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Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Special Series

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG 2013

Mercedes-AMG car begin in spring 2013 in the Big in the dynamic style that CLA 45 AMG its world premiere at the International Show in New York. The philosophy this four-door coupe corresponds to that of the CLS 63 AMG with the pioneer among the four-door coupes. A look at this package sufficient to show CLA 45 AMG also features all the typical DNA to be a representative of the performance of the brand lead AMG: with a power of 265 kilowatts (360 hp) and torque of 450 Nm, the turbo engine is not the most powerful production series worldwide, but also effective that meets the 6 emissions standard. With a of 6.9 liters per 100 km, according to NEDC figures, CLA 45 AMG complies with the stringent requirements. Performance-oriented AMG four-wheel CLA also 45 AMG sets a new in its competitive segment.

Källenius president of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: the CLA 45 AMG, Mercedes-AMG is the launch of a and highly desirable car of any DNA typical AMG A includes high-tech production in more powerful four. in the world, as well as performance-oriented AMG AWD embodies driving performance in its form. ‘

The new four-door coupe offers a unique of exhilarating driving experience extravagant design and unique CLA with 45 AMG Mercedes-AMG is establishing an new segment — as before the CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake (2012) and the CLS 55 AMG At the time of its release, none of the AMG were rivals, but has continued to other automakers. Turbo, drive and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed transmission — CLA 45 AMG has the same system that is already A 45 AMG to offer a dynamic and efficient

Normally AMG series production the powerful four-cylinder turbo in the

A look at the specifications of the CLA shows 45 the AMG engine 2.0 liter turbo a maximum power of 265 kW (360 hp) and up to 450 Nm of the engine is the most powerful four cylinders in series throughout the world.

The combination of high performance and with performance-oriented AMG 4MATIC drive system gives the CLA 45 AMG characteristics almost equal to of a sports car. The performance accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 4.6 and its top speed is 250 km / h (electronically limited). But the AMG turbo is impressive, not only in of dynamic performance but also in of efficiency and respect for the environment. CLA 45 AMG a level of fuel consumption of 6.9 per 100 kilometers according to NEDC figures, while already the Euro 6 emissions standard will come into only in 2015, and the limit for of particles per kilometer of 6 × 1011 / Km, which will be mandatory in

Based on these impressive is provided by the high-tech package has been developed by Mercedes-AMG. As a of high-performance engines BlueDIRECT, four-cylinder turbo petrol guided by a direct jet with injectors located in the center of the combustion chambers. The combined injection and ignition multiple improves the utilization of fuel and increases the thermodynamic efficiency, leads to a reduction in emissions. highlights of gravity die Sandcast crankcase, optimized weight with forged steel and forged pistons with friction segments, the cylinder NANOSLIDE technology, air-water air cooling, management and generator ECO / stop function.

Mercedes-AMG on fundamental issues related to the of small displacement turbo of a twin-scroll turbo, low-restriction system and an innovative injection Dual input technology for more spontaneous accumulation of load, the effective use of pressure exhaust gas, the exhaust gas and exhaust gas dynamics. This in a more rapid accumulation of the pair of lower speed As a positive side effect, technology also benefits the consumption and emissions. With a charge pressure of 1.8 bar, the AMG turbocharged four-cylinder is a leader in area, too.

The AMG sports exhaust system large diameter tubes and flap controlled automatically. technology, which is a relative of the SLK 55 reconciles the two seemingly contradictory of dynamism and comfort in tangible Mercedes long trips. The is continuously adjusted by the control according to the power demand of the the state of engine load and The AMG sports exhaust system a fascinating, complete engine is impressive for powerful acceleration.

An system with AMG Performance valve is optional for A 45 AMG. gives an engine noise more exciting and surprising the throttle is opened and during The double clutch when and the interruption of ignition and injection upshift at full load to a guttural especially with the system and create emotional AMG Performance otherwise limit of with more than cylinders.

High performance of the cooling system of the SLS AMG

The great dynamics of the call CLA 45 AMG for cooling very efficient. On the basis of the SLS a low-temperature circuit is also for the engine air-water cooling air turbo four cylinder. The extends through the cooling before any level is completed by an cooling device in the wheel. the charge air cooler, which is in series, an electric pump ensures the high performance by water coolers behind the inlet openings. This a cooling load very compressed air, which to increase engine performance.

the oil circuit of the transmission is integrated in the water of the engine. The water behind the front part is by the heat exchanger is mounted on the transmission and is supplied with water, if necessary with the aid of an pump.

