2013 MercedesBenz G 63 AMG 6×6

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Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 Base

2013 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6

6×6 all-wheel drive AMG V8 biturbo power and looks leave no room for any doubt: the G 63 AMG 6×6 near-series show is an off-roader which represents the word in forward-thrusting power far the beaten track. 400 kW (544 a 6×6 drive, low-range five differential locks, axles, tyre pressure system and a special chassis this pickup to make progress in environments where the of individual mobility normally the dust as soon as the road But anyone who imagines that is a Dakar-Rally-style vehicle is on the wrong Thanks to the wealth of interior from the AMG stable, the occupants can the highest possible degree of even when negotiating the that the combined forces of and meteorology can throw at them. The touches even extend to the area which is finished in bamboo.

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 show vehicle brings the best of three worlds. The revised G-Class series-production lend the superior off-roader the superiority and refinement of a vehicle has dominated the off-road scene for 34 They are also the source of the interior concept with the dashboard featuring impressive new and a large, central colour Unreserved robustness as well as and a can-do attitude to off-road are the traits inherited from the and the commercial G-Class models. the renowned Mercedes-AMG luxury and division contributes the superior technology and the interior which is as as it is comfortable.

6×6 technology: to the of the earth – and beyond

A look at the key of the G 63 AMG 6×6 makes it clear this model’s off-road begins at a point where less than a vehicle caterpillar tracks would to capitulate. Six driven wheels, an low-range ratio in the transfer portal axles, five locks which can be engaged on the and a tyre-pressure control system allows the pressure in the huge tyres to be adjusted in record while the vehicle is running – all are features which one seeks in in conventional cross-country vehicles. they ensure that the G 63 AMG has driving dynamics which are than a match for the toughest As a result, the show vehicle is to storm up the highest sand with ease while tracks hold no fears to its unshakable directional stability. terrain is negotiated with all the of a mountain goat; fording a becomes almost child’s thanks to the impressive fording of one metre. And anyone exploring the performance is certain to be impressed by the acceleration of this 3.85-tonne

Despite its unique drive the show vehicle does not represent a new development in terms of After 34 years of G-Class there is such a large of G parts to draw on that the G 63 AMG uses almost exclusively components under the skin. A in point is the drive train: the AMG V8 engine with 400 kW (544 hp) and 760 metres of torque, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission with the front drive from the G 63 AMG and a rear twin train from the 6×6 which has already proven its in service with users as the Australian army. Plus the portal axles, which have military origins, making their debut in a vehicle.

Independent and neutral: the chassis

The is largely based on the current configuration, the only difference that the helical springs and have been adjusted to account of the changed characteristics of the model. For the springs, too, the were able to draw on the array of G parts, which no less than 15 different rates. While the front takes over the reinforced from an armoured special-protection the first rear axle has given a significantly harder rate and the second rear a softer one. This together with the rally-proven, gas-pressure shock absorbers, in a perfect symbiosis of sporty and composed comfort, on or off the road.

outside – S-Class inside

the G 63 AMG 6×6 pickup leaves no for any doubt as to its true calling. The tyres on the three axles, the ground clearance, the height of 2.30 metres and the width of 2.10 metres as well as the lines of the pickup immediately respect. Like the G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG models it, the super off-roader with its body has the characteristic AMG brand with the twin blade grille. Other visual include the use of elegant carbon for the integrated LED light strips the windscreen as well as for the large wheel arches while the load area section has a stainless-steel roll-over bar. The area, which is lined particularly tough and durable can be accessed by means of a tailboard.

luxury, the hallmark of AMG, is the characteristic of the interior. The G 63 AMG 6×6 its occupants aboard with an ambience of classic red or light designo leather with topstitching and attractive diamond-pattern The four electrically adjustable seats are heated and ventilated. The compartment is equipped with a centre console while the liner and pillars are finished in an covering. The rear panel is in leather.

Graz is the centre of the G

The two G 63 AMG 6×6 vehicles which been built to date developed with Mercedes-Benz at the The Graz-based Mercedes-Benz G-Class department is the centre of competence for all G and is responsible for development and series of the legendary cross-country vehicle. Graz in Austria has been the site for all civilian and commercial vehicles since 1979. The to the near-series show vehicle determine if and when the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG enters small-series production.

