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Across the Finish

…I honestly didn’t see this

Don’t worry, they let me graduate and all that. I’ve got my now…they can’t take away from me.

What I to say is…I thought that the end of would bring about a amount of fanfare in my life…fresh and enthusiasm. You think the race is be over…nope. There’s just one on the other side.

Sorry, kind of a bummer line to off with for the first post of the new Also…February…January literally just by. So what has happened since my post…

I’ve said to Denton …not permanently. still got plenty of people money from me up there, and of friends I want to try and keep in with. But I’ve got all my stuff in a corner of a room at my parents while I try to find my next back closer to “home”. I’m talking about it…is looking to sublease a 1 bedroom in Denton…fully furnished and on the UNT bus route? me for more info.

I’d love to get monkey off my back.

The job search for the continues. As I thought, my people really advertise when looking to fill a spot…they ask people if they know a I’ve still got my current job to me afloat, but I don’t see this as a term venture, and I don’t see the of them trying to increase my panning out. I’ve seeing if there are any other within my company that are worthy of the degree I have now waiting on that degree to by the way) but the most suitable lies down in Austin. I’m doing a lot of searching in the DFW area as I’m trying to move into a new here pretty soon, but if at point, I need to definitively my search…well, so much for my plans I

I also lost my grandfather My grandfather had been in and out of the hospital a bit in the final months of his life. he’d been in and out quite a bit in the few years of his life…but he always back. He broke his hip several back…an injury that at his age have led a downhill spiral in people. Amazingly though, he got rehabilitation and was able to go back and continue to live his life. last time though…it that all his resilience had worn On Saturday January the 19th, we informed by the hospital that going in and out of a responsive and lucid the day before, that his kidneys shutting down…which, I don’t how much y’all know the medical world, but when a kidneys shut down…it’s of the beginning of the end. He held on that coming Monday when all of his kids and grandkids able to gather to reminisce, old stories, laugh, cry, and say our While he couldn’t say anything…we that he heard us, maybe tried to gesture to us. He passed at early the next morning, that he had held on long January 21st…the day that I the smartest man I will ever I will miss you immensely .

Losing him took a lot out of me, but there was good to come out of his death. It has near a decade since side of my family has gotten as a whole. The circumstances could not been much worse, but we finally able to change and despite the tears and the heartache, we able to come together and our time with one another, and to one another that despite our it would not take another act of or a decade to bring us back

In his passing, my grandfather was able to together those that he in a way that he had not seen in a very time. I like to be optimistic I’m able, so I see the silver lining We won’t mourn his death…so as we’ll celebrate his life. I considered myself much of a guy in a very long time, and I now how much I miss everybody. I wait to see them again.

So yea…the grind of the job search, the for a new place to call home, and the of a patriarch…my 2014 thus I still have unfinished from last year

I seem to remember that post, I left y’all a trio of polls…my Backstage for Best Movie, TV Series, and Game of the Year . A few of y’all But not quite enough to declare a winner in any category…we had ties all I won’t declare more one though, so…it’ll just to come down to me.

Without ado…the Winner for Best of 2013 is…

Iron Man 3 was a great no doubt…but if it were entirely up to think I’d have gone Pacific Rim, or Kick-Ass 2. The have spoken though. My option here for the actual was Hunger Games: Catching I love me some Jennifer but RDJ just kills it every

Moving on…the Winner for TV Show of 2013 is…

Even I’ve never watched Bad . it seemed this was the obvious 2013 saw the final season of the and with it some of the most moments in TV history…so I’m told. My options in the tie were The Walking and NCIS. I watched both this year, but I still like based on the fanfare Breaking Bad’s finale that it is deserving based on alone.

Finally…the Winner for Video Game of 2013 is…

Pokémon X and Y . Y’all seriously this category the hell five votes were the ones tallied. I honestly been going back and between Pokémon and Tomb . but I haven’t been able to put Pokémon since I picked it up. I though nostalgia was the only force for getting this I’ve continued to enjoy it for Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the out of Tomb Raider…but once I the game, I didn’t chase the collectibles for very long. is continuing to provide me with new long after I’ve it. Now…since I was alone in the voting for one, I had three other They were Grand Auto V, Dead Rising 3, and Motorsport 5. I lost interest in GTA 5 a while, and I picked Dead and Forza as my only real for the next generation of Xbox. and Tomb Raider were the real games that come out this past that have held my to completion. And somehow I still pick Tomb Raider following Lara Croft’s hot around for about 20 hours.

