Mercedes Benz GL Class Lemon Problems

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Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Mercedes Benz GL class:


Stanley writes:

Well where do i start. i have to begin by saying that the MB experience is almost as enjoyable as getting ones teeth pulled out.

I own a 2001 s 500 V and a 2007 GL

450. as well as some older models. I bought the newer s 500 in keeping with the MB family allegiance. most of my relatives and friends are bmw lovers. The s 500 is the worst car ever made in terms of reliability. I have spent about more than 10,000 in repairs in 2 years. everthing from active body control ,suspension parts, steering pump ,distronic malfunction, brake assist failure, E.S.P failure. brake noise–early wear, brake pedal failure. etc. and the list goes on.

my latest troubles are still not corrected. car was at dealer for more than 2 weeks. the distroni light –clean me sign wont come off. the dealer.Helms brothers, NY reminded me before finding out the problem, that I did not buy the crap from them. What does that have to do with my current problem. anyways as I left the dealer ten min later and $1600 poorer, the sign came back. I have addressed the problem with them but they seem to be disinterested.

folks. I bought this s 500 thinking it would save me trips to the service center. boy was i wrong. it gives me more trips to the gas station and a probable trip to the local hospital from a nervous breakdown in the near future. Now I have put my head once again into MB armpits. with the purchase of the new 2007 GL 450. i have already been to the dealer several times for silly mechanical problems. hey I think a hyndai is a better bet. at least u get 100,000 mile waranty–at least for the powertrain without having to shell out another 5 K for MB after the manufactures lousy 50 K warranty. thats bull@#$%,

Its pathetic to think a brand with a pedigree like merecedes benz is willing to lose its reputation and customer satisfaction to please the bottom line..profit. MB makes more money after they sell u the car. in parts and service.(garbage). well folks. One things for sure. i am going to be a sell out and go for my japanese friends, namely lexus ls 450 or the bmw m5. I wonder if mB became more crappy after teaming up with team chrysler. basically merecedes is an american car now. you fill in the rest.

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Steve writes:

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Well, this is my first Mercedes-Benz I’ve owned. I was hesitant at first to buy a Cadillac Escalade 2007 from the Mercedes Benz Gl450 2007, and decided to purchase the Mercedes Benz (the first cadillac escalade 2002 model decided to change my decision to buy the mercedes). Well, the car is only less than 10,000 miles since february 2007, and when I am writing now, is November 2007. The car had many problems suprisingly, since this is the newest Mercedes Benz model to enter the SUV market. Within the first 4000 miles, the air suspension malfunctioned, and it was only 4000 miles. Then, around 9000 miles, the suspension was broken again, except this time, the malfunction light did not show up. I took it to the dealer when the car was unusually low to the ground. This has been happening so much to me and to other people that they ran out of parts and had to get me a loaner car. I found out that the loaner car that I got, a 2007 Chevrolet Surburban was actually better than the Mercedes. I am wondering why mercedes won’t submit a recall for this problem; when you go on bumpy roads, this could cause severe underbody damage, like it did with my car.

Polly Richardson writes:

I have a 2007 GL450 that I purchased new at Classic Mercedes in Tyler, TX. I now have 13,000 miles on the vehicle and they are telling me that my tires are completely worn out and that there is no warranty on them. I have had them rotated and balanced and checked the pressure regularly. These are 275-50-R20-109W tires that came on this vehicle. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. I have never seen tires wear out so quickly. I am 52 years young and drive very responsibly. The dealership tells me that tires will be $400.00 ea. to replace. THIS IS RIDICUOUS. I feel that Mercedes should replace these tires. They are not at all indicitive of true Mercedes quality and should have never been sold with this vehicle, or any other for that matter.

stephanie Vega writes:

I bought a GL450 in july of 07 less than 30 days later there was a major problem with the auto, it was driving in a very dangeous way Airmatic? I have had nothing but trouble with the SUV. there are many flaws in the design. I have a blind spot in the mirrow (both sides) I cant tell you how many times passengers have cracked their head trying to get in the vehicle. In the past three years I have 2 sets of brakes pads a power steering leak, airmatic 2x broken and 2 sets of tires, not to mention the timely service that the car reminds you of every time you start it.

Jessica writes:

I have had my GL for 6 months now and it has been undrivable 5 times already. The first 2 times were due to a faulty oilpan (the first was defective and the second time it was not fixed properly) and the last 3 times the car has died completely. There is obviously a major electrical defect with the car, but mercedes just replaces the battery every time and I have to wait for the problem to happen again.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

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