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Actros compact space

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros: Cockpit and — A new dimension in comfort, and wellbeing

With the advent of the new of the Actros, Mercedes-Benz is ushering the of the heavy duty truck a class of its own, not just by of the sensational exterior design, but by admiring the fashionable and practical which offers multiple compartments and is available in two trim Home line for cosiness, line for dynamism. This is aspect that sets the new apart from its direct The modular system is one of the many key of the cabin and it offers a choice of up to different long-distance cab variants. As the clients of the truck will be drivers, one of the major tasks was to two distinct areas inside the the working place and the living which are visually separated colour and geometric form. they are driving, truckers appreciate the new cockpit perfectly around them and the comfy equipped with massage for the first time. After a day’s work, drivers be able to rest and feel at in the relaxation area entitled Concept.

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is for long-distance transport like no truck, setting new standards in of use of space, interior design and attention to detail. The newly cab presented an opportunity to introduce a incorporating completely new interior focussed on what drivers and expect. For them, the cab is a workplace, a and a bedroom all in one. The new Actros shows how this can be achieved in an of barely six square metres. At the of the interior concept are the easy-to-use and the comfortable living area, are visually separate for the first With the new Actros, companies can their top drivers a top truck – obvious results. After satisfied drivers are good

Modular system: seven cabs

A width of 2.3 or 2.5 metres, roof variants and, exception, the maximum possible of 2.3 metres: behind these figures lies the perfect system for the new Actros, with a of seven long-distance cabs. No truck offers as many cab for long-distance transport.

Here, a cab has to different and in some cases requirements. The driver needs a workplace behind the wheel, a space for writing when on the room for relaxing during and when waiting around, and a bed for trips lasting several and sometimes several weeks.

The new offers a custom-designed cab for practically any – whether it be regional long-distance with occasional overnight national long-distance transport several days of absence home or international long-distance with trips sometimes several weeks. The new Actros is the first truck with a 2.3-metre wide cab and a flat It offers the full practicality and of the 2.5‑metre wide cab – yet it is 50 kg lighter.

space: flat floor in of seven cabs

Whereas a cab floor was previously the reserve of truck models, five of the cab variants for the new Actros feature a floor for the first time. In words, every Actros for long-distance transport can offer impressive comfort feature, gives the driver maximum to move. A dream space a reality in the new Actros.

Almost exactly the same is of the two cab versions with an engine although the term ‘engine is a slight exaggeration, as it is only 170 mm and therefore hardly obstructs inside the cab.

Actros GigaSpace cab – a new dimension

In terms of the only thing that the new Actros is legislation: the previous cab is replaced by the spectacular GigaSpace which opens up a new dimension in It is all but four metres high when it comes to spaciousness, its predecessor by some 920 litres – a whole cubic metre. extra space is reflected in a of 2.13 metres throughout and a larger stowage capacity. The volume of 11.6 cubic is a record for a European truck

The new range of seven cabs

The cabs for the new Actros in detail:

The long ClassicSpace cab with a roof. 2.3 m wide, engine 170 mm. Headroom on the engine tunnel m, in front of the co-driver’s seat m.

— The long ClassicSpace cab a standard roof. 2.3 m wide a flat floor. Headroom on the tunnel 1.64 m.

— The StreamSpace cab. 2.3 m wide, tunnel 170 mm. Headroom on the engine 1.79 m, in front of the co-driver’s 1.84 m.

— The long cab. 2.3 m wide with a floor. Headroom 1.97 m.

The long StreamSpace cab. 2.5 m with a flat floor. throughout 1.97 m.

— The BigSpace cab. 2.5 m wide a flat floor. Headroom 1.99 m.

— The long cab. 2.5 m wide with a floor. Headroom 2.13 m.

equipment and appointments for all cabs

the 2.3-metre wide ClassicSpace includes the new colour concept for the a multifunction steering wheel and a operated roof hatch as All cab versions from the StreamSpace also have an electrically tilting sunroof or, as an option, a glass sunroof.

All versions of the new with a flat floor include comfort suspension for the which can also be tilted The steps are illuminated, while the sections are extended downwards. sun blinds, air conditioning and a compressed-air for cleaning the cab are likewise part of the standard-equipment package.

