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Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI AT Base

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Roof Mount or Hitch Cargo Carrier for a 2014 GLK 350 The benefit of getting a trailer is that you can use it for other things as towing if needed, bike cargo carriers, and other With a roof bag it only has one and you will have an item on the that you have to load and which can be difficult on an SUV or taller in general. And if you do not take the necessary first, a bag could scratch the With a hitch mount there is some extra but it is the safer way

Roof Mount or Mount Cargo Carrier for a Mercedes GLK 350 The benefit of getting a hitch is that you can use it for other such as towing if needed, racks, cargo carriers, and accessories. With a roof bag it has one function and you will have an on the roof that you have to and unload which can be difficult on an SUV or vehicles in general. And if you do not take the precautions first, a bag could the paint. With a hitch carrier there is some expense but it is the safer way

Trunk Bike Rack Recommendation for a for Mercedes-Benz CLK 430 Convertible For a trunk bike rack for your Mercedes Benz CLK 430 Convertible you have several options. I a link to a page that has all of the listed. The one I would go with if I you would be the Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Rack # Y02624. This is a rated bike rack many great features large contact pads for the surfaces of your vehicle anti-sway cradles to prevent bikes from touching other. I attached a review for this

Will Tekonsha RF Wireless Trailer Brake # 90250 Work on 2007 GL-Class Trailer brake including the Tekonsha Prodigy RF Trailer Brake Controller # are not vehicle-specific. You can use any trailer brake in just about any vehicle. The RF is a great option if you will to often transfer the controller different vehicles. If not, one of the Tekonsha units, such as the P2 # may be a better choice. Certain that have a bulb-out (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and will require

Trailer for a 2014 Mercedes GLK250 Diesel Hidden Hitch hitch # 87636 is designed to fit the but not the GLK250 so it would not work for For the 2014 GLK250 we have trailer hitch # C13155. It also fit BlueTEC models are the diesel models. I have a link to the isntallation instructions for If you plan on doing some I recommend etrailer ball kit # 989900. This kit includes 2 mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin clip, and a storage bag. For wiring, you will need to

Hitch for a 2014 Mercedes Diesel There is only one hitch designed to fit the 2014 GLK250 and that is Curt hitch # C13155. It will fit the diesel models. I have a link to the installation instructions for The other hitches will fit the GLK350 and not the GLK250. If you plan on some towing I also etrailer ball mount kit # It includes 2 ball mounts, 2 a hitch pin with clip, and a bag. You will need to see a dealer for trai

Trailer for a 2009 Mercedes ML Class Model Hidden Hitch hitch # 87755 is listed as a fit for all of the 2009 Mercedes ML350 and including the BlueTEC models. But it not fit models equipped with the air package. I have included a to the installation instructions for you. If you on doing some towing the hitch I also recommend ball mount kit # 989900. kit comes with 2 ball 2 balls, a hitch pin with and a storage bag. Trailer will need to be obtained f

Roof Rack Options for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van can be equipped any of several different Rhino-Rack rack systems if it has a standard with no rails or crossbars. The provided will let you see all available which include both and 3-bar systems. All systems 71-inch crossbars, and you have in the crossbar type. The 3-bar consisting of parts # RAB1800B-3, # and # RTS523 uses the quietest of crossbars that better cut the wi

Recommended 4-Bike Rack For Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 450 For your Mercedes-Benz GL-Class I recommend a platform rack like the NV 4 Bike Platform Rack, # N105-107. This rack hitch receivers with a 2 opening and will accommodate up to 4 that weigh up to 55 lbs each. It an easy-to-use spring-loaded lever lets you tilt the rack and you access to the rear of your This rack will bikes with wheel from 20 to 29 inches and tires up to 3 wide. This is a classy m

How to Install Trailer Wiring # C56200KIT in 2012 Mercedes GLK 350 The wiring harness you referenced, # is intended to fit a range of vehicles so are no instructions specific to your vehicle, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz According to my research the 2012 year Mercedes GLK did have updates but I found no information wiring changes to the vehicle model years 2010-2012. The trailer wiring harness you # C56200KIT, is intended for vehicles PWM wiring (Pulse Width but our fi

How to Install Trailer Wiring # C56200KIT in 2012 Mercedes GLK 350 The wiring harness you referenced, # is intended to fit a range of vehicles so are no instructions specific to your vehicle, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz According to my research the 2012 year Mercedes GLK did have updates but I found no information wiring changes to the vehicle model years 2010-2012. The trailer wiring harness you # C56200KIT, is intended for vehicles PWM wiring (Pulse Width but our fi

Shackle Straps Break on a Tandem Axle Trailer and the Axle Slides the Tires One of the common causes for shackle to break is over-tightening of the shackle If the shackle bolts are too tight, the straps are not able to move the suspension. This causes and it can bend or even brake the straps, bolts and hangers. The that you are experiencing on the rear is common for tandem and triple trailers and it is usually called The rear axle scrubs trailer axles are not steering so the

