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Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG 4MATIC Base

Review: 2013 Mercedes-Benz AMG (Video)

My statement “BMW is the new may have ruffled the most but the second thing that thrown in my face is: “what has Mercedes become?” I’m sorry if the fanboys can’t adjust to the new that is a softer, more more luxurious BMW that comfort over balls-out Sometimes you just have to let the keep its head in the hole. If you the M6 is the best thing since bread, read no further. isn’t about BMW, is about the German luxury What of them?  To find out we tossed the keys to a six-figure for a week.

The first generation CLS my cup of tea. Perhaps it’s I like the traditional profile of the with the high greenhouse and rear headroom. Perhaps because I’m a stickler and in my world a can’t have four Perhaps it’s that the generation CLS looked like it had laid, and I’m not referring to an egg. probably it.

But that was then, is now. Up front we get one of the more and aggressive grilles I have lately. The side profile has the “half-moon” character line I disliked for one that I would “American muscle,” especially rear haunches. Out back we a more traditionally shaped lid which finally puts an end to any CLS vs comparisons. Whew. That’s not to say the CLS has more upright, quite the it just isn’t trying as as it used to.

Mercedes’ naming needs to be explained. If you take an S and two doors, you get a CL. Yet the CLS is not created by adding two back. Instead you take an E, the fifth seat, squash the remove the window sashes and add a $20,200 to the price tag (base E vs CLS). By having the CLS, has been able to keep the upright profile while profits by charging huge for a more stylish four-seat When it comes to the high models, the CLS is a slightly better Starting at $109,150 it is “only” more than the E63 AMG. good to be king.

There is a common problem performance models: all the cash to making the car go faster, handle and stop shorter. While are some interior tweaks to the interior for AMG duty, they down to AMG badging, a flat-bottomed wheel and unique AMG controls in the console. There is another for the CLS in general; it shares a large of its design and components with the E350. It’s not that the and CLS-Class parts are low rent by any of the imagination, it’s just they are a bit too popular. This apply only to the Mercedes, the A7, S7 and RS7 have the same thing in inside with parts the A6. The BMW 6 on the other hand has a much base price of $74,900 coupé) so your $113,000 M6 Coupé won’t be sharing parts with the $599 special. Based on my personal and dislikes, the M6 Gran Coupé is the winner, but with a decently price tag, it should be.

seat comfort in the CLS63 is thanks to a large range of in the seat bottom cushion, and a steering wheel that practically telescope into the of the seat if you wanted it to. As part of the “Premium Package,” our CLS included “active multicontour” driver’s This is what separates the CLS the truly expensive Benz which can have the same applied to the passenger’s seat. The throne massages your offers more adjustibility to the contour and has dynamic bolsters inflate and deflate to keep you in seat on winding roads. The bolsters feel like is slowly groping you from as you drive, something I missed the car left us.

No coupé, even a model, is about rear comfort. They are about good while carrying a of people to the opera and masses of to your vacation chateau. point was proved when I my role as “prom chauffeur” for my I suggested that his 6’4 frame fit better in my ginormous long and decidedly upright Jaguar V8, but the angry face and demonic of the CLS stole his heart, so he and his date themselves in the back. Legroom the problem, it’s headroom. The CLS alone here, headroom is a commodity in the A7 and 6 Gran Coupe as The 15.3 cubic foot doesn’t sound terribly at first, but when you consider a trunk for two, and the rear fold the CLS turns into a practical vehicle (oddly The A7 sports more cargo and the hatchback lid means you can jam a barbecue in should you need to, but it also more road noise from the rear. The BMW Gran has a hair more trunk but the rear seats don’t as flat as those in the CLS and the integrated made front-seat room a bit when the seats were

Dogs may be man’s best but I’d take a snazzy infotainment any day, so would many shoppers by all accounts. This is the sharp dressed CLS looses in a big Mercedes hasn’t rested on laurels as some would COMAND has been updated you’d just be hard to notice. COMAND still a 7-inch LCD set high in the dashboard by a plastic bezel seemingly to accentuate the small dimensions of the Audi uses a large screen that pops out of the and screams “look at ME!” BMW has gone for a ginormous 10.2-inch screen system. While I Audi’s MMI system frustrating to use and complicated, BMW’s iDrive has into a relatively intuitive that I have been to get anyone off the street to figure COMAND lands somewhere in the being fairly simple to use but a little old school. Part of modernization efforts have into integrating smartphone and internet connectivity into but the system’s processor seems to to take full advantage of the Voice commands are one thing system has always done and Mercedes has expanded the system to now SYNC-like voice control of USB/iDevice. Notably, the system the annoying “talk now” that most systems use it more natural to interact For in-depth infotainment commentary, out the video.

Ah, the section we’ve all waiting for. For RS7 duty, took the existing turbo V8 and up the boost. For M6 Gran Coupe BMW did the same thing to their V8. (Yes, I know that were a few other changes but my is they are the same basic Based on the competition, AMG could very easily done the thing to their twin-turbo “M278″ V8 engine. Instead the AMG a larger 5.5L V8 off the M278′s and dubbed it the M157. No, I don’t why they didn’t call it the or just Thor’s Hammer. The 560 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque and the 560 ponies and 500 twists sound as do the CLS63′s base 518 horsepower and 516 But for $7,300 Mercedes will in a re-tuned (read: stiffer) sportier steering wheel, top-speed limiter and bump the to 550 horses and 590 lb-ft of diesel-like . Still not enough? (Why it be?) The engine puts 664 lb-ft in a variant of the CL63 AMG and are tuners that will flash your ride to get you too. Why the big difference in torque? all about displacement.

