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Mercedes-Benz W212

Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class

W212 E-Class sedan

Five-speed auto on fours

E 250 CGI

rating: 3.0/5.0


Price, Packaging and Practicality:

Safety: 3.5/5.0

Behind the 3.0/5.0

Engine/Drivetrain/Chassis: 3.5/5.0

Packaging and Practicality: 3.0/5.0


Behind the wheel:

X-factor: 3.0/5.0

Purely and the new E-Class is designed and built to be the medium sedan in the world.

The is that of Daimler AG boss, Dr Zetsche (made at the car’s Motor Show unveiling in — more here ). And the medium part of the claim was for the parochial US market (the is a large exce EVERY in the world), the rest remains

At the very heart of the Mercedes-Benz the world’s automotive community and buyers demand every new of E-Class become a benchmark on In preparation for this responsibility, the new was subjected to more than 36 km of testing, over 150 real crash tests and more 17,000 virtual crashes and simulations. Benz is not disclosing the cost of development of the new E, but it clearly into billions of dollars.

more interior space but on a similar footprint to the W211, the E-Class pioneers new, efficient engines, is fitted new technologies to propel and pamper, and with an armoury of updated features.

Though not all the features or will come Down we will see a significant upgrade in equipment and at least two four-cylinder when the new E arrives Down The stalwart V6 and V8 models land (in July) but, before end Mercedes Australia will on offer the most frugal ever — one that at just 5.3L/100km and still out 500Nm.


pricing and final specification for E-Class models is still to be says the company’s local Dr Z claimed the new E-Class’ more drivetrains, enhanced safety and upgraded quality and interior all come at no increase in cost at Detroit and again last at the Geneva show, so we’re not local prices to drop

More likely what see is a rationalising of the E-Class specification and price list with E-Class models benefiting via equipment levels.

The Australian E-Class range will off with the arrival of the petrol 350 and 500 and the 350 CDI turbodiesel in July. Then the end of the third quarter of 2009, four-cylinder models will — the 250CDI direct-injected petrol four and Benz’s diesels, the twin-turbo 220 CDI and 250 CDI.

The 380kW-plus E 63 AMG will debut at the show in September and arrive Under in time to be parked your Christmas tree.

the AMG car will be offered in one-spec, the wider E-Class range and Avantgarde trim levels be offered, and for the first time, have badges inside the to help you remember what you’re driving.

In Europe, Exclusive and AMG Sport Pack upgrades will also be Expect the same Down

Standard specifications of E-Class markedly across the world. For in Germany and other Euro Benz offers manual in the small-engined models. Locally all Es be auto and standard specification will be high.

Benz standard E-Class fare as adaptive airbags, antilock with brake assist and hold function, electric windows and (in Aussie models) seats. An eight-speaker audio climate control, 16-inch wheels with tyre monitoring system, cruise plus speed limiter, headlamps and wipers, Bluetooth and alloy and high-gloss eucalyptus trim elements are all included.

Avantgarde adds a sporting to the E and features 17-inch five-twin-spoke with 245 series tyres, headlamps with Intelligent System and washers, revised bumper, three-bar grille and LED daytime running, LED taillights and sports suspension.

Inside lighting is featured and there are Avantgarde-specific colours offered. The trim piping orientation of the new pillow-top seats is horizontal and the panel features unique gauges complete with chrome bezels. Interior is black high-gloss ash or optional aluminium.

The Elegance models ten-spoke alloys (17-inch on the and add body finish tweaks, a grille and chrome external highlights. Inside ambient is added to doors and dash, the get a traditional longitudinal piping and trim elements are upgraded to high-gloss burr walnut.

The AMG package will likely as popular on the W212 as it has on previous Es in part as it offers a number of (such as larger drilled and upgraded brake calipers) cannot be optioned separately. In its form the pack includes alloys and wider rear three-spoke Nappa leather steering wheel with paddles, manual shift for 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic (on V6 and V8 models), AMG sports suspension and add-ons. Sports front are also featured.