Should Radial or Bias be Used for a 3500lb GVWR Pop Up Trailer I can clear this up for you quick. Radial tires run and track better than ply tires. Bias ply tires are a little more heavy and better for rough terrain. But you can use one provided that the size and is enough for the trailer. It is usually to stick with the tires by the trailer manufacturer. In this it would be a bias ply tire. For a tire in an ST185/80-13 we have # which is rated for 1,725 at 65 ps

Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a Mercedes Benz Sprinter If you a 3500 2013 Mercedes Sprinter then I would you go with the SumoSprings Custom Springs Kit # SSR-335-47 that you If you have a 2500 model you would want the part # This product replaces factory bump stops and your suspension so that it sag less, reduce sway and help support your suspension. Timbrens are great, and work for a lot of people, but we have had that they make the ha

Will Platform-Style Bike Fit a 2008 Mercedes C350 I with my contact at Thule and the Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier # has been confirmed to fit your Mercedes C350, however, is a risk of the bumper cover deformed with the use of this They strongly discourage this rack because it fits, it is heavy and better for vehicles with a metal Damage to the car from using rack will not be covered any warranty from Thule. strongly suggests going a roof mo

Will the SkyBox Pro 16 Box Fit a 2014 Mercedes ML350 The SkyBox Pro 16 cargo box, # is listed as a fit for the optional crossbars on the Mercedes ML350. To determine if will be any interference with the hatch you will need to one measurement. First, if the crossbars on the can be moved, move the front bar as far as you can. Then measure the center of the bar straight back to the between the hatch and roof. I included a picture that the measurement needed. If you come up wi

3D Kagu Custom Auto Liners for a 2014 Mercedes Sedan The 3D Kagu Custom Floor Liners # L1MB01501502 fit the coupe and convertible models but not the models of the 2013 Mercedes For the sedan model the correct in beige is # L1MB01101502.

Kayak Recommendation for 2 Kayaks On a 2002 E-Class with Thule Rack If you have the square or Thule bars then for 2 I recommend the Stacker, # TH830. will hold your 2 on their sides. If the kayaks are 10 feet though you will to use a different carrier with support. For kayaks over 10 use the Hull-A-Port Pro, # TH835PRO. is a single kayak carrier so you need 2 of them for 2 kayaks. I included links to both of carriers for you.

Is there Required to Install the Curt part # C11824 Mecedez C230 2004 Yes, to the Curt Hitch part # that you referenced you will to do some drilling. Temporary removal will be required as You will need to use a 7/16 drill bit for all of the hole drilling. I a set of installation instructions for you to check

Will Hidden Hitch Hitch # 87636 Fit a 2014 GLK350 Hidden Hitch hitch # 87636 is listed as a fit for 2014 Mercedes GLK350. No equipment is needed to install the other than tools. I included a drawing from the showing the hitch in its final We do not yet have pictures showing the installed. The instructions are linked and on the product page on the right side of the page. Look for the icon. If you plan on doing towing I recommend etrailer mount kit #

Comparing the Thule Trunk Mount Bikes for a 2002 Mercedes E-Class I do not the platform style Raceway, # or the original # TH9003 on any vehicle does not have a metal The rack is heavy for a trunk rack and after adding the of bikes to the rack it can deform and fiberglass. Most people do not to take that chance. The Raceway hanging racks, # and # TH9001XT are better options they are lighter. But with any mount bike rack is always the possibility of leaving in th

Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a Mercedes GLK for Use with Thule Bike Rack As long as 2014 Mercedes GLK has a Class II or III trailer hitch then you can and use the Thule Apex, # TH9025. You having a GLK300 but in 2014 are only the 250 and 350 in North America. If you a 350 then the most popular option is # 87636. This is a III hitch with a 2 inch If you have a 250 then the only option is # C13155, also a III hitch with 2 inch But with this hitch the recommends using

Low-Profile S Snow Chains for 2013 Sprinter Van 2500 The low-profile-type of chains referred to in the manual for 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van with LT24575R16 tires are to as Class S snow chains. type of chain is designed for whose wheel wells limited clearance and where chains might interfere brake or suspension components. note the chains you referenced, # PW2029C, do not fit your tire The two linked articles on snow will provide you with useful backgr

Trailer to Carry Wheel Chair on a Mercedes 560SEL Curt I trailer hitch # C11711 is for a maximum of 200 pounds tongue This means that the weight of the wheel chair and the it is on cannot exceed 200 pounds. if the chair and carrier are under 200 you would need to use a stabilization # 18050, when using trailer hitch for any non-trailer Since this is the only available for your 1986 560SEL the better and safer is to use the same hitch with a mount

Will Thule Alpine Cargo Box Fit Rhino-Rack Rack on 2012 Mercedes First, with a sunroof, are several things to consider. among them is how the sunroof If it opens by going into a into the roof and does not up above the roof line at all it can be opened. If it sticks up at all you would to make sure that the bar is not in the sunroof path before it. And you would not want to open it at all anything loaded on the roof Panoramic roofs are a different There are so many different d

the Curt Hitch # C11742 fit a Mercedes Benz 500SL the Curt Hitch # C11742 you referenced will work on 1991 Mercedes Benz Convertible. This hitch is to fit the 1990-2002 MB coupe and roadster 129 which is what you have so it work well. If you were to pay to install this hitch it probably take at least 2 hours to complete the install. shop rates can vary. You need to check your manual for towing restrictions as I attached installation instructions

MightyMounts Will Fit Rhino-Rack Crossbars to Mount the BasketCase on a Sprinter In order to mount the BasketCase to the Rhino-Rack Aero you will need to use the Universal # Y03590. I have included a to a video review for you.

