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Mercedes-Benz 2013

Mercedes Benz c250

You hear the word ‘Mercedes’ and the first thing that comes into your mind is some stunning car and then words like quality, durability and obviously high price (depending upon the model and condition) comes into your mind. There are many fans of Mercedes’ cars and some enthusiasts even upgrade to latest models after every year or two, but whether you’re upgrading or buying a Mercedes for first time you would like to know what’s new about this mode? What’s so special about it? And so on, this is the time when you should turn towards car reviews and get an idea or check detailed review to know what your future ride will bring you.

Mercedes’ C-Class is well-known for its luxurious and comforting interior as well as overall driving experience. Normally C-Class cars have simple exteriors and come in form of 4-door sedan, however recently Mercedes unveiled its Mercedes Benz C250 to its C-Class line which is more like a sports version but with looks of a stylish sedan as well. This post will provide you a detailed review about C250 and its various factors and help you to decide whether Mercedes Benz C250 is the right car for you or not.


C250 has a horsepower of 201, new generation V6 engine of 1.8L turbo Direct Injection 4-cylinders, whereas transmission of this sports sedan is 7-speed automatic, RWD which is great for the fuel mileage and keeps it within the limits of EPA which is 19 mpg city to 31 mpg highway. The car consumes roughly around 6.8L per 100km and weighs around 1505 kg. C250 comes with a safety rating of 5 star by ANCAP. Users can get service after a year (12 months) or 25,000 km and the great thing is that car’s resale is approximately valued at 65%. The price of C250 Sport Sedan starts at $36,255 and can be more depending upon extra add-ons/features you choose. To make sure your investment remains safe for a certain time period, the sedan is covered by 2 years warranty or with limited mileage of up to 50,000 from the Mercedes.


Engines are always one of the most important areas of any car as they hold all the power to make your car run and Mercedes’ cars are known for their fine German engineering which leads to high quality, power and durability. In case of C250, AMG did play their part when it came to engine, suspension and other performance related areas of the car, although this sedan doesn’t boast any external badge of AMG. Its 1.8 turbocharged direct injection engine with 4-cylinders seems pretty decent and does the job nicely, however when compared to its German rival Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro the engine somewhat lacks behind in terms of power and obviously performance follows. In terms of acceleration run from 0-100km/h, at 7.2 v 6.5 seconds the C250 is seven-tenths slower than the Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro.

There are three different modes of transmission to select from Manual, Efficiency and Sport in the C250 with every mode having its own taste. When you switch the transmission from Efficiency to Sport or Manual, you will feel that the response of engine gets somewhat flat, but response is pretty smooth. Furthermore, when you put pressure on the accelerator pedal and relax a bit, you’ll hear the roaring sound of the engine which is because of some retuning of engine’s electronic mapping and C250’s sports exhaust. Obviously, AMG did play its role and did the job nicely as compared to standard C250 coupe.

To get more essence of its sportiness, you should try hitting the brakes hard around the corners and you’ll see that the throttle moves to downshift automatically and give you that slowing sound of its engine. Many people believe that since C250 is a sports version, its transmission mode should’ve been on sports by default. Moreover for city driving C250’s downshifting is not too aggressive and the throttle isn’t too sensitive, so a sports mode by default would have been much better. So, AMG did make it different from the regular C250 coupe and these changes are notable as this in this model. Moreover, the suspension of the car makes sure that you get better handling response and firm drive as it comes with springs (isn’t that obvious?), sporty shocks and stabilizer bars.

Mercedes-Benz 2013

Body control on C250 is pretty good, which is similar in case of the driver because of the sports-style seats designed by AMG. The car is equipped with great Pirelli P-Zero tires which ensure and provide the C250 with greater road grip. Obviously, driving becomes more fun when steering the car is smooth and easy and because of revised, quicker steering things become more interesting. The handling does become better because of better response rate it has when you move your hands from 10 to 2 position as compared to the regular coupe. Overall, this is pretty great for the steering department, however for many; BMW 3 Series Coupe is still preferred when it comes to this side of cars.


Power and performance are certainly important, but if your ride doesn’t boast great looks then it won’t be a treat for your eyes and won’t even standout. Well, don’t worry! Mercedes usually does a good job on the design of the cars as well to make sure the ‘Mercedes’ image stays on. C250 is a sports version whereas C-Class is pretty luxurious; therefore you get rough and tough looks with luxurious feel. Let’s get more into the design of the car.

C250 does seem worth it when you look at it for first time; its design is nicer but not completely different from the 2012 model. However, the car’s design has still a lot to give. The height of the car is lowered down which gives it a great ‘sporty’ look whereas the black wheels of AMG adds to the elegance of the sports sedan. The headlights are good enough to grab your attention, well they are pretty stylish.

Coming to interior, hold your breath… okay don’t worry! The interior is what you expect from such company. The AMG sports seats are really comfortable and the interior has a nice finishing with a luxurious feel, moreover the inside is as good as many expensive and other powerful models of Mercedes. Since you’ll pay around $36,000 (or more) obviously you should expect some extra features such as the 5.8” color LCD whereas the head unit is equipped with a satellite radio, a Bluetooth interface, an FM twin tuner with phase-diversity, a USB port which can be certainly useful and a standard mp3 compatible CD rom. If you’re willing to spend some extra bucks and go for a navigation system then you’ll get a 7” LCD along with an SD card slot as well as 10 GB built-in storage space. Moreover, a six-disc CD/DVD changer and voice control are also included.

An underrated feature is that the navigation system saves the routes while you are driving on them, so you (and other family members) can use the saved routes if they are used occasionally and the system will also provide you trip data as directions alone might not be much fun. All in all, the car doesn’t seem a bad choice at such price (AMG does cost, after all) along with warranty as well as other after sales services. However, it won’t be a bad idea to have a look at the competitors of C250 to know where does it exactly stands. Some of the top competitors for C250 Sports Sedan are Audi A5 2.0T Premium AWD Quattro Coupe, Cadillac CTS Base RWD Coupe and Nissan Altima 2.5 S Coupe, BMW 328i Sedan and Jaguar XF.

Mercedes-Benz 2013
Mercedes-Benz 2013

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