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Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208


31.05.2004 SLK Edition Accessories

Suitcase, watches and more for the new SLK

The customized #148;boot and garment bag are just two of the highlights of the Mercedes-Benz SLK. In addition to optimum use of the space available in the new the bags are practical and boast an elegant design that matches the style of the vehicle. The is true of all the other accessories to the SLK Edition #151; in other everything from the limited-edition set to the roadster cap and keychain.

Mercedes-Benz has been known for its intelligent The customized luggage for the new edition that even a sporty such as the SLK has plenty of space for bags. The garment bag, can be hung up on a hook behind the or passenger#146;s seat, ensures shirts, jackets or suits can be crease-free. What#146;s more, the bag makes optimum use of the SLK#146;s space, even when the is open. Both items are of water-repellent ballistic nylon an easy-care material that is tear-resistant and creaseproof.

In the year in the first SLK made its debut, the watch became a cult almost as quickly as the car itself. limited-edition watch set comprises a of the long sold-out SLK watch 1996 with a new SLK watch of Appropriate to the year in which the new SLK is launched, the edition is limited to 2,004 sets. Both of timekeepers were designed by and are extremely practical with a appeal. The SLK 1996 watch has a face with silver It is character-ized by a red leather strap the distinctive power domes of the SLK The new SLK watch of 2004 in aluminium stands out thanks to its silver and perforated red leather strap. The two come in a high-quality metal box with a chrome-plated model car at 1:87 #151; a real for SLK enthusiasts.

The two other timekeepers the SLK Edition may not be limited, but they are as fascinating. These are the #148;Black#148; SLK with a perforated black strap and the #148;Cockpit#148; watch a black face designed to a speedometer. Other attractive from the SLK Edition include a cap with leather peak, a and a crystal paperweight.

Model-car will be spoilt for choice the new SLK: Detailed models of by renowned manufacturers in three dimensions and each in three colours are sure to set collectors#146; racing. The scale models and 1:43 are made of metal, the model scaled at1:87 is of plastic. With the exception of one of scale 1:18, all the models the SLK with the roof open.

Photos: DaimlerChrysler

31.05.2004 New MB SLK 55 AMG is FIA Formula 1 Safety Car

The new C 55 AMG estate is making its first appearance as car

Following its world premiere at the Motor Show, the new Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG be showing what it is capable of in its new as the official Formula 1 safety Specifically, the compact eight-cylinder will be celebrating its circuit at this year#146;s Grand season opener on 7th March in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to to its braking system, chassis, system and exhaust system, as as weight-reduction measures, the SLK 55 AMG safety car be showing off its optimised driving and maximized stability. And the improvements prove very useful: all, the newcomer will to lead the world#146;s fastest around the track at high in the event of a circuit emergency, ensuring maximum safety.

And the new C 55 AMG is also making its first at the most prestigious level of sports. Prof. Sid Watkins, the Prix chief medical will be able to use the high-performance medical car with the AMG V8 engine to the fastest possible response in the of a emergency. The powerful AMG cars be ready for action at all 18 Formula 1 where they will be to demonstrate their sporty in front of billions of race worldwide.

With Bernd 34 #151; a professional racing #151; behind the wheel, the car is taking on the challenge of keeping the 1 cars out of harm#146;s way in the event of and bad weather conditions. In other Mayländer will have to himself at the head of the field and at top speed in front of the Formula 1 And if the speed becomes too low, the engines that power the Formula 1 race cars start to experience problems. For they could overheat due to an supply of cooling air, the tyres could cool too much and lose their Fast laps at top speeds of up to 240 at the world#146;s Grand Prix are therefore everyday occurrences for the car, which masters situations with no problems.

Few but focussed #151; technical to the new SLK 55 AMG

For its demanding assignment as the Formula 1 car, the SLK 55 AMG required modifications were few in number but very focused. The distinctive sporty of the new two-seater developed by Mercedes-AMG only supplemented in areas would generate maximum and reliability for circuit operation. In of the standard 18-inch tires, for new multi-part 19-inch AMG light-alloy, rims with special R 19 and. 265/30 R 19 tires been used. And together the firmer chassis tuning, the car can higher curve speeds and has more agile handling.