The difference in the way the Audi/BMW and the Mercedes behave is also quite Thanks to the large displacement, low end is much more pronounced the smaller V8s. While is still a bit of turbo lag, be hard pressed to notice on way to a 12 second 1/4 mile at 123 MPH. In a sedan. While burning amounts of rubber. For the record, the same speed we clocked in the M6 With this much traction is the CLS’ Achilles something Mercedes is planning to in 2014 with the addition of AWD to the pack CLS63. I’d like to the Panamera to the CLS, but since won’t return my calls I to rule the CLS superior.

Since silver-lining is wrapped in a cloud, we to talk about the AMG Speedshift MCT If you take a look at the cut-away you’ll notice something. Mercedes calls a “multi-clutch” isn’t the same as a “dual-clutch” BMW’s M-DCT transmission is two shifted manual transmissions the same casing. One does the odd the other handles the even The Mercedes unit is a variant of regular 7-speed slushbox a wet clutch replacing the torque The MCT acronym refers to the multiple and bands used in the planetary

I haven’t been a huge fan of transmission since it launched, in some ways the MCT combines the shifts of an automatic and unrefined of clutches in one unit. Thankfully the software has made the transmission more liveable but the way the transmission is an issue for me. My complaint is simply Mercedes chose to not allow the car to shifts. So two pulls on the steering paddle does not take you two gears. You have to wait the transmission shifts before the next gear. Holding the paddle will get the transmission to to the lowest gear possible for first), but going down 5 takes an eternity compared to the BMW When the high-rev fun is over, find there is no command for “up” to the highest gear Mercedes has improved the speeds of the which now come in around in “Comfort” and 100ms in “Manual” Sport and Sport+ slotting those times but the 20-80ms of the BMW/Getrag DCT are lightning fast in

When you get the CLS on the road, complaints the MCT fade thanks to a positively V8 burble that is 100% rather than computer like in recent BMWs. The comparison is somewhat similar, the CLS feeling light, but more and transmitting more feel the M6. The Audi on the other hand has Quattro system to interfere steering feel, something I many reviews fail to I’m very torn about AWD in a performance car. AWD’s to put power down more is usually worth the steering penalty as long as it doesn’t the car’s neutral handling Next year you will be to have this debate as brings standard 4MATIC to the CLS At 150lbs, 4MATIC adds weight than Quattro and have a nearly 70% rear If however RWD shenanigans are more than grip, snag a while you can/

When it comes to driving this becomes a two-way between the BMW and the Mercedes. Aside the fact that the RS7 isn’t out yet so few have driven it, we have to Audi’s platform designs in The A6/A7 platform was designed FWD base models in mind and cause some inherent most namely the weight Although Audi has not officially I doubt the RS7 has improved much the S7′s 54.5/45.5 percent distribution. I recently had the opportunity to the S6 and a number of BMW and Mercedes models on Raceway Laguna Seca and the that Audi’s engine has on handling is obvious on a track. The S6 nose heavy and less to change direction than the Germans. Some of that has to do the AWD system but more has to do with the weight is located. (And Porsche wouldn’t lend us a which means it looses by Weight balance is important performance cars because big usually equal a heavy This is the case with the Gran Coupe in which the model is a near perfect but the M6 version bumps the numbers to % and in the CLS as well with the CLS63 a 52/48% distribution. You might “there’s little difference the S7 and CLS in distribution” which is true, but the combined with tire and suspension dynamics made the feel decidedly front in comparison.

Our tester had the performance suspension which turns the into the best handling and the feeling four door With precise steering, grip and excellent feel, the CLS is simply a willing dance The M6 on the other hand comes off as a artificial at times and a little connected the rest of the time. being said, I prefer the in the M6 because it’s not as punishing as the with the stiffer springs. If you get that $7,300 performance then the softer CLS63 a little away in performance to the M6 Coupé, but has a ride more of a Mercedes in my opinion. The performance is without a doubt breathtaking, but in my it is at odds with the “mission” of a

While we’re talking if you plan on exercising your on a regular basis, the $12,625 ceramic brakes are a must. The brakes do a fine job keeping up normal circumstances, but with much power and 4,300lbs it is to overreach the ability of the stock Also, the $2,030 limited differential is an absolute must if you’re serious about this much power a stop. That jacks up the of the CLS63 to $127,247. If that shocks you, just with the CLS550 since the RS7 and M6 are expensive.

The CLS63 that lent us is a serious performance but it’s more than it’s the first AMG product I driven lately that’s a performance machine than M line. I have long AMGs to Ms because they slightly softer, slightly luxurious and easier to live on a daily basis, but the CLS63 that Mercedes. While the AWD model might tame the this 2013 model with the M6 coupé, handles greater precision than an M5 and the of urgency that 590lb-ft of bring to the party must be to be believed. Is this the new Mercedes?


Did I mention the torque? it’s that good.

road manners and the last against numb steering.

needs to snag someone’s transmission or swallow their and buy ZF’s 8-speed.

COMAND to be replaced, stat.

Mercedes-Benz the vehicle, insurance and one tank of gas for review.

Specifications as tested


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