Chains for a 2014 Roadtrek RS RV with 215/85-16 Tires For tire chains, the XG-12 Pro are what Thule recommends for and the XB-16 chains are what reocmmend for Vans and RVs. of the tires sizes for these vehicles overlap so that is why you see when you enter a tire or go through the fit guide. I would go the XB-16 chains, # TH01571245, they are designed for for RVs. S chains require the least of clearance around the tire and are required on minimal clearance

Will Curt Trailer Fit 2014 Mercedes E350 with Electronic Trunk Feature Installation of Curt hitch # C11001 on your Mercedes E350 sedan not affect the electronic trunk feature. If it happens to operate by like on the Ford Escape have the hands free gate, the area the sensors could be limited. But since hitch is pretty much down the middle of the vehicle, if it operates the same as on the Fords it not be a problem. I have linked the for you to view. If you plan on doing som

What Are the Dimensions of Optronics LED Wide-Angle Fishing Light # The Optronics LED Rechargeable Wide-Angle Light # FL319L measures end to end, and 4-3/4-inches at the widest in the center. Height including the suction-cup mounts is 3-1/4-inches. dual-sided fixture has 19 ultraviolet on one side and a combination of 5 white and 5 red on the other. Each color is selectable via three separate switches. This unit with both AC and DC chargers.

Are the Dimensions of Optronics LED Rechargeable Fishing Light # FL319L The LED Rechargeable Wide-Angle Fishing # FL319L measures 13-1/4-inches end to and 4-3/4-inches at the widest point in the Height including the adjustable mounts is 3-1/4-inches. This fixture has 19 ultraviolet LEDS on one and a combination of 5 white and 5 red LEDs on the Each color is individually via three separate push-button This unit comes both AC and DC chargers.

Fit of Thule Trunk Mount Bike # TH9001 on 2014 Mercedes ML 350 the 2014 Mercedes ML350 has a located at the top of the hatch lid, has tested the fit of the Raceway # TH9001 on the ML350, and has found that the is strong enough to support the top cables without being The Raceway is incredibly easy to and remove, using 4 retracting instead of the 6 straps used by racks. To carry womens or bikes with sharply top tubes or step-through frames, a frame adapter like

the Prodigy RF Trailer Brake with a 2014 Mercedes GLK 7-Way but Only 4 Wires If I correctly, your 2014 GLK has a 7-Way trailer connector but it has 4 wires going to it. That mean you only have the lighting functions: right left turn/brake, and running You can use a meter or circuit tester as # 3808, to see if there really are those functions by testing the while someone goes the lighting functions. I have a wiring article that diagrams and functions of various for

Functions on the Output Side of to 5-Way and 4-Way Trailer for German Vehicles On the 7-Way to adapter, # TR20141, for German you are only going to have the lighting functions on the 4/5-Way (left and right turn, lights, brake lights). The will also have a light function if that is functional on the 7-Way. But it does additional load to take of that bulb out sensor that plagues newer vehicles like your Mercedes GL450. The other is to install load resistors, # in li

Roof Rack Recommendation for a Mercedes Sprinter Do you have the Rack RT-Style Roof Tracks # RTS523 on the roof of 2013 Mercedes Sprinter? If so you would just need the components: Rhino-Rack Aero Rack Crossbars # RAB1800B-2 Mount RLTF Legs for RTC- and RT-Style Roof Tracks # RLTF If the track you on your roof is different the option I have for you would be that track and replace it the # RTS523

Are Tire Chains On All 4 Wheels of an All Wheel Drive Mercedes R-350 If the all wheel feature on your 2006 R-350 has all 4 wheels as the drive all the time then you could put on all 4 wheels if you wanted to but you can put then on the front or back as well. If the all drive feature only in when needed then you put one set of chains on the main drive Be sure to consult the vehicle manual for specific information on the use of chains. I have included a to our FAQ article on tire chain

Thule Boxter Cargo Box # Clear Roof Antenna on Mercedes-Benz ML350 When box manufacturers like Thule compatibility of a certain cargo like the Boxter # TH611 you referenced, with a particular they do so only in terms of hatch clearance. They do not into account optional like a roof-mounted antenna. The # TH611 cargo box will not clear your open hatch. Therefore it is unlikely it will clear your antenna unless the antenna is short (below the height of the crossbar

