Modern Vespa The origins of the MP3

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Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet

Modern Vespa

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I started to translate using babel fish and to post the pictures but figured the picture can be viewed on the site

It that Piaggio was not the first to of the 3 wheeler.


After to have the innumerevoli qualities of Piaggio the question rises spontaneous: that nobody has thought to us In the sense that the solution of the balancing wheels does not futuristic technologies or deep economic, it seems therefore that until the 2006 no inventor or designer it has worked in direction. And in fact it is not therefore, the readers to it of CyberScooter well who remember the services on the Aprilia Los and NVC3, or on the Italjet Scooop or the without to forget the proposal di Renault or the Autostudi A-Trix. But and prototypes of this type are more numerous and sink origins in far ages also. we are speaking exclusively about with three balancing (in English tilting three inasmuch as of ‘ semplici’ wheels the world is full, to think the Bee, always of or to the sidecar (exists some balancing) and to the trike! Given the of the proposals we will concentrate on the with the two posizionate wheels solution adopted from MP3, because thought it rations them and effective of inverse one. A particular goes to Max Hall and situated its, inexhaustible source of and point of reference for the world of the wheels.

Ernst Neumann — Difficult to date or to establish who for has realized a vehicle of this even if from my searches it that the German Ernst holder of the Neander, of it has realized one in the post-war period. Mr. Neumann, and constructor, are a premonitory one in fact of 2, 3 and 4 wheels, its are in fact of originate quite microcar motorized Davidson. The cue of departure of the vehicle you see in photo (1948) seems an car that a motion but the outline to wheels is however similar to in the MP3, and could therefore it like ‘ father Between the other Neanden it is a still active and always brand inasmuch as it realizes one cruiser’ with motor engine. LINK MaxMatic Neuman Neander Motors

Hearth News — Hearth 3VG After a sure of proposals with wheels together to the posterior one, in 1983 the staff of the American Mother Hearth News a vehicle with two balancing wheels. As he is imaginable from the of the car, Mother Hearth, the head physician is to obtain a for mobility characterizes them possible echo-compatible, therefore and economic. The three wheels, than four, are chosen they diminish the weight, the balancing system allows one guidabilitа to the four. The chassis is in to the cromomolibdeno, the auto body in fiber and the motor a bicylindrical one of origin from 16 horses change to continuous variation. It can up the 50 hour miles with a between the 35 and 53 miles to the gallon. It is one also perhaps provocative in the of the gigantic sedans, but such it remain. LINK 3VG Part 1 3VG

Part 2 Wolfgang Trautwein Vespa, Honda a year is the German inventor, Wolfgang to realize the prototype that than every other can be ‘ nonno’ of MP3, in the line of departure is that one of a to which it comes applied a to double wheel, simple and The steering system is to modulate and abbinabile to different vehicles, in we see it mounted on a Honda CX500C, to the fairing of the model Silver then (the scooter not put into effect them) and also in one version totally These realizations help to us next to the possible future of MP3, even bind you to the bicylindrical Piaggio. LINK Honda CX 500

Unicar Corporation Unisport In the half of years is California to giving the NATO to a vehicle indeed bizzarro, Unisport and uses a complete from the posterior wheel to the of steering, to which it front rising of two-seat cabin a complex system of rolling. The is an exaggerated vehicle from the but that it can use any practically motoveicolo ‘ propulsore’. It will also produced for a pair of LINK MaxMatic 1 MaxMatic 2

James Sulman and Mike — Tracer the answer in is Australian, edited by James and Mike Richardson that Tracer, the Millennium Motorcycles, one of torpedo in able aluminum to itself laterally until It uses still one Honda CX 500 ‘ propulsore’, a po’ as it in the Unisport, but the dimensions are more and the advanced performances. They been some realizes various step evolutionary to you, the MKIII catches up the with a consumption of 4,7 liters x and hung approximately 300kg for one of 3210mm. The continuous development and the pair are quite thinking to one version.

