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Mercedes-Benz F200

Mercedes-Benz brand characteristics

brand characteristics

Mercedes-Benz the first one since the world pandora jewellery uk the car after a years later, cars already spent his centenary in which a hundred years, the vitality of the development of the automobile has emerged Many car manufacturers, but prominent moment in time, but in the end but a in the pan. By now, through ups and and ultimately be able to survive, but or four, but century-old, only family.

Several changes, and spirit is not diminished

1885 and Carl Gottlieb produced their own first car, the since 1883, Carl

[5], stove, built in Benz, Gottlieb 1890, by set up in Stuttgart, Daimler Motor 1894 and 1896, respectively, the two launched the world’s first bus and a engine car gasoline truck, the initial competition and development and a recession, the impact of foreign in the same industry, in order to of the two companies jointly resist the was established in 1926 merger of – Benz (the Mercedes), was a German car cradle for the growth and Although World War II is also with smoke Mercedes, but was hit soon after the resumption of the car In 1945, began producing in 1946, car production resumed, and the return of the world’s luxury car status, how many changes and of domineering king embodies the links of london powerful and Mercedes. Zhu 1998, the leaders of the Belkin?Schrempp (Juergen schrempp) decided that the United merged to form Daimler – Chrysler Corporation, forming the top of the industry. People are convinced Mercedes-Benz cars in the future to shape the glorious history of the

Brand character

Mercedes-Benz this powerful kingdom in Stuttgart, Germany, staff of the million people, completed of 59.102 billion yuan in the annual production of about one vehicles in the country has 14 directly the plants, 35 major subsidiaries more than 100 sales and stations, it has more than 50 assembly plants and more 6300 production of agents and centers, marketing products in than 190 countries and regions. a huge success there?

of all, Mercedes-Benz automobile quality name, its quality is and tangible, a mid-range Mercedes more expensive, but at least it can be 200,000 km, change and then, a 200,000 km engine, so that not average down, the company’s openly declared: “If anyone fault Mercedes was forced to we will gift you a million And the safety of Mercedes-Benz


[6] is one of the reasons its reputation. In addition, service, research guide, manufactured, the more solid the cars to the same industry position, forever famous

Product name from the nobility

Mercedes-Benz cars, is not the quality is unmatched, and the cars are the main production C-Class sedan, sports car), (luxury sedan, sports S Class (luxury sedan, car), and G Model (SUVs). produced car into the early of Mannheim and Stuttgart edition, 1936, both the high-middle and low are the same name as a unified – Benz.” The reason to take name, there is a story. In the Austrian Consul General to within the Emir Jerry 3 grams of Daimler Phoenix he used his daughter’s name – for their Mercedes and drove to in the Nice Rally, won champion. considered to be his daughter’s name good luck, and proposed to use the Daimler. Daimler also to take the Austrian nobility to it to open the Austrian market, we jewellery adopted this did not expect that its increased Later, the establishment of Daimler – also ordered all of its products for the – Benz.

The car embodies the essence of corporate

It is no exaggeration to say that Mercedes – car each one is a wonderful story, and reflects the new E-Class Mercedes – essence of the culture. It then the long aesthetic and high-performance when the road before the at a glance Night, the perfect lines down the drag of 0.27, apart from the and more fuel-smart, head and can be type of impact force of the impact far exceeds the most safety standards, buffer large front dual and side airbag door protection for passengers; and ABS anti-lock and the performance of ETS electronic stickers to the subsidy system more handling performance, advanced technology enables complete of gasoline doubled, greatly the dynamic performance.

Once you do not ask for more

Mercedes Benz is the member of the family has the world’s automatic air control system for a sedan. Its unique “electronic system uses a special air sensor, when the vehicle the pollution, air quality sensor signals to the system computer shut down ventilation in the loop throttle. Start of performance activated carbon biomass to make clean so to keep the air cool and pleasant The car also uses a rain pull induction, can automatically the amount of rainfall because of the air to the water pulling speed, in left and right independent settings Automatic air-conditioning were intended to do more, if the car rise due to solar exposure to the sun will automatically start the fan to air-conditioning effect, we concentrate on driving.

Simple and compact SLK

With the sports car market Lutetium continues to heat up, Mercedes-Benz the SLK series of timely, in which S


On behalf of Sports (Sports), L is the (lightweight), K is the German Kurz, the Short (short). The silver-gray shaped like bright like the headlights and turn the tank around the grid the imported light, short and track constitutes a unique SLK; its compact shape a very simple and visual Body lines are very in pursuit of the fluid dynamic car.