How to Attach Curt I Trailer Hitch # C11001 to Frame on 2014 Mercedes-Benz Thank you for your recent The Class I hitch you referenced, # C11001, fits the sedan of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-350 but not fit the wagon, coupe or convertible There are other hitches for these vehicles. Thank you for providing photos of the underside of E-350. I spoke to my technical at Curt Manufacturing about the process. He advised that hitch should install on E-350 sedan without to remove or trim

Will the Horizon Cargo Box # SR7016 Fit R350 SportRack does not fit information for the 2009 Mercedes-Benz however, we can determine if the SportRack Cargo Box, # SR7016, fit based on the dimensions of your rack. This cargo box fit most factory roof with a minimum crossbar of 23-5/8 inches. The crossbar is measured from the center of the crossbar to the center of the rear Also, the crossbars cannot be than 3-1/4 inches. If R350 does not have a rack, t

Pewag Cable Tire Chains for 275/55-20 According to Pewag, the # PW3027C you referenced would not be a fit for your tires, as they would be too to fit that diameter tire. For 20 inch wheels, there is a style cable # PW3029C is comparable with your size. In addition to the chains, the # rubber adjusters are recommended. I linked you to some tire FAQ articles that you might helpful.

Will the SportRack XL Cargo Box # SR7095 fit a 2010 ML350 The SportRack SkyLine XL Box # SR7095 is designed to fit crossbar of 21-1/2-32 inches and bars up to 4 in width. If the roof rack on 2010 Mercedes ML350 those dimensions then the # that you referenced will for you. If you have a roof that only consists of that run from front to you would also need the Complete Crossroad Kit # TH45058 to you cross bars.

Fit of Cipa Door Mount Mirror # on Mercedes Sprinter As long as the of the vehicle door does not any sort of cladding that increase its thickness, the Cipa # Universal Deluxe Door Towing Mirror would great for you. The # 11650 is stable and highly rated by our Most find them vibration free, which is for the best vision. I have you to a product demonstration video you might find helpful.

an Adapter to Tow a Trailer with LED with a 2012 Mercedes Yes. If your trailer LED lights has a 5-Way or 4-Way connector then you would use # TR20141. If the trailer has a 7-Way you would need # C57003. adapters have load in them that provide power draw so the vehicle there are incandescent lights on the The other option is to install resistors, # P230004A, in line on circuit on the trailer wiring its connector. You can also use this if the resistors in th

Trailer Hitch for a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 144 Inch Wheelbase We do have trailer hitch options will fit the 2012 Mercedes 3500 with 144 inch but # 13255 will not fit. The Curt hitch that fit is # 13375. I have included a to the installation instructions for you to view. If you on doing some towing I etrailer ball mount kit # It comes with 2 ball 2 balls, a hitch pin with and a carrying bag. For trailer you can use # 119179KIT. I have linked for the

Trunk Mount Bike Recommendation for a 2012 Mercedes Convertible with Spoiler For 2012 Mercedes E-Class with a spoiler the best fit mount bike rack is to be the Yakima QuickBack 2, # Y02621. The design will help rack fit over the spoiler on the vehicle in the picture I have I have also linked a showing a typical installation of the for you. If you will be carrying any that do not have a top frame bar goes straight across a typical mens bike then I recommend using adapter bar

Which Thule Cargo Box Can Fit 2010 Mercedes GL to Skis and Allow Rear Access The largest Thule box that will fit your Mercedes GL and still allow hatch access is the Sonic part # TH634B in black and in Silver. This 13-cubic-foot will fit most shapes of and aftermarket roof rack (with a spread of at least and offers an internal length of this may be too short for many but you can measure yours to confirm. The Sonic XL, # TH635B in black and # in silver, also fits

Is Required to Install the Hidden # 87755 on 2008 Mercedes-Benz You will not have to do any trimming or on the bumper fascia to install the Hitch Class III Trailer # 87755, on your 2008 ML350, however, you will to drill 2 holes through the pan. I have attached a to the installation instructions for you to check You will use the hitch as a template to the holes and the receiver of the hitch sit directly below the rear fascia. This is a 2 inch hitch that is compatible a

Installation Instructions for the Hidden # 87636 on a 2013 Mercedes I attached a link to the installation for the Hidden Hitch # 87636 will apply to your Mercedes-Benz GLK350.