The enhanced performance of the new, braking system ensures the car remains perfectly stable and optimal deceleration. Composite discs with six-piston callipers are installed on the front and internally ventilated and perforated brake discs with callipers provide the stopping in the rear. Channels that cooling air to the front brakes which have to bear high stresses #151; specially engineered for the safety use in a racing environment.

Weight nearly 100 kilograms lighter the series-production car

In order to deliver racing performance, the weight of the car was trimmed by nearly 100 kilograms in to the series-production vehicle. And this was despite the fact that the car heavier right from the because of its added components including communication equipment, cooling systems for the rear and brakes, and larger wheels and Aluminium was used in place of for the bonnet and other components, a weight saving of about 12 The DaimlerChrysler specialists at the Bremen played a key role in slashing the weight. Keeping the vario-roof at all times made it possible to with its mechanical and hydraulic saving another 17 kilograms. The and rear valences are made of an lightweight, high-strength carbon-fibre material. Carbon-fibre laminate is a solution known for its applications in 1 and the DTM. The valences weigh ten less than those in the series-production SLK. Additional reductions were realized the headlamps (4 kg), seats (25 the car#146;s entire wiring (4 its interior (40 kg) and numerous other giving the safety car a curb of 1,370 kg. In comparison, the curb of the SLK 55 AMG series-production vehicle is 1,465 kg including the fuel and driver).

All modifications also result in weight distribution, which superior handling on the circuit. The battery and windscreen fluid were moved from the compartment to the boot, enhancing advantage even more.

and drive: characteristic V8 sound optimised cooling

The engine and of the unique Mercedes-AMG SLK greatly their series production The 5.5-litre V8 engine from AMG 265 kW/360 hp and accelerates the silver from 0 to 100 km/h in under seconds. What#146;s more, its eight-cylinder sound is sure to to racing fans watching at the or on TV. The sports car was given a newly exhaust system with back pressure and a special for Formula 1 use.

And to ensure even the toughest of weather are no problem, the SLK 55 AMG safety car is also with a high-performance water two engine oil coolers in the sides of the apron and a larger transmission oil The rear differential has cooling and a separate cooler installed the rear valence. The air stream is through it by a diffuser, thus to prevent the rear-axle oil from When the car is stationary, an electric fan is to increase safety even .

Roof lights send out signals to the Formula 1 drivers

Two features make the safety car out from the series-produced SLK 55 AMG: the FIA 1 logos and the light system on the The green lights are turned on by co-driver, Peter Tibbets from the FIA, when the car pulls out and first has to overtake all of the cars. As soon as the safety car has the lead, the orange light to the Formula 1 drivers that is strictly forbidden. The white lights in the headlights and tail remain active whenever the car is in use and a neutral signal function.

To communication with the race the safety car is equipped with a system, a TV monitor and cameras inside and out. This equipment requires a separate circuit with a second The very special character of the new FIA safety car is typified by the two bucket with four-point seatbelts, the black-and-silver leather fittings, 1 tread panels, a particularly AMG sports steering wheel and carbon trim.

C 55 AMG estate: car for Formula 1 chief medical Sid Watkins

Professor Sid Watkins, the FIA Grand Prix chief officer, now has a new Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG estate as a car to ensure that he can reach and racing drivers who have involved in an accident as quickly as The communication system, chassis and of the high-performance car, which is by a 5.5-litre V8 engine that 270 kW/367 hp, were remodelled for the Formula 1 world championships. On the of the medical car#146;s COMAND the occupants can follow the race The car also boasts a radio for communicating with the race roof lights and strobe front and rear.

A high of safety for Professor Sid Watkins and the medical assistants is guaranteed by belts at each seat. The boot of the C55 AMG estate houses a emergency aid kit to treat severely patients.

