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Mercedes-Benz CL 500 306hp C215

Masterpiece among the luxury

Stuttgart — The launch of the new in autumn 2006 will be the of a Mercedes-Benz coupe tradition back over 50 years. The model combines peerless and charismatic design with the of cutting-edge technology that no manufacturer can match worldwide.

The Coupe raises the bar in terms of safety with the PRE-SAFE the unique system automatically the Coupe before an imminent collision. Furthermore, Mercedes such as the Active Body (ABC) suspension system, the Light System with lighting functions and PRE-SAFE occupant protection all come as Two powerful engines with 8 or 12 are available, delivering a notable in output and torque. Thanks to exemplary smoothness they live up to the Mercedes heritage of motoring refinement.

The large Coupes have been with style and exclusivity in the industry for decades. They set the in terms of design and equipment, exemplary safety with an level of comfort and assured In short, Mercedes Coupes are dream cars — classics.

The new CL-Class is another masterpiece. Just as the luxury points the way to the future with its technology, the design has also set the for a new Mercedes style. Its hallmark is the between distinctive tightly lines with large, surfaces. This design lends the Coupe its own particular power, emphasising the calm and of its powerful, self-confident nature.

Mercedes features have given a contemporary twist, in a harmonious blend of the classic and Examples include the hallmark radiator grille with its chrome louvres and the design of the The unique, slightly downwards-tapering configuration is a typical feature of the Mercedes Coupes whose go right back to the 1950s: in the

220 S/SE Coupe (W 180/W 128 series) first captured with this striking design, and a few years later the was further refined in the successor the 220 SE Coupe (W 111/112).

Other features which were acclaimed back then also been reinterpreted for the keeping alive the large tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand: the retractable side windows, for whose continuous aperture is not by a B-pillar, and the large, curving rear window. In the early this was a typical styling of the Mercedes Coupes, and in its stylistically form for the new CL-Class it is just as as in the 220 SE Coupe of 1961.

Interior: for even the most discerning

Style finds its way into the too: the large side aperture draws the eye to the stylish exquisite wood trim and leather upholstery. In an instant you that everything in the interior of the new is designed for comfort and relaxation. The is reminiscent of an exclusive club: a seat and enjoy. Five colour combinations are available; climate control, COMAND car radio and CD/DVD player as as a glass sunroof are all part of the specification, elements that together to deliver a unique and comfort experience.

In the top-of-the-line CL 600 the PASSION leather appointments, selected poplar wood and an roof liner with seams provide the finishing to an exquisite first-class ambience, a and feel also echoed in the with their designo the chromed door sill and floor mats with edging. The standard specification includes dynamic multicontour with massage function and ventilation, the hard-disc navigation

COMAND APS, the LOGIC7 sound system with DVD and the

KEYLESS-GO access and drive system.

Compared with the model, the new Mercedes-Benz top-of-the-range has grown slightly in every 5065 millimetres long, millimetres wide and 1418 high, the body is 75 millimetres 14 millimetres wider and 20 millimetres than before, providing more comfort and space on all seats. The boot capacity has increased by 40 litres to 490 litres measuring method).

Control fewer switches for more

A newly developed control which has already been implemented in the S‑Class worldwide, driver-vehicle interaction even Above all, it provides rapid access to frequently functions such as car radio, DVD car phone or navigation system. on the driver’s own preference, these can be controlled using switches in the console, pressing a button on the steering wheel or using the controller on the centre console. central control unit is to the large, pivoting COMAND display next to the instrument providing access to the user-friendly and sub-menus that activate the functions.

The standard-fit automatic control with four adjustable temperature zones is integrated into the new control The driver and front passenger can temperature, air distribution and other either using the COMAND and menu-based control, or by means of an styled switch array the air vents. The COMAND system other individual climate to be adjusted such as air distribution and the temperature.

The newly developed seats in the CL-Class provide individual seating comfort. means that all components of the system are incorporated directly the seat; hence the seats an important component in the occupant system. The standard specification provides electric adjustment of the setting, inclination of the seat and seat height, head and length of the front seat Pneumatic lumbar supports the driver and front passenger to the backrest contour to suit build and consequently reduce the on the back muscles.

Optional include luxury seats active ventilation (standard in the CL that provide even individual comfort, along the further enhanced multicontour with nine air cushions, and multicontour seats with function (standard in the CL 600).

The and front passenger seats multicontour function have awarded the AGR (‘healthy back seal of approval.

