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Mercedes-Benz C 180 122hp W202


C-class is a vehicle of the middle The generation of a compact executive car by Mercedes-Benz, called C-Class introduced in April 1993 and the official founder of “C” series. W202 was a replacement to the popular 190 range, produced nearly a cars.

The new model kept the principles which traditionally put the car out of time and out of fashion: it is the design in all the combination of traditional solutions and new (such as a multi-link rear as an optional feature of a classic This car has an excellent overview and the of all interior parts. Sizes are not (4480x1720x1415 mm), but in comparison its predecessor, rear seats are not so The folding rear seat row transporting flat long in the trunk and its threshold is located

The standard model is equipped electric windows. The automatic switches off headlights and fog lamps, is heating of side mirrors.

The is paid attention to the passive The standard equipment has ABS, a airbag, height-adjustable pre-tensioners belts and catalytic converters of gas (it is the environment care).

Firstly for years the C-Class got different levels. Classic is the base that comes with cloth seats. Sport with the carbon trim of a console and sport tires of R15. Elegance trim as the one of the C-class is a walnut veneer and a leather steering wheel to interior color. The Esprit has the aluminum console and reduced focused on the youth. All trims can be with all types of engines.

W202 range includes of C180, C220 and C280, with four-and six-cylinder engines such as M102.910, and M104.942 issuing the output of 150 and 193 hp and well-known diesel vehicles: D, C220 D and C250 D with engines as OM601.911 (75 hp), (95 hp), OM603.911 (113 However, the most attractive is still C220 D, combining the four-cylinder atmospheric diesel (7.9 liters/100 km) with the agility in a city.

In October, a resourceful but economical 2.0-liter engine M 111.940 (136 hp) was and was a good company to a more 2.2-liter engine M111.960.

was the successful modernization of the image of the in June, 1994. The C-class to be equipped with standard airbags and remote-controlled rear headrests without extra

In August, 1995 the dashboard was There were also models as: a turbo-diesel C250 of 150 hp and a gasoline C230 Kompressor of 193 hp supercharged). Originally the 2.3 liter engine, having the power as the 2.8 6-cylinder one, was intended for a roadster SLK. The expansion of range was needed, because the of uncharged engines were not the fast German drivers.

is the tuned Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG with the 3.6-liter V6 engine producing 280 hp and to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds consumption of the 98th gasoline to 17.5 liters/100 km in a city). The transmission of this model is a gearbox.

In the winter of 1996 the four-door W202 family was completed by the station wagon Touring T). The luggage capacity of the compact station wagon of Mercedes is than its competitors as BMW 3-er and Audi A4 Avant. This wagon of C-class has a luggage of 465 liters with the normal of rear seats, and with rear seats the capacity to 1510 liters.

In 1996 all of C-Class were supplemented by new and ventilation systems and the air filter in the

In the middle of 1997 the model was with the redesigning of a body: a grille, spoilers and door were modified. The main are related to the construction. There upgraded engines and new automatic The 1.8 — 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines of 122 hp and 1.36 hp got variable timing. There were two 2.3 (150 hp) and 2.4 liters (169 hp) engines and a 2.2-liter diesel According to the popular opinion, the engine is a 2.2-liter gasoline and C280 with a 2.8-liter V6 of 197 hp is for speed fans.

In 1998, engines were moved up the Common-Rail system: C200CDI hp), C220CDI (125 The most powerful indirect-injection diesel engine of the C250 TD producing 150 hp and provides even dynamics, but not economical. C-class wagons are equipped with the engines. Any C-class model is with a 5-speed manual or hydro mechanical transmission. But C43 AMG are equipped with only an gearbox. The 4.3-liter eight-cylinder of 306 hp provides them the uncommon Besides the engine, this is distinguished by special trim, bumpers, a stiffer suspension the reduced clearance and 17-inch with low-profile tires.

The of the third-generation of Mercedes C-class on the new W203 was held in March, The novelty became a little and increased dynamics. The exterior of a car like a reduced S-class and differs in the sports style of CLK A classic, massive grille is combined with the original indicators in side mirrors. The aerodynamics of the new body is better BMW 3 Series.