Cooperation between and overall vehicle development at AMG

AMG production, which specialises in series and customised individual and the test team from AMG vehicle development were for the development, track tests and of the two safety cars and two medical (one main vehicle and one in each case). The engineers and responsible were greatly by the company#146;s 37 years of experience in sports and the development of high-performance cars. Numerous test were conducted at different 1 tracks in order to determine the tuning and ensure that of all the satisfy strict safety Racing driver Bernd was involved in every stage of the Two highly qualified AMG engineers are the operation of the AMG vehicles at all 18 Formula 1 meetings.

Six generations of Mercedes-AMG cars since 1996

in the footsteps of the C 36 AMG (1996), the first CLK 55 AMG 1997), the CL 55 AMG (since 2000), the SL 55 AMG 2001) and the CLK 55 AMG (2003), the new SLK 55 AMG is the sixth safety car from Mercedes-AMG. An AMG coupe with a V8 engine was as a medical car as far back as 1984. The of Mercedes-AMG testify to the long-standing of DaimlerChrysler in the Formula 1.

Text DaimlerChrysler

04.03.2004 The New Mercedes-Benz

— World premiere at the Motor Show

— 7,000 orders already for the new sports roadster

The second of the globally successful Mercedes-Benz is ready for launch, and Mercedes-Benz is set to the new sports roadster to the public for the time at the Geneva Motor

The presentation follows the publication of the photos of the new SLK at the start of the year, themselves sparked an extremely response. A total of over orders have been since sales release Prices for the SLK-Class range 33,524 euros for the entry-level to 63,974 euros (ex factory). different engine variants are for the new car, developing from 120 hp to 265 kW/360 hp. The range includes for the first time in this class #150; an eight-cylinder unit. The V6 engine in the SLK 350, develops 200 kW/272 hp and delivers dynamic driving pleasure.

The generation of the Mercedes compact also boasts an exquisite design, several details of take their cue from 1 racing cars. The SLK thus true to its reputation as a trendsetter and leader in this category of cars. The further developed which transforms the roadster a coupé in just 22 seconds, is on the list of standard equipment by sidebags, adaptive front and two-stage belt force The car#146;s chassis, steering and transmission have been an even sportier edge, the interior features a world in the shape of the innovative AIRSCARF heating system.

Over delighted customers in every of the world, more than 40 awards and a position as the global in its market segment give the SLK-Class an extremely impressive CV. The roadster has been setting in its class since its arrival in 1996 #150; not just by of its ground-breaking technological prowess but thanks to a quite different its emotional appeal.

The SLK has captured the of the public like no other car and that driving is also passion and joie de vivre. In cases it was love at first which prompted customers to a spontaneous decision to purchase, a to experience and enjoy the driving on offer in the Mercedes sports

By the end of the first full sales over 55,000 SLK models had off the assembly line — 50 more than originally With a conquest sales of roughly 42 percent in the major markets, the two-seater won over a of new customers for Mercedes-Benz, making it one of the in the Stuttgart auto maker#146;s strategic product initiative.

aesthetics, technical excellence and levels of safety underpin the of the compact Mercedes roadster, has long since taken on a image in the modern era. demand for the SLK in the used-car market, it is one of the lowest-depreciating models, provides evidence of this popularity.

sporty and powerful than The new SLK-Class

Eight years the first SLK premiere in Turin, the generation of the roadster is set to celebrate its premiere at the Geneva Motor 2004. As refreshing, enlivening and as an Italian espresso, the new Roadster its sporting prowess in much terms than the outgoing Underpinning these enhanced credentials are the powerful new engines, a suspension set-up, more steering and a precise six-speed-manual

Inspired by Formula 1 racing the exterior design of the roadster the dynamic theme and identifies the as a fully-fledged member of the Mercedes-Benz family. The interior, meanwhile, switches, buttons and trim with silver-coloured surfaces, a striking contrast to the dark of the panel. Plus, customers can from a range of six shades for the trim, or any one of twelve designo

The roadster also builds on the strengths of its predecessor #150; in the of a further developed, space-saving for example, even more safety features and unique new such as bi-xenon headlamps cornering light function, the seven-speed automatic transmission and the heating system AIRSCARF