One man, one engine: a of handcrafted excellence

As is the case all eight and twelve cylinders, new AMG four-cylinder is built by hand in the AMG philosophy of one man, one engine. A assembly line has been for the engine factory AMG Mercedes-Benz in the of engines Kölleda — everything BlueDIRECT four-cylinder are built for models A and B-Class. A feature of one man, one engine process is the AMG engine plate the signature of the responsible installer In addition to serving as a brand AMG the superlative quality of production, the AMG plate also reflects DNA performance Mercedes-Benz premium

AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports

Dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel — packing unit the new CTC 45 AMG is a demonstration of engineering skills The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports is directly coupled directly to the transversely installed. Key software have been adopted the SLS AMG super sports car with its of power transmission inspiring. The of dual clutch transmission 45 AMG CLA three driving programs, and a function clutch output of the career problems. The strengths of the AMG transmission includes the train DCT movement without interrupting the force control strategy as very smooth and easy and efficiency. Reinforced gears to maximum stability. Synchronizer with friction pads fiber to improve durability optimizing response time shift — the ideal for long curly ambitious

M mode Momentary for more and driving pleasure

Another feature which aims to the dynamic performance and driving is the M momentary mode. In C and S mode, allows the driver to activate the mode (M) without removing wheel by pressing the up or down paddle once. M mode momentarily experience the dynamism and in manual performance of all management automatic Passage Automatic rpm limit in business. This the driver to devote his full to the impressive performance of the vehicle.

The spent in manual M mode and S are the same level of sportiness to the SLS AMG GT car. Short pause and injection under full leads to changes in speed faster in M and S with a more than ever. Mode C Efficiency), tangible and rapid characteristics of the engine support efficient driving style, and oriented. In addition, ECO mode C / stop function is active.

CLA 45 AMG comes with the variable, AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive as In the development of this disc on all wheels, the emphasis was firmly on the and dynamism. The power flow to the of the propulsion system is provided by a supply PTO (OCT), which is integrated into the transmission sports. It has an oil circuit itself. it is supplied with lubricant the oil circuit transmission sport. configuration weight advantages competitive systems that connection via an additional component its own oil circuit. With tapered bearings reduced in October an excellent level of efficiency. As an bonus, the weight of the new AMG 4MATIC drive is up to 25 percent lighter the AWD version, which offers

A tree of two parts transfers from the AMG 2.0-liter turbocharged to the rear axle. For reasons of weight distribution, an electro-hydraulic of the multiple disc clutch is with the rear axle The multiple disc clutch detects slip at the front A hydraulic pump instantly pressed together and channels to the rear wheels as required. All takes place practically the driver noticing. To respond the pump is always active and no set up whenever necessary, as is common other systems. Energy is highly variable in normal the CLA 45 AMG uses front-wheel drive in the of efficiency. When driving required, AMG 4MATIC AWD variable split between front and axles in a 50:50 percent. which affect the rate of distribution are the vehicle speed, acceleration and angle of the longitudinal the speed difference between the wheels, and the selected gear of the accelerator.

A unique feature is the of AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive ESP ® and three-stage ESP ® Curve Assist. The ESP ® allows the driver to change the of the CLA 45 AMG according to your individual at the push of a button. Based ESP ON helps the driver to maintain handling characteristics. The system the braking intervention on one or more and engine torque is reduced detecting that the conditions of operation.

By briefly pressing the ESP ® button ESP SPORT Handling. This dynamic driving guidance appropriate control strategies for after the ESP ® and more torque to the axle. This means driving pleasure for drivers who are to exploit the dynamic potential of the By pressing the ESP ® plus activates ESP In this mode, the ESP ® functions are not ESP OFF only be used by experienced on the circuit loop. If the driver the brake pedal in Handling and ESP OFF, all safety functions are ESP ® during braking.

ESP ® ESP ® Curve supplements the dynamics of perfection in braking action imperceptible wheel results in a yawing is defined around the vertical which results in precise for CLA 45 AMG and s ensure that the vehicle is under control at all times. ESP ® dynamic curve corresponds to the ESP ®. In ESP SPORT Handling mode and ESP OFF the desire to drive for greater and driving dynamics. Dynamics ESP ® Assist is an additional feature of the Stability Program, which improves the agility not only, but active handling safety in condition.

Like all AMG high-performance the new CLC 45 AMG also incorporates sophisticated hub. To improve the dynamic of three-arm front suspension with steering joints and elastokinematics completely new. developed stiffer bearings are in terms of lower link. properties provide a more and feedback curve more and direct the surface of the road. stiffer also lead to a rigidity of inclination, allowing speed curve. In the development of front axle, great is attached to achieving optimal in highly dynamic driving.

The rear axle of the CLA 45 AMG is a completely new During optimization elastokinematics bearings have been adapted to the driving dynamics and control. The rear bracket is with bearings to increase rigid driving stability, the frame is rigidly connected to the Point AMG sports suspension specific spring / dampers and for greater supply high acceleration and a reduced tendency to you double curve. CLA 45 AMG is equipped AMG alloy wheels fitted 235/40 R 18.

AMG sports speed-sensitive steering and AMG braking system

The double electromechanical AMG speed-sensitive AMG sports wheel with the help of power depending on the speed and constant ratio (14.5: 1) steering precision and high The electric motor is installed in the parameters of the place in the steering The braking system AMG high-performance discs and drilled through the of 350 x 32 millimeters at the front and 330 x 22 millimeters at the provides reliable deceleration

Just a look at the new CTC 45 AMG is very any resemblance to the CLS 63 AMG is quite intentional. CLA language design has been by Mercedes-AMG AMG with characteristic — and the result is a new design The proportions of CLA sports were from the beginning, but its dynamic is reinforced by AMG grille double and the cross in the AMG front apron, painted in matt titanium Admission to the generous dimensions of the air are framed by black cops improve the flow of air over the modules behind them. headlights are included as standard.


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