The body structure and are also changed. There is a new McPherson suspension on triple a “pointed” pinion steering, and ventilated disc brakes. The of the front end includes easily crushes modules for quickly after an accident. The collision of up to 15 km/h front module the impact energy, leaving the intact spars. To reduce transmitted from the front and the engine body used sub frame, which is mounted on the and power train.

The basic includes more than technological innovations, previously only on the highest class The interior has two front (two-stage and two side airbags and two side “curtains” for the front passengers. Two airbags for rear passengers are for order. Owing to refuse the wheel the capacity of the luggage is increased. Instead of it there is compressor for tire inflation and the tire sealant Tiretit.

There are three traditional Classic, Elegance and Avantgarde, are different in trim and equipment. The Classic is the “classical restraint”. expensive Elegance has better including chrome trim 15-inch alloy wheels and the steering wheel; the dynamic of Avantgarde consists of bluish glass, aluminum trim and 16-inch alloy wheels. In the of 2000 there were two versions of “luxury” equipment of tuned by Designo saloon.

The standard equipment line a steering column adjustable for and angle, a multifunctional steering an armrest with compartment for devices, heated side power windows, a remote of trunk lock, head of rear seats, the system of and restrictions effort pre-tensioners belts of the front and outer seats, a Window-Bag unfolds as a between the front and rear automatic heating and ventilation with recirculation, the automatic control, an outside temperature two-stage front airbags, seat belts of rear an automatic child seat the presence of recognition passenger in the seat, a tachometer, wood of Calyptus Linea; the automatic beam headlights, fog lamps, a filter, the antenna on the rear the cruise computer, ELCODE; a manual gearbox, indicators on mirrors, the power steering, airbags in the front doors, system, allowing to set an individual top cloth seats “York”; a screen wipers, the tire “Tirefit” with an electric the green heat-absorbing glazing, ABS; ESP; Brake-Assist the crash sensor of central

Optional standard equipment of includes: an height-adjustable armrest in the console, with the compartments for highlights in the front doors for entry/exit, the roof and windows of anodized aluminum, trim of a tree Laurel; a glossy grille with chrome, the steering wheel, alloy 6 J x 15 with seven holes, the lever trimmed by the interior chrome side moldings, color seat belts, sun with illuminated mirrors; upholstery Cambridge; bumpers chrome plates, body-colored handles, with chrome

The optional standard equipment of an height-adjustable armrest in the center with the compartments for devices, in the front doors for easy wide section tires R 16;. the roof and windows of anodized aluminum, aluminum of interior; a glossy gray with chrome, the leather wheel, alloy wheels 7 J x 15 five holes, the gear trimmed by the interior color, shape door sills, side moldings, interior seat belts, sun visors illuminated mirrors; cloth Derby; bumpers with plates, body-colored door

The standard equipment of the new C-class is the steering wheel, Speed the central display, ESP, the diagnostic system (for engines), the local heater diesel engines), the automatic beam headlights and etc. The equipment includes a navigation displaying the current traffic the automatic Thematic Thetmotronic with an absorbent carbon an audio system COMAND, the radio, CD-player; the voice system of radio and telephone the automatically adjustable audio TV, the sliding sunroof with position, the system of Tele-Aid, sending the SOS signal to the nearest service when an accident, the system, connecting to the service of Mersedes-Benz.

The power plants are significantly producing the power corresponds to the models of BMW of 3 Series. The basic comes with a 2.0-liter 1.8-liter) four-cylinder engine of 129 hp is enough to compete with the BMW The same engine with blower is able to issue 163 hp. It is in the C200 Compressor. The dynamic of this car are better than BMW has. The torque of 230 Nm of the C200 accelerates a car to 100 km/h in just 9.3 The top speed is 230 km/h.