Impressively equipped and with a engine: The SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR

Customers can from three variants of the With its TWINPULSE four-cylinder the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR combines impressive with exemplary economy. faster and developing more than the outgoing model the same output, it uses 8.7 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres around eight percent fuel #150; in the European cycle. However, the new sports offers a lot more in terms of its high-class looks and feel, and range of standard equipment, includes the following features:

front airbags ESP® Anti-lock Braking System, Skid Control and Brake Headlamp Assist (automatically headlamps) Two-stage belt limiters Belt tensioners for and passenger Head/thorax side Light-alloy wheels: 7 J x 16 Multifunction wheel (leather) Six-speed transmission Sports seats magnesium frame Vario-roof heated rear window locking

The four-cylinder SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR is at 33,524 euros ex factory.

car dynamics from the top drawer: The SLK 350 new V6 engine

The SLK 350 offers everything you would expect from a sports roadster: spirit, and undiluted driving pleasure. the bonnet, the newly developed engine gives the SLK a particularly heartbeat, one which sets the pulse racing the second the key is One press of the accelerator and you#146;re the V6 powerpack accelerating the two-seater 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.6 seconds. At rpm a maximum output of 200 kW/ 272 hp is achieved a pace-setting figure in this class.

Impressive torque of 350 metres is available as low down as rpm and remains constant up to 5000 which also allows a different, yet also typically style of driving: relaxed, cruising in high gears forever in the reassuring knowledge all you have to do is touch the accelerator to unlock the engine#146;s imposing power. The technical make-up and features of the SLK 350 are a reflection of the performance-based of this model variant. The V6 comes with the following of standard equipment not included in the SLK 200

Enlarged brakes with front brake discs lighting package THERMATIC air 17-inch light-alloy wheels in design Mixed tyres 225/45 R 17, rear: 245/40 R 17)

The SLK 350 is at 43,384 euros ex factory.

and unique: The SLK 55 AMG with eight-cylinder

With the SLK 55 AMG, the second of Mercedes#146; compact roadster has a car which gives the sports car a run for their money. No other in this vehicle class can with the 265-kW/360-hp output and 510 metres of torque generated by the SLK. The V8 engine at the source of prodigious power also has the of being the only eight-cylinder available in this market The standard equipment package for the AMG is equally as exclusive, and includes the items not offered in the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR:

AMG suspension AMG sports seats AMG with special front and spoiler lip on the boot lid Mercedes-AMG sports steering wheel braking system with composite brake discs at the Interior lighting package air conditioning Mercedes-AMG 18 -inch wheels in multi-spoke design tyres (front: 225/40 R 18, 245/35 R 18) Nappa leather 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic with AMG-SPEEDSHIFT and steering gearshift buttons

The new eight-cylinder is priced at 63,974 euros.

to Mercedes-Benz: High-tech features for comfort and driving pleasure

New developments and innovations from Mercedes-Benz models are available as for the SLK, further improving and active safety and enhancing the of the sports roadster. A range of can be ordered for the new model which Mercedes-Benz offers in this class. AIRSCARF, THERMOTRONIC and are good examples:

The innovative new heating system AIRSCARF the driver and passenger in the SLK to keep the open even in colder and thus enjoy the roadster more frequently and over a period of time than has been possible. At the touch of a heated air flows out of special in the head restraints, acting as an scarf to warm the driver and neck and head. During a AIRSCARF adjusts the air flow to the speed of the car and the outside temperature new arrival in this vehicle is THERMOTRONIC. This luxury climate control system is with sun and pollutant sensors, it to create the perfect on-board in any situation. The newly developed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC the world#146;s first transmission of type for passenger cars opens the door to more acceleration and fast mid-range as well as helping to reduce consumption. 7G-TRONIC can be ordered as an in conjunction with the V6 engine in the SLK 350 as standard on the SLK 55 AMG) and can also be with steering wheel buttons, enabling the driver to optimum use of the engine#146;s exceptional reserves in any driving situation by gear manually.