Active Control: the perfect combination of and comfort

The standard specification in the new Coupe features technological that no other manufacturer can anywhere in the world. First and is the Active Body Control suspension system, which in its even more sophisticated delivers unprecedented handling while offering an equally improvement in ride comfort. on sensor signals and using designed hydraulic cylinders at the ABC all but entirely eliminates the customary and roll of the body that when moving off, and braking. ABC responds with speed to ensure the body is adjusted instantly to any situation. At above 60 km/h, ABC lowers the by up to ten millimetres to reduce drag and handling stability.

Intelligent System: five lighting to match driving and weather

The Intelligent Light System, makes driving even in the dark, is equally unique. with bi-xenon headlamps it part of the standard specification for the new and provides five different functions that are activated to driving and weather conditions: the new road mode illuminates the edge of the road more and brightly than the existing headlamps.

Motorway mode. which on automatically when driving 90 km/h, delivers a uniform of light that illuminates the road width. In the centre of cone the driver is able to see 50 metres further. The enhanced fog are also new, which uses to provide better in adverse weather conditions. light function and cornering function are also part of the Intelligent Light System on the

PRE-SAFE: automatic partial before an impending accident

is the world’s first car brand to an anticipatory occupant protection that recognises a potential situation in its early stages and anticipatory occupant protection PRE-SAFE is standard-fit on the new CL-Class. emergency braking or when is imminent, the system moves the seat into the most position so that seat and airbags have maximum on impact. It also inflates air in the dynamic multicontour seats in the CL 600), which envelop and the driver and front passenger. also closes the side and the sunroof in critical situations high lateral dynamics are

Mercedes-Benz has just made multi-award-winning anticipatory protection even better in the CL-Class the newly developed PRE-SAFE . They operate in tandem Brake Assist PLUS PLUS), which warns the of an imminent rear-end collision visual and audible signals and calculates the required braking to prevent an accident. This support is available as soon as the pedal is operated. If the driver not react to the BAS PLUS warnings, the brakes trigger automatic braking where an accident is and slow the CL‑Class down around 40 percent of the total power.

The automatic partial provides the driver with clear warning to act. If the then immediately applies the the maximum braking force is and the accident can — depending on the — be averted at the last If an accident is unavoidable, the PRE-SAFE reduce the impact severity in turn, the risk of injury to the occupants.

As with Brake PLUS, the new PRE-SAFE brakes utilise state-of-the-art radar to scan the situation in front of the car and a potential accident. Two short-range sensors with a range of 30 and a scanning angle of 80 are located the front bumper fascia on the The additional long-range radar in the grille has a range of 150 metres.

also offers BAS PLUS and brakes in conjunction with the DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control.

Assistance systems: sensors make parking play

The newly developed guidance system (optional also works on the basis of technology: the sensors measure the of a parking space when past and show on the cockpit whether there is sufficient to park. Once reverse is engaged, the display then a symbolic representation of the parking guide lines show the steering angle and indicate the into the parking space.

view assist with headlamps, reversing camera, control for car radio, DVD changer and as well as tyre pressure system are other optional assistance systems for increased safety and comfort .

Engines: and twelve-cylinder powerplants with more power

The new luxury is ready for any challenge on motorways and roads thanks to Mercedes’ powerful engines to date. The powerplant in the CL 500 delivers 285 kW/388 hp and a maximum torque of 530 Newton from 2800 rpm. As the newly developed engine the existing V8 unit by 26 percent in of output and 15 percent when it to torque. Equipped with technology, variably adjustable camshafts, a two-stage intake and tumble flaps in the intake the new V8 is among the most advanced, engines in its displacement class. The CL 500 from zero to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds (previous model: 6.3

An ultra-modern biturbo twelve-cylinder under the bonnet of the new CL 600 generates its power. Mercedes engineers enhanced numerous details of the unit and, compared to the model, have increased by 12 kW/17 hp to 380 kW/517 hp. The maximum already on tap from 1900 has been improved further by 30 metres to 830 Newton metres and constant up to 3500 rpm. The new CL 600 from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 (previous model: 4.8 seconds). And the significant performance boost the V12 consumes 0.4 litres less than the previous

CL 600 per 100 kilometres.

has combined the standard-fit automatic with the new DIRECT SELECT the driver can select the transmission ‘P’, ‘N’, ‘R’ and by nudging a lever on the steering Operating commands are transmitted by wire.