Six-cylinder engines of 2.6 and 3.2 liters with the of 170 and 218 hp are used in the models C240 and In the first case it is a rival of BMW and the second — BMW 328i/330i.

models as 200CDI, C220CDI are equipped with well-known (4-cylinder) and 2.7-liter (5-cylinder) engines with Common system producing 115, 143 and 170 hp. All of differ in the low fuel consumption and driving with even speed between 1500-2000 The new model C270CDI has the high of 230 km/h that is more the previous model C 250 Turbodiesel by 27

All engines are equipped with a new manual transmission, and a hydro 5-speed automatic gearbox request (except C320). The model is available with tip

Until 2001, all models of the new were only sedans. In the of 2001 there was the presentation of a hatchback, and then 5-door wagon T-Model. That’s why the of the T model of the previous generation for approximately a year. Station are available in 10 variants with and gasoline engines having the of from 102 to 347 hp (from the economical C200T CDI to the station wagon AMG).

Since the spring of Mercedes-Benz begins selling the cars in sports packages. The package includes 17-inch with 225/45 front and rear tires. In addition, the suspension lowered the body by 25 in front and by 15 millimeters at the rear. are strengthened brakes on the front the oval stainless steel pipe instead of the usual Diesel models got two chrome pipes. Vehicles with engines (C240 and S320) got the exhaust system, which has the car sounds. The cabin was also Now there are sports seats, the steering wheel, covers on pedals and velour floor

More sporty drivers are some versions of the tuning AMG. They got a new aerodynamic and 17-inch alloy wheels of AMG. Four-wheel-drive cars which are available for tuning of AMG AMG and C30 AMG), will not receive the sports packages.

In 2004 was the modernization of the C-class models changes: more comfortable expensive trim and a new dashboard) staying afloat in a sector new rivals came every

The world premiere of Mercedes-Benz of the new generation took place at the Motor Show in March of German experts were for this debut for a long During the development the new C-class over 100 crash tests. The car the latest innovations of DaimerChrysler AG It is the time of sharp edges, corners and the drawn wheel In general, the C-class looks the extremely short front the wedge-shaped silhouette, the high body end.

At first in the of this model the car is available in versions, which differ not in the interior, but the exterior. Mercedes-Benz Classic and two original lines: and Avantgarde, including individual and the rich set of technical features. to this concept customers can exact choice C-class to technical characteristics.

Mercedes-Benz C 180 122hp W202

The client can the design of the grille. The Classic has a flat false grille, the sedan has a relief grille, around a center bar. A set of Avantgarde three-beam star is in the center of the grille, as in the sports Mercedes-Benz. In embodiments, Elegance and three-beam star, as in the previous — is located on the hood.

The of the novelty is 4581 mm that is than its predecessor by 55 mm. The width is by 42 mm up to 1770 mm, and the wheelbase — by 45 mm up to mm. The trunk capacity is increased by 20 up to 475 liters. When changing C-Class got a more rigid The body structure consists of 70% of steel, which is the basis of safety. Compared with the model range the new car has enlarged zones and optimized absorption of energy. In front of the body independent of each other zones that effectively collision energy, “averting an from the cabin with

The interior design is laconic. The quality of materials: soft aluminum or wood inserts, and leather. The smart ergonomics feeling comfortable in a vehicle. The balance of comfort and control is good. And the main reason is the front suspension and the multi-link suspension, located on a stretcher hydro bars, absorbing

Compared to its predecessor, the new C-Class is with the greater number of new and comfort systems. They the Pre-Safe system, controlling the to cars in front and not only a driver about any danger but can brake when needed. the new technical features of the novelty is the system Agility Control controls the shock absorbers on the speed and driving style. The constantly changes stiffness of a even just when it is Depending on a situation the suspension may be or softer. The Adaptive Brake helps to drive on the rise and has other “smart” options. headlights of the novelty have operating modes depending on the conditions. Even the basic of 2007 is equipped with airbags: two adaptive front for a driver and a front passenger, the airbag for a driver, two side placed in the backside of the front and two full-size window airbags, when the side impact the entire space from the to the rear rack.

Most engines of Mercedes-Benz of the new C-class are from the old model, but all plants are redesigned. As a result power increased and fuel reduced. The engine range diesel engines: C200 CDI R4 of cm³/136 hp; C220 CDI R4 of 2148 hp; C320 CDI V6 of 2987 cm³/224 hp.

engines: C180 K R4 of 1796 hp; C200 K R4 of 1796 cm³/184 hp; V6 of 2496 cm³/204 hp; C280 V6 of cm³/231hp; C350 V6 of 3498 hp; C63 AMG V8 of 6208 cm³/450 hp.