Bike Recommendation for Use on Back of 2012 Sprinter Class B Motor Bike racks designed and for use on motor homes are built ruggedly than racks for use on passenger cars. This build is necessary because of the of motor homes; the further the is behind the rear axle of the home the stronger the vertical and forces applied to it. If a standard car type bike carrier used on a motor home it probably suffer damage these extreme forces. of how the ride quality in a bus v

Would the Roof Rack # WB-S55 on a 2009 MB GL450 with Rails As long as you have the rails that run from to back on your 2009 Benz GL450 the Whispbar Rack System # WB-S55 you referenced would work for The color of the bars would not I am assuming that since the picture for the # WB-S55 has black you are concerned that you may have rails since yours are If so, then you have nothing to about, the picture is considered a photo and does not necessarily how ever

WeatherTech Headlight Protectors For 2007 Mercedes-Benz We do offer the WeatherTech Custom for your 2007 Mercedes-Benz These are made of 40 mil urethane and are to provide a custom fit for your We offer two options for lampguards for vehicle. They are part # which is a fit for the R320 CDI, Base, and R500 Base. # WTH2744AW is a fit for the R350 Sport, Sport, and R63 models. I have you to our product page for lampguards. You can the style from the dropdown near the

Bike Rack for a 2013 Mercedes GL450 I do an option for you to transport bikes your vehicle but there are no mount bike rack for your 2013 Mercedes GL You would first want a Hitch # C13102, this is a III hitch that has plenty of to carry bikes. For a bike to go with that hitch out the Thule Vertex Bike # TH9028. This is a two bike with a tilting feature for cargo access and anti-sway to help prevent bike when loaded. Check out the

Recommended Trailer Hitch is Easy to Install for a 2012 GLK350 Curt trailer # C13142 is rated a 9 out of 10 on difficulty but it is not it is hard to install, it is because it longer. There are additional needed to install the hitch whomever you asked does not to perform. And that is ok because trailer hitch # 75774 is a 3 out of 10 and go on much easier. I have a link to the installation instructions for you to If you plan on doing some I recommend the etrailer ball

Can Weight Distribution be Used a 2014 Mercedes ML350 to Tow an Trailer First, you need to sure that your Mercedes ML350 is rated for use weight distribution. The trailer should have a sticker on it and it show 2 tongue weight ratings if the hitch is rated for distribution. The max tongue weight will have to exceed the weight of the trailer when and ready to tow. If 575 pounds is the then adding weight will not help. Weight does not increase the capacity of the hi

Thule T2 916XTR Platform Rack Fit on a 2008 Mercedes-Benz If your 2008 Mercedes-Benz is either the sedan (not model) or wagon model the trailer hitch that fit is the Curt # C11701. This has a 1-1/4 inch receiver. is not a 2 inch trailer hitch for your vehicle at this I have the installation instructions Since there is not a 2 inch for your vehicle, the Thule T2 for 2 Inch Receivers # TH916XTR you referenced will not fit. to the Thule fit guide, the Thule

Fit Towing Mirror for a 2014 GLK For your 2014 Mercedes GLK you need to use a universal towing because there are no custom fit mirrors available. There are options and I have linked for you. A mirror like # could work. These require a lip or gap between the factory housing and the glass and also best on factory mirror that are more flat at the The universal towing mirror that works the best is the door mount mirror # It will mount on the

Brake Recommendation for a 2012 Mercedes In order to install a trailer controller on your 2012 GL450 it will require in the controller unless the Mercedes has a wiring harness specific for a controller and your vehicle. If do then you will need to in the controller to the Mercedes harness by On a brake controller, the wire are as follows: White is ground is 12 volt power Blue is to the trailer brakes Red is input the brake switch On some

Roof Rack Mount Boxes for a 2011 Mercedes First, I need to know if 2011 Mercedes R350 has a roof rack that crossbars that run side to rails that run front to both, or neither. If you do have crossbars and they measure than 3-1/2 inches and the center to center distance the front and rear bars is 23-5/8 inches and 35-1/2 you can use a Thule cargo box. the largest box you can use without interference the rear hatch/trunk would be one of the XL

Can Weight Distribution be Used on a Mercedes ML320 with Air Suspension If the owners manual not indicate if weight distribution can be then you will need to a Mercedes dealer and speak a technician about whether or not it can be On vehicles that have an leveling system typically you either have to turn it off or it if possible when using distribution. If it cannot be turned off or you would need to hook up the like normal and let it auto Then hook up the weight

Trunk Mounted Bike for 1995 Mercedes-Benz E Class I checked with all of our manufacturers who us with trunk mount racks, including Yakima and Only Hollywood Racks has that are a fit for your 1995 E Sedan. According to Hollywood their Expedition 2 bike part # HRF6-2 would be the fit for your vehicle. To carry bikes or bikes with angled top tubes or step-through using a frame adapter part # HRBA-PRO is recommended. The spans the distance between the

LED Trailer Tail Lights Not Work when Connected to a Mercedes GL550 with 7-Way There is an issue German vehicles (Audi, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, and so on) and with LED lights. The LED trailer do not offer enough draw on the for the lights to work. On a lot of these you will also get a bulb-out in the vehicle. The solution is to use an adapter has load resistors in it, # TR20141, to enough draw so the lights work and so you will not get that warning. The adapter will go a 7-Way on a

LED Trailer Tail Will Not Work when to a 2009 Mercedes GL550 Factory 7-Way There is an with German vehicles Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and so on) and trailers with LED lights. The LED lights do not offer enough on the system for the lights to work. On a lot of vehicles you will also get a warning in the vehicle. The solution is to use an that has load resistors in it, # to provide enough draw so the will work and so you will not get bulb-out warning. The adapter go from a 7-Way on a

