I used to have one and i miss that little I would like to fine one.

Yes they did. were made by Mitsubishi for They were a small car Mitsubishi’s 2.6L in it.

A: you was right did make an 83 model challenger only made the full ones of those for four EDIT i stand corrected did make one,i just seen one in so long that i forgot about those you find one because i doubt many around left of cars,i remember those now but its years since i have one of them around,you was right,good

Q: Where can I get a 1970 Dodge from the movie Death

Are they hard to come by?

A: you can buy one of those cars for about thousand depending on the engine it has in it right now,the prices of is coming way down real some collectors are dumping collection of them on the market,type it in and come up with several of for sale right now,good

Q: What was Detroit’s reason for the retro Mustang and Dodge

Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series

( I do like the Mustang. It does me back, but Detroit usually has than nostalgia on its mind it does something like Yes. Money, of course. But did believe that going would be more financial than the new, sleeker designs? Well, I guess so. But was their ‘official’ answer? Has it out?

A: Dont forget to add the to the list and the Charger that out around the same time as the Mustangs although for some reason they made it a 4 At least they finally that with the Challenger. was also the short lived T You also cant leave out the Cooper and the VW beetle. The Beetle was the ‘new old’ car. captured the basic style of the but it was still a modern car. sold a ton of em. I think the rest saw and figured they could do the and from the looks of things are well. If you had ever driven any of the they were all total in every category except for when compared to modern (even low end basic models). All of cars were the lowest in the line ups and often ordered many options if the even had That is one reason they so popular, they were In most cases you could buy the basic car but much nicer but no one those. There were Cougars that were to the Mustangs but much higher end and more expensive. Same with Plymouth and Pontiac. I know what Cooper or VW at the times but I would guess both had nicer cars also. Just wait for the 57 and 59 Cadillacs to come out. How a 34 Ford?

Q: Is it a good or bad decision for a single mom to get a Dodge Challenger with a 1yr old and a 2yr

I am trying to see if I should get another car or a regular Sedan. I have two kids and I personally would not having a sports car because just going to be the three of us. I need opinions.

A: I have had a coupe and car seats, it is a pain in the Between the clumsiness of getting and car seats out of the back seat of a and the lower than sedan this is probably a bad idea. If you Dodge’s, the Charger is mechanically (except somewhat longer) and the is mostly the same too, but it has a lot space and four doors. sportier looking than large sedans.

Q: How much is a Challenger Concept going

And where can you buy it from? CONCEPTS

A: The only concept car dodge you can buy is the Maisto scale model.

Q: is Better the Dodge Challenger 09 or the Comaro 09?

Okay I am only 13 but my mom to buy one of these two cars for herself, and she once I am old enough to drive she give the car to me, and she will take the 69 she has been storing. She does not which one to buy.

A: The Chevrolet is better..

Q: In a 2010 Dodge what is an automatic with override?

Is it hard to do because I am a nervous about driving it I have never driven a in my life!

A: All it means is that you can the shift lever into a position (usually marked + and -) and instead of the transmission shifting it normally does, it shifts you tell it to (by tapping it towards the + or to upshift and downshift). It’s near a real manual, and to be as simple as humanly possible, so you shouldn’t be worried.

Q: What is the credit score I need to get my car? A 2009 Dodge

Obviously I know the higher the I have one huge negative on my A voluntary repo on my wifes car she passed away that my credit score to 598. Any on financing or should I just a few years?

A: My suggestion would be to putting $450 per month payment on a low end Challenger) in a money savings account specifically as a car fund. In 2.5 years you will saved enough to buy a used, low Challenger and saved yourself $10,000 in depreciation in the process.

Q: how to talk my parents into me a dodge challenger?

i really one and i think i might have considering it i’m 18 if that

how much will insurance be?

A: on a challenger runs around a month and that’s a lot of money,as for them in to getting you one,you,ll to be really convincing to them you wont be out trying to race it or get in with it,i didn’t get one i was old enough to buy it an even then the was bad enough along with car nice and have good and hope for the best,when i asked for a new back in 69,i got a 65 mustang luck.

Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series
Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series
Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series

Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series
Mercedes-Benz C 250 AT Special Series

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