The last is placed in the most powerful of Mercedes-Benz C-class, which was by the tuning studio AMG. engine is hand-built. The maximum is 600 Nm, where 500 Nm is achieved at two thousand per minute. C63 AMG accelerates up to 100 km/h in 4.5 and the electronically limited top speed is 250 The engine works with a automatic transmission.

AMG gave to an aerodynamic body kit, a new and exclusive 18-inch wheels 235/40 tires on the front and 255/35 ones at the rear. wheels are as an option. In addition, the of studio installed a new front with an increased gauge by 35 mm, an sports suspension and the reconfigured wheel. The sedan got better — front six-piston 360-millimeter perforated discs and four-pistons with 330-mm

Mercedes C63 AMG is also equipped ESP. The system can be completely off or activated in a sport mode.

In C-Class was upgrade again. As the updated Mercedes C-Class is as a sedan and a station wagon. By there is the line of a 2-door sports coupe. The model of looks really fashionable; it is from its predecessor by two thousand new The new model got ten new assistance systems, the new of engines, the advanced automatic 7G-TRONIC PLUS, and the system of ECO”.

The front and rear of the best-selling Mercedes model got design. New contours of the front with the new design of LED lights the car a more expressive and dynamic The central air intake is V-shaped. The side air intakes are getting to the of the car, adding a sporty The hood is made of aluminum, reducing weight and, lower fuel consumption.

The C-Class is still based on the platform, so the chassis have no design changes. Dimensions wheelbase) of the modernized version are remained unchanged so there is spacious inside. The ergonomics feeling convenient in the car. The has functionality and the modern design. The design work was done to the dashboard with the integrated quality display and improved and detailed function touch The center console became modern and premium. Instruments are in deep wells, and the common is from CLS sedans and E-class The interior is made of only materials: Brighton cloth the soft plastic. The particular is paid to the ergonomic of driver’s the leather-covered multifunction steering is adjustable by the angle and reach. And the seats are moved not only up and but they are also adjustable by the The cabin of the car is soundproofed, there is and quiet when driving.

The standard version includes Audio 20CD (player Headset Bluetooth, the two-zone control Thermatic, the adaptive control with function Speedtronic and more. There are harman/kardon LOGIC7 with 12 the navigation Becker MAP Pilot 3-zone climate control the leather upholstery and other of the automotive luxury as the optional

The luggage capacity varies on the body type. The coupe has the capacity — 450 liters. The trunk capacity is 475 liters and folding rear seats charge) allow long The station wagon has to 1500 with the maximum length of up to m (with folded rear When rear seats the wagon has the luggage capacity of 485 The tailgate is electric and able to be and closed by the key pressing.

The range of plants is refined thoroughly: the place occupied gasoline and engines with direct of fuel. The new engine is only one V6 with an innovative and highly process BlueDIRECT. The output of engine is 306 hp and 370 Nm of the torque (previously it was 292 hp and 365 The base engine is C180 a 1.8-liter turbo engine of 156 hp a maximum torque of 250 Nm. Then it is of 204-hp with the maximum of 310 Nm. As for diesel engines there is CDI of 170 hp (400 Nm) and C250 CDI of 204 hp (500 All standard diesel power the basic gasoline ones are with a six-speed manual and other with a seven-speed gearbox. Both transmissions are to the star/stop system, which is on the C-class for the first time.

The of the C-class is the most advanced. a lot of airbags including a driver’s airbag, “curtains” on windows, seat belts, and “active’ restraints Neck Pro, are optional hi-tech systems as Assist. As well as Adaptive Assist, Active Lane Assist, Active Blind Assist and Speed Limit Finally there is a comprehensive protection system and Pre-Safe

C-Class is a symbol of wealth and of its owner.

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Mercedes-Benz C 180 122hp W202
Mercedes-Benz C 180 122hp W202


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