Armorama InBox Review G4 (1939 Production) Car by Jim Rae

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Mercedes-Benz G4 W31


The Mercedes Benz G4 1934 — 1939 was designed as an ‘off-road’ vehicle presumably the designers felt the traction provided by its 6 wheels be sufficient. However, cross-country was somewhat poor and it was rarely (if used in this role. The was produced (somewhat slowly!) 1934 and 1939. Slowly, in the that only 57 examples actually built. Its main in the 3rd Reich was as transport for (very) members of the regime. A secondary of the vehicle was in a hard-topped ‘van’ which was used as a communications by Deutsche Post.

Not surprisingly, due to its production run, only surviving (and verified) are known to exist. One of these was in the popular TV series ‘Hogan’s another was presented to the Spanish Franco, in 1942 and is in the auto of the Spanish Royal family.

New Model

35531 — G4 Production) German Car with is the latest in ICM’s increasingly list of 1/35th scale The model, moulded in a tan-colored comes on four sprues a fifth covering the clear for windscreen, side windows and A separate sprue contains for four figures labeled as Staff Personnel 1939-42’. for the G4 come in 12 on a clearly printed sheet. Finally, a small sheet gives markings for vehicles — 3 are in the nature of transport with a Light scheme the remainder, in standard Grey.

Inside the box

In this section, give my impressions of the model. never as complete (or time-consuming) as a build, nevertheless, it should some pointers as to what to

Mould/Styrene Quality :

In the last or two, ICM have started a much denser, less styrene. Some have it as brittle, personally, I see it as holding sharper detail and less to ‘tear’ than a softer

The quality of the moulding is again good. No flash, good detail and mould-attachment points at the A (very) few, easily-removed are present however these are and shouldn’t add much time to the clean-up and preparation for building.

The :

The designers have chosen to ,as far as is practical, the vehicle’s actual which, inevitably, creates a complex build. There are 39 in the process the most intensive or is construction of the sub-frame and suspension this takes up 17 stages. The are clear although, as always, careful consideration will to be made before actually bits together.

Complexity .

Oh yes, this is a complex model. The reason for stems from the fact although it was produced by a major it was effectively a hand-built car. may have had a production line for the G4, but it have been a much affair than the Volkswagen line. The G4 was a vehicle of very construction and the designers have their best to reflect Saying that, and understanding it, the may be a little over-engineered. There are a of areas, for example the engine where (I’m not sure three parts were On the other hand, the side can’t be modeled open separating them is a pretty process.

Detail .

Preparing for Review, I spent a lot of time over images and film-footage of the Fortunately, I was able to get hold of good contemporary images of the and the designers have made a big to put everything in its place. I did find the a little simplified, although a limit to what moulding can achieve. The super-detailer may want to at this and improve it.

The front seat also had a arm rest which was often down — this be relatively easy to add. On the of each seat was a bar — for the passengers to grip when the was going up steep gradients or as a when the principal passenger was at the adoring multitude. These, for who want a little more could be improved. One item WILL have to be worked on, is # A18, the air-horn, this is solid and will have to be

Wheels .

Now, according to the images, there were two of tires available for the G4. The first, in this model, have a smooth tread and are correct. The type are a much heavier and would be more appropriate for an vehicle. Curiously enough, types can be seen in archive — heavy tread in lighter tread in the field.

Engine .

The representation in the model is although some research have to be done to add the many which ran through the engine Fortunately, the hood can be modeled or closed — giving possibilities for the modeler.

Mercedes-Benz G4 W31

The Decals .

For building a more ‘Ceremonial’ it will be necessary to use the pennants on the mudguards. In this, there a little to do as due to various European having banned the Swastika (in any it isn’t included on the decal Instead, the ‘Balkenkreuz’ is included I’ve never seen on this vehicle. It isn’t a big and sensibly, ICM have omitted it to any problems with the various importers.

The Figures: .

The four included are good and detail on is very well-done. The inclusion of the figure is a nice bonus.

The .

Yes, considering how few were it may be seen (by some) as a pretty choice for a model manufacturer. though, to some of the releases seen in the last year or this comes well the ‘Mass-Production’ category. 57 built-examples in service) compares well to of the ‘Paper-Panzers’. It’s a good in the sense it’s well-documented, in a lot of newsreel footage and gives the the opportunity to combine it with (less-spectacular?) subjects in dioramas. It also look good on its own a General-Rank officer surrounded by his (and the driver doing his to look inconspicuous!). It may not be the most vehicle but, it has lots of


The faults, such as are, are simple enough to It’s a bold step for ICM to a vehicle of this type as it won’t be the kind of model buy half-a-dozen of. It’s an incredibly vehicle, that, for many may be its attraction. There’s a huge of potential for super-detailing and even (in the of the radio vehicle) some for conversion.

The AM manufacturers will get something out of this. Two areas to mind: 1) A set of the ‘Heavy-Duty’ tires and 2) the raised canvas top or the frequently-seen which protected the folded

Technically, the moulding is excellent I still feel that it is a over-engineered — there are where less parts have given the same with less work. enough, they’ve chosen to the windscreen wipers with the What is difficult is to produce a of something which is so ‘Hand-Built’ as the G4 was, in this, I believe ICM have done an excellent The detail on areas such as the and the seats is excellent although I have preferred separate doors.

So, a worthy addition to what is an impressive 1/35th scale Show’ and it only remains for me to a classification for the G4 — not a SUV, a Dictator’s Utility Vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz G4 W31

Mercedes-Benz G4 W31
Mercedes-Benz G4 W31
Mercedes-Benz G4 W31


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