In addition to all of the large BigSpace and GigaSpace for the new Actros feature a comfort seat, carpet between the and a sun screen. Plus the GigaSpace incorporates a tool stowage box the cab, fog lamps, an additional in the centre console and stowage above the windscreen.

Working and areas visually separated colour and geometric form

The new results in highly practical For instance, the new Actros not only has of stowage space, this space is also precisely the driver needs it. The same is when it comes to room to around: the designers have plenty of space in the areas the driver has to move or stand.

One new is the visual separation of the workspace and area by using different and geometric forms, developed for the new long-distance Actros: the functional around the cockpit is finished in anthracite whilst the rear, and area around the co-driver’s are appointed in a light almond colour. As well as looking and cosy, it makes the space larger and creates a pleasantly and roomy feeling. Another is the fact that the light shade heats up less in The Actros shares this colour with top-of-the-range cars such as the Mercedes‑Benz CLS and SL.

Further enhanced material

The cab designers have further the already renowned and exemplary quality. All the components have designed with the utmost with one eye on practicality and the other on The soft feel and the in-house-developed of the plastic surfaces in the upper of the instrument panel as well as on the linings, A-pillars and roof boxes are reminiscent of leather. of the materials used in new Actros not look out of place in a luxury car, such is their Longevity is also assured to a robust, scratch-resistant and easy-care

In-house-developed driver’s seat, massage function for the first

The driver’s seat was likewise specifically for the new Actros. The width of the cushion has been increased by 40 mm to the previous version and, an exterior width of 550 mm, is by far the largest in class. The range of the now two-stage adjustment system has also increased: 190 mm or 250 mm after the lower is folded up, meaning that of any size can find their sitting position. The seat adjustment range has likewise extended – by 20 mm. Further aspects specifically for the new Actros include the for the many adjustment options, are now intuitive as well as being from above.

There are different versions of the driver’s available (rigid seat, seat, comfort suspension and climatised suspension seat) as as three versions of the co-driver’s (regular seat, comfort seat and climatised suspension The top-of-the-range seat with a function (available from onwards) is unique: at the push of a seven air cushions arranged one on top of the in the backrest pulse for ten minutes. function helps to relieve on very long trips.

can choose from a wide of seat covers: flat-weave velour, artificial leather, and the particularly soft and smooth Star covers in black or beige. The latter, which be familiar to Mercedes-Benz passenger car has a surface structure reminiscent of while the leather seats in the new have a diamond pattern and felling in a contrasting colour.

A new perfectly designed around the

The all-new cockpit promotes yet relaxed driving. It is designed on the latest ergonomics research and on the driver, with all the controls within easy reach. Its form curves towards the conveying a feeling of self-assurance and The instruments and all the controls are new developments in terms of looks and feel, are on a par those seen in Mercedes-Benz cars. Thanks to their design, they allow access to all the relevant information.

The multifunction steering wheel an easy-grip rim is reminiscent of the one used in the generation of Mercedes‑Benz passenger in terms of both its look and its buttons. A foot-operated switch is now to adjust the steering wheel, the steering wheel itself has a far adjustment angle than in the tried-and-trusted previous Actros

Easy-to-read circular instruments, colour display

The newly developed instrument incorporates the speedometer and rev counter in the of large, circular instruments, smaller circular instruments are for the fuel and coolant-temperature gauges.

the instruments, a large colour with graphics capability and intuitive menus provides a of information. There are two versions – one with a width of 10.4 cm and an Highline variant which is cm wide. If a reversing camera is the images it captures appear on the central display. Further features include a trip for recording all the key data on the current This is also where, as the driver receives short-time and tips about current style through the FleetBoard function.

Steering column for the transmission, start/stop button for the

Should the driver ever to manually override the standard-fit PowerShift fully-automated transmission, is done via a steering column rather than a gear – so through-cab access remains

Another new function for the new Actros is the system: customers can order a multifunction key which performs functions to ease the driver’s such as the level control on the or rear axle, display of the inflation pressure, axle and fill levels as well as functions such as activation of the heater, the auxiliary air conditioning or the

When the ignition is switched on in the new the needles on the speedometer and the rev counter to their limit positions A separate start/stop button on the panel is used for starting and the engine in the new Actros, while the parking brake lever is within easy reach in the console.