Impeccable inside and the configuration

Internally and externally to the SLK tiffany jewellery car with a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder supercharged the maximum output of 193 horsepower, 8.2 of fuel per hundred kilometers km / h acceleration time of just 6 top speed 237 km / hours, while the is equipped with variable time delay devices and control magnet to work for the camshaft drive chain to a hydraulic chamber, which rotating the cam and the cam shaft and piston to change according to the valve closing time. Owners to different tastes, SLK is equipped a 5-speed electronically controlled transmission, the device drivers use the to measure agility and speed according to engine load cruise control conditions and temperature to determine the speed and There are folding hardtop SLK promoting security in the global of the idea of this is undoubtedly a of course, hard top collection box at the just click the button, the pressure system will the hard top. In short, the new SLK car, has a brand new concept superior appearance, rich to any person standing in front of it be exciting.

Technology Nova – shaped F200

Mercedes-Benz F200

When it comes to car of the future, let us at a symbol of taste and makes the advanced technology in the avant-garde – Mercedes-Benz, “Magic-shaped” F200 car. When you face it, a of novelty will be old, the car can not the steering wheel, steering and foot pedals, unique system is the F200 cars Through the installation of the driver and system in the middle of the door on the side of the bracket lever to the car all sports (including the left and turn acceleration braking), like sitting in front of a game machines, everything is simple Mercedes -Benz (6 beds) single, easy. By known as the “line drive” the new control system for the driver to all orders, electronic control with a master hanging (with dynamic adjustment of the cylinder) Active Body devices and sensors using cylinders can be changes in the road wheel amendment, body flow is reduced to zero. in the chicane, the body is also to balance, better control the and cushioning properties, so that of safer, more comfortable F200 car is not rear-view mirror, by the five cameras, installed on the 4 corners, there is a place bumper, reversing the screen on the can provide a variety of information, as speed, fuel, and navigation television, video, electronic CD, phone display.

This happy “home” is not difficult to a small card in a pocket, you approach pandora beads uk the the car automatically connect electronic with magnetic card the code, the door will open up than the “open myth still amazing. In a new type of air bag device that can be 20 in the event of impact will be the curtain airbags extend the front to the rear roof to the safety of all passengers. At the same reflective screen, an independent composed of 6 headlamp speed to road conditions and automatically the brightness. Be described according to parents, care of every way.

Mercedes-Benz F200 “Magic-shaped” all reflect the innovation and forward-thinking, and the superior wisdom and technology, the would all emotion.

Battlefield warlords ride

Dignity from the strength of today’s motor racing, World Jin, Ou Jin Rally China


This game is … … he call, flames rolling, the not to mention the Mercedes-Benz’s latest the history of the past is enough to its strength.

30 years of the 20th with “Silver Arrow” of the racing, motor racing only solution, setting brilliant record. In 1934, the one of the top real one by the advent of W25 Silver racing, driving in Ludi 311.98 kilometers per hour the record of rapidly and became champions. Reelected in 1937 and champion, improved even divinity W125: A Weisi Haiman Lan average speed of km of the results win. 1937 come out, and won 6 times 1938, 1939, 7 wins, Lan also won the European championship-winning In the same year, he drove the W165 held in Tripoli, car race for the title.


Mercedes-Benz CLK (14 sheets) the past is once-powerful cars that had on display at the Mercedes museum, and now will introduce a more car. Orientation-based CLK-GTR with 6.9 liters V-shaped Mercedes-Benz S600 engine, up to 412 kilowatts (560 hp), torque of 720 Newton meters, all to its outstanding speed and traction, steel roll-over collision network and the positive side, driving safer, six-speed high-performance tires, countless GT race on the hope that the team and racer, the new Mercedes car is definitely the ideal choice.

In 1994, FIA GT launch a new international of motor racing, and named Participate in the competition at this is virtually no limit, but at least the entry of a valid production car version of the model. This is one of the car of the car is the Porsche GT1, and McLaren the F1. McLaren cars made in the of Le Mans victory in the Mercedes-Benz to inspire the design of their own GT1

McLaren F1 with different Mercedes-Benz and AMG together the design of the but also to design a race car and then reproduction of a road of the model. Out from design to took only 128 days, CLK GTR in 1997. Carbon fiber in the engine hood is a debugging the AMG V12 engine. In addition to headlamps and lamps outside, there is no to see that this sets CLK GTR and CLK any association.

Compared with the 911GT1, CLKGTR immediately With superb technical in Thomas Sabo Jewellery the Bernd Schneider and Klaus driving under, CLK GTR achieved after victory. In 1997, the end of the Schneider was crowned world

In 1998, the first game, CLKGTR war two, and two have In the next eight tournaments, the was the backup CLK LM CLK GTR won. AMG in 1998 and the construction of 25 limited edition version of GTR.


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