Another new of the SLK-Class are bi-xenon headlamps cornering light function, the and display system COMAND APS a colour screen and Europe-wide DVD function, a 380-watt sound with surround sound and the tyre pressure loss function of the Electronic Stability (ESP®). Plus, infrared control for opening and closing the is available as an option.

The new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class will at Mercedes-Benz#146; European sales and outlets and dealerships on March 27,

Text photos: DaimlerChrysler

New Mercedes SLK-Class Unveiled

World premiere in March

— More performance, safety, more roadster pleasure

More attractive, powerful and sportier than its this appealing two-seater be celebrating its European market in March 2004. The new model a choice of three new engines a performance range extending 120 kW/163 hp to 265 kW/360 hp. This #150; for the first time in vehicle class — an supplied by Mercedes-AMG. The SLK 350 is powered by a new 200 hp V6 engine delivering dynamic pleasure.

The second generation of two-seater again captivates the eye its sophisticated design featuring reminiscent of Formula motor This quality enables the SLK to its reputation as a trendsetter and a technology among the sports cars in class. A further development of its transforms this roadster a coupé in just 22 seconds. The of standard equipment also head-thorax sidebags, adaptive airbags and two-stage belt limiters. Mercedes engineers added even more refinement to the suspension, steering and transmission.

As a global first, is offering the AIRSCARF neck-level system. This delivers a of warm air from the headrests at the of a button, thereby enabling SLK to keep the roof down when there is a chill in the This extends the top-down season to the full calendar Automatic climate control, headlamps with cornering COMAND and the unique 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission add to the technological which can now be supplied as options to the for the first time.

The new Mercedes is now taking the place of its predecessor, a car has delighted more than owners since it first in the autumn of 1996. Worldwide, model holds the number one in this market segment and has established itself as a symbol for the dynamic brand image of

The design and technology employed in second generation of the SLK-Class even greater emphasis on performance. With more engines, redesigned suspension, steering feel and a responsive manual shift system, the new offers an even more driving experience than before. The body size has by 72 mm in length and 65 mm in width, affording and passenger more space and higher standards of comfort the previous model.

Design: dynamics with designer from Formula motor

Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208

From an initial glance, the of this car reflects the sporty and more powerful character of the new A long bonnet, steeply windscreen, wide doors and boot are the typical characteristics of a and the new SLK underlines these even emphatically than its predecessor. The 30 millimetres on the wheelbase, the distinctive tapering at the front and rear and the silhouette all contribute to this

With attractive geometry like the strikingly sharp section, special fins on the grille and the twin exhaust reminiscent of a racing car, the of the new SLK recalls the fact that two-seater is the child of a company a long and illustrious tradition of car production.

The interior has also completely redesigned and substantially with a careful choice of The design concept is characterised by pushbuttons and decorative elements silver-coloured surfaces, creating a contrast with the black of the instrument panel. Customers who opt for a interior can select from a of six colours to create their choice of interior look.

best in its class for aerodynamics and compartment volume

The beautifully body of the new SLK also stands out for its merits: no other roadster in class matches its superb Cd (0.32), its exceptional standards of strength, an equivalent fuel capacity (70 litres) or a comparable of luggage compartment (300 when vario-roof is closed).

The vario-roof with which the sports car set new trends back in has been further improved by the at the Sindelfingen plant and its technology has honed. It opens and closes than ever before and to a pivoting rear window it now up even less space in the compartment. When the vario-roof is the luggage compartment capacity is 208 (applying the VDA measurement method) this is 63 litres more that of the predecessor model. For the time ever, as an optional available on request, the vario-roof can be actuated using the remote on the vehicle key.

Safety: developed protection system adaptive airbags

An ultramodern procedure, a 40 % increase in the use of high-tensile alloys and many other measures allow the new SLK-Class to the high safety standards set by its The occupant protection systems to the prevailing situation: for the first Mercedes-Benz is using adaptive in this model range, deploy in two stages depending on the of the accident.