Using a tried-and-tested the tachograph is positioned over the above the driver’s head. is also the designated location for any CB that may be fitted. Another of the cockpit concept for the new Actros is the of practical stowage options: conceived spaces for drinks up to 1.5 litres, papers, a coat, a and oddments such as sunglasses. stowage areas are ideal for a maker or a television, while a table can be integrated in the instrument support on the co-driver’s side.

The new as a concert hall: radio sound system

The radio in the new is positioned within the driver’s and field of vision. A USB connection is with the standard version. versions include a CD player or a CD with Bluetooth connection, there is also an even luxury version available. A keypad makes it easier to the telephone functions and the radio. more, two-way loudspeakers even better sound are available as an alternative to the standard

The optional sound system the new Actros into a concert An active subwoofer in a bass loudspeaker, two broadband speakers, two speakers and two separate tweeters musical entertainment of the highest

Two sockets in the co-driver’s footwell and one the driver’s seat supply electrical consumers with Among the other available the power socket – for a television or a oven, for example – stands out its magnetic plug connection for consumers with 24 volts and a of 25 amperes.

Heating with engine heat utilisation

Cab is draught-free, the air arriving through air outlets. The heating system for the new is air-controlled, operates effectively and quickly. New features include the residual engine heat here the coolant’s waste is used to heat the cab for up to two hours – than enough to keep the cab at a temperature during breaks or waiting around – without to activate the auxiliary heater and use unnecessarily.

The auxiliary heater for the new Actros is in the engine compartment, where it is from the cab. Two variants are an auxiliary heater exclusively for the cab an output of 3.8 kW or a heater for the cab with an of 9 kW combined with an engine The latter has separate controls for the cab and with fully automatic control, an exhaust air quality and a smog and air recirculation mode.

climes thanks to air conditioning, climate control and auxiliary air

All new Actros models include air conditioning with automatic control as standard, while climate control with a display is available as an option.

options for the new Actros include the auxiliary air conditioning, which the cold produced whilst and can use this to control the temperature in the cab for up to hours after driving. It temperature control as well as a indicator in the control panel.

lighting: practical or cosy – as the demands

Actros inside

The interior lighting for the new is all about practicality and cosiness. The lighting and the entrance lights in the panelling safely light the way the cab, while two ceiling illuminate the interior when lighting is required, for instance changing clothes. Lighting in the area makes it easier to documents here, for example.

The green night lighting in the new creates a pleasant atmosphere driving in darkness. During the indirect blue ambient with its effective and discreet LED optics between the stowage and the roof creates a pleasant The new Actros has even more here than its predecessor.

the new SoloStar Concept as a relaxation

In contrast to the highly practical the living area in the new Actros has an design wherever possible. features include the newly optionally available SoloStar for the new Actros, which creates an calm zone and ensures recuperation. This comfortable area on the co‑driver’s side is like a corner sofa and is set back against the rear There’s plenty of room to even tall drivers can their legs and sit comfortably longer breaks. To make it easier to move around, the bed can be folded at the rear wall. The can fold out a table from its which can be used for either or dining.

The seat in the SoloStar is likewise equipped with a seat belt and a head meaning that it can be used restrictions whilst driving. So or companions are always made to very welcome.

Large offering the comforts of home

The in the new Actros are also new. in the models with a 2.3-metre cab, the comfort bed behind the seat measures 2000 x 750 mm and plenty of space for even drivers. In the 2.5-metre wide the dimensions increase to a whopping x 750 mm – so even exceptionally tall will have more enough room.

The comfort bed’s full-length cold-foam mattresses, which are eleven centimetres thick, the same level of comfort as a bed at home. Integrated spacer in the lower area ensures ventilation. Back height allows any driver to find a position for reading or watching The even more lavish mattress impresses by virtue of its structure with integrated elements.

Two different variants are for the upper bed. The version 2200 x 600 mm with a restraint can also be used by the co-driver the vehicle is being driven. The version (2200 x 750 mm) is like the for the lower bed. If the new Actros is not on the flat, the bed can be levelled using a level.