LINK Millennium Paul Morrow — 1500 Zark 1500 is a design study, edited by Morrow, but the possibility to transport two with therefore a particular of it has rendered its insertion obligatory.

MaxMatic Mercedes-Benz — Life Jet In 1997 the concept of three wheels basculanti’ from underground thanks to the of Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet to the Motor Show. It is a large to the validity of the idea base the planner Gunther Holzel with the typical cure and the of the brand. The mix between the divertimento of of a motorcycle with the emergency and the of a sedan seem to a step the productive truth. The motor is 4 1600cc from 75kW, but 800kg and 3954 measure x therefore one vehicle cumbersome and too much expensive for a development them, but it marks them is

Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet

LINK Mercedes-Benz 3-wheelers Foss — Three Electric Tilter Entriamo in the new with the vehicle of Phil a realization typically ‘ than but introduce for before the propulsion electrical worker. It in fact a motor realized Advanced DC, with marine from 48 volts, that the speed of 48mp/h concurs The greater limit is constituted the autonomy, limited to 12mp/h.

Phil Foss Phillip — Tilting Vehicle fruit of the inventiveness and the dream of a man is the Tilting Vehicle di Phillip Australian. The vehicle is a po’ grezzo’, but from the layout and the contained measures. Ecological and, can be observed while the from the situated one of its inventor evolutions directly unloading. Honda Hermes From Japan little plans, but one is worth for all if the author is Swedish. Tommy realizes this study of for Honda, Hermes is called and to the double front balancing position of guide never previews one before: with the in ahead, the busto supported to the and a particular advanced handle-bar. In all the body of the vehicle it is to ‘ variabile’ that is lowers and to growing of the speed, while it almost in erected position for the The propulsion is to hydrogen, the wheels are to hinge and the innovation concentrated one is so from rendering of (for the production unthinkable.

LINK Forgren Video Italjet Tartatre, Scooop With is the istrionico Leopoldo Tartarini, holder to only show for the time (in video), its Tartatre. It a Piaggio motor from it uses wheels from it can be tilted automatically in curve 45°, while once filler in vertical position. The evolve and to the Hall of Milan arrives Scooop, written three ‘ o’, the number of the wheels. The product is in every detail and finally it is about production. The price also fixed: to 7.500.000lire for the from 150cc (Piaggio of and the availability for spring 2002. The are shown also: between the a windshield-canopy and the kit ‘ snow’ in to transform it in motoslitta. Unfortunately the problems and the successive failure left the acquolina us in mouth. TARTATRE CyberScooter Italjet

LINK SCOOOP CyberScooter Futurmodel Aprilia — Los Ritorniamo to 2000 and the Motorshow of for an other Italian proposal, time is the Aprilia di Ivano and Los Angeles is a prototype of the Intelligent Motorized Lab. Piaggio 500 remembers the Atlantic vaguely is cured, rifinito and evoluto and has the block already in order to less of the support. One does not about production, but about ABS, GPS and one version covered reclinabile canopy. It will a prototype, unfortunately, also in case it is the lack of economic to remove the possibility to us to guide it on the but by now the way is marked.

LINK CyberScooter ChannelBeta — Stealth Between the companies to explore this of product, go numbered also the Spanish (hour to the inside of the Group), than always to millenium it proposes this of the Norwegian Eivind Halseth. The is aligned to the proposals Italjet and but connotoato in way decidedly more like Derbi tradition.

Norske I.D. Aprilia Magnet Arriviamo to 2004 in to conclude this (partial) of the three balancing wheels (2 ones) and is still Aprilia to The inspiration is the Formula the 1 and ‘ pleasure of guide. The author is the Finnish Heikki Naulapaa, he realizes Magnet like of Bachelor, after three of stage to Noale. Beyond to the system controlled hydraulically, is distinguished for the hybrid propulsion motors to magnets allots to you in the binds together you to the bicylindrical one to V 550cc of the R-SXV. Weight and ridottissimi, with a not indifferent succeed to transmit of the guide also only from the in scale.

Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet
Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet
Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet

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