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2001 SLK 230 review — lonnnng!

Tried to post in ‘User reviews’ but had trouble, so it is.

I collected the car in March. It’s a 6 manual, obsidian black sienna beige leather and dash.’At Home

I to wait to put a few miles on the car before this review. Now I’ve up just over 3000miles, between long distance town driving and fast on challenging roads, here are my on the car:


I immediately the obsidian / sienna beige The fluorescent lights in the showroom highlighted the metallic paint The downside of the black is that it constant cleaning — the car stays outside all the time too small), so it starts to look needing a wash after two or three days. I purchased a Duster recently, which has enormously. Now I can keep the paintwork reasonable for the whole week it’s back out with the and shampoo!

The leather used in the is much higher quality any of the cars I have owned — more supple. most of the switchgear has an expensive to it. Sienna beige does distinct disadvantages though, cleaning is required. It’s how fast the dirt builds up.

The roof is a fantastic feature. I am impressed that MB not only an electric hard top, but did it without compromising the styling the roof up or down. That have been very It is great to have a convertible you turn into a quiet tin-top at the press of a button! none of the ‘flapping canvas’ you get some other cars. all very solid.


This is a bit of a mixed I spent most of the journey from picking the car up playing the electric seat and steering adjustment, trying to get a comfortable I am only 5′ 8′, but quite a reclined driving I have found a compromise but even with the headrest the rear bulkhead I still that I don’t have enough legroom. The steering has to be slightly closer to me than like too, otherwise my catch on the back of it. The only way this is to make the back of the more upright, but that is comfortable.

The other problem is the design itself. They enough side support for my and there is also not enough support. The headrest is very as it sits about 4 inches where my head is. With the upright, the headrest is closer to it needs to be, but I still can’t my head on it.

Having said Mercedes must have got right because I don’t get out of the car after a long drive, I have with some cars.’Interior Pic 1’Interior Pic 2

The heating / air con is fantastic. The heater is enough to have the roof at anything above 5degrees C that’s the lowest I’ve so far anyway). The air con is powerful enough to me feel too cold with an temperature of 30degrees C —


This is one of my biggest but is actually still a very engine. I have owned/driven turbocharged cars in the past and there has been a lot of hype in the press about superchargers and how smooth and lag-free. I had quite expectations of this supercharged, engine.

Well, after used to the handling (more and driving the car quite hard I have to say that I prefer I never really had a problem turbo lag anyway. All my experience has with modern cars, much lag and I found that a few of driving any of them results in adapting your driving to suit.

The problem with the seems to be that boost is speed related, not load Hence my turbo car on the motorway 60mph at 2,500 rpm has full available almost instantly, the SLK seems to need me to drop a (or two) and wind the engine up before I get full boost. boost seems to arrive at 3,500 to 4,000rpm, but it’s to be sure without a boost It might just be that the is not powerful enough for the car. say that another 40 to 50hp make it a lot more fun to drive 197hp from a supercharged 2.3 16v seems to be quite a mild (my 15 year old Renault 5 GT Turbo power per litre, and that’s an 8 unit with pushrods and a — modern 4 valve engines are generally in the 100 to 140hp/litre

Having said this, the is definitely very smooth and has a lot of torque. It is just that sparkle when you floor the and feel the car take off that is

The other problem is the exhaust which is not exactly sporty. driving though a tunnel or to buildings with the roof I have heard the supercharger up. That sounds fantastic, but is impossible to hear most of the Even the AMG exhaust on a friend’s car to be very quiet. It’s a shame because it takes some of the special sports car The SLK320 sounds much I will be buying one of these year, mainly for the exhaust but hopefully for better acceleration


Almost every I’ve read moans the quality of the 6 speed box. I cannot understand the complaints. The seems to be quite positive, too much travel or free It is possibly slightly notchier I would like, but no more so any other 5 or 6 speed box I have Heel and toe changes would smooth it out a bit more, but like manufacturers these days MB give you a pedal layout allows this. The accelerator is far too low in relation to the brake, probably to you stabbing the wrong one in a panic

I have tried an auto box but couldn’t get on with it. I did not like the pause between tipping the for an upchange and the box obeying. I would them to implement a manual for the ‘tip’ function, rather increasing/reducing the number of gears to the automatic system. I really to try paddle shifters, so I hope implement the ‘manual over-ride’ the rumoured 6 speed auto shift box comes out.

/ Suspension

The chassis is slightly than I would like, but quite a good compromise for a tourer. The main problem is roll, which seemed alarming at first, but once you get this initial worry, the car very fast.

I have had a few with the traction control. It to cut power too readily and can leave you in crawling away very when you’re going for a gap in Also I feel sometimes the ESP system is trying to fight me in — almost as if it’s ‘no, I will not let you drift the out, here’s some instead!’. Switching the sensitivity via the dashboard switch is one of the first after starting the engine I remember). The ESP system may be quite in snow though, I haven’t had to try it yet.

With ESP off the car feels more and predictable. It is possible to balance the car for corners using the throttle and My preference is to brake late and go into a corner to lighten the end before turning. I’ve this works well for me most cars these that are set up for safe understeer. We had a with a 4×4 Ford Cosworth (like an older of a WRX or Evo VI) on some quite demanding roads recently. We gave him a shock! I don’t think he was to have so much trouble up with us.’On the road

Slk 230 197 review teste

The steering is a bit vague. There’s about half an inch of play at the wheel rim with the car This is a general fault I found with recirculating systems. I haven’t tried one yet I liked. There is very feedback from the wheels the steering. At least the power is about right, not too light at


The brakes are awesome! are very powerful and the active distribution works very to maintain the balance of the car under I have used brake once. The car stopped a lot quicker I expected!

What on earth do use for the pad material though? It seems as Mercedes is in league with the cleaner manufacturers because the are covered in brake dust only about 50miles.

Sportier exhaust note

body roll

Another 40 to

Improved seats

Rack and steering

Overall Opinions

I complained about a few things but they are all fairly minor really. The car has a fantastic aura of and class about it that you feel quite special it. I also find that I have the urge to drive so fast as with some of the cars I have owned, is good news for my driving It’s nice just along at sensible speeds the top down.

I am much happier the car than I thought I would be. read all of the reviews I was expecting a soggy cruiser with handling. What I have though is that it’s an car for covering long distances and it quite an impressive fun sports car on roads. Once you conquer the of the body roll and turn the control down I’m it would embarrass many / Z3 / Miata drivers!’Out and 1’Out and about 2

Slk 230 2001


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