The belt force now standard equipment, also in two stages and adjust to the severity of the In instances of side impact, developed head-thorax airbags into action and protect the head and upper body. A sensor also triggers the airbags and both belt in the event of the vehicle rolling Robust steel tubes in the and solid roll-over bars the seats offer additional in accidents of this kind.

Engines: Up to 25 more performance reduced fuel consumption

The of engines available with the new is also unique for this sector. Mercedes-Benz is the first in this segment to respond an eight-cylinder engine to the wishes of car drivers. The new SLK 55 AMG now sets a new benchmark in of power (265 kW/360 torque (510 newton and acceleration (0-100 km/h: 4.9 The V8 power unit is twinned as with the recently developed seven-speed automatic transmission by the driver using gearshift on the steering wheel.

Mercedes-Benz has a new six-cylinder engine with 25 percent more power kW/272 hp) and 13 percent more (350 newton metres) for the SLK The four-valve engine is one of the most V6 units in its displacement class and its character can be clearly distinguished by its vibrant engine note.

torque is available from an speed of just 2400 rpm and constant across a wide rev extending up to 5000 rpm. allows the car to be accelerated hard and rapid bursts of power. a standing start, the SLK 350 reaches 100 in just 5.6 seconds (with the 5.5 seconds) and accelerates from 60 to 120 in 8.7 seconds (with the 7G-TRONIC: 5.1

This is the first time Mercedes-Benz has ever produced a V6 with variable camshaft on intake and exhaust sides. The is enhanced performance and torque with improved fuel A two-stage intake manifold, flaps in the intake ducts and an heat management system add to the distinguishing features of this new engine. When combined the option of a seven-speed automatic the new SLK 350 only consumes a meagre 9.9 of Super grade fuel a distance of 100 kilometres (NEDC consumption figures) and therefore, a significant increase in performance still manages to be some percent more fuel-efficient the previous SLK six-cylinder engine a five-speed automatic transmission.

The 120 hp engine in the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR is also a premiere status in this of Mercedes models. This is one of the new of four-cylinder engines from featuring the unique TWINPULSE which offers further in terms of performance, torque, and fuel economy. The TWINPULSE combines a range of different such as a compressor, balancer charge-air cooling, variable adjustment and four-valve technology. high-tech package makes the new SLK 200 eight percent more than its equally powerful The NEDC overall fuel rating is just 8.7 litres of over a distance of 100 kilometres.

As equipment, the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR and SLK 350 are going to the grid with a six-speed equipped with short, shift lever strokes and levels of shift precision. As an the four-cylinder engine can be twinned the tried and tested five-speed transmission while the new six-cylinder can be up with the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed transmission. To reflect the dynamic of the new SLK-Class, drivers can operate automatic transmissions using buttons mounted on the steering (as an optional extra) to select the ratio.

The distinguishing features of the suspension are the new design of three-link axle, the rack-and-pinion steering and an even more powerful system than the previous Mercedes engineers have many details of the multi-link rear suspension unit and adapted it to suit the increased width of this new model. on the choice of model, standard in the new SLK-Class can include 16, 17 or even alloy wheels. Low-slung suspension is also available as an

Comfort: AIRSCARF #150; a first for even greater driving pleasure

Longer and often is the clear message the new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class to fans of driving. AIRSCARF is a world which allows drivers to the vario-roof even when is a real chill in the air. can now enjoy the true roadster more frequently than before. AIRSCARF is an innovative system located in the seat at the touch of a button, temperature-controlled air out of special vents in the headrests to the shoulders, neck and heads of SLK warm on the road #150; just like an invisible

This new development is a unique in the open-top car market. It operates in stages and is equipped with an control unit. It controls heating to suit ambient #150; depending on roadspeed and — and adapts the fan speed to ensure that the best distribution of hot air is delivered in any given

The THERMATIC system represents a innovation for perfect in-car control and is standard equipment on the SLK 350 and the SLK 55 For even more demanding car Mercedes-Benz has developed the THERMOTRONIC climate control system, with solar and pollutant

