The Complete M271 Engine thread ( Revised and Updated ) MBClub…

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Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor 192hp W202

The Complete M271 Engine ( Revised and Updated )

The Complete Engine thread. ( Revised and )

People are forever asking how to mod their M271 C180 so I thought some work was to help guide us all! this helps someone.

The M271 Engine thread.

As you a number of people regularly ask the M271 engine on this and forums. Mercedes made engine in such away as it can be to provide different outputs and has been used in many guises and models.


The new C Class uses the engine as the W203 C Class. But Mercedes used the engine in the CLK W209, E Class and SLK.

You may be surprised to that a derivative of the M271 was in Formula 3.

For those who are interested in how our is used in F3 read on. For those interested in their M271 scroll down a bit.

engined F3 car (2006)

In the five since Mercedes-Benz began its in Formula Three, it has developed the formula’s most dominant supplier. Its engines, which are and serviced by H.W.A GmbH, so far contributed to a total of four and four teams’ championship in the Formula Three Euroseries and Formula Three Championship.

The Mercedes-AMG M271 was based on a 1.8 4-cylinder from the C-Klasse, out to the regulation 2.0 litre capacity.[4] Three engine regulations a naturally-aspirated, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, specification, with a capacity of not than 2000cc.[5] The M271 its competitive debut in the 2002 Formula 3 Championship in two of M cke Motorsport’s Dallara F302 chassis, by Markus Winkelhock and Marcel Winkelhock achieved Mercedes’ F3 win at the N rburgring in August 2002.[7]

In Mercedes expanded its Formula program by supplying three in the inaugural year of the F3 Euroseries. Its powered the seven cars of M cke Team Kolles, and ASM Formule Speiss-Opel was dominant, thanks in to Ryan Briscoe and Prema but Mercedes was winning by the eighth Its most notable win was provided by Klien at Zandvoort in the non-championship Masters.[10]

Between 2004 and Mercedes-powered cars have the drivers’ and teams’ championships in the due in part to its close relationship ASM Formule 3, which is one of France’s successful F3 teams. It has brought titles for Jamie Green, Hamilton, and Paul di Resta.[11] also saw Mercedes’ first in the British F3 Championship, when it with Double R Racing, by Kimi R ikk nen, and two other Double R Racing’s lead Mike Conway, dominated the In the 2007 British F3 season, now powers the majority of the Championship (Wikipedia)


The Mercedes-Benz M271 is a straight-4 automobile piston family used in the 2000s.

All engines are built in Bad Cannstatt, The family has a cast iron block and aluminum DOHC heads. It uses SFI fuel has 4 valves per cylinder with valve timing, is supercharged and and features fracture-split forged connecting rods.

The E18 is a 1.8 L (1796 cc) Bore is 82 mm and stroke is 85 mm. Output from 143 hp ECE (105 kW) at 5500 rpm to 192 hp ECE kW) at 5800 rpm. A version on natural gas was introduced in the German in 2002.


The new W204 the M271 in the C180k and the C200k. In guises the engine produces and 181bhp.

The W203 Class and E Class and SLK used different which in 180 guise produce in 200 produce 163bhp and in 230 products


Many have asked so how do Mercedes set and the power output of what is the same engine in order to it 5 different power levels.

of us have trailed parts in order to find out the differences.

came up with this

C180K, C200K conversion to with M271 series 246, 248

After many of sifting through the data and 6 VINS against each I can suggest the following findings the M271.

* If the engine is 2005 then it will be specially already with low noise that were recently

* In all M271 2005 the 5 speed is identical

* In all M271 the crankcase and 5 auto slip ring are

* all results exclude CGI and SLK for now.

C200K and C230K differ in the ways

— piston

supercharger (only 2 models one for 230K and one for others.

— ECU control unit)

— differences in intercooler and hoses are with year of build.

. are two SuperChargers, two piston types and 3 You can make 3 variants with 2 x 2 Obviously there is no logical in the ECU as it is specific for a task (but are 3 versions)

I believe that in mode you can reset the engine of the ECU.


Low Low

High Low


This is not the real but I am postulating that these combinations make the 3 engine

My own research has confirmed that 180 and 200 use Eaton M45 superchargers MB part A271 090 2080 whereas 230 use A271 090 2181.

Se97mlm 180k and 200k are identical, just the software in the ECU that the output (and maybe a for the SC). That’s why they are internally m271 and m271red for reduced output)

The 230k is called m271evo and has the different etc.

The reason C230 has different pistons is because the main variants have compression ratio.

C180 has a ratio of 10.2:1

C200 has a ratio of 9.5:1

C230 has a ratio of 8.7:1

Given the each version has the same and stroke (82x85mm) the different ratios are achieved by the use of different

Capacity usually means swept volume ( By the piston) X stroke. Each engine is by the supercharger, but typically if you want to harder for greater output you to lower the compression ratio to pre ignition Ah. So changing the CR isn’t the in itself. To elaborate a bit, the ratio is the swept volume by the unswept volume.

If you take two identical apart from the length, they will the same capacity (swept but the engine with the shorter will have a lower ratio as it will leave a unswept volume.


I have tried to mod my M271 and tried numerous products and particularly in the US, have tried products to basically get around MBs of power outputs to different designations and the remainder of this concentrates on this area.

to Basics .power losses.

M271 is connected to a gearbox and 97% of gearboxes are the automatic version. So to things easy I m only at auto gearbox losses.

the engine outputs of 143bhp and 193bhp are a bit meaningless as its Rear HP that counts (RWHP), manufacturers prefer to quote the figure rather than the and measurable one.

