2011 MercedesBenz S400 HYBRID and ML450 HYBRID SUV Overview…

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Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid

2011 Mercedes-Benz S400 and ML450 HYBRID SUV Overview

offers two hybrid models for the model year, the S400 sedan and the ML450 HYBRID SUV

by Clark | 21 July 2010

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Mercedes-Benz two innovative hybrid models for the model year – the S400 premium luxury sedan and the HYBRID sport utility Hybrid power is one of several choices offered by Mercedes-Benz, the leader in diesel passenger In addition to an entire generation of quiet BlueTEC diesel Mercedes-Benz also leads the in development of fuel cell and offers cars powered by natural gas in a number of global

Characterized as a “mild hybrid,” the HYBRID (335 total hp, 381 of torque) comes with the first lithium-ion battery specifically for automotive use. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery a 20-horsepower electric motor, works with a 275-hp V6 engine to provide impressive economy.

On the SUV side of the Mercedes-Benz the ML450 HYBRID comes two electric motors and a 275-hp V6 engine that work to provide impressive hybrid with fuel economy at 21 miles per gallon around and 24 mpg on the highway.

Hybrids Ideal For Atkinson-Cycle

On both hybrids, Mercedes-Benz optimized the 3.5-liter V6 engine for fuel economy by taking of the Atkinson principle. By delaying the of each intake valve, the stroke effectively becomes than the compression stroke, thermal efficiency, which fuel consumption and exhaust

Although Atkinson engines produce less low-speed and throttle response, they are for hybrid vehicles because the motor compensates for this by working with the gasoline to provide excellent throttle on acceleration. The Atkinson-cycle V6 has different heads, pistons and camshafts as as modified variable valve control and a low-load oil pump for fuel economy.

30 Percent Fuel Economy with HYBRID

The Mercedes-Benz S400 uses the V6 gasoline engine, a motor and sophisticated hybrid to produce 30 percent better economy than a comparable model. Not only does the motor make 20 horsepower, but it produces an impressive starting of 118 lb.-ft. while the gasoline develops 275 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.

A computer controls the hybrid recalculating the best operating 160 times a second. Capable of up to 50 calculations per second, the system to maintain an ideal balance fuel economy and performance.

Light, Powerful Lithium-Ion

The 120-volt lithium-ion battery less than most batteries and takes up less but has high energy density for its As a result, it can be installed in the engine so the car’s ample trunk and spacious interior are not affected. The battery has a high-strength steel a separate cooling circuit, and its sit in a special gel that dampens and vibration.

Strong Electric Provides Many Benefits

as a “mild hybrid,” the S400 gasoline engine and electric work together for responsive and its driveline includes a specially seven-speed automatic transmission, a to power the 12-volt vehicle and intelligent operating electronics. both as the starter and generator, the electric motor is mounted in the converter housing, between the and transmission. A 120-volt, three-phase AC magneto motor, its high is especially significant during which is otherwise one of the highest consumption modes. The electric also helps to dampen noise and vibration, which even better ride

The S400 HYBRID accelerates zero to 60 miles per hour in 7.2 and reaches an electronically limited top of 155 mph. Fuel economy is better than an S-Class powered only by a conventional V6 and CO2 emissions are 21 percent lower.

A Fuel-Saving Start-Stop Feature

The system includes a fuel-saving feature that turns off the engine below nine mph braking to a stop. When the HYBRID is at a traffic light, for the gasoline engine is off, but the AC and steering pump are operated so air conditioning and power steering are operational.

As soon as the driver the brakes or touches the gas pedal, the engine starts immediately, and with the electric motor for performance. Since the direct-drive motor operates at a much speed than a conventional starter motor, the engine instantly and imperceptibly, also the usually high exhaust during a conventional starting

It Even Recycles Energy

braking, the electric motor as a generator, recovering kinetic and storing it in the lithium-ion battery. heavy braking, the vehicle’s brakes also come play. Recovered energy is in the battery and re-used whenever the motor is running.

Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid

During with no braking, the electric already acts as a generator, energy and helping to slow the When the driver just the brake pedal, the generator increases, which feels heavier braking. Only more brake pedal is applied do the conventional wheel come into action. three stages are controlled so the driver perceives the system as smooth, responsive braking.

Cleverly Located Controls

current from the three-phase is converted into 120-volt current in a converter located the starter motor used to go. the current flow sometimes as high as 150 amperes, the system is with its own cooling circuit. A in the right front wheel an on-board 12-volt system, includes a conventional lead-acid in the trunk with convenient leads. Since most oil pumps are engine-driven, an electric oil pump ensures lubrication of the in driving modes when the engine is off.

The S400 has the same interior room, and convenience features as other vehicles. The model is differentiated by seven-twin-spoke 18-inch wheels and logos on the trunk lid and dash as as BlueEfficency badging on the front A special hybrid pictogram the speedometer shows the energy energy recovery and battery

The ML450 HYBRID Boasts 30 Better Fuel Economy

Considered a “full hybrid,” the ML450 HYBRID uses the V6 engine, two magneto-electric motors and hybrid electronics to produce than 30 percent better economy than a comparable ML550.

Integrated within the automatic transmission, each motor serves a specific Dedicated to pulling away electric power, the motor on the output shaft generates 80 hp and 192 of torque. Located closer to the engine, the other electric is set up specifically for acceleration and is rated at 83 hp and 173 of torque.

Working with electric motors when power is needed, the gasoline develops 275 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. The motors are powered by a liquid-cooled, nickel-metal-hydride battery that’s under the rear cargo A powerful computer controls the system, recalculating the best mode 160 times a second. of up to 50 million calculations per second, the works to maintain an ideal between fuel economy and

During parking and low-speed the ML450 HYBRID runs on the drive only. On hard the gasoline engine is started and it works seamlessly with the two motors for surprisingly good The hybrid system includes a start-stop function that off the gasoline engine – for example, coasting up to a red light – and re-starts it acceleration.

When the ML450 HYBRID is at a light, for example, the gasoline is off, but the AC compressor and steering are operated electrically, so air conditioning and steering are fully operational. A Start function provides starting of the gasoline engine.

braking, the electric motor as a generator, slowing the SUV and recovering energy. Under heavy the vehicle’s conventional brakes come into play. energy is stored in the battery and whenever the car runs only on the motors.

The ML450 HYBRID is by a HYBRID logo on the rear gate, a revised front with two power domes and five-twin-spoke 19-inch wheels. the HYBRID has the same interior convenience and safety features as M-Class vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid


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