Bosch Air Flow Meter Mercedes 0281002152 300 Turbo D W210 E220…

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Mercedes-Benz E 300 T Turbo-D S210

BOSCH Air Flow Meter 0281002152 300 Turbo D W210 E300 T CDI S210


EAN Code: 3165143314166

Reference / OEM or MERCEDES-BENZ: 0000941248


mass airflow sensor(MAF) is a German manufactured product by .

It is new and unused and it comes with the Bosch box

You will get an invoice and 2 of guarantee.

It is not a low-cost, inferior which is often sold on the


fits for the diesel

Frequently Asked Questions

Air meter information and installation

How do I know that my mass sensor is faulty?

The vehicle errors such as erratic operation, reduced performance, petrol consumption and engine Other causes may be possible why an mass airflow sensor may wrong signals:

Defect gas recirculation valves

Leakages in the tract

Blocked air intake

Faulty tank ventilation among other things.

car garages are capable of conducting fault diagnoses and reading out the messages.

Why is my mass airflow faulty?

Mass airflow are extremely sensitive replacement The hot film meter inside the airflow sensor is very and can be easily contaminated by dirty and This may be due to different reasons. conditions (rain, splash ), sand, dust, road vibrations, oil and so on affect the efficient of the mass airflow sensor. Oil from oil covered sports air may damage the sensor. A faulty or mass airflow sensor the wrong input signal to the control unit which in wrongly activates other Regularly replacing the air filters to extend the durability of the mass sensor.

Why does my car need a airflow sensor?

The mass sensor measures the air mass, flows through the air filter to the The data is then sent to the unit in order to specify the rate of the fuel. The combustion requires 14,7 kg of air for the optimal of 1kg of fuel. In order to regulate the proportion of fuel and air in any operational the engine control unit the exact information concerning the of the air mass. The mass airflow plays an integral part in the of exhaust and air supply.

What does a mass sensor consist of?

A mass sensor consists of a case is positioned between the air filter and air The sensor is either screwed or attached inside the case. The in turn includes a hot film and electronics. The sensor measures the air flows to the engine through the air and sends the data to the control

Is it sufficient to use cleaner of the breaks or cleaning agents to clean the airflow sensor?

The sensor may be severely damaged by the clean up. apply compressed air as this may damage the sensor.

Is there a between air volume sensor and airflow sensor?

No. Air volume and mass airflow sensors to the same item. Other are hot film meter, HFM, sensor, MAF or MAFS.

Why is it recommendable to fit a hot meter instead of a hot wire

One distinguishes usually between hot meters (HFM) and hot wire The hot film meter is not as sensitive as the hot sensor. Deposits accumulate on the hot wire which affects a reading. Our offered product specialises solely on hot film sensors.

Why are the prices at MAF Service more favourable than at vendors?

Unlike other we have specialised exclusively on airflow sensors and offer for selected car models only. enables us to purchase larger and allows us to keep reduced and administrative expenditures, which our customers.

However, other have no bearing on the quality of our Our mass airflow sensors are to regular quality controls, so we can the best in quality to our customers.

Is it if I exchange just the sensor or do I to replace the entire case?

In where the mass airflow are screwed to the case, you should replace the entire mass sensor. Otherwise, according to the sensor could be placed in

the measurement position, in addition to the old case, and affect the readings. the guarantee would expire if the was removed from the case.

do I have to pay attention to when a new mass airflow sensor?

We that you exchange the air filter you fit the new mass airflow sensor! A or inferior air filer is often the for damages of the mass airflow The air-filter-hous

ing should be exhausted — not out.

A faultless air filter the efficiency and durability of the mass sensor. The air filter should be around every 25,000 km.

pay attention to the mounting direction. The on the case indicates the direction of the air (from the mass airflow to the engine).

The error memory not have to be erased on purpose. It may be your control unit the error memory only a 100km.

MAF, hotfilm HFM, air flow meter mass airflow meter and are all synonyms for airflow meter. mostly call it MAF which for mass flow meter or Europeans prefer calling it meter. AFM is just the abbreviation for meter. Hotfilm sensors are meters that use the hotfilm which is more exact the old hotwire technology.