In the past discussion has happened about how bhp is lost on a Mercedes trasmission. have been made it is as low as 10% or as high as 25% (a figure many outfits use-I wonder Well the answer for the M271 with the auto gearbox is

How am I so sure, well first of will be differences from car to oil to oil, mileage to mileage but I had my car dyno 3 times and more US C230 drivers have their cars many and the answer most frequently out at about 18%.

For example:

in the US reported:

Here is the result of the of his C230k. (Crank 193bhp

Max Power was: 160.5 @ RPM

Max Torque was: 165.1 @ RPM

All the runs where made at 4th with 5800 rpm. The car has an ITG air filter. Other than it is stock. The runs where with the stock 17 wheels. dissapointed with the results.

now on I m taking transmission losses as This means that

143bhp 18% = 117.2 RWHP

163bhp 18% = 133.6 RWHP

193bhp 18% = 158.2 RWHP


Mercedes claim the for standard automatic cars.

0-60 9.9 secs Top Speed

C200 0-60 9.4 secs Top 144mph

C230 0-60 8.9 Top Speed 148mph

Urban consumption is supposed to be 24.1mpg, and 21.4mpg (LOL)

Those of you who my ramblings know that I been exploring modding the engine for ages.

I previously wrote about a ago:

My C180k is supposed to 143bhp and do 0-60 in 10 according to measurements of their test

I had my car dynoed and was surprised to find I had 142bhp at the wheels which 22% transmission losses on my auto As discussed above) means my car now has 182bhp at the crank.(Wrong! As above)

I just added a Carlsson Air filter which helps the breath and I’ve started it on Super Unleaded which helps. On Monday I am having the ECU by Upsolute who have promised a 17bhp which would me over the 200bhp mark.

Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor 192hp W202

that a C230k (1.8 has 193bhp and does 60 in 8.4secs I expect that my car should get to the low by Monday night.

Watch space! I have had my car remapped by and also tried Carlsson and Brabus exhausts and filters. I have sprintbooster fitted.

My are that chipping adds a more driveability and perhaps a more smoothness but thats talk of 20bhp, 30bhp 40bhp is all rubbish. I have now had my to the last w203 software and can’t feel any difference.

tried 3 different airfilters. K and N up your MAS causing it to fail. I had my car with a standard airfilter and a K and N and was NO difference at all. The Carlsson one if a french made K and N. I now run the OEM one but change it year.

I have tried AMG and exhausts. Both added but NO power increase.

Sprintbooster. Is it adds no BHP but makes the car feel quicker through the gears.

get my car dynoed some day with SB and see how the torque line looks it goes a lot better than it did the SB.

The other M271 engine are headers (manifold) of which makes a gorgeous looking one for Unfortunately it discolours the first you use it and therefore losses its looks and if you the kleemann website it isn’t for road use and is used at your Other headers exist but not met anyone with one fitted.

Kleemann Performance Kits for the

Note the C230 M271 isn t anymore.

Schrick (sp) cams that give engine more top end but less mid and sometimes muck up your

Several firms make kits that the US forums to question the worth of. If they then why are there always sets available on ebay and US

MKB do a pulley, intercooler, chip, kit for about 100,000.

Other links


It is that the C180 runs 6-7PSI boost on the kompressor and the C230 version runs therefore if you swapped the kompressor for the version you may get more boost and more power- or you may blow engine up because the compression is too high and you end up running it too lean you address fuelling (ECU) and (Compression Ratio). Nobody coz no body has done it yet!

You put a smaller pulley on your kompressor. This is not easy and a pulley puller that the pulley up to 300c so it expands to be pulled off.

Stock Pulley about 2.78 in

2.50 in diameter would up compressor 10 %

2.36 in diameter speed up compressor 15 %

Some say work. Some say they if you have your ECU done to fuelling Others say that the kompressor spin faster, it to a less efficient part of its function and that it ultimately less power and wears out quicker.

Others have to add a bigger intercooler-several attempts at reduced power by about

So what do you do:

1. Well you either do new new new pistons, new kompressor, new pulleys, ECU, new filters plus new for fuelling you might end up with absolute tops-if you can get it all to work. buying a C32 would be cheaper.

2. You it, sprintboost it, put a nice clean MB in and run it on Vmax and get a nice smooth-bit M271.

3. or you accept what you ve got and it!

A year ago I bought a Gtech and measured my car when it had K and N, Brabus 102 ron fuel, Upsolute remap and it was well.

I measured 0-60 in 8.4 seconds and my car at 142 RWHp or 170bhp instead of the I m supposed to have at the crank not at the wheels.

Graham C230k the following:

If you are already up 27BHP, why not be with that?

You did buy the C180 which you knew to be the lowest model and I understand factors that choice. However, you that choice and you are still what you say

20% up — that’s good indeed. You could paid 500 for a remap that did had the dyno and thought wow — 20% up — 500 well spent.

You are 20% up and a clear conscience telling the company the car is stock!

I see why you have 193 BHP in sights, but maybe now is the time to be with the good fortune you have.

Graham may well be

I have had my car software updated by MB will rid me off my Upsolute remap, I m 95 ron fuel and standard airfilter and I ve even temporarily removed my So today my car is standard .

My new G tech Pro is (I sold my old one) and for your I m going to test my car with all removed and then with back on as I miss it being

I ll let you know how I get on.

I hope this of information helps the M271 or would be modders out there!

Let us how you get on!

Good Luck

(All of the is my opinion and you act on any of it at your own risk!-You ve warned!)

Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor 192hp W202
Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor 192hp W202

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