Tradition: seven of the Mercedes-Benz Coupe

The new CL-Class in the seventh generation of the large Coupes. The two-door model the world-beating outgoing model, joins the ranks of the best-selling coupes with around units sold.

The history of the Mercedes Coupes stretches to 1952 when Mercedes‑Benz the legendary 300 S Coupe — a for the world’s elite’ was the verdict of the press in its day. In 1956 it was by the 220 S Coupe as part of the W 180 model which fired the public’s with its unitised ‘Pontoon’ in particular. And in 1961 the 220 SEb Coupe (W 111 series) took up the baton its stylish elongated body.

In the SEC Coupes from the C 126 model were based on the then and remained in the Mercedes-Benz line-up for 10 with over 74,000 produced. In 1992 the Geneva Show was host to the launch of the model (C 140 model series), for the first time by a 290 kW/394 hp engine. The predecessor to the new CL-Class celebrated its world premiere in 1999, setting new standards leading‑edge Mercedes innovations as the Active Body Control suspension system and bi-xenon

Mercedes-Benz has built over luxury coupes since

Sheer passion

— example of a new Mercedes design

— Interplay between lines and calm, elegantly surfaces

— Modern of traditional coupe characteristics

Serene luxury and the highest in the interior

Breaking new ground and trends — that is the of Mercedes design development. It the principle of Mercedes-Benz never to still, but always to think and stay ahead.

The new CL-Class is a example of this philosophy: as this luxury coupe its innovative technology points the way the future, its design joins the

in being a protagonist for a new aesthetic — a new Mercedes style. It is on the principles of modern purism, on a clear, unostentatious design with interplay between lines and calm surfaces. lends the Coupe a very presence, underlining the unruffled and strength of its unique character.

Yet design progress at Mercedes-Benz always means creating a with the past to emphasise the of passenger cars bearing the star. This is done by familiar Mercedes characteristics, are reinterpreted and incorporated into the concept to form an exciting of progress and tradition. One example is the end, where the louvred grille with its central star unmistakably confirms the identity. The designers in Sindelfingen positioned this traditional of sporty Mercedes models at a angle than in the preceding also equipping it with highly expressive chrome This contributes to the extremely and self-assured appearance of the new CL-Class, is further reinforced by the more wedge shape of the entire end.

Mercedes-Benz CL 500 306hp C215

The headlamps are highlights in two In technical terms, with the Light System, they the very best available while in styling terms are one of the most striking features of Mercedes Coupe and lend a touch to its overall appearance. The module and an additional high-beam are enclosed in highly polished reminiscent of expensive camera suggesting attributes such as high value and high-tech.

from the front, the transparent of the headlamps form a single with the radiator grille impressively emphasises the visual of the vehicle body. The side shows that the headlamps are blended into the wings, a flowing transition from the end to the flanks. As a result the entire section appears to have moulded from a single The indicator strip horizontally in the lower headlamp section follows the sweeping contours of the bumper, which likewise well into the flanks to the lighting units.

Wings: anatomy

The eye is directed towards the arches and wings, where new are to be found in the body language of the Coupe. The stylishly contoured enable the two-door car to flex its discreetly yet purposefully. Intentionally taut and physical, the pronounced, contours of the wings arch the wheels and symbolise the power beneath the elegant outer of the CL-Class.

Athleticism coupled serenity, power with the body anatomy created by the ensures that from angle, the two-door Coupe has a self-assured presence on the road. The between lines and surfaces is expressive, as the soft, rounded of the bumper and wings contrast the taut outside lines of the — visual demarcation which lend additional to the front end and mark a transition to the calm surface of the bonnet

The sharp outer lines of the have another importance for the concept, as they form a flowing transition to the A-pillars, connecting the front end to the passenger

Flanks: intriguing lines

One of the aspects of the modern purism in the new Mercedes style is the interplay taut lines and elegantly calm surfaces. A coupe the CL-Class particularly lends to this design theme: two drawn at different heights the flanks their formal subdivide the large areas and act as styling features to define the appearance of the car’s elongated These lines have a visual impact, attract and appeal to the emotions of the observer.

The refer to one of these lines as the line ; this structures the third of the vehicle flanks, providing an appealing refractive between the concave and convex surfaces. In this way the design light and shadow very ensuring a variety of contrasts viewed from any perspective. At the this character line meets the rear light which extends well the flanks and continues its course downwards.