Conditions of Use

1 Conclusion of contract

Please be that the products we offer on website represent only an offer and are subject to the relevant of inventory. In this respect it is a matter of inviting a binding to buy. However, all items and offered in our on-line shop are in stock and immediately available.

We the right that all information and regarding the items -in particular regards to descriptions and prices may be subject to obvious mistakes and errors.

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Your order is carried out by clicking on the order after entering the required You will receive a prompt of receipt. We will then the availability of your ordered You will receive a confirmation as far as order is available. The contract of materialises once you have the confirmation.

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The buyer sure that his quoted address is correct. According to 130 BGB (German Civil Code), are considered as delivered, once have arrived in the message of the provider and are stored and available the usual circumstances. Should you not be within 24 hours after your order, we recommend you send us a short notice.

The contract materialises after the of the order when placed on the or fax in accordance to the conditions stated

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§3 Right of Rescission

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MAF Service GmbH

§ 4 of disclaimer

In case of an effective the item and service received both parties have to be and as the case may be relevant benefits Interests) returned. If the received and service cannot be returned at all or partially or in a bad condition, you are required to pay as the case may be. Regarding the surrender of this does not apply if the of the item can be put down exclusively to its — as it would have possible in store. Incidentally you can the liability to pay damages or compensation if you the item not as your property and any handling that might its value.

Transportable items are to be back at our risk. Items are not transportable will be collected you. You required to cover the for the return, if the delivered item with the ordered item and if the of the item does not exceed The same applies for higher items, if at the point in time of the you have not returned the service or the contractually agreed instalments. In any case the return of the item is of charge.

Liabilities for the reimbursement of have to be met within 30 days sending your disclaimer.

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Guaranty, accountability, right of offsetting

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Further compensation on of the buyer, irrespective of any legal (in particular the violation of contractual obligation, delay, claim for because of illegal acts or of expenses excluding the one referred to in 439 Paragraph. 2 BGB (German Civil are excluded.

This does not in case of a violation of obligation, compliance allows the adequate and enforcement of the contract and which the contractual partner may regularly (cardinal obligation) or if we or one of our legal or assistants are imputed with or gross negligence. The disclaimer does not apply in a case of violation of life, the body or as well as the adoption of guaranty or of attributes as far as the object of guaranty or activates the accountability.

In case of regarding the violation of cardinal the compensation remains restricted to the coherent, predictable damage.

The of liability also does not with regards to requirements the Product Liability Act. A or covenant in the sense of accentuation of or the adoption of a special obligation to claims is only considered as only if the terms guaranty and are explicitly expressed.

Warranty are prescribed within one year the passing of risk regarding all our newly manufactured products. As far as as the sole proprietor, have the sales contract for reasons are attributed neither to your or self-employed profession (consumer to §13 BGB (German Civil the limitation period averages 2

We accept the warranty for used only as far as you have closed the contract as sole proprietor for a that are attributed neither to commercial or self-employed profession according to §13 BGB (German Code)). The limitation period 1 year after the passing of Otherwise the warranty for used is excluded.

§ 6 Use of customer of privacy

Personal data, are collected through the website MAF-Shop and KFZ-Teile Heuser, are as strictly confidential and are used for the handling and processing of your (orders, offers, quote product requests). If you should this article, your data will be saved and to Afterbuy ( ) for the purpose of With the purchase you formally to the conditions and transfer.

The processing and of data takes place to the German data privacy Information which do not contain data (i.e. operating internet browser, number of are solely used for the purpose of the popularity of our websites. These and information do not allow any drawing of regarding the individual person and

§ 7 Place of fulfilment, of jurisdiction, applicable law

If individual of the General Terms and Conditions be feeble, other terms remain unaffected.

In all cases the agreements with us are subject to law in camera of international privacy law and UN law. This applies to orders placed from or deliveries dispatched abroad and

If the buyer does not have his place of jurisdiction based in the Republic of Germany or should he his place of residence outside of the Republic of Germany at a later in time or should his place of be unknown at the time of legal the general place of jurisdiction in of legal business disputes be located where our company is at.

Mercedes-Benz E 300 T Turbo-D S210
Mercedes-Benz E 300 T Turbo-D S210
Mercedes-Benz E 300 T Turbo-D S210

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