To keep SLK driver and passenger and informed, optional equipment the Audio 20 CD stereo car radio, the 50 APS with integrated colour and a navigation system or COMAND which features a DVD/CD colour display and separate DVD for the navigation system. Another is the surround sound system eleven speakers and a 380 Watt for that ultimate acoustic

Text photos: DaimlerChrysler

SLK R171 further information

The and width of the new SLK will chage at 7cm and the hieght at about 2 cm (lenght: width 1,78m; hieght The track will be increased in at about 3,6 cm and at rear at about 6,5 cm, will influence the brawny of the car. The vario roof of SLK much loading capacity. It the trunk capacity from 286 to 206 In SLK the muffler is through the warm air end positioned in the nape area by the of Airscrave superfluous. SLK will just as little SBC as M class. will be two petrol engines 3,0 and 3,5 litres from the engine M272. Their output reach 231 and 258 hp. Both engines be offered with 7-speed transmission (7-G Tronic) SLK 200 Kompressor will be available 5-speed automatic transmission. In 2004 SLK 55 AMG V8 with 370 hp will be

Photos: Auto Motor und and

09.07.2003 SLK (R171) new V6 engines and V8 AMG

According to Auto und Sport in March 2004 the new SLK celebrate its premiere. SLK will be with two new V6 engines. These from the family M272 have 3,0 and 3,5 liters of displacement. should produce 231 and 258 hp of output. these engines will be with 7-speed automatic whilst at first SLK 200 Kompressor be equipped with the well-know automatic transmission. Besides will be also V8 AMG engine Kompressor which should 400 hp of output. The length of SLK should (more or less 7 cm) and the width at 6 cm. The wheelbase will increase 3 cm.

Photos: Brenda Company, BMH

26.03.2003 New SLK R171 since May in showrooms

The second generation of SLK 171 series is going to be introduced international car fair in Geneva in 2004. In May 2004 the new SLK roadster be in showrooms. The car should be more than the previous model. The of the car will resemble to the SLR roadster. The of vario-roof will be further The length of a car will not change but the car be a bit wider. At first the car will be with two engines: SLK 230 Kompressor 192 hp) and SLK 320 (output: 218 hp). The AMG version 367 hp) will be introduced later.

Mercedes SLK — final

Open-air driving pleasure of a special kind is also by the Final Edition of the successful SLK which Mercedes-Benz is also to the public in Geneva.

Equipped a vario-roof, the Electronic Stability (ESPZ), Brake Assist, and the other technical highlights of the the use of high-quality trim and the finest makes this special particularly eye-catching. The radiator is painted in a chrome-silver metallic working in conjunction with the polished aluminium trim on the A-pillars and vario-roof to characterise the appearance of the Roadster. 16-inch wheels in a five spin-spoke accentuate the car’s sporty and presence.

The interior of the Final cossets the SLK’s occupants newly designed sports upholstered in soft nappa in a choice of black or classic The same high-quality, natural is also used to line the areas of the door panels and the bars. For the centre console, gate and door handle the Mercedes designers have decorative trim of highly-polished, aluminium. The instrument cluster is from that in the standard Roadster by silver print on the and metal-coloured adjusting knobs for the and trip recorder. The Final of the SLK-Class will be available March 2003.


04.08.2002 New Mercedes SLK R171 in

The new SLK R171 will be introduced in The wheelbase and the width of the car will and as a result the interior will be The length of the car remain the same m. The new mechanism of the convertible will be so that the boot capacity be bigger. New high quality will be used in the interior of the the new 6-speed Sequentronic transmission be available in SLK for the first time. In the new SLK will offer 6-speed transmission and new Comand. The body of new SLK will be based on current C 203 series. New SLK will be equipped SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) as When the new SLK goes on sale will be two engines available: SLK 230 (1,8 litre) and 192 hp and SLK 320 (218 There will be ofcourse AMG too.

Photo: Auto und Sport

Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208
Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208
Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208
Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208
Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208
Mercedes-Benz CLK 200 Kompressor 192hp C208

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