In the case of all grades extra equipment is depending on the powertrain. For example E 500 feature Airmatic adjustable air as standard, while all other use steel springs and Benz’s Direct Control dampers.

The active and passive safety are extensive enough to need an in their own right. Check out below for a summary of the key systems of the new suite of safety equipment.

the skin, the E-Class is a technical de force. It literally builds on of experience.

Mercedes says the new claims a record for the percentage of and ultra-high strength steels in the of its body-in-white — a whopping 72 per Body rigidity has been by 30 per cent, with attendant related to safety, suspension and refinement all claimed by the carmaker.

The new design features front and subframes that are integral to the crash structure and also the front and rear suspension, and drivetrain components.

Front is a three-link modified McPherson design. Benz uses its Control variable damping in non-Airmatic models and two of the three links are aluminium alloy. The claims the Mac strut-based design has and refinement benefits over a wishbone.

The rear suspension is a development of Mercedes’ trademark independent suspension. Modifications the forces channeled into the cell are reduced for better Aluminium is extensively used.

The V6 and V8 are the first Mercedes-Benz models to Airmatic air suspension with adaptive damping. The system seven sensors to monitor such as road speed, wheel angle, braking engine torque and body and then calculates optimum characteristics. The system then the damping force for each individually.

Both Comfort and modes are offered, however, the will also automatically to driving style.

The new E-Class’ is rack and pinion with Direct Steer variable standard on V6 and V8, and optional on other Steering assistance is hydraulic, but as of the drive for better fuel it’s a ‘smart’ system only pumps to deliver when required.

Adaptive is Benz’s title for the antilock system fitted to the new E-Class. In to normal emergency brake brake force distribution, drying, fade compensation and holder functions, Adaptive includes the E-Class’s signature function. This function the driver to depress the pedal a further once stopped to a hold mode that is released when the accelerator is pushed. Perfect in heavy

The four-wheel brake hardware in size, depending on the specific model. At the top end of the range the E500 vented 344 x 32mm front with four-piston calipers, the rears are 320 x 24mm rotors by single-piston units.

In terms of it’s largely steady as we go for the V6 and V8 end of the range. Though minor have been made to the E 200kW/350Nm 3.5-litre V6 petrol and E 500’s 285kW/530Nm 5.5-litre V8, the are essentially unchanged.

Australia not get the new 215kW E 350 CGI BlueEfficiency direct-injected V6 for the foreseeable future for reasons of incompatibility — Australian petrol has too much sulphur. We do get the E 350 however.

Though the base single turbo V6 turbodiesel is from its appearances in the W211, it now 170kW and 540Nm — and 100Nm more than the range’s top diesel, the E 280 CDI).

claims the 350 CDI returns a Euro economy figure of 7.3L/100km. By way of the abovementioned E 280 is 0.2L/100km thirstier (on the but not the same, Aussie cycle)

All V6 and V8 (petrol and diesel) retain proven 7G-TRONIC seven-speed gearbox. In this generation, the is moved to the steering column the same set-up as the S, M, GL, G and R-Class Avantgarde spec cars get wheel shift paddles.

The models retain a ‘normal’ tunnel shifter — as by their older ‘analog’ five-speed autobox. But though are saddled with this transmission, both the petrol and fours are for all intents and purposes new

The 250 CGI shares the same bore and dimensions of the old 200K supercharged and therefore their 1796cc but little else. A new direct-injection has been developed necessitating a new design and the engine is now turbo than supercharged.

Benz 150kW at 5500rpm and 310Nm from 2000-4300rpm for the new engine along with a Euro cycle fuel consumption of This easily outguns the and 8.7L/100km of the old E 200K and compares than favourably with the of the old E 240 variant (130kW/240Nm). The new entry-level E’s 0-100km/h time of is better than both and 9.1sec respectively).