Recommendations to 4 Bikes on 2009 Mercedes-Benz With Curt #C11701 I Trailer Hitch The Curt Hitch # C11701 is a Class 1 that it has a two bike limit. In to carry four bikes on 2009 Mercedes-Benz E350 you need both a hitch or trunk mount bike plus a roof rack. For a mount bike rack I the Swagman Trailhead # S63360. A of benefits of this rack is the feature that allows you to your cargo area and it has a 3 inch rise in the shank for ground clearance. If you are interested in

Will the SportRack Vista Box Fit a 2012 Mercedes ML 350 Factory Rack In order to determine if the Vista cargo box, # will fit the factory roof on your 2012 Mercedes ML 350 you need to take some of the crossbars. As long as the bars are 4 inches wide the box hardware fit around the bars. Next the crossbar spread which is the to center distance between the The box fits on crossbar spreads of inches to 34 inches apart on I have linked the instructions and a review of this bo

WeatherTech Window Air Deflector Recommendation for Mercedes 180 C Sport 2 Coupe For 2002 Mercedes C180 you would want the WeatherTech Window Air Deflectors with Tinting # WT70268. This set is designed for coupes whereas the Air Deflectors # WT7027 you referenced is for the models.

Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI AT Base

Where to Have Hitch Trailer Hitch # Installed The Hidden Hitch Hitch # 87636 will fit 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350, our installation center is located in Missouri. Most automobile, RV and repair centers should be to install this hitch for however, you will have to your local repair for these rates. The instructions are so you can also take these to the of your choice to assist in a rate. Current pricing is on the product page.

Hitch Instructions Availability for a 2012 Benz ML350 non-BlueTEC I we had a video of the Draw Tite part # 75749 being on a vehicle that I could you check out, but we have not had a yet to install this hitch so we do not one available at this time. Draw Tite and Hidden are the same company nowadays and hitches are identical. Either one work excellently for you. out the installation instructions for the Curt # C13117 that I attached, hitch is similar to the # 75749 you

Availability of Hitch for 2006 R500 We offer two different III hitches that are a fit for your M/B R500. Both the Curt # and the Draw-Tite # 75470 offer a lb towing/ 350 lb tongue weight but the warranty requirements of the Curt stipulate that a stabilizing like # 18050 needs to be for non-trailer loads like racks or cargo carriers. the Draw-Tite hitch has no such I would recommend the Draw-Tite the Curt hitch. I have you to the installation

Will the Rola Hitch Mount Enclosed Carrier Fit a 2011 Mercedes G Class The Rola trailer mount enclosed cargo # 59109 could be the solution you are for to carry cargo at the back of on the roof. You just need to one important measurement. Measure the center of the hitch pin hole on the straight back to the distance to clear the rear bumper. If distance is LESS than inches then you can use this The box part of the carrier measures 13 from the hitch pin hole the lid closed

Recommended Cargo for 2010 Mercedes E350 Class l Hitch You will to check the vehicle owners or with your local and find out what the tongue capacity is for your vehicle. Or you can the safety/warning sticker on the hitch. keep in mind the hitch limit has to accommodate the weight of the cargo carrier itself to the weight of the loaded cargo. You to also consider the clearance you when you are attaching any carrier to the of your vehicle. The carrier you the

Recommended Roof Rack for Mercedes Benz G Class We a roof rack system fits your 2013 G Class. The system I would is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Roof by Thule. This consists of # THLB65, which are square bars that measure 65 long x 1 inch x 1-1/4 and Thule Gutter Feet, # TH387. These feet are to fit vehicles with very gutters and provide 8 inches of bar clearance above the rain This size and shape of rack crossbar fits a of accesso

Trailer Brake Do Not Work After Installing Wiring on a 2006 Mercedes Wagon When you tested the light wiring to perform the did you come across a wire was just brake but also a that was both brake and signals? If so then the wire has both functions would go to the wire on the left side and to the wire on the right side and the red would be grounded with the wire. You could also try the brown wire in place of the red and ground the red wire. If none of solutions works then try the

Trailer Brake Lights Do Not After Installing Trailer on a 2006 Mercedes E350 When you tested the tail wiring to perform the installation did you across a wire that was brake but also a wire was both brake and turn If so then the wire that has functions would go to the yellow on the left side and to the green on the right side and the red wire be grounded with the white You could also try using the wire in place of the red wire and the red wire. If none of these works then try moving the

for Bike Rack on Mercedes and SLK The Swagman XTC4 4-Bike part # S64665, you referenced, is to be used on a Class lll hitch. 2010 Mercedes E350 is for a class l hitch, so you would to make certain you consider a l bike carrier. Although are 4 bike carriers that fit a class l hitch, when a l hitch is installed, only 2 can be carried. Keep in mind any carrier you wish to consider for Mercedes needs to be a class l You will need to determine th

