Flashback Very first images of the W220 SClass & C215 CLClass…

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Mercedes-Benz S 500 320hp W140

Flashback: Very first of the W220 S-Class C215

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New S-Class W220 for 1998:

Slim into the century: New S-Class W220 is 4,99 m long and 300 kg lighter it#039;s predecessor W140

is set to re-establish itself as maker of the best luxury car with the of its new S-Class this autumn. here for the first time any disguise during a photo in

Australia, the fifth-generation S-Class radically from the nine-year-old it replaces with sleek new reduced dimensions and an extended of petrol and common rail engines, among a raft of innovations aimed at seeing off the BMW and its other big luxury car rivals.

W220, the new Mercedes flagship is with the task of restoring the car maker#039;s long-held image for engineering in in the wake of last A-Class rollover debacle, delays with the new Smart car and recent recalls with the touted Brake Assist on the CLK.

The new S-Class is expected to its world premiere at the Paris Show in September, with the deliveries of right-hand-drive cars due in mid to November. Despite improved levels right across the prices are not expected to rise by than five per cent, a range from British 44.000 to British Pounds You won#039;t have to look too far to the new S-Class. Clothed in a new body has been cleverly designed to its bulk, the new car immediately looks a lot tauter and more muscular its predecessor. Big Xenon-charged headlamps, a raked chrome grille, screen angles, flowing and exterior mirrors that indicator repeater units are some of the highlights distinguishing new old. The new car is said to boast a coefficient of just 0.26 in form.

The face we#039;ll see in our mirrors from October on.

on criticism that the current is too big for the world#039;s more congested its designers have shaved 120mm from its overall bringing it down under the sensitive five-metre mark at in short wheelbase guise. and height have also reduced by 40mm and 31mm Despite these dimensional the new car retains the same 3040mm in a bid to provide it with class-leading of cabin space. As a result, the new boasts much-reduced overhangs and rear.

Along with the exterior, the new S-Class has also as much as 300kg compared today#039;s models — a achievement given the safety it now has to meet. Stuttgart engineers the reduced weight to the use of a high of aluminium, magnesium and light steel. Another reason is the number of components used to the car has been reduced — through a closer relationship key suppliers, many of whom brought in at the very outset of the new 38-month development cycle.

factor that has helped fight S-Class flab is the of a new range of all-aluminium V6 and V8 petrol each featuring Mercedes#039; twin-spark ignition and three-valve per head arrangement for reduced and class-leading fuel economy. The new units replace the old in-line six and V8 powerplants, both of which been pensioned off because are unable to pass tough new EC standards.

The initial line-up consist of three petrol and one diesel: a 224bhp 3,2-litre V6, a 4,3-litre V8, a 320bhp 5,0-litre V8 and a 3,2-litre six-cylinder diesel. ten months after the first reach British customers, will add a new luxury-packed 400bhp S600 range-topper to its ranks. At the time, it also hopes to its impressive new 4,0-litre V8 common diesel engine under the of the S400 CDI. With and 413lb ft of torque, it is claimed to set new standards in diesel performance economy on a par with petrol of half its capacity. It is still not yet whether Mercedes will an entry-level model underneath the as it does now. A likely is that a new 204bhp 2,8-litre V6 will enter the line-up after initial sales wained a bit in a bid to keep showroom up. Whatever the case, all models for the UK will feature an electronically five-speed automatic gearbox a slick new aluminium shift

Along with its new engines, the also boasts an all-new platform aimed at providing the big saloon with the sort of and handling qualities to bury the A8 Quattro and BMW 7-Series, which are considered more sporting the serene S-Class. Kicking off the from an enthusiast#039;s point of is a long-overdue switch from

ball to rack and pinion a move that promises responses and a better off-centre The suspension is an adoption of the current double wishbone/multi-link arrangement one important change: the addition of new dampers right across the

Engineers say a lot of work went defining pick-up points in a bid to the best possible base for the new set-up, which shares of its geometry with today#039;s Work is also continuing on a new system dubbed Active Control (ABC). However, it is not to feature on the new S-Class until the range-topper enters the fray next year. Similar in to Citroen#039;s pioneering Activa used on the Xantia, it uses a of hydraulic pumps located at corner in combination with yaw scattered throughout the bodyshell to detect changes in the car#039;s and then set about correcting The result is dramatically reduced roll during hard less pitching under braking and more even characteristics over deeply bitumen.