Drive technology

Ideal Off-road high-performance technology and AMG

1 Innovative 6×6 drive central through-drive axle

2 ground clearance and fording thanks to portal axles

3 of five 100% differential

4 Massive pulling power AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine

5 shift times with AMG PLUS 7G-TRONIC

A look at the key of the G 63 AMG 6×6 makes it clear this model’s off-road begins at a point where less than a vehicle caterpillar tracks would to capitulate. Six driven wheels, an low-range ratio in the transfer portal axles and five locks which can be engaged on the are features which one seeks in in conventional off-road vehicles. they ensure that the G 63 AMG has driving dynamics which are than a match for the toughest As a result, the show vehicle is to storm up the highest sand with ease while tracks hold no fears to its unshakable directional stability. terrain is negotiated with all the of a mountain goat; fording a becomes almost child’s thanks to the impressive fording And anyone exploring the on-road is certain to be impressed by the catapult-like of this 3.85-tonne pickup.

Despite its unique drive the show vehicle does not represent a new development in terms of After 34 years of

G-Class there is such a large of G parts to draw on that the G 63 AMG uses almost exclusively components under the skin. A in point is the drive train: the AMG V8 the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission and the front drive have been taken from the G 63 AMG while the transfer with low-range ratio has matched with a rear drive train from a version which has already its reliability in service with such as the Australian army.

highlight: the portal axles

developed for a wide variety of the portal axles which been added to the Mercedes-Benz portfolio are the real technical of the show vehicle. Unlike rigid axles, where the are centred on the axis of the shaft, the of the portal axle are significantly thanks to the portal gears on the heads. As a result, the ground of the G 63 AMG 6×6 is increased to 460 millimetres G-Class: 210 millimetres) and the fording – or maybe it would be more to say diving depth – is increased to millimetres (series-production: 600 millimetres).

design has further important which do away with the for elaborate adaptation measures. As the of the axles relative to the chassis unchanged, so too do the suspension anchorage the steering connection and the position of the Furthermore, the portal gear ratio compensates for the huge circumference of the 37-inch tyres so the gear ratios, speedometer and ABS sensors also remain An additional benefit of the reduction applied by the portal gears is the drive torque is only to the wheels themselves with the that the mechanical loads on the train – especially the drive – are reduced.

Through-drive: the centre

A technically sophisticated solution the 6×6 drive system the necessary through-drive through the of the first rear axle to the one. The arrangement which has developed is extremely compact and little more space a conventional differential housing. An shaft with an integrated situated on the side above the takes the drive torque to the axle. A chain provides the power take-off for the differential of the rear axle.

Precisely logic governs operation of differential locks

With a of five mechanical 100-percent locks available, drivers certainly lose track of the now and again if they could be separately. This is why the engineers developed a special locking which ensures the best traction is available in every The whole system is controlled with the usual three lock switches in the centre which are to be found in all G models. and engaged locks are indicated by and red lights respectively.

1 Stage 1: the two inter-axle differential in the transfer case and in the through-drive the centre differential are active

2 2: the interwheel differential locks in the two axle differentials are additionally

3 Stage 3: with the front differential locked, all five locks are now active

All lock can be selected regardless of whether the ratio in the transfer case is

It is clear that, with a of some 4.20 metres, the G 63 AMG is not predestined for virtuoso cornering. in order to ensure impressive with corresponding dynamism the vertical axis of the vehicle, the have varied the torque The drive torque is therefore 30 to 40 to 30 percent between the front and the two rear axles.

