Purchase used Mercedes Benz 1996 SL SL320 IMMACULATE R129 all…

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Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129

Mercedes Benz 1996 Sl Immaculate R129 All Options Sl500 Sl600 Amg on 2040cars

I this description is HUGE but read it all, there are really amazing things to be here!!

This auction is for a piece of automotive art, a Mercedes Sl Roadster. This is the R129 Body-Style and boy, is it gorgeous. As many of you already the 1996 SL was refreshed quite a bit and several upgrades. As such, maintain the classic R129 but with a much more flare. They only the SL320 for two years after refresh (1996 and 1997) so are fairly rare by R129 So, this is sure to be a unique, car for its new owner! If you didn’t know already, an R129 is Mercede’s for any SL-Class produced 1990-2002.

I am a car (a hobby, not a business) and have a ridiculous amount of cars 60) and as of now this one is by far and away one of my favorites! As you can I have always been a car as such I know how to take of them and always give the proper care and respect they deserve. In fact, I am selling this as I have an to purchase another, unique This has been such a car, I would only it with another R129. else would do.

The car in question is Code 040, Black that is the factory Mercedes for this color, kind of a name) over a stunning, yet sporty Black leather It has nearly every single / option package you could get on vehicle (except the multi-contour When I bought this I selected it because of it’s original condition and darn flaw free appearance. I purchased this car, it was all original, right down to the Cassette Player! Every you will hear described I had professionally done myself! I get into the additions on this vehicle, let me explain my vision to I fell in-love with the Roadster right when came out in 1990. I pined for a one with all the right options. At point in time, it was far out of my price I never forgot about beautiful car. Years I bought my first Mercedes (a 2000 SLK Limited Edition). As as it was, it just wasn’t my car……an SL. So, I sold it and moved on to vehicles. Years later, I to visit a long time of mine at his job at a Cadillac / Mercedes While I was waiting for him to come I couldn’t believe when I saw they had an R129 on the pre-owned Mercedes centers typically sell a car over five old, this one was just nice. It was so gorgeous that I help myself……I bought it then and there, what an day. The car didn’t have all the that I wanted nor was it the exact I wanted (I really wanted a but I figured that I could care of all that later. bringing it home, I sat forth in it the cleanest, most loaded, SL320 around. I started off by additions to make it more the 99-02 model years as had a few cosmetic upgrades from years, So I made the following enhancements:

OEM 1999-2002 Style Taillights

OEM Style Side View (nearly $1,000 but I really them)

With the exterior now all of the 99-02 styling cues, it was to bring some fresh upgraded components and some personal touches to the interior. I with the same formula I on the exterior to handle the interior. does this interior amazing. With the interior looking nearly new, it was to complete the job! That said, here are the interior

OEM 1999-2002 Style Leather Wheel Air Bag

OEM 1999-2002 Style Gauge Rings

OEM 2002 Arrow Chrome Shift

OEM 1999-2002 Style Leather Knob

OEM 1999-2002 Passenger Interior Cargo Net

Having all of the 99-02 modernizations, I turned my to adding some very options and accessories. Here is I added and upgraded:

OEM Xenon (about $1,500 but the difference is

Crystal Clear Front Signal Lenses (they the xenon lights better)

the trunk lid (removed ‘SL320’ the trunk for a cleaner look, I have the badge though you want it back on)

New Soft-top (I didn’t care for the OEM grey liner, so I had it replaced with a one to better match the interior)

Heated Seats (nearly but well worth it)

OEM Audio10 (the stock cassette isn’t of grand quality, so I this OEM system. It was never in the USA and is quite a unique find. It is an In-Dash CD Player)

OEM Floormats (I brand new, factory SL Floor Mats)

3-Bar Matched Grill with Trim (truly adds a modernized image yet doesn’t from the stunning and classic looks of the R129)

Real Fiber Mercedes 3-Pointed Hood Emblem

I think is about it for Exterior and Interior I really wanted to keep it original, clean and beautiful. giving this car some looks, both inside and it was time to make the most R129 on the road. That some new Parts and Maintenance! is what has been done to stunning car during my ownership. I for the long list but I am very, anal and insist everything be I do have records and receipts for mentioned in this list. I am anal with record It is quite a long list but do read it thoroughly. Anyway, the list! I have also the dates of installation and/or

September 12 th 2012: Safety (paperwork in file)

September 12 th Smog Test / Inspection

12 th 2012: Oil Filter Change

September 12 th 2012: All fluids and filled

May 10 th st 2013: Had vehicle fully detailed, inside and

May 31 st 2013: Convertible Top Boot Lift Cylinders (2) replaced

13 th 2013: Had vehicle professionally detailed, inside and out.