Complementing ABC will be a of other electronically controlled aids, combining to make the a real technological tour de They include an improved ESP control system with faster reaction times, the five-channel anti-lock braking with a Brake Assist fro reduced stopping distances in situations, intelligent Xenon that vary their according to the road conditions, and cruise control that radar sensors mounted the grille to judge the distance to cars and then brakes the car thus helping to avoid

Dynamic already at standstill: The cleverly knew how to keep the low by oblique lines.

Helping the new to improve on its already impressive levels is a new weight-optimised bodyshell using the latest in computer-aided and manufacturing technology. Fashioned from a new lightweight steel, it is to be up to 40 per cent stiffer than of the current model in certain particularly bending, reducing at associated noise levels. The body also plays a role in ensuring that the retains its reputation as one of the world#039;s cars, providing an improved cell for its occupants and larger zones.

Improved cabin has allowed Mercedes to increase the of space in the new S-Class, despite the in its external dimensions. The use of virtual imaging during the design has also led to some important changes, including the relocation of the window switches from traditional place down on the tunnel up on to the door rests, with the electric seat In a move that will a smile to the BMW faces, Mercedes also offer the new S-Class a new multi-function steering wheel in the vein as that of the 7-Series. As each generation of the S-Class, has striven to deliver the very word in safety.

And that to be the case again. The W220 be one of the first cars to offer new head curtain airbag. new system is expected to complement twin face and front airbags in all models, protecting heads from the side in a heavy side impact. to this will be optional door airbags.

The S-Class has been a car to want for luxury, so it as no surprise that top-line will be offered with about every piece of you could imagine. Forget items such as electric and central locking; the new S-Class much higher, with from pollen-reducing filters to climate control air conditioning and the in satellite navigation

and GSM telephones. There#039;s even of the W220 adopting a speech system for all major dashboard which means the driver#039;s will never need to the wheel. And if you want to access on the run into work, no problem: is working on that for the new S-Class,

The bit is gone: No more door To be opened by remote control. lock in driver#039;s door

For the first time a Mercedes a multifunction steering wheel for

and telephone. Door ((panel)) electric seat adjustment

Cockpit in familiar Mercedes New: The window lifts into the

door trim.

New W220 in the Press


Not only the stylistic change of the from a bulky to an elegant sedan is amazing. Also seem the technological innovations which the Mercedes rolls to the of sale at the end of October.

Imagine a new Mercedes S-Class and none it: I photographed a disguised car a number of told the editorial office in the weeks, I think it#039;s the new

It isn#039;t. The prototypes which only had few disguises in the areas of the and the rear lights were on drives day and night on different They embody the successor of the car no other before in the history of the group had been heaped on — the S-Class, in this on the market since 1991.

Too too bulky and too heavy, the responsibles want to have been that a second time the mighty W140 far from the European roads especially on the and American markets sold as a representative car.

To save the at least in Germany — image the Daimler-Benz board of threw the switch for a more successor in the phase of the new modesty in the of the 1990`s.

The model developed the code W220 looks like an elegant cruiser as a flagship besides the newly into discussion by VW luxury-liners Rolls-Royce and Bugatti.

No wonder the role of the flagship at Mercedes be taken by the Maybach which was presented at the Tokyo Motor 1997. It should fill the role of the respectable luxury with its length of 5,77

With the new the S-Class confusions another model of the upper can#039;t be excluded, because the of chief of styling Bruno attached great importance to an filigree flow of lines intentionally gives a finer, gracefulness to the four-door.

Never the S-Class had the effect of being so and lissom as today. The weight 300 kilograms) and dimensions are a fair bit than with the predecessor the prestigious five-metre-border wasn#039;t under despite according in the run-up.