Nostalgia wins out over Childhood wins out over You don’t have to grow up.

Now 2013 is good and shelved at point, let’s look a bit. I kind of missed the Winter Movie season, and I do that I missed it. It feels forever since I’ve out and caught a flick. I’m just in though to look forward to the Movie Season …so what’s up in the shining lights of the movie

300: Rise Of An Empire –

The legendary 300 Spartans have their great fight, and trying to defend their The nation is now left to defend against the imposing Persian Can they hold?

Alright, got a director here that never heard of, Noam and a…let’s be honest…cast of Hollywood and hopefuls. This flick go either way…it’s built on a foundation, but this crew might not have the chops to it everything they want it to be. see.

Need For Speed – 3/14

The game franchise finally to the big screen. Fast cars, and crime. The thing is…I like Need For Speed has been turned into a I mean, isn’t that the Fast Furious franchise has I’ve already seen movie…and I know that Paul with all his grit Breaking Bad has a lot to bring, but I think all going to be silently comparing it to the Furious films, and how it falls so short. That’s my guess

Veronica Mars – 3/14

is kind of a shot in the dark I know that there are out there of the show that a 3 season run from 2004 – but I haven’t met any. There was a put in place to try and raise 2 million to make a movie…and bring some sort of extended Kind of like a Firefly/Serenity The fans stepped up though and in 5.7 million by the time the Kickstarter was up. So…Kristin Bell returns to see her gets a good farewell. I nothing of the series, so I have no what to expect. Worth though.

Divergent – 3/21

The that this were on became popular after the Games trilogy started a lot of followers, and with good Divergent is essentially a clone of the Hunger Games premise. the same type of action and types. Just…maybe not quite as I’ve got kind of low expectations so I may be setting myself up to be pleasantly by the film quality. I just know right now.

You I’m sure someone is looking to this.

Nymphomaniac Part 1 –

Mercedes-Benz Bionic

This is a 2-part NC-17 is the story of a woman’s life birth to age 50, and the numerous erotic that the self proclaimed has endured. I’m just intrigued by the of a 2-part NC-17 film, the part arriving…somewhere, on April

Noah – 3/28

The biblical of Noah who after suffering of a coming apocalypse receives a from God, telling him to a great ship, to save all the of the land from an upcoming This is a film by Darren the Director responsible for Black Might be interesting to see what he with a biblical tale…and Watson.

Captain America: The Soldier – 4/4

The first Captain several years back was a bit of a But now that we’ve seen Cap can do in the Avengers, I’ve got a little excitement built up for him in this The rest of the Avengers can go home. can go back to Malibu, Thor can go to Asgard, Banner can go back to a low profile…Steve Rogers can’t go to WWII era America, where were simpler…more black and So he stays on with S.H.I.E.L.D. to try and out how to fit into life in the modern Just as he begins to get a grasp on threats emerge that him back into the fray.

– 4/18

Neighbors – 5/9

Seth and Rose Byrne star Zach Efron in this of a couple who have a baby and are to deal with the debauchery of a house moving in next With the same creators brought us This Is The End, I’m raunchy laughs all the way through.

– 5/16

It’s being It’s got to be better than the version with Matthew I mean, how can it really get much I loved that movie at the but I look back on it now and shake my It will be better.

X-Men: Of Future Past – 5/23

Oh God X-Men: First Class was so good. And we finally got ourselves a stand alone Wolverine too. Brian Singer it was such a hard job wrangling all the personalities in this movie, but it was so worth it. I don’t know how going to handle the time thing, but I don’t care. Lawrence…body paint. Ellen Anna Paquin, Halle candy. If there’s one movie I see this coming season, be this.

Maleficent – 5/30

Disney’s iconic villain finally her backstory told, and with Jolie playing the leading herself, Maleficent. It’s a good long time Jolie has lent her talents to the big but even given her hiatus, I have picked anyone for the role.

That leads us the summer, and I suppose the end of this My timetable is a complete mess now, and I have no idea I’ll be able to do this So, let’s just say…I’ll see ya I see ya.

One last thing though…with a new it’s time to change the of my closing image. After it some good thought, I I’m gonna go with classic Anything made before I was is fair game.

In loving of David Michael Martin Sr. One of the and most loving people ever existed. Rest in

Keep your heads up, minds sharp, and your open.

Mercedes-Benz Bionic
Mercedes-Benz Bionic
Mercedes-Benz Bionic
Mercedes-Benz Bionic
Mercedes-Benz Bionic

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