E Class (W211) Parking sensor removal How I did it MercedesBenz…

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Mercedes-Benz E 420 CDI W211

E Class (W211) Parking removal — How I did it.

My parking packed up when I was out driving in the rain for a couple of hours. I that if they started to again after the car had been in the dry for a of days, water must got in somewhere and shorted something Sure enough, once the car was dry they worked perfectly Given that the front get the worst of the rain, I decided to them off and seal them a waterproof sealant to see if that it happening again.

Having a copy of the MB workshop instructions for the of the bumper strips and the front sensors, I thought it was going to be a job; just a case of the instructions after all! I not have been more The photographs had been taken so far from the bumper that was no detail visible and the instructions: protective molding (1) at latching (arrows) from front (2) with long wedge’ completely useless. I was tempted to up, as MB probably planned, but I was determined to do the job my age old adage someone put it together, so I be able to take it apart’ the caveat is of course that I may something trying, but that not put me off too often!

Here is the standard and safety/libel/damage cop-out and warning if you follow what I did you do so at your own . This bit is a personal, genuine based on my experience — be very careful what you do . The job not require a degree in rocket but I nearly scratched the wing on a of occassions when I slipped so you been warned. If you are not competent get a specialist to do the job for you.

If you intend to follow what I did and a go yourself (AT YOUR OWN RISK) it be worth reading ALL of this and looking at the photos first I will tell the story as it rather than as an expert’s — I am not an expert and I would not to tell anyone what to do! So is my experience of how I removed the bumper and the parking sensors:

The MB manual that you should protect the with adhesive tape very sensible and if you have of tape it is worth doing; I Because I am a bloke and I don’t instructions that well are for wimps lol) I chose the will just be careful’ The manual also says to use a plastic wedge to unclip the — I could not find strong enough so ended up a flat bladed screwdriver ( a one so I had more control) wrapped in This is a really risky to do owing to the risk of slipping and the car but I had no other option. I managed to slightly lever up the bottom edge of the bumper strip and the srewdriver in between the bumper and the bumper itself. I did slip a of times trying this but was SO BE VERY CAREFUL if you try this I had no idea where the securing were, or how to get them off, so I had to chance it by sliding the screwdriver until I met resistance and, that I had found a clip, away until I either something or broke something! The is of course made of plastic so I twisted the screwdriver a bit too far I did make a ver dent in it but as it was on the bottom edge it is not — I learnt my lesson!

Thankfully I guessed how to do it right and the strip popped out a bit. the rationale that there be a similar top clip I tried to the process on the top edge. However, was not possible because by pulling the edge out I had really closed up any gap on the top and this meant that if I to force it I was in real danger of and scratching the panel. My next was to try to find the next clip on the edge. Making sure I did not let the clip click back in I used a wooden peg to keep the gap I slid the screw driver until I found the next and repeated the process. Thankfully it well.

After undoing two I could pull the bumper out far enough to see how the clips actually As they were in essence strong, but simple, plastic that were an integral of the bumper strip I gave the strip a bit of a pull downwards and until I started to undo the top that were nearby. I levering, pulling and wiggling that the whole strip now just unclip all the way along. Some clown at dear old MB had it would be a great wheeze if changed the type of fastener way along the strip! As a result I broke off the middle parking mounting piece on the rear of the strip! The clips by the sensor a pig and would not undo for some After too much force was and I nearly broke off the senor bracket, I managed to see that the was different. Thankfully I was being as as possible given that I had no what I was doing, and as such to stop in time before disaster hit.

The second type of clip is a sliding hook arrangement, it by sliding the bumper strip to remove it and sliding it inwards to it. Having worked out the sliding I pull the strip firmly the side of the car and it slowly slid Again, I had to be careful as the sensor are not very long and it would been easy to pull too on them. The bumper strip was now by the sensor wires.

Once you removed the bumper strip, of the sensors is dead easy and will work it out with a glance. I removed each in turn, cleaned them up, and sure the connectors were Once clean I completely the rear of the sensor in a clear, waterproof sealant. The sealant from Wickes and it was recommended for sealing of joints in houses, etc so hopefully it should be fine for the I then cleaned the sensor in the bumper strip, and applied a amount of the sealant to the front edges of the sensor (when you it you will see that the front of a is like a flat top mushroom). The aim of was that when I pushed the back into the bumper housing it would create a seal all around the front of the Once the sensor was back in and properly clicked in, I wiped any sealant off the front of the sensor and I then repeated this for each of the sensors.

Replacing the bumper strip was a but two things to look out for: when you remove and replace the in the bumper strip make you replace them the correct way — wires to left or as they were when you them. Secondly make you tuck the sensor wires into the bumper openings they will trap the bumper strip and the bumper you refit the bumper strip.

tucked the wires away I all the sliding clips back in the and slid the bumper strip in the centre of the car. I had to do a bit of sidewards movement to make it move as it was a fit. Once the bumper had slid in fully I just banged home the other Once again, I checked was no excess sealant on the front of the and tested that they are alright. It might be worth they all work before them just incase you a duff one before you start!

Having worked out how to do one side the side was a piece of cake and no time at all to complete. Job done!

As I right at the beginning, no matter you decide to use to lever the bumper off do be very very careful, it is so easy to slip and put a huge along your pride and joy

I let you know if I have been after the next time I go out in an deluge.

Safe tinkering!

7626913669189/ hopefully it works!

Pic 1: up of the clip type fasteners. will help you to understand how can be removed/refitted.

Pic 2. Outside edge

Pic 3: Inner section removed.

Pic 4: up to show the location of the outer clips.

Pic 5: Close up to show of the top clips near the frist sensor — Bottom clips are virtually in mirror

Pic 6: Close up to show the damage I did to the sensor mounting — it is a sliding fit, and the sensor unit fits into it square lugs).

Pic 7: Close up to show sliding between middle and inner

Pic 8: Close up to show sliding on inner end of bumper strip to radiator)

Pic 9: Complete bumper hanging by sensor wires.

Pic 10 11: ups of the sensor in the sensor mounting

Pic 12: Inside of the sensor mounting after the sensor has been — clean this out replacing the sensors.

Pic 13 14: Close ups of the smoothered in sealant before pressed back in to the sensor unit.

Pic 15: Pic showing how I used a to prise out the lower edge of the mounting strip — warning: use extreme caution to slipping and scratching your

Pic 16 17: How I pulled the bumper mounting once I had undone the first few

Mercedes-Benz E 420 CDI W211
Mercedes-Benz E 420 CDI W211

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