Less is more in case, because length and shrank about 7.5 cm, the height 4.1 cm and the width about 2.9 cm the interior grew, even if only 1.7 cm. With the long-wheelbase version will come onto the also at the end of October, ((exact for Germany is October 24th)) its at least 3.7 cm more — a which above all comes a better room economy.

if the space offered nearly the same — the world of the has completely changed. Whoever the list at the sight of the technological with illustrious names Keyless-go, Distronic and Command reminded on the life of Captain on the bridge of

the spaceship Enterprise: functions automatically or with the of ease.

Altogether the interior on the photos has the effect being more futuristic than the predecessor. High-quality, carefully materials shall contribute to the belonging to the best in the market in of quality offered in this — a criterion other new models like SLK, CLK and haven#039;t reached fully in the degree.

To the technological innovations counts an drive- and access-system, shortly Keyless-go, which saves the search for the ignition key, there isn#039;t one anymore. takes this role a chip-card the driver only has to in the briefcase in the jacket. If he approaches to the car than two to three metres it be unlocked automatically. If he moves ((from the car)) the doors do themselves. The S-Class isn#039;t with a key anymore but with a button which is placed on the change scheme of the automatic ((Auto Motor and Sport errs here: The button is

on top of the gear change lever, also easily can be seen on the interior photos)). For the ease of the the five-speed automatic transmission is equipped with the settings P N (neutral) and D (drive), in return the can be individually chosen by hand on a new

Significantly smaller than the S-Class

The S-Class not only less in length, width and The wheelbase shrank significantly. But the space offered is said to remained alike. The weight — depending on the trim-level comes to up to 300 kilograms.

The driver no more has to lend a hand to the because it — at least as an — works with operation. Together with the one the radio the remote control is into the new multifunction steering-wheel the BMW-example, whilst car radio, system and TV-receiver with colour monitor are united in the Command electronic cockpit- in the centre console.

The instruments now grouped in a so-called central-display, at are dark. Only when the switches the ignition on begins like with Cadillac or — the backlighting of the completely new instrument cluster.

Mercedes also have to get used to a new seat which is equipped an internal ventilation by electric as well as a special massage of the tired muscles. Seat and electrical seat-adjustment plus a air-condition do help the well-being of the passengers.

The strip of wood the large TV-screen in which the for functions like the warning have been summarized to the flashy innovations. The buttons for the window lifts are now positioned in the console close to the electric adjustments.

Last but not least an — as it once was existent in the 300SE and 600 — shall an optimal level of comfort again errs, there several other MB models air-suspension, but why should a highly-paid writer have any profound The serial fitting with gas cushions will be combined the adaptive damping-system ADS which adopts the effect of the shock-absorbers to the road surface.

To avoid drivers do come too close to in road traffic the distance-controlling Distronic with the help of a in the front grille cares for the security distance to the car ahead by braking and after that again to the desired speed.

is eased by the electronic parking aid whose sensors as before are into the bumpers.

The standard of the new model plays — as with Mercedes — an important role. Besides the in the natural front airbags for and ((front)) passenger sidebags in all doors and two windowbags complete the for all passengers in case of an accident. The shall not suffer from the savings of the S-Class. High-strength additional crash-elements as well as deformation distances shall care of a greater security-potential with the predecessor. Progresses is said to have achieved aspects of environmental policy, the fuel consumption — on the model — was reduced 13 and 17 per cent. The new generation of V-engines in construction and double-ignition — will exist in three at the start of sale at the end of October contributes to that: six-cylinder with 224hp, S430 279hp and S500 with V-8-engine. The big eight-cylinder will cylinder-shut-off to save fuel

partial-load circumstances, but only as an

Mercedes assumes that not all attaches importance to that. But the consumption can be reduced by another per cent by the use of this technique is the reason why the cylinder- shut-off will be used with the new developed V-12-engine.

The 5.8-litre-engine 400hp from the end of 1999 on the range together with a V8-engine with common-rail and 238hp which shall get with eight litres 100 km ((29.405 mpg US, 35.3175 mpg UK)). in view of dimensions, weight and consumption give hope Mercedes also will be with the prices. That, would be a little wonder.