The shoulder line lies the character line, emerging from the front wings and to the rear above the waistline. muscular shoulder supports the almost filigree A-pillar in turn gives rise to the characteristic line of the Mercedes namely the roofline . This the body in a light but pronounced defines the line of the C-pillar and dips down with it the rear end of the Mercedes Coupe. A chrome strip on the upper of the side windows follows the and emphasises its curved contour.

living tradition

The design of the demonstrates how Mercedes designers are at to combine tradition with This unique, slightly pillar configuration is a typical feature whose roots go back to the 1950s: in 1956 the 220 S/SE Coupe (model W 180/W 128) first attention with such a

design, and a few years later it was perfected in the successor model, the 220 SE (W 111/112).

Other design which were already at that time have been reinterpreted in the new CL-Class, alive the great coupe of the Mercedes-Benz brand: for example, the retractable side windows, continuous aperture is not interrupted by a and the large, curving panoramic window. In the early years was a typical styling feature of Coupes, and in its stylistically evolved it is just as appealing as in the 220 SE Coupe of

Rear aspect: back

The masterly blend of surfaces and which characterises the flanks of the Coupe is continued at the rear. The eye is drawn to the large, panoramic window, which makes for a exquisitely modelled rear end with the soft lines of the and the boot lid. The rear clusters extending well the sides of the rear end are intended to the visual impression of the rear and sporty, muscular proportions. rear light clusters act as a of the character lines along the cleverly extending these by of a colour division in the lens, and act together with the V-shaped of the boot lid to produce the typical rear-end design.

The rear-end makes a statement on two levels: by of its muscular proportions it confirms the attributes of the new CL Coupe, which are emphasised by the horizontally structured bumper and the two prominent exhaust On the other hand the beautifully rear light clusters, the chrome strip on the boot lid and details provide a touch of They dominate the overall impression and thereby reflect the character of the Mercedes Coupe.

welcome to the club

There is no that the sweeping flanks are the appealing visual aspects of the new — especially when the are open to afford an unimpeded of the interior. No window frame or interrupts this continuous This is where the fascination of a begins, blending the exterior and into a single unit for the

The large window aperture the eye into the interior, where it is to the attractive contours of the dashboard. It becomes obvious that in the interior is designed for comfort and The atmosphere is like that of an club: take a seat and let the of vision, smell and touch be by pleasing forms, fine tasteful colour combinations and the attention to detail for which designers are known.

This first impression seeing and feeling — is doubt always the most when it comes to emotional Nonetheless a car must demonstrate its on a daily basis, both on trips and on long journeys. It therefore possess further if the atmosphere of wellbeing created by its is to endure — good comfort and reliable technology to the driver’s workload. In these too the CL‑Class sets new standards luxury coupes: spaciousness, of movement, quiet-running characteristics, quality, operating comfort and Mercedes innovations make the experience perfect — in respect.

The interior design these strengths. In the area of the and centre console it has a vertically architecture which already highly successful in the preceding It is in line with current concepts for sporty auto-mobiles and that in addition to elegance and the CL-Class is certainly no slouch in the stakes. By virtue of the vertically design principle, the centre and tunnel lining form a stylistic and functional unit extends right back the rear, carries important features such as the COMAND and provides a great deal of space. In addition, the continuous lining with its comfortable emphasises the spacious dimensions of the

Materials: only the very

It is immediately obvious to anybody in one of the integral seats that the new fits like a glove. is perfectly coordinated: form, and materials. There is a choice of tasteful colour combinations: basalt grey/dark basalt cognac brown/black, savanna beige and sahara beige/black.

customers are also able to their individual wishes a choice of exotic wood for the centre console, doors and side panels: even the walnut coming from is available in two variations — a dark gloss or matt finish. Black ash wood is option, and hand-picked poplar is specially reserved for the CL 600. In the V12 model it is also used for the steering wheel and for the handrest of the controller.

The seat upholstery is to the highest standards. Three grades of leather are available, all a low level of pre-tensioning for a ruffled and a soft, comfortable appearance at first glance. This visual impression is enhanced further by the feel of the particularly PASSION leather upholstery.

If PASSION leather upholstery is as an optional extra (standard in the CL the dashboard, centre console and door panels are also in this fine nappa Choosing this top-of-the-line means that the roof and the A and C-pillar linings are also with high-quality Alcantara haute couture on wheels.

At a design and equipment features of the

Mercedes-Benz CL 500 306hp C215
Mercedes-Benz CL 500 306hp C215
Mercedes-Benz CL 500 306hp C215

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