22 nd 2013: Fixed Trunk (was not illuminating automatically lid opened, had to turn it on manually)

22 nd 2013: Fixed Rattling Interior Door Panel

sound coming from panel, removed panel and two loose screws tightened. fixed it)

June 26 th 2013: Top Boot Cover Lock (2) replaced

June 26 th 2013: Top Main Lift Cylinders (2)

June 27 th 2013: Convertible Top Lift Cylinder Lower Bolt replaced

July 17 th Front hood repainted due to scratches

July 17 th 2013: New pad installed

July 17 th 2013: New trim pieces painted of the headlight wiper delete above)

July 17 th 2013: new Black Carbon hood

July 26 th — August 2 nd Detailed car in preparation for Mercedes Car Show in Los Angeles (wash, remover, scratch remover, wax, wax, leather vacuum, interior polish, clean, wheel polish, dressing, etc)

January 22 nd Replaced Driver Side Light Bulb

January 28 th Oil Service performed

January 28 th Transmission Fluid flushed and

January 28 th 2014: Full Inspection performed

You cannot go with this beautiful First off, it is a two owner car was always treated with and respect. With all the additions, it is a unique SL320 to say the least! Roadster looks very modern and clean. The interior is all even items like the panels insets, roll boot cover and more. It has handling, a ridiculous amount of parts and accessories and plenty of and original OEM options!!

As for this mechanical and operational condition, it doesn’t get better. Everything on car operates flawlessly and just as it There is loads of power, an solid ride, no abnormal rattles or sounds of any kind! It has been serviced as per Mercedes I even had the servicing done at Authorized Mercedes centers or at the Renowned BR-Racing Performance This car handles like a and shifts ultra smoothly, are no hidden surprises here, so ever……just a great driving and reliable SL! In the years since car was brand new, the car has only 152,000 miles. That out to just 8,000 miles a The national average is 15,000 per So, this car has less then of the miles that it should. It is absolutely fantastic. As I mentioned I have receipts for EVERYTHING I ever done to it. This has a surprisingly potent 3.2 Liter Six with again surprising of Torque. It truly is a zippy It sounds great and zips the road very pleasantly. It is an sensation to drive this rather at speed or in a relaxed and manner. This silky powerful engine is mated to a smooth 5-Speed Automatic Talk about crisp, shifting!!

Ok, lets talk exterior. car is straight and true with no damage what-so-ever. It has a few, normal, very tiny from 19 years of driving….that’s it! are no cracks in the trim, dents, or anything like that. The are all perfect, you won’t see any leaks on one! All lights and signals just as they should. The are just like new and as such many, many miles on them. The tires are Khumo tires and carry a transferable WARRANTY . All in all, an AMAZING and performing Mercedes Convertible!

On to the What can I say? The interior is close to flawless! You will NOT a single scratch, smell, or any type of imperfection! If you have shopping for an R129, I’m sure you seen a ton of ripped seats, roof headliners, missing pieces, cracked trim and carpets! Well you are not going to any of that in my car. This is immaculate! I have conditioned all of the every single month! The car gets washed every week and gets fully once a month. It has never parked outdoors. I have driven the car as a daily driver. It gets driven about every month or so. If I’m not driving it, I pull it out of the garage to detail it and pull it right back in. I am crazy about this I know it’s a small but it also shows how nit-picky I am the car, I even have the never used cigarette In addition, I have the original, used factory Mercedes Aid Kit. I have literally item that originally with this car!

go ahead and cover this standard OEM features and specs:

Climate Control

Ice Cold Air

Excellent Heating

Keyless with Security System


Power Locks Keyless Entry

Power Locking

Power Stereo

Front Fog Lights

Rear Fog

Fully Automatic Power Top

Power Release/Lock Removable

Convertible Windblocker (can be installed, flipped-up or flipped-down)

Windblocker Storage Case mounted)

Integrated Retractable Bar (deploys in event of a wreck or can be or lowered with a console switch)

4-Wheel Double Suspension

Alloy Wheels

Tilt Steering Wheel

Telescoping Steering Wheel

Cassette Stereo System

Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129

Sound System (best system I’ve ever in a car)

Leather Interior door panels, shift roll bar, boot steering wheel, etc)

Adjustable Power Seats


Driver Side Memory Settings (adjusts the wheel mirrors and seat to ideal position all at the touch of a button. It can store memory for up to different people)

Passenger Side 3-Position Settings (like the above but for the seat. It can store memory for up to different people)

And oh’ so much

Not too shabby huh?

Lets about all of the Options it has. we go:

Automatically Leveling HID Xenon

Heated Seats (both passenger seats, each two levels of heating)

Bose System (all new OEM speakers installed)

OEM Audio10 In-Dash CD

Chrome Alloy Wheels

Not too bad Just in case you are not super with the updates of the 1996 SL (which I’m guessing you are), I to fill you in on all of the special touches, and modernizations that Mercedes as of the 1996 model year:

styled Front Bumper rounded then previous

Newly styled Rear (more rounded then generations)

Re-Shaped Fog Lights well integrated then design)

New technology Keyless System

Side Airbags 1996 SL was the first car in the world to side airbags!!)