V8 biturbo power specialists Mercedes AMG

of the credit for the superior performance of the G 63 AMG is due to the AMG V8 engine and the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS automatic transmission. The AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine develops a peak of 400 kW (544 hp) and 760 newton metres of Known in-house by the designation M the engine impresses with its highlights. The greater thermodynamic which results from the of twin turbochargers, direct injection and spray-guided combustion better fuel economy and to lower exhaust emissions. and precise piezo-electric injectors the fuel into the combustion ensuring a particularly fine throughout the air in the combustion chamber. An low-pressure pump delivers the from the tank to a high-pressure in the engine compartment at a pressure of six The fuel pressure in the high-pressure is controlled between 100 and 200 bar on a fully and demand-related basis, ensuring an response in any driving situation. highlights of the innovative and unique powerplant from AMG in Affalterbach an all-aluminium crankcase, four per cylinder with camshaft air/water intercooling and alternator

Any doubts about the show ability to speak directly to the are quickly dispelled by a look at the AMG exhaust system: twin ahead of the rear wheels on sides put out the hallmark AMG eight-cylinder

Faster shifting with the AMG PLUS 7G-TRONIC

Featuring drive modes and an automatic function for downshifting, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission the drive to the transfer case low-range ratio by means of a Controlled Efficiency (C) mode up engine and drive control designed to deliver a driving which is as economical as possible. In the (S) and Manual (M) driving modes, the combination displays considerably agility. Here, a brief and defined retardation of ignition and during upshifting at full provides for shorter shift Furthermore, in M mode, the G 63 AMG 6×6 the gear selected by the driver to the that this is permitted by the rev limits – a particularly useful when negotiating challenging

The efficiency of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS automatic transmission system is enhanced with a new fuel converter with centrifugal friction-reducing bearings and transmission oil management.

It makes sense to an ample fuel supply for which are designed to be used in areas. This is why the standard tank with a capacity of 96 has been complemented by a 63-litre tank. The total tank therefore amounts to 159 litres.

Chassis and wheels

Automotive of independence

1 Axle and suspension from the G range

2 Rally-proven, gas-pressure shock absorbers

3 possible degree of articulation

4 stainless-steel underguard

5 Tyre control system controllable on the

6 Tyre pressure can be set to required in record time

7 Special wheels for demanding off-road use

As described, the chassis is largely on the current production configuration, the difference being that the springs and dampers have adjusted to take account of the characteristics of the three-axle model. For the too, the engineers were to draw on the comprehensive array of G which includes no less 15 different spring rates. the front axle and the first axle have substantially springs from the special-protection while the second rear has a softer spring rate.

all three rigid axles to move independently, the G 63 AMG 6×6 has axle suspension rather independent wheel suspension. The articulate independently of each thereby ensuring the best frictional connection with the at all times. Although the two rear are only 1100 millimetres (the overall wheelbase is millimetres), they are able to dramatically opposing articulation and so make effective use of every to gain traction, even in rough terrain.

Only a G can on a G

The adjustable and rally-proven gas-pressure absorbers are supplied by an external Working in concert with the tyres, the chassis set-up with its outstanding ride combined with high dynamics and driving safety all conditions, on and off the road.

The suitability of the G 63 AMG for off-road use becomes particularly when its key off-road data* are with those of the already series-production G:

G 63 AMG 6×6

Ground 460 mm

Angle of approach/departure. 52°/54°

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 Base

angle. 22°

Fording depth. mm

Slope climbing ability.

G 500 Long Station Wagon

clearance. 210 mm

Angle of approach/departure..36°/27°

angle. 21°

Fording depth. 600 mm

climbing ability. 100%

figures in ready-to-drive condition to EC:

Standard equipment including (68 kg), luggage (7 kg) and fuel 90% full.

If, despite all the driver’s and the outstanding ground clearance, the should accidentally come contact with the ground, the have had the foresight to equip the with a robust, three-part in stainless steel. This that the most important at the front and rear as well as in the underbody area between the and rear axles are well from impacts and hefty . and major variations in air pressure are to occur rapidly.

The design of the pressure control system is in with the high technical of the G 63 AMG 6×6. A system that is a feature of many trucks is used in a passenger car for the first From inside the vehicle, it is for the driver to adjust the tyre on the front axle and both axles independently at any time by of switches on a special overhead Pressure gauges allow the to be monitored. This means the occupants are spared the usual process of getting out and adjusting the manually. Thanks to a powerful and four 20-litre compressed air fitted at the sides in the rear arches, the tyre pressure can be in possibly world-record time. For although there are six voluminous with a diameter of one metre it takes the system under 20 to increase the sand-friendly tyre of 0.5 bar to the 1.8 bar required for on-road use. systems take around ten to achieve such a change in pressure.