On the diesel of the fence the E 220 CDI and E 250 CDI share the same longer-stroke twin-turbo 2.1-litre architecture and, in the case of the is the surprise package of the new E-Class

The 220 CDI is now rated at 140kW and 400Nm up the 125kW/400Nm currently fitted to the C 220 CDI (to there’s been no E model Down Under). Fuel is rated at 5.3L/100km.

Packing at 4200rpm and 500Nm from (and more than 350 almost idle through to the 250 CDI may be slower on paper than its namesake (0-100km/h in 8.2sec) but on the the diesel just torques into the distance. It also the 5.3L/100km combined Euro of its diesel entry-level sibling.

In a hybrid-equipped diesel E-Class go on sale in early 2010. then, the 250 twin-turbo is arguably Where else can you get this of fuel economy coupled V8 levels of torque?

Perhaps the amazing fact about the new range is its drag coefficient Somehow, the wizards at Stuttgart presented a car with undeniably proportions but with a cd of just — the same as the new Prius.

And in a car that is actually larger the W211 it replaces. The dimensional are not huge, but the car is 22mm longer v 4856), rides on a 20mm wheelbase (2874 v 2854), has track front and rear (up to at the rear) and is wider as well. The dimension not bettered is height the W212 is 18mm lower the car it replaces.

The amazingly low drag number is the of very careful airflow over, around and under the Measures include automatically fan louvres which control the to the engine compartment in line the engine’s cooling requirements underbody fairings and other

This is no aero special, The new E has an imposing presence on the road befitting its place in the automotive Sharper than the car it replaces, added angularity to the lines, but we’d call a somewhat blend of geometric and organic to its front end.

That it up aspects of both the W204 and the current S-Class marque suits its place in the manufacturer’s range. That said, as we after the car’s Detroit peek, there’s a touch of the to the car — especially the rear

Where the W211 had real to its lines from all points of the the new car has awkward angles — a few of in fact. As good as the new E may drive, writer is not a fan of its styling.

Inside the is all new. The dash is a double affair with traditional instrument panel (the gets its own three-barrel look) large separate eye-level nav screen a la S-Class. The angular continues here, with the itself recalling older efforts.

The centre stack is more vertically oriented the previous model, to the point it plunges almost vertically to the centre console at a near There Benz’s COMAND sits within easy of the split-lidded centre console and on the versions there’s extra room in place of the shifter MECHANICAL above).

A proper-sized and doorbins provide incidental It would be nice if every could adopt Audi’s door bins — the are too tight to be really useful.

said, this is a cabin in you’d happily spend hours. The materials used are tactile and there’s beautiful everywhere — like the satin alloy vent and dash spears. The wood like wood — and is. At ambient lighting under the highlights across the dash and on a level across each face perfectly sets off the tooled upholstery.

We love the seats. They look the Benz armchairs of old, but more initial plushness. too are simply gorgeous in their

There’s more room in the new thanks largely to the wheelbase Benz claims more room front and rear, As the W211 was hardly lacking in suffice to say you and yours will be accommodated.

Well four of you if you choose the ‘club’ style seat option. Offered as ‘Rear Comfort Package’ the layout delivers luxury rear seats for the rear luxury head restraints, sunblinds integrated in the rear and an electrically operated roller on the interior of the rear window.

mortals will likely opt for the bench Mercedes Australia make standard across the range.

Boot space is as the same as the W211 (540 We were surprised to find goose-neck hinges back — rather than the space-efficient multi-element hinges prestige cars use. At there’s a load through

There’s such a wide of options and features available the new E-Class range, there little point in prattling on specifics. Chances are, if you it — Benz can deliver it: sunroof, special wood ballistic anti-terrorist protection, cabinet. And so on.

Though once all of key new technologies were introduced in the S-Class, the E-Class increasingly the mantle of joint technology these days. Thus introduces a host of driver aids.

The new E sees Benz’s (optional) Plus dynamic cruise paired with brake and Pre-Safe Braking for the first to provide a four-step defence against collisions. In essence the overlap to prompt and assist the that a high risk is imminent, and if necessary then autonomous emergency braking.