Cargo with a 2010 E350 and 2014 Mercedes SLK The Transporter, # TH665C, is designed to fit II and Class III trailer hitches. The hitch available for the 2010 E350 is a Class I trailer # C11001. At this time, are no hitches for the 2014 SLK. I recommend is using a roof cargo bag that does not any roof rack. The only to be aware of are the capacity of the roofs with the owners manual or the dealer) and protecting the paint on the For a bag that use

3-Bike Trunk Bike Rack for a 2001 ML320 None of the Thule mount bike racks fit the 2001 Mercedes ML320 but are other options. I have a link to the trunk mount racks that will fit Mercedes. Out of the options if you want to 3 bikes you will have to use the Racks Expedition 3, # HRF6-3. The option from Yakima the use of the glass hatch accessory and limits the capacity to just 2 If you will be carrying any bikes do not have a top frame bar that s

What Does the Bolt of the Curt Hitch # C11001 to on a 2010 Mercedes Benz There is a cross member where the exhaust comes together that the plate bolt through. If you check out the I attached you will see exactly I am talking about. The install not be too bad, but any local garage have no problem installing hitch.

Removal of Fascia on 2008 R350 When a Curt Trailer Hitch, # C13103 I spoke with my at Curt and he informed me that the panel needs to be removed installing the Curt Trailer Receiver, part # C13103, on 2008 Mercedes R350. He that although there are 4 bolts holding the fascia, the panel is held in place by 7 pins, or bolts, so caution to be used when removing I have attached the installation for the C13103 hitch.

What Can be Viewed Using the Edge on a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter On the Insight CTS, # EP83830, the parameters you can monitor for your Mercedes Sprinter include: boost battery voltage air temperature (IAT) exhaust gas (EGT) engine oil pressure engine coolant temperature engine oil temperature (EOT) fluid temperature (TFT) per hour (MPH) miles per (MPG) The data can be viewed in numeric or analog gauge I have linked a video for you.

How to Wire up the Optronics 7-Way A7WCB It is hard to say how much of the black wire was cut off of the 7-Way Round RV Style Connector # A7WCB, but after the video and having done myself before, it looks Rick cut off about 2 inches of the portion and then about 3/8 of an of insulation per wire. There is an standard for how 7-ways should be If you check out the picture I attached you see how they are typically wired. By is how the connector should

Trailer and Bike Rack Recommendations for a Mercedes ML350 I see that in other question you are looking to 4 bikes. For 4 bikes a trailer mount bike rack is the way to go. At on a trunk mount you would be to carry 3 bikes. For a trailer for your 2003 Mercedes I recommend the Draw-Tite trailer # 75087 that you have This is a Class III trailer with a 2 inch receiver so it afford you many options for a rack. I have included to the instructions and to a video showing a

Will the Tekonsha RF Prodigy Brake Controller Fit a 2013 GLK 250 Lets start with a hitch. I do recommend a Class III like # 87636 because are more capable than a II hitch. Plus the 2 inch on a Class III affords you more options than the 1-1/4 Class II hitches. Installing an hitch will not void the warranty unless the hitch causes some problem on the Read up on the Magnussen-Moss Warranty Act for information. On the Mercedes vehicles and German vehicles, if the T

Diagram of the of the Fascia that Needs to Install Draw-Tite Hitch # If you check out the picture I attached you see a photo I pulled from the instructions that shows what will get cut to install the Max-Frame Trailer Hitch # on your 2007 Mercedes I also attached installation for this hitch for you to check out

Outside Dimension of Yakima Pro 16 # Y07196 and Fit on 2009 Mercedes The 81 inch length mentioned in the description represents the outside of the box. To determine if the SkyBox Pro 16 you will fit your 2009 M-Class, measure rearward the center of the front crossbar you reach the seam where the hatch and the roof meet. If distance is at least 62 inches, the Pro 16 will fit and will NOT interfere the full operation of your hatch, see the provided photo.

Curt # C13142 Fit a 2013 GLK Series With the New Bumper My contact at Curt told me hitch receiver # C13142 fit your 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK it it a 350 model and is a standard stock They do not have a fit for the special GLK models that Mercedes-Benz This hitch will not fit the diesel series. One point of is that Curt requires the use of strap # 18050 if you are planning on either a bike rack or carrier. The other hitch for your vehicl

Difficulty the Hidden Hitch # 87636 Trailer Hitch Receiver on Mercedes GLK The Hidden Hitch # 2-Inch Trailer Hitch is one of the three no-drilling-required trailer receivers specified for the 2013 GLK350, including 4-Matic and RWD All three of the 2-inch hitches we for your vehicle can be seen on the link. These hitch all will require some be removed or adjusted temporarily, or be altered. For installation of the Hidden # 87636 the tabs on the rear fascia

Will the Yakima KingJoe Pro Mount Bike Rack Fit a Mercedes E300 The Yakima Pro 3, # Y02625, will fit the sedan, and convertible models of the 2013 E300 but there are no trunk rack options currently for the When mounting a trunk bike rack remember to the back of the vehicle and the rack they touch each to avoid any scratches. If you will be any bikes that do not have a top bar that goes straight (like a typical mens would) then I recommend bike adapter bar # Y025