The design of the portal axles has a very positive effect the tyre pressure control is concerned. Unlike the situation where conventional rigid are fitted, the inner faces of the hubs are exposed and the installation is not blocked by the drive shaft. means that the tyre adjustment can be carried out directly by of a central channel in the wheel The wheels also have an air and are connected to the hub via a compressed air hose a quick-release coupling to enable a change, if necessary. A strong, hub cover protects the hose from damage in off-road

Despite a kerb weight of kg: Ground pressure distribution as low as a footprint

With the usual combinations it is impossible to reduce the pressure to 0.5 bar for driving in sand. 1.0 bar is the lowest possible pressure, which tyres may come off rims during steering and sand can enter the sealing between tyre and rim, in a slow puncture. There are no problems with the G 63 AMG 6×6 is equipped with special, 45.7 cm (18-inch) beadlock When a tyre is fitted to type of wheel, it is clamped the wheel (formed by the two halves of the and an internal beadlock ring so that, even in the event of a loss of pressure, it cannot off the rim and sand cannot enter.

The low tyre pressures increase the patches of the 37 x 12.5 x 18 inch tyres and provide considerable when it comes to making on loose surfaces. Two processes to this. First, the increased patches reduce the ground and thus the tendency of the tyres to or dig into the ground. A look at the brings this home: the tyre pressure to 0.5 bar increases the patch threefold. As a result, the pressure of the G 63 AMG 6×6 with a kerb weight of 3850 is equal to that of the footprint of a of average weight.

Second, on and similar surfaces offering contact, the low tyre pressure the self-cleaning process which clogging of the tread pattern and so that the best possible is always available.

Body, and interior

Typical AMG: A range of exclusive equipment and

1 Three-axle pickup body a distinctive look

2 Flared arches in carbon fibre

3 load area with roll-over bar

4 Four electrically heated and ventilated individual

5 Fully appointed in exclusive leather

Visually, the G 63 AMG 6×6 no room for any doubt as to its true The large tyres on the three the huge ground clearance, the height of almost 2.30 and the width of some 2.10 as well as the clean-cut lines of the immediately inspire respect. the G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG models before it, the super with its 5.87-metre-long body has the AMG brand face: the twin radiator grille with its twin louvre and chrome-plated ensure that, like its stablemates, the G 63 AMG 6×6 is immediately as an AMG model. The design of the grille account of the classic G-Class and fits into the overall with its interpretation of the off-road of the vehicle. The typical three air intakes in the front AMG bumper the airflow to reach the cooling Vertical stainless-steel inserts in chrome underline the masculine

The side view shows up to the two rear doors, the body to the current production configuration of the model. But that is as far as the common go, as the side view also the differences – from the significantly ride height to the carbon of the integrated LED light strips the windscreen to the flared wheel – also in carbon fibre – the stainless-steel running boards. The part of the body is extended by a third side window and the section with the stainless-steel bar as well as the rear, twin wheel arches in carbon The load area, which is with particularly tough and bamboo, can be accessed by means of a

Off-road comfort with individual seats

As well as the series-production facelift measures, as the new dashboard with the central screen, the G 63 AMG 6×6 offers an AMG cluster with a colour TFT the AMG main menu and a separate indicator as well as AMG door panels illuminated in white at all The high-quality E-SELECT lever the embossed AMG emblem is familiar vehicles such as the SLS AMG. An ambience is created by the designo appointments – in classic red or light – comprising not just the upholstery of the individual seats, but also the lining of the front and rear Contrasting topstitching and attractive quilting provide the perfect to the appointments. Furthermore, the entire is finished in leather and also the exclusive contrasting topstitching. AMG fibre trim and the Alcantara® on the roof liner and pillars the luxurious and welcoming interior. The panel is trimmed in leather.

In to the full array of characteristic AMG features from the G 63 AMG 6×6 and the designo leather appointments four individual seats, the vehicle is provided with a of exclusive extras. These a set of special features for the rear of the compartment: electrically adjustable, and ventilated individual seats, a centre console – also in designo leather with topstitching – and the Rear Seat System with two colour on the back of the front head Diamond-pattern floor mats the line-up.

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 Base

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