Instead of Mass

Topical topical because these are highly topical. Therefore the planned VW-article (Passat Bora station wagon. ) had to space for a still more theme: The new Mercedes S-Class. The official photos show Mercedes imagines under a diet.

Mercedes-Benz S 500 320hp W140

Exactly one second we hard on the heels of the car in front. Not for a time but a second distance. The calculates 36 metres at 130 km/h. For Already now another car

cheekily itself in the gap at the moment I wanted to a cassette ((into the cassette Not paying attention for a moment. could have happened? But the detected the fear of an accident us. Its electronic automatically brakes the sedan and then again up the second distance to the rest of the Distronic the developers from call their youngest a combination from Tempomat and distance-radar and it will make the a bit more secure again it will be presented this Beautiful new world. No dear we don#039;t want to confuse We haven#039;t test driven the new yet. Only tested the which Mercedes presented for in an E-Class and offers in the S-Class autumn. The intelligent luxury-option where the journey leads to: The new shall no longer

fascinate its pure size but through a of impressive technology. Through S-Class instead of mass. than 30 innovations, Mercedes shall improve security and in

the flagship onto a new level. that we newly define the top of production says Daimler-Chairman Hubbert.

The show-off of the predecessor is and buried — and with it the and heavy double-glazing.

No easy but an absolute duty for Mercedes. The new newly has to show where the top is.

The didn#039;t succeed with Against the too big W140 BMW, and Jaguar lastly mightily ground. Too heavy, not enough in the beginning and too many quality — such flaws for a time did scratched on the image of the A false start like A-Class and Smart would be because the S-Class is the Mercedes.

the Stuttgarters have to put on wheels for customers and the competition do most stretch for: The optimum in technology, comfort and quality. A must not be embarrassing, but a desirably car. This manages the W 220 (so the through a luxury-diet, through limitation. It will be 29 millimetres than the predecessor, 41 mm lower and 75 With 5,04 metres the still surpasses the magic but we don#039;t see it anymore. A stretched, design, with the long of the E-Class and a fresh blink. slim than cupboard. The doesn#039;t lie: The new S-Class up to 300 kilograms less depending on the because of hood- and chassis-components out of aluminium and a mix

of high-strength steels.

One blame the old fortress for much, but in of comfort and security the S-Class was Mercedes wants to improve despite the strong diet. crashed up to eight airbags (two in front, four at the plus two big window-bags from to rear). The luxury-Mercedes glides on an air as standard which automatically the effect of the shock-absorbers to the road (adaptive damping system ESP and Brake-Assist of course already to the base version S 320 ((as In the beginning under the hood do no big surprises: 231 to 320 HP in the new 5,0-Litre-V8, at the end of the next follow a 5,8-Litre-V12 (circa 400 HP) and a S280 (see table). much more excitement we forward to the new Common-Rail-Diesels

which do not come before 1999: A 2,7-Litre CDI (circa 170 HP) and a CDI (238 HP).

Unmistakably but still completely new. turn signals are located in the mirrors.

A long way off. No, it begins when the new S-Class is at the from the end of October

on. Was Mercedes considered to be a conservative marque, the new causes a high-tech experience as we known it until now: S science-fiction. Examples?

If the driver to the Mercedes from the side and the door handle, the doors immediately. The mystery lies in the which one even can keep in the pocket

(Mercedes calls option Keyless-go). And the other way Does one leave the car, all close automatically.

The start is keyless. A push on the button on top of the change lever — and the whispers.

In the new instrument cluster the appear like a hologram, three-dimensional from a black similar to the Lexus from Never before a Mercedes was as as the new S-Class. Even the ((driver#039;s)) can be ventilated and massaged whilst The legs in the meantime rest and accelerator-less, the Distronic drives, and changes gears, makes the on the motorway to a relaxation journey point it out clearly: Of course the new still has accelerator-, brake- and with the non-automatic-transmission-versions — but the functions of the Distronic are performed need of the driver to operate any of pedals)). One only has to steer. In the the display in the centre console contact to the outside world by telephone, TV and satellite-navigation.

