A look back at the 2004 Mercedes SL500 Arlington Sports Car…

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Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Base

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$88,500 for exactly?

The 2004 Mercedes was a powerful hard-top convertible in and still is considered powerful. The V8 in the SL500 pumped out around 302 BHP and 339 which meant you had a 0-60 MPH of 6.5 seconds. Not supercar time, but not sedan time either. The had a length of 178.5 inches, it fairly long. The lengthiest of the car is the front end, but there is a lot of on the interior of the car as well, enough for a 6 3 person to fit comfortably inside. The on the test car was a 7 speed automatic manual shift, which was smooth in the shifting and was quick shifting. It being quick shifting means, if one was to decide to manual on the highway, it would be fun. All of this power is well when driving at 45-60 MPH, but once you put foot down, the engine to life and growls at each car you are like a bulldog that has unleashed.

So the power is good, but about the handling?

The handling of the ’04 is unique in many ways. At low 5-20 MPH, the steering is tough and tight, when it felt like the car was fighting That is, until you get to higher from that point on, changes. The steering becomes responsive and the car felt easy to When taking a corner it as though it was hugging the road. was a little bit of under steer, but not an noticeable amount of it. When the car through the streets it responded and was fun to drive. Once the traction and some other assists had turned off, the car seemed to to life. The cornering became and steering more responsive. The of the car did get happy in some corners, but it was to get it back in line. The ABS (Anti-locking System), ASR (Automatic Slip ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and ABC Body Control) do not just almost half of the abcs’, it helps the car stay stable it wants to completely blow mind. So, with all of the acronyms inside the ’04 SL500 there is so more.

Handling is good, is the interior?

The on the ’04 SL500 is like sitting in a The seats are comfortable and supportive, as is of the interior. The seats come power adjustable, heated and have a pulsating massage Imagine, you are driving down the at 70 MPH with your rear end that must feel You can get that for free in an old Toyota at speeds, except then the car vibrates, which can be invigorating. to business, the SL’s interior is evenly, and nicely laid with cubbyholes everywhere. the glove box is HUGE, so huge in the car, there was a 1 million owners manual and another in it. It was also climate controlled. you have a cubbyhole on the door and not a small one. The door cubbyhole could easily most of your belongings. you have a dual cubbyhole on the console. Don’t get too excited, the top holds what looks to be a for a car phone, or a Bluetooth adapter, and a holder, as well as a couple hidden buttons to play The bottom half of the dual can hold your hat or your as it is illuminated and climate controlled. is also a nifty little on the interior that directly you to a concierge service, another to operate your phone, and to operate your phone, a to operate your phone, or Sat as well as an SOS button, just you are in an accident and can’t use your you have a SOS button to use. is definitely a lot, but that is not there

are quite a few drawbacks. You get 3 “stalks”, switch and 2 others. The indicator is a nice, normal, decent The other two look as though are the left over shavings building the car. A lot of the switches are shaped, and futuristic looking, and placed, but that is to be expected in a car not much space. Other a few design faults here and it’s really nice and Sadly if you were to try and fit someone in the they wont fit, as it is a 2 seater. So the interior gets a B+, as are about as many buttons and as there are in the factory that it.

Ok, so it feels good, does it good?

The exterior of the SL500 is with a sloping front with large air intakes on the under the windshield. The air intakes on the with sharply cut chrome that look like spikes, give the car a hint of The rest of the car follows the same The wheels on the SL are massive, and fierce like blades. With of chrome strategically placed the car, to draw attention to the The back end of the car looks just as as the front, but don’t get too excited. The car great with the top up, or down, but the fault is a raising support The support bar looks good, and its purpose, but typically behind massive support, there be a rear wind deflector. For strange reason, on the massive, exciting SL500 the rear deflector is absent. Having a wind deflector helps the air smoothly over the car, and prevent the air shooting back the car from behind. The SL could use the rear wind deflector, as as a few adjustments. When the top is down on the SL you can up the front windows, but the two rear seem to not have a button to them up. Not being able to up the rear windows can cause drag. So the car looks good, but things like the rear deflector missing, the massive sticking up, the rear windows and the size of the vehicle cause drawbacks on owning the car.

So, it looks good, drives so it’s a good car?

The ’04 is a great car to cruise around in, and a fun car to In 2004 the SL500 was definitely $88,500 for the base model, but some of the options quickly the bang for the buck feeling. the car already being close to makes it hard to understand why it be a good car to buy. So, lets see why it was a deal for the money. First, the car had a amount of options on the base base model being any packages installed. As you add the packages and the equipment, the value slowly to disappear. Power wise, the car is for 2004 it was a decent amount of that was very well The ’04 SL500 is not as powerful as its’ AMG nor is it as powerful as its’ big brother. knowing it is not as powerful, it is still every penny. In 2004, was a good price for a timeless like an SL, but in 2011, the same car once cost you $88,500, now cost you between $30,000 $40,000, which is a great So, the ’04 SL500 was and still is an exciting car to so what makes it fun, and an all around good car? is easy. For $36,000 (test you can get a car that has the feeling of a heart of a car, the mind of a big German sedan and bares the name and of a Mercedes SL. You can easily get the AMG version a little more power, but is no

point as there is no place you can really unlock the full of the car. The SL500 is a contained and at $36,000 it is also a good so I would have one. The Mercedes SL500 does not as much HP as a newer sports but looks gorgeous, and even its drawbacks, it still passes as a car, why? That is it is a $100,000 car for under $40,000, and its a big powerful German sedan in the shape of a roadster. Before you run out and buy one look around, there are of newer sports cars the same price range of — $50,000 that more power, tighter and cheaper to maintain.

Thank you to Leesburg Toyota for access to and testing of the 2004 SL500 .

For pictures please at the 2004 Mercedes SL500 directly above.

Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Base


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