2009 MercedesBenz SL63 AMG Test drive and new car review 2009…

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Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base

If I were a rich man.

The SL is more than a car — an exclusive two-seat club caters to folks who have and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. The SL has updated for 2009 with styling and a new high-performance AMG model, the 518 SL63 AMG. So how does the look from down in the lower tax brackets? Read on. base, $153,745 as tested, EPA economy estimates 12 MPG city, 19 MPG

First Glance: Livin’

I’ve never really the Mercedes-Benz SL roadster, particularly the AMG version. As far as I was concerned, the SL was little than a display case for trophy wife, or a way for drug and Internet millionaires to give us stiffs the finger without to lift, er, a finger.

And then I the SL63 AMG.

And now I am wondering how one an entry-level position as a drug or an Internet millionaire. (I tried No dice.)

I like to start my reviews by the car in question. So what is the SL63? it’s stupid. But I mean in a good way, as in stupid (518 horsepower), stupid (0-60 in 4.4 seconds), and stupid ($133k, but only if you’re to slum it and forgo things massaging climate-controlled seats).

The SL has a host of changes for 2009, updated styling and a revised But what I cared most was the SL63’s engine: The AMG-designed 6.2 V8 that Mercedes has been into pretty much any and car they can. (Rumor has it if you want your Honda Fit to getting 36 MPG, you shouldn’t it too close to the AMG factory.) There are a few versions of this engine, and the gets the biggie: 518 horsepower, 465 of torque, and an exhaust system enough to be heard on Neptune. makes a more powerful SL the $191,575 SL65 AMG, a 604 hp twin-turbo V12 — but it doesn’t the bad-boy attitude of the SL63.

In the Seat: Dream seats

SL63 AMG interior — flat-bottomed steering wheel, to the AMG

Photo © Aaron Gold

the 2009 SL gets a new steering revised climate and stereo and gauges that point down when the ignition is (What would Freud say that?) All SLs get a retractable hardtop (because Internet millionaires do soft tops); an extra gets you a glass sunroof for days when you want to see the but not feel it in your hair. The top is controlled by a big metal switch, on hot days heats up to about six degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no you have to hold the switch the smell of burning flesh you the top is done. And raising the top doesn’t the windows — you have to tug the switches once to raise the windows, again for the rears. Why is such a chore? Maybe millionaires can afford to hire to manipulate their tops er, their convertible tops for them. (I wonder if they to supply their own asbestos

Standard equipment on the SL63 power adjustment for nearly that moves, a voice-activated system, and a little cartoon that sits on your and tells you to drive faster. My car had climate-controlled seats with the system. which blows air on the back of your neck on cold, topless nights. The even have a massage I don’t want to get too crude but if everyone had a car that rubbed back while gently warm air on their neck, I bet infidelity would be much of a problem.

On the Road: Noisegasm

The has a unique automatic transmission an automated clutch in place of the torque converter. It has a special mode that allows you to up the engine revs before the dumps the clutch and launches the car a rocket on amphetamines. Of course, by the you figure out the sequence of buttons, and prayers that engages mode, the car will have run out of

But speed is only part of makes the SL63 so thrilling. the sound — a raucous, alienate-the-neighbors bellow from the and that’s just at idle. At throttle it’s a full-on howl that sounds Satan’s own Harley-Davidson. Between and the wind noise, an SL63 the best place to hold a But with a car like this you can attract the sort of passenger who need to do a whole lot of talking, if you what I mean.

And then are the brakes. If you ever find a lodged in the front of your get an SL63, run it up to 70 MPH, and slam on the That’ll get it out. I daresay maximum deceleration is almost as fun as acceleration.

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base

Handling? To be honest, I was a bit to really push the SL63 on the Top Curvy Test Road. a $150,000 car that belongs to else is a little intimidating, when you do it for a living. But yeah, it, um, great. The ride is a bit firm; I feel much difference the suspension’s Sport and Comfort but maybe that’s because I was too giving the finger to the middle

Journey’s End: If I could, I would

2009 Mercedes-Benz AMG

Photo © Aaron Gold

For the let me say that the SL63 goes everything I like in a car. huge, yet it only seats two It’s way too expensive. It annoys neighbors. It uses half a of gas if you so much as brush your against the fender. If you look up in the dictionary, you won’t find a of the SL63 AMG, because the type of car that would until the dictionaries were on the shelves and then say Whoops! We the picture! Guess we have to a few more rain forests so we can more paper to print dictionaries! Anyone got a chainsaw I can Preferably one made by four-year-old in a Malaysian sweatshop?

And yet I loved the Loved it. Loved it in a deeply screw-the-planet, vote Republican, sort of way.

But it’s not all motoring bliss. are a couple of kinks, like the hot-handed top mechanism, a cupholder for maximum in-the-wayness. and the computerized herky-jerky motion in stop-and-go Two problems you won’t have in, a $23,000 Mazda Miata. But the ultra-wealthy have to have to complain about, right?

line: If I were a rich and if motoring were truly of consequences, I’d buy an SL63

Of course, I’m gonna a new dot-com bubble to make happen. — Aaron

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base
Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base
Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base
Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base
Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Base

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