All that well together — the new appears to be a Mercedes from star.

The new coupe comes at the end of

Revealed: The first pictures of super coupe, codenamed packing V8 and V12 power!

Mercedes is right for the top with its new luxury CL spied here completely for the first time. The world-beating promises to take on the likes of and Ferrari when it is launched in of an audience of the world#039;s wealthy and at the Frankfurt Motor Show in exactly a year after the of the S-Class saloon that based on.

Dubbed as the ultimate Touring experience by an insider at the car maker, the replacement model for the CL features class-leading technology and an look designed to distinguish it the S-Class saloon. The styling sees it fit in with the family of the current CLK and the forthcoming SL soft-top Acutely aware that the CL has proved less of a sales than its SEC coupe predecessor, sold at a ratio of 11 saloons to one compared to today#039;s figure of Mercedes stylists have hard on producing a more less ostentatious image should boost the car#039;s And rather than being simply as the coupe version of the it will stand as a model in its own with a unique interior and trim and option packages.

codenamed C215, the super boasts more than fresh styling. Underneath the a new range of eight-cylinder engines make their first in this size of car, and is also a range-topping 12-cylinder further down the line. The version will be badged CL and is powered by the company#039;s latest 275bhp V8, which features the three valves and two spark for each cylinder layout to exhaust emissions.

One could almost think the would be a hard top. the roof pillar smoothly into the fender.

Next up is the 5.0-litre V8 unit, boasting — a 12bhp increase and then there#039;s the all-new V12 engine, which produces a 400bhp. Linked to this be the latest specification five-speed gearbox with adaptive patterns. Carrying the latest is an all-new rear-wheel-drive platform, improves suspension and steering New air-filled dampers are said to superior low-speed ride and high-speed body composure, an electronic control system is to enhance the technology-laden appeal of the V12

Added to this will be comprehensive catalogue of standard-fit aids. These include the ESP stability control), which the car stable in extreme conditions by feeding braking pressure to wheel by the way of the anti-lock brakes#039; In addition, there is Mercedes Brake Assist system ASR traction control, which the rear wheels from during acceleration.

According to our information, Mercedes engineers set out to both the S-Class and CL models a sporty feel on the road. The suspension and steering revisions more feedback for the driver, body roll and, a much lower overall — thanks to the use of costly but materials — there is inertia and pitch in corners, and not as dive during braking. plus point is the coupe#039;s reduced overall bulk. the wheelbase remains the same, length has been reduced by back the overhangs, while and height dimensions are also slightly.

Inside, the CL gets an design which, though to the S-Class#039;s, shares new features the saloon. Included among are electronic analogue dials and which remain blank and in darkness until the ignition is on; they then light up in a fashion to those of Toyota#039;s models. A new Command centre touch-screen and speech activation to the This optional device is on a screen which operates from the music system and to the telephone and APS (Auto Pilot satellite navigation. Features as electronic climate control, buttons for the cruise and speed mounted on the steering wheel, also be fitted.

If you compare the console with the one from the new sedan W220 you will how different they really are as the one the coupe shown here is one from the front centre to the dashboard.

Although the latest GT is smaller externally, it remains a four-seater, with a boot enough to carry luggage for a complement of passengers. On top of the superb of active safety, the big Merc protect its occupants with the of front and side-impact airbags, head-bags, which run the length of the windows. Design staff been testing airbags for the passengers, and there#039;s a possibility these will be fitted in the of the front seats in order to facial and chest protection.

all the obvious improvements that the CL displays over the current any rise in that car#039;s Pounds 72,040 — price range is expected to be to a minimum, thanks mainly to cost-cutting methods used a speeded-up development cycle. the new model is not likely to reach the UK early 2000, which leave plenty of potential to face an agonising wait, as it is a massive advance over the CL coupe. The new car, looking and better than ever, set to boost CL sales worldwide in a big

Mercedes-Benz S 500 320hp W140

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