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Mercedes-Benz 150H W30

Thread: CTW — Good Humanity Let’s Get This

Bell UH-1 (14 passengers)

IAI Arava — 1 (16 paratrooper

Landing Craft:


So, we’ve got a lot of coal, we rank 6th in the for coal exports. We also electricity, but still import So, announce the construction of a new, 400 MW powerplant in Florencia. Construction begin this year. million

Colombia has a solid base, sweet. We even high-tech products. Expand the manufacturer Indumil to land systems. Begin construction on a vehicle factory in Bogota. hire some General contractors to help design the and train workers on construction $300 million

So we produce a lot of but can’t refine enough, us to import fuels such as There are plans for a refinery, so begin construction on that new $400 million

So apparently the pipeline is under construction. get some additional funding in and hire some extra (we have 10% unemployment), give basic training, and get them to Maybe we can finish our portion of time. Workers on the pipeline have the option to receive training when the project is and work at the refinery that is built. $150 million

Well, some of the poorest are in resource rich areas. that interesting. Form the Mining Authority, a mining that will hire workers living in resource areas. They will be the proper training needed, lay out the infrastructure for mining operations to nickel, gold, and platinum. materials are used in electronics and so they should be a good maker. $500 million

Education could do much especially in elementary levels the teachers don’t know to teach. So, we will hire a advisors from Finland ranks very high in to help structure the way schools are In addition to that, enact the reforms:

-Require that go to university for four years, one year of graduate school, if wish to teach in Colombia.

-If in Colombia are not enough to meet the requirements, offer grants to who wish to attend an international

-Encourage businesses to provide This will be regulated so say a company can give money for a area (such as sciences and education), but cannot stipulate a school has to use a certain brand, for

-Hire counselors and social whose job is to help at-risk and encourage students to stay in

-Provide funding so that will have at the very computers, modern textbooks, and supplies.

$800 million

to Wiki, three quarters of dry cargo is transported by road. Now we some terrain issues, so the portions that can be paved and to help with that issue. Once we do that, improvements on the easier bits. million

Personal Security $20 million

Foreign Relations:

— Formally apologise for the administration’s violation of the Ecuadorian in a bombing raid on a FARC While the FARC rebels are a threat, the new administration does not to violating borders lightly.

At the time, quietly, and out of diplomatic launch a more thorough into the National Police’s that Ecuador is cooperating FARC. Contact wikileaks and if they have any communications FARC. If they do, obtain and we will sit on them for now. $20

Peru — (I’m not any relations on either page for the two of us, so I there aren’t any), to Peru that we formally diplomatic relations and embassies.



Spoiler :

The Combat — 1 (CV-1 Panther) is an 8 IFV capable of delivering troops the battlefield and providing infantry-level or armored escort. There are variants of the CV-1, the Infantry Vehicle, armored car, and

7.62mm coaxial machine gun

turret mounted machine gun

The armor system adheres to the Standardization Agreement 4569 4569), and consists of layered mesh armor, granting a 4 protection level. Additional can be given by Explosive-reactive armor, and for slat armor.


grenade launcher fitted for smoke grenades.

Crew: 1 +3 gunners + 1 loader for main gun +8

CV-1 Panther AC:

The Armored Car has the turret assembly removed in of an increased top armor to defend top-attack munitions, while the overall armor allowing for speed and maneuverability. Despite the top armor, due to the removal of the turret the AC variant is several hundred lighter than the IFV.

Mercedes-Benz 150H W30

The armor system adheres to the Standardization Agreement 4569 4569), and consists of layered mesh armor, granting a 3 protection level.


swing-mount machine gun with armor guard to protect the


AGL fitted for thermal grenades

Crew. Driver + 1 + 14 passengers

The Emergency Vehicle has all weapons and almost all the armor in favor of battlefield medical and supplies. The interior of the vehicle is for medical hardware and stretchers. The paint coloration and red cross clearly mark the CV-1 EV as an ambulance and non-combat vehicle.

The armor system adheres to the Standardization Agreement 4569 4569), and consists of layered mesh armor, granting a 2 protection level.

$650 million


Korea has been trying to arms to South American according to wiki, so lets 2 Ulsan class frigates. million (price found )

Purchase 10 MiG-29S since our fighter is rather outdated million

Operation Condor:

security and withdraw troops and around a few places that has retaken, some, not all. If push in the weakened areas, resistance, but retreat after. units will be reinforced by the that have left. We to give FARC the appearance they are doing well. have some soldiers who not been in combat with infiltrate the organization, posing as or volunteers. These soldiers be given good backstories, I assume they will be Their job is to observe the chain of and learn what they can the supply methods and depots uses. Towards the end of the year, will be recalled and debriefed on they know. To make it we will capture them in a

In the meantime, get some armored and ambushes going along the FARC loves to attack the wiki says an average of 1 every 5 days in 2009. Use our s and A-37 Dragonfly s to perform patrols above the pipelines, so our and ambushes have information on movements. Also put scouts and observers in crows nests in along possible attack

Have special forces perform recon on the villages taken by FARC, find out the of command, when supply are made, and troop movements. will use their RQ-11 s for observation.

Perform long recon missions with the s.

Mercedes-Benz 150H W30
Mercedes-Benz 150H W30
Mercedes-Benz 150H W30
Mercedes-Benz 150H W30

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