The also debuts a new version of night vision system and an (we’ve tested it, so we can say so) high assist system that adjusts the light available in to oncoming traffic. These will be optional in Aussie Es

Mercedes-Benz W212

All E-Class models will, benefit from blind and lane departure warning Benz’s new Attention Assist a driver alert system monitors 70 parameters to detect drowsiness — will be standard across the range.

Not Down Under is Benz’s Limit Assist — a that recognises speed signs and alerts the driver. In our this is no loss.

During the launch drive of the E-Class the ignored some speed signs, but more of an issue is the user interface. When a limit sign is passed, the (via Benz’s in-speedo display) lasts only a few There’s an option via the onboard to select permanent display of the limit, but that too disappears a time, leaving the driver to where he or she is at. Plus if you chose the option, you must ‘hide’ all of the information the MFD normally displays.

A option would be to display the limit on the digital speedo the E-Class’s MFD already includes.

the E-Class includes all the ‘normal’ active safety systems that is to say state of the art. The antilock brakes come a swag of extra features as fade compensation, brake and the like) and stability control is, of standard. The carmaker’s Pre-Safe safety system has been

The passive systems the E-Class are also second to none. The of the car incorporates all the lessons Mercedes teams have learned decades of research, and the E-Class the company’s new Neck-Pro active restraints and takes adaptive technology and count to new levels. it’s unclear what the Australian spec will be, bet against the W212 arriving 11 airbags as standard.

In addition to driver and passenger bags, front and rear side and curtains (that’s eight!), the includes front pelvis and a driver’s knee bag. to E-Class program safety Dirk Ockel, pelvis are the next level of protection for They allow side loads to be spread across a section of the body, decreasing the of injury.

The E-Class uses pretensioners for all outboard positions and an automatic belt tightener for occupants. This tensions the to a still-comfortable, but better controlled 35N when you first buckle up. By way of a ‘normal’ belt sits on a at 10N.

To be introduced from the of the E-Class Estate later year, and as a running change on the the rear belts on the new W212 will also incorporate a load limiting function should be ‘kinder’ to smaller

The system works by ‘measuring’ the of the rear occupants based on how seat belt they to unroll to ‘fit’. Where the belt load limiters use a 7kN (kilonewtons) threshold, the system limit ‘skinny’ beltees to of that.

This feature even in the Benz literature but it is an indication of the level of detail to the carmaker is going. Little Benz safety boss Mellinghoff has no qualms in declaring the new car as the in the world.

And Benz hasn’t pedestrians. Eschewing pyrotechnics for an ‘reloaded’ spring-based system, the active bonnet is simple and At this stage, however, it not be coming Down Under at least until our pedestrian regs catch up with

One of the simple ones — BMW 5 Audi A6 and Lexus GS and LS ranges. large executive saloon is a perennial battleground for the German and the Japanese prestige brand has a place in the consideration set for consistency of as much as any other factor.

might also include XF or even XJ here, but those appeal to such a small nowadays they border on

Both the BMW 5 and the Audi A6 have had midlife makeovers and offer that echo the Benz’s selection — from 2.0-litre diesels through to V10 petrol powerhouses. They many of the same boxes as the big

And spicing up the segment in the next or so will be a five-door alternative from both. Shown as cars, the Sportback and 5 Series Turismo, will evolve to on the E-Class as the A7, and, err, 5 Gran Turismo (probably).

how Benz decides to price the new E will decide final of which is the executive to pick.

international launch of the E-Class place in the Spanish capital of In unseasonably cold weather our two on the ground were characterised by winds, sleet and occasional Indeed, the conditions meant the drive loop was closed to thanks to the white stuff.

So our are tempered by the fact we spent of our kilometers on Spanish freeways and (read: straight) country The best section of the launch was tackled under the cover of — so at least that us the opportunity to sample the excellent High Beam Assist

We concentrated on the two four-cylinder Es — have essentially all-new and thanks to their improved (and fiscal pressures) are to make up a larger percentage of E-Class sales than before.

