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Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Base

Is a $230,000 S-Class worth the Oh, absolutely.

Story: Will Courtney

Remember this folks, because the sentence about to read is one you’ll never see in a car review again:

You need the S65 AMG, because too powerful for your own good.

And true. Nobody needs a horsepower four-door luxury big enough to fit four Shaquille at once. It’s too big for back-road too soft for track days, and too for any straight in the United States shy of 04R/22L at Edwards Air Force (Look it up.) Besides, already offers the S-Class in an model with a silky V12 cranking out 510 horses and 612 lb-ft of and a rip-snorting S63 AMG version that up to 564 horses and 664 lb-ft. There’s no for one that makes 621 horsepower and 738 You wouldn’t know what to do it. God knows the tires don’t.

But you who always talked about like “what you need” and “for your own good?” Marx. Vladimir Lenin. Mao “You don’t need all is communist talk. And this is baby. Red’s dead—capitalism And capitalism is about getting you want—assuming you can afford it. (Or, to be assuming your credit that far.)

Which is a big assumption when it comes to the S65 The King Kong of S-Classes at $212,000—$51,700 more than the S600. Our test car had $2,300 in Mocha Black paint, in 20” twin five-spoke wheels, in Splitview front monitor and a $10,100 in “designo Auburn Interior” trimmings tacked on; the line on the Monroney came to In case you need a frame of that’s right around the price of a new home in the U.S. Or, if you a slightly more appropriate that’s the equivalent of 10.37 of pure 24k gold at today’s

The additional 33 percent premium the S600 or Performance Package-equipped S63 AMG translate into a 33 percent in performance, either. The S65 rips 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 186 per hour—the exact same as the S63 AMG with its 564 hp, 664 lb-ft (thanks to the Package) turbo V8 and only a few quicker to highway velocity the S600. (The “lesser” Benz rams the limiter at though.) The S65, then, is not a “numbers” car in the way, say, a GT-R is.

But if you approach an S65 with raw data on your mind, starting out with the wrong Instead of looking at it as a price tag or a chart of performance stats, you to look at this car the way you would an M3. away from the comments and your invectives. Like an M3, you to look at the S65 in terms of the entire experience. You have to feel car to understand it.

For example: raw data can’t the smoothness, the effortlessness of having an twin-turbocharged, 12-cylinder engine at the beck and call of your foot. Brush the throttle, and it from a stop with refinement. No automotive engine effortless power and refinement the V12—there’s a reason you can’t it in any car costing less than AMG’s hand built example is a masterpiece of the breed.

Nor can quantify the shock when throttle is suddenly opened and this Mercedes-Benz starts up speed in a manner usually for loud, gray machines by Lockheed-Martin. Slamming the pedal to the at a stop in the S65 doesn’t produce in the way of tire-smoking drama—instead, it bogs through the first half of gear like it’s to break out of a mud patch. Pop the electronic control off, though, and you floor the throttle…well, you get about a second of burning rubber the computers kick in to spoil fun. Turns out Mercedes-Benz really doesn’t think safe to turn over unadulterated control of 738 pound-feet to the wallet behind the steering Or maybe they just think S65 drivers are the type who to embarrass Camaros at stop

In the name of journalism, we took the S65 up to of our favorite winding mountain an hour or so north of New York to see how well it handles some driving, where it took to like Gronk to the polka: do it fairly well, but it’s not to be there—and you hate to admit it, but too big for the task. That said, the traction control “off,” the S65 make for a surprisingly well-balanced machine, as we gleefully discovered in an New Jersey parking lot.

To truly appreciate the power of chariot, you have to resort to less-sexy means of acceleration: the start. Just bring the car to a take your feet off pedals, let the torque converter you up to five miles per hour, introduce the accelerator to the deep carpet with extreme As the car accelerates, your thoughts be as follows:

5-50 mph: This thing’s got some You expect that from an though…

50-80 mph: Uh, I’m accelerating really fast

80-100+ mph: Oh God this is a rocket ship how can any car this big like this oh Christ if a cop me now I’m screwed but this is just too to stop

Therein lies the rub the S65 AMG: It’s just too powerful to open up without a court date. That V12’s numerical advantage the S63’s V8—or pretty any other engine on Earth—only into play when the car is moving at public road If your regular commute to involve fifty-plus miles of autobahn driving (or, if you live in a country where you reliably slip out of tickets by any cop a few hundred bucks), the S65 could be the best car in the world for your

[ Sadly, one of Brooklyn’s finest pot caused the S65 to throw a shoe we had it. On the plus side, though, is one nice-looking donut. ]

Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Base

But once this Mercedes-Benz isn’t needs—it’s about desires. you buy a sedan, your needs are limited: room for four or people, four doors, a to throw your crap, a to keep the rain off your Windows that roll up and maybe some sort of The S65 provides all of these, of course. But so a Nissan Versa .

The S65, provides you with front that heat, cool, and actively cradle you in the turns. It you maple wood trim looks so nice, you’re to jab a tap into the dashboard and try to collect the It offers you a navigation screen can display entirely different to the driver and the passenger. It serves up a #038; Olufsen stereo 15 speakers, four acoustic (I don’t even know those are), and two amplifiers up 1,200 total watts of 7.1 sound audio. No, you don’t any of them. But God damn, do they life sweet.

The handsome Black tester Mercedes me for the weekend also came the designo Auburn Edition which, at the previously mentioned of $10,100, costs almost as by itself as that aforementioned is probably money better (Seriously, if you wanna spend kind of money on a car, buy a Honda.) Ten grand and a Benjamin you that aforementioned maple trim artfully arranged the interior (most notably on the wheel), leather upholstery the of Mars at sunset, an Alcantara-lined power-adjustable rear seats heat, cool and massage, and climate control zones for the two of the back seat. The leather and alone are worthy of the dough; the regular S-Class interior is a penalty box, the designo and design push this interior to the quality you’d from a $200,000 car. as if this interior weren’t enough, the all-new S-Class due to in 2014 looks like boast an even fancier We’re looking forward to for ourselves.)

[ Not our test car, but we took image of Mercedes-Benz’s media because the S65 AMG looks kickass in silver. ]

Should your in $200K+ cars run towards exotic-looking vehicles, well, the S65 your flavor. Apart some slight differences in the and rear faschia, the king of the looks identical to the S350 with the Sport package—which less than half as ($99,805, to be specific. Chump The metallic shimmer of the $2,300 paint helps a little, with the quad tailpipes and the 20” wrapped in low-profile rubber, but to most cars that this kind of money, the S65 is Cellophane. That’s just with us. Leave the Rolls-Royce and the Bentley Flying Spurs to the starting five; we’ll under the radar and into the sea of S-Classes that floods every day. I didn’t run red light, officer. Are you sure it that other Mercedes there?

So no, you don’t need the S65 AMG. If you to get really technical and anal-rententive it, you can probably make far more against it than you can in favor of it. But to a weekend living with the S65 is to to know it. It makes you laugh, it you miss it when you’re It makes you fall for it. Is it illogical to yourself a little bit in love a $230,000 Mercedes-Benz? Maybe. But life, and like cars—is, in the about your heart, not head. So the day my Powerball numbers up, I’m buying an S65 AMG.

Price As $228,615

Power: 612 hp, 738 lb.-ft.

4.3 seconds

EPA Gas Mileage: 12 city, 19

Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Base

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