New stowage space with asymmetric roof compartments

The newly designed cab also presented an opportunity to an all-new and sophisticated stowage-space Whether it be large or small clean or dirty washing or – practically anything can be carried and tidily on board the Actros.

the most impressive of all the stowage are the asymmetric compartments above the in the new Actros BigSpace and GigaSpace left-hand-drive vehicles). Located the driver’s area they are into the cockpit and are very whereas the shallower stowage on the co-driver’s side allow headroom and plenty of space to In the Actros GigaSpace, the three and illuminated stowage compartments hold 332 litres, equivalent to the of the boot in a compact passenger When the further stowage around the cockpit and the two large compartments under the bed (420 combined) are also factored in, the stowage space adds up to 975 meaning that the Actros has easily the largest stowage in its competitive environment.

Even the compact cabs offer of stowage space. For instance, the stowage compartments above the in the new Actros StreamSpace cab measuring 2.3 wide can hold an impressive 137 of luggage. Then there are the two stowage compartments under the bed and an stowage space in the middle the bed, making a total of 580

Practical stowage facilities, stowage compartments under the bed

All of the new Actros offer impressive space. A drawer in the centre can hold A4 papers. Above large and flat surfaces are for a laptop or a coffee maker.

The two compartments under the bed are accessible outside and inside, plus are illuminated. These stowage under the bed hold 595 litres in the wide cab with a flat meaning that the new Actros its predecessor by around 40 percent and a cargo volume on a par with the E-Class Estate. The outside meanwhile, are large enough for drinks crates.

A wealth of appointments

The stowage space in the new is not just impressive on account of its volume, it also boasts an design and a range of individualisation Options include a lockable compartment above the windscreen for the BigSpace and GigaSpace cabs, flexible shelving for the central compartment. A safe can also be There are drawers in the centre the bed as well as the option of oddments for the stowage compartments.

A coolbox 25 litres can be installed on the engine as an option. Alternatively, the coolbox can be in the pull-out tray under the bed 26 litres). Models with a floor can even be equipped a 36-litre refrigerator – large to store drinks bottles

Towel rail and shaving on board again

Details the new Actros cab a bona fide area. Like its predecessor, the new features a towel rail – but now it is enough to not have to fold so they dry quicker – housed in the above the co-driver’s side. A mirror is also included again, although this can now be at the driver’s preferred location to its flexible and versatile bracket. To the of the driver’s door, there is a compartment, while retractable hooks are located to the left and of the stowage compartments.

New lines: line for cosiness, Style for dynamism

Like the Mercedes-Benz cars, the new Actros interior can be enhanced and individualised by specifying one of two lines.

The Home line the cosiness of the new Actros. It includes door handles with a look and trim strips in the Plus there is a leather wheel, with the option of a steering wheel. Velour inserts between the seats and panels dotted in almond round off the Home line.

The line, on the other hand, the dynamic aura of the new Actros chrome-look inside door as well as trim strips on the steering wheel, ventilation and steering column stalk. than being fashioned painted plastic, for example, the parts are made of real with a Silver Shadow and they help to further the high-class appeal of the new Actros. carpet inserts between the and velour interior door in black/silver complete the interior. On the the new Actros with Style has an extrovert character thanks to a highlight on the sun screen, chrome on the mirror housings, the illuminated star, the ambient lighting, the fog and the LED daytime driving lights. design and equipment lines a white instrument panel and a sleeve for the handbrake valve.

A of comfort available at an attractive price

Three attractively packages make a high of comfort on board the new Actros affordable. They also it easier for customers to choose options by combining typical of special equipment. The Basic Pack includes an enhanced locking system, a two-piece roller blind, ambient lighting and two-way loudspeakers.

and above this, the Classic Pack includes a lockable compartment above the windscreen, an drawer in the centre console, air side roller sun blinds at the top of the windows, a leather steering and an electrically operated tilting/sliding

The Top Comfort Pack additionally a sound system, a Highline cluster, a shelf for the roof automatic climate control, a in the drawer under the bed and the illuminated star in the radiator grille.

Mercedes Benz actros interior
Actros compact space
Actros 500 interior
Mercedes Benz actros interior


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