Neither are terribly powerplants, though Benz has to keep overall noise hushed even at the bottom end of the range. And though we’re no fan of the five-speed automatic transmission to they’re matched (and changes can still be harsh), in its guise overall shift is improved.

Given its modest capacity, the 250 CGI direct-injected petrol does a good job of hauling the E-Class’ not inconsiderable bulk Acceleration from a standstill is far eye-watering but it’s sprightly In-gear acceleration too is acceptable; from ‘normal’ Aussie speeds full throttle can be by a solid kickdown and a none-too lift in engine noise

This isn’t the most powerplant when the revs get up, but it is a one. There’s no direct on the cabin or occupants save for a resonance at some revs, but all the it sounds like it’s hard at times.

Once up to European freeway speeds the engine has a definite sweet In this performance range it provide our continental friends big car comfort and pace, though small car fuel bills.

The 250 CDI four-cylinder common rail powerplant is, in contrast, a punchy that will be better to our roads, speed limits and styles. With V8-style available at revs that with Aussie open limits in top gear, overtaking just a roll of the right You’re rewarded with a grumbly timbre that has a quite different from four-cylinder diesel Benzes.

No, is not a super quiet four but we soon learned to admire the diesel that could.

At and idling in traffic, it is very a diesel, but equally it doesn’t the aurally harsh moments of the four. It also offers lag-free acceleration — the petrol engine (and the 350 V6 for that matter). We’d to spend significantly more behind the wheel of the 250 CDI before we its praises from the rooftops, but indications are good.

As is often the case, it’s ‘smaller’ E-Class models are our pick of the E-Class range at least initially. And much of the behind that is their fettled steel-sprung running Adjustable Airmatic air suspension is on the 500 V8 petrol model, but in some it lags behind the clean, composed ride/handling balance of the (and turbodiesel E 350 CDI BlueTec) we

On the Madrid regions at times roads, the steel sprung were impressive. Though the Contisport Contact rubber be a touch nicer on our coarser roads, the overall package is compelling.

The non-Airmatic E now features the adaptive damping system in its as the W204 C-Class. The system firms up the damping (for suspension control and to help body roll) when but still delivers an excellent around town.

On 17-inch and 45-series rubber, the four-cylinder and 350 CDI to Madrid lumps and bumps in stride. In contrast, the Airmatic 500 on wheels exhibited a choppier on the Comfort setting, which deteriorated on Sport.

Given the size and target market, any yielded by the air suspension in the corners are in this writer’s opinion. In given the general capabilities of the 250 and 350 CDI models, we’d be hard to recommend the 500 over either. If after V8 petrol thrills, for the E 63 AMG which will deliver and handling benefits.

Though the W211 E models had forgettable manners, a midlife update things immensely. Now, the arrives with a tiller is a touch sharper than the model (the V6s and V8s get Direct In terms of response, the steering a happy medium and is not so touchy as to be on the freeway.

In the strong 50-70km/h we encountered on Day One in Madrid the car could be accurately but we think the E’s could still be more For the record, the AMG car will get its own bespoke end, with revised geometry as well as unique

A trademark of all Es — and the new model — nonetheless are their ability. Mercedes has much to say its new seats and though we spent a modest amount of time in we’re happy to believe the of hundreds of kilometres in a sitting.

The lack of fuss in the cabin, at high speed in the inherently frantic four-cylinder cars, for relaxing progress while the cabin and instrument panel (with eye-level navigation requires less eye time from the road for the driver using satnav and other

We could go on — the new E-Class’s kit runs to almost 140 pages and the manual to twice that. But we

While we must wait to the new E locally, and wait for the all-important pricing and specifications before we the last box, we’re to say this much: With luxury, more safety, economy and ‘that’ three-pointed on the bonnet, the new E-Class has every of claiming the title of world’s luxury exec.

Chances if you liked the old E, you’re going to the new one.

Mercedes-Benz W212

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