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Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210

DIY article: W210 DIESEL Mod!

Disclaimer: READ This article is a compilation/summary of on UK-based MB owners forums. All goes to ‘Dieselman’ and ‘Oygle’ Please DO NOT PM me about if this on car ‘X’ or petrol engines. I do not know. I did the below mod to my own car and it works. I DO NOT to invest any more time and in it so please work with the below. You do this mod at YOUR OWN Neither me,, or anyone than YOURSELF can be held for seriously damaging the electronic in your car if you don’t know you’re doing. And before PMing: please READ.


Mod to disable the EGR on DIESEL

In general it’s felt having the EGR (ExhaustGas Recirculation) on DIESEL engines is good for the NOX output but bad in all other respects. It economy, creates more increases problems and maintenance due to clogging the intake and can reduce engine life. As a result of greater economy many want to stop the exhaust gas recirculated. The problem with this on a modern engine is the EGR valve operation is monitored by the Computer (ECU). The only way to the EGR and not trip a fault code and home mode is to fool the ECU thinking the EGR is still working.

This mod works on earlier and CDI cars with a vacuum-controlled EGR Check to see if your EGR-valve has a vacuum-hose connected to it’s

(If the actual EGR-valve BODY has an connection this mod won’t )

Skills involved are sorting out using a multimeter and handling a iron.


— Less sooth

— Less CO2 output

No more ‘sooth/grease/gunk’- buildup in the (choking the engine)

— and quieter running engine

Fuel economy improves 2%


— NOX output

— On CDI engines, warmup increases. CDI’s have an shunted through EGR operation. it easy the first few miles you should anyways!)

How does it

The Engine Computer (ECU) intake airflow using the Air Flow sensor (MAF). MAF is situated in the airstream right the airfilter box. When the is opened, a portion of the exhaust are sucked directly into the manifold (further downstream) so the ECU a slight drop in airflow the air filter box. (the MAF out a slightly lower Voltage

When removing the vacuum-hose for or blocking off the EGR valve, the ECU does not the slight drop of airflow on the MAF it operates the EGR and eventually throws an code and puts the car into The ECU will also limp the car it does not ‘see’ the EGR transducer. tranducer controls the vacuum to the actual EGR-valve)

The Modification:

A small circuit of two resistors and a diode) is hooked-up to the harness going to the ECU. One resistor acts as (the of) the EGR transducer. Another 470#8486; in series with a 1N4004-diode the control signal for EGR operation to the Voltage drop the ECU expects to see on the That’s all! The ECU is fooled, and the still gets the same of airflow but it’s all clean air through the inlet, getting boost!

The EGR-transducer can now simply be This causes the EGR-valve to closed at all time. That’s it! No of wires and everything still original under the hood. For testing, if needed you can simply the EGR-transducer and unplug it again passed.

Making the circuit:

1/4 watt are fine as there is no current, signal voltage.

First your components. L-R = diode, 470 ohm and ohm resistors.

Solder the 470 ohm resistor to the of the diode. Note the silver on the diode shows which is the + blocking.

Add the 1k ohm resistor to the other end of the and add appropriate wire then off any stray tails.

Fit heatshrink to the bare sections.

Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210

And then over with material for protection to complete.

(The Red is +12v, Yellow is MAF, is EGR transducer signal.)

Hooking it up to the car:

Please everyone doing this DON’T take wire for granted. All models are different.

the appropriate wire at the MAF using a voltage meter. Look for the at the maf that indicates a Voltage in the range of 2 to 4 volts approx. the engine is Revved. When you located the wire, note the and find the same wire the ecu. The 12 Volt power at the ecu of the 300TD is easy to find, again with a meter, and the at the EGR transducer is also simple to once again note the at the unit and find it again the ecu. This is the only procedure.

Below are the known for W210 300 TurboDiesel and W210 W210 320CDI and W163 CDI.

EGR transducer negative side:

300 TD: Pin 35 wire)

CDI: Plug 3, Pin 50 wire)

EGR transducer positive

300 TD: Any pin/wire that has switched

CDI: Plug 3, Pin 37 (grey-red

MAF signal:

300 TD: Pin 21 (yellow-white wire)

Plug 2, Pin 24 (yellow-white wire)

Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210
Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210
Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210
Mercedes-Benz E 220 T CDI S210


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