2 Bikes and a Cargo Box Fit on a Thule Rack on a 2008 Mercedes E350 Wagon The Thule on your 2008 Mercedes wagon should be around 50 long. If you alternate directions on the which is permissible you can get a few extra of space on the rack for a cargo The narrowest box that will fit rear hatch interference is the XL, # TH615 at 35 inches wide. You need to determine if there is 35 of useable space on the crossbars the bikes loaded. Also you need to make sure you within the weight capacity of

Mount Single Bike Recommendation for a 2013 Mercedes The decision between a platform rack and a hanging bike is mostly a matter of personal Some people prefer the style because it is the best style in eliminating bike to contact and damage. However, if you only be carrying one bike will not be a problem. When a platform style bike you will not have to lift the up as far to securely mount it into the At this time we do not have a that offers a single c

Trunk Mount Bike for a 2013 Mercedes ML350 Rear Spoiler Since 2013 Mercedes ML350 has the at the top of the rear hatch you will to use the Hollywood Racks Over-the-Top rack # HRF2. This has a unique design and extra arm moves the upper straps up to go over the spoiler. All of the other mount bike racks end up putting stress on the spoiler it is not rated for. The Over-the-Top rack is the perfect solution.

Mount Bike Rack for a 1996 Mercedes C220 We do several trunk mount racks listed as a fit for the 1996 C-Class vehicles but none of the racks can be safely mounted to the I have included a link to the that do fit. The Yakima will only fit the sedan For a wagon model you would to use a Hollywood Racks bike For a sedan the most popular is the KingJoe Pro, # Y02624. I linked a video review of bike rack for you. For the the most popular option is Ex

Hitch Recommendation for a 2013 GLK First, if you are curious about the Hitch model we do have it as # 87636. This is the newest and I have been assured it fit. Regarding the Curt hitch # C13142 I checked the information Curt had available and are listing this hitch as a fit for the to 2013 GLK. If given the I would go with the Hidden model because if you wanted to use a rack or cargo carrier, requires the use of a stabilization strap, # whereas Hidde

Tow Ready Fit Trailer Wiring Kit Part # for Use in 2004 Mercedes E320 The Tow Ready Custom Fit Trailer Kit, part # 119179KIT, you recently purchased can be used vehicles that use a 2-wire or a lighting system. It is suitable for use in 2004 Mercedes E320 to provide a flat 4-pole connector. The instructions are attached. You can if your E320 is a combined or separate (3-wire) system by a helper activate the turn and brake functions while you the light assemblies to note bu

Tow Ready Custom Fit Trailer Kit Part # 119179KIT for Use in 2004 E320 Wagon The Tow Ready Fit Trailer Wiring Kit, # 119179KIT, which you recently can be used with vehicles use a 2-wire or a 3-wire lighting It is suitable for use in your 2004 E320 Wagon to provide a 4-pole trailer connector. The are attached. You can determine if your is a combined (2-wire) or separate system by having a helper the turn signal and brake while you observe the light to note which bu

Will the Hitch part # 90350 fit a Mercedes-Benz ML320 I checked Hidden Hitch and the Hidden part # 90350 that referenced is confirmed to fit your Mercedes-Benz ML320 SUV. I installation instructions for you to check This hitch weighs 21

Will Draw-Tite Hitch # Fit 2002 Mercedes-Benz M Class the Draw-Tite Hitch # 75087 fit your 2002 Mercedes-Benz I have attached a short video that shows hitch being instlled on a Mercedes-Benz M-Class for your If you will be towing and need a harness I recommend the Curt kit # 56146KIT which includes the I have also attached a installation video of this as You might also need a mount, such as Draw-Tite # as well as a trailer ball. For a inch tra

Do Covercraft Floor Come with the Security for a 2001 Mercedes SLK I checked Covercraft and for the custom fit floor # CC76211725, and any mats they the security grommet is pre-installed if the is factory equipped with the or studs on the floor. So these will have the security provided it was a stock feature on 2001 Mercedes SLK.

the Curt Powered Wiring # C56200KIT on a 2009 Mercedes-Benz I do have some information will help you install the PWM Powered Wiring Harness, # but it is important to remember to test of the wires using a circuit like the Quickee Tester # before cutting or splicing your vehicles wires. to my contact at Curt you will see 7 in a row on the back of the driver side and side tail light The wire colors and functions are as — Driver Side Wire — Ground

Installing the Curt Powered Harness # C56200KIT on a 2009 C300 I do have some that will help you the Curt PWM Powered Wiring # C56200KIT, but it is important to remember to each of the wires using a tester, like the Quickee # 3808, before cutting or into your vehicles According to my contact at Curt you see 7 wires in a row on the back of the driver and passenger side tail assemblies. The wire colors and are as follows — Driver Brown Wire — Black

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