Redesigned Door Panels (more then the old flat style)

Interior Door Panels shapely modern then the old style)

New Styled Steering

Updated Shift Knob

Much more options then on previous model ie: 90-95

And Much More…………………….

OK, talk about a very subject……the convertible tops . Are you of seeing ads that say ‘top not work’ or ‘top needs to operate’? How about ‘top can be operated manually’? Tired of at cars that have tops, tops that working mid operation, stuck on or even worse things? worrying about it, this one is . These cars have very common problems their roofs, and they Hydraulic Cylinders that blown and leak (about — $5,000 from to fix), damaged or misadjusted switches, damaged convertible top hydraulic pumps that are or damaged. I have replaced all of the Cylinders (12 total) for the entire top system within the last In addition, I flushed the original fluid and bought all new fluid the Mercedes Dealership ($30 a So, the system has all new cylinders and fresh OEM That’s a huge bonus! The all have a ten-year warranty on so this top will be functioning for a looooooong time. I have lubricated all pivot points and associated with the roof With the top functioning flawlessly, I had a new installed. It is the original German material with three clear rear windows! I purchased a new Headliner for the Hardtop original was grey and I thought it looked out of place with the interior)! Every-single component of car’s convertible system and are either brand new or in absolutely regularly maintained condition! I the top will work perfectly for you for a very long time. I you to find another R129 the owner has already done all of Of course it goes without that the Hardtop is in flawless and removes and installs perfectly.

Basically, all known R129 have been dealt before they became I believe in preventing problems they develop.

I have all of the Owner’s Manuals, Books, Records and Receipts for this There will be NO surprises this one. You will get all of the work to show you how well it has loved and maintained! In addition to the I have both of the original master keys with keyless entry. I even a third one just to have as a (about $300 at the dealership). I have the complete trunk tool kit, which is to see in these automobiles! If you think is impressive, I even have the Window Sticker and original color sales brochure from 1996. I probably many more other that I can’t recall at the

I’ll even include a made, 1/18 th scale large) diecast model of exact car. It was built and to look identical to my car. touch that is on the real the model has. It even has a roll bar and removable hardtop!

from an utterly amazing, reliable SL Roadster you will get another nicety. As I wasn’t on selling the car, I just had a service performed (oil transmission fluid change, just last week. is only one thing that car could benefit from. The Air Flow Sensor should be It is a very simple process and is as as pulling it, cleaning it (I recommend contact cleaner). This is a and straightforward job. It will no money and anyone (even no mechanical skills) can do it. I simply do not the time (work, travels, That is the only thing it could use. Rest that this does not its ability to drive in anyway. I hop in it and drive across the country in a beat and not be concerned about it in the

I think that just sums it all up, and then some! read the details I have above and look at the many below. This really is a and very unique Mercedes and I miss it greatly. It literally my stomach when I think letting it go. You are probably wondering why I am such a magnificent piece of I am only selling it because (as I above), I have an opportunity to my dream SL (another R129 I would only let this car go to buy R129, they are just amazing! Please give exquisite car a beautiful, loving new Lord knows it deserves it. is an As-Is, No Warranty Sale. I much welcome ANY and ALL questions you may

PLEASE NOTE . I have a loan on the car through Monterey Credit Union. Once I the cleared, full payment the buyer, I will pay off the car and get you the title Monterey Financial will have the title to you within one of receiving the payment. I am happy to the buyer with all of the information on the through and give you their should you yourself have any for them directly. After I the payment from the buyer, I also furbish you with Department of Motor Vehicles proving that I am releasing my in the vehicle to you and that you are the new registered I will work with the 100% to ensure your of mind, comfort ability and happiness. Look at how many transactions I have and at my 100% rating. I think they for themselves; I am definitely someone you can implicitly.

TERMS . While I certainly someone to pick this up, I am willing to meet shippers to see it off to its new wherever that may be. The shipping and obtaining quotes will be the responsibility. I will not ship the until it has been paid for in and the payment has 100% cleared my and proven to be good. I will not ship the vehicle unless the has been paid in full. I not take personal checks of any no money orders. cash or a Check drawn from a bank (Wells Fargo, of America, Washington Mutual, Bank, Union Bank, ONLY . I have had several with people trying to use orders, personal checks, checks drawn from unknown banks and things of nature. I will ONLY the two types of payments listed Sorry, but that’s just how gotta be. If you have any questions this rule, please ask bidding and don’t just I will take any ol’ type of after the auction closes. receiving the payment, I will the buyer with an actual and receipt from the California of Motor Vehicles.

I have many more photos of car (eBay only lets you a maximum of 24) if you’d like to see just eMail me and I will get right out to you. Also, if you like me to take photos of specifically, I am more then to do so, this car is gorgeous and there is to hide!!

Again, I welcome any and all you may have. This truly is a automobile! I guarantee the new owner love it for many, many to come. It is sure to provide of exquisite fun and exceptionally reliable

Good Luck To Everyone.

Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R129


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