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Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class

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Mercedes-Benz is the luxury car manufacturer that has been for more than a century and is for the automotive industry as we know it The original founders of Mercedes-Benz invented the motor car.

In the 19th century Karl and Gottlieb Daimler were hard at work designing an to horse powered transportation. In Karl Benz invented the first ever automobile and it the Benz Patent Motor

Karl Benz was then in Mannhiem in Germany, and his original car had three very thin a rudimentary suspension, and was without from the weather elements and any of lights.

At the same time Daimler and Wilheim Mayback also busy inventing an combustion powered car. The was called the Daimler Riding Car it was nicknamed the Grandfather Clock, to its engine bearing an upright

Although Daimler called his a car it was in fact the world’s first and the single cylinder was able to it up to 13 km/h.

Both of these were created within one kilometres of each other, yet Benz and Gottlieb Daimler met, nor were they of each other’s work.

both these engineers the contribution for the development of a 4-stroke Daimler received more and world-wide fame than due to demonstrations and international racing

Gottlieb Daimler caught the of Emil Jellinek, a wealthy business man, who was interested in and the cars designed by Daimler’s engineer Wilhelm Mayback.

approached Daimler and Mayback a business proposal and promised to an order for the production of a large of cars. In return Jellinek sole distribution rights in and France and a change to the cars from Daimler to Jellinek’s name: Mercedes.

Wilhelm Mayback accepted the after Daimler died in and this was the beginning of the Mercedes

During the 1900s Daimler producing faster and more advanced cars. The 35 Bhp Simplex was by the 40 Bhp Mercedes Simplex, which is to be the oldest Mercedes in existence

In 1905 Benz launched the Pheaton but this car only had 18 Bhp and was updated to 75 Bhp two years later and achieved almost 100 km/h. At time both Mercedes and started having success in the of motor racing.

Because of WWI the facilities of both Daimler Gesellschaft (Mercedes) and Benz Cie converted to produce military for the war effort.

Due to the dreadful economic in Germany, a shortage of fuel and a tax placed on vehicles; cars suitable for only the wealthy.

put Benz Cie in a difficult position and approached Benz with a proposal in 1924; the offer was until Daimler faced difficulties in 1926 and signed the and Mercedes-Benz began.

The first car off the line was a two seater sports car a supercharged engine and a top speed of 108 In 1927 Mercedes-Benz built first touring car the Model S S standing for Sport), a car that achieve 160 km/h, a remarkable for the time.

In 1928 Mercedes-Benz the Mercedes-Benz SSK which was designed racing in mind and could top 190

In 1934 the company built its car aimed at the very wealthy: a sports car called the Mercedes-Benz which cost a sum of 28,000 marks. At this time was also producing the Mercedes-Benz a very large luxury aimed at business owners and that preferred to be chauffer All of the aforementioned cars were in very small numbers quite quickly developed and

During WWII Mercedes-Benz again manufactured military which resulted in their being heavily bombed by aircraft. Nevertheless production in 1948 and the company had sold 4,500 Mercedes and 300 saloons by

The 1950s also saw the famous Wing two seater hard the 300 SL model was introduced with a design and a 250 km/h top speed, and it the world by storm.

By the 1960s cars were among the sophisticated in the world and in 1963 their first car with zones, the 230 SL. Although slower earlier cars the 230 SL was a commercial and by 1978 Mercedes-Benz was producing the cars with anti-lock (ABS) and in 1981 the first car airbags.

1982 Mercedes-Benz the E190 in 1982, a car that to be an enormous success with one million being produced its life span. During the and 1990s the company enjoyed success and in 1998 Mercedes-Benz with the American Giant for $36 billion. Unfortunately like mergers it was not a great success and reputation for high quality cars began to suffer Chrysler sold Daimler for $7.4 billion to Cerburus Management in 2007.

The Cerburus Management ownership allowed to get back on track and rebuild reputation as the producer of fine, automobiles.

Karl Benz

Benz was born on the 25 November in Karlsruke and was the son of an engine driver. his senior education at Karlsruke School, he then went to Polytechnic where he passed the exam to study mechanical at the University of Karlsruke. Karl graduated from university in

Between 1864 and 1870 he at numerous different companies as a a draughtsman and works manager; founding his own firm in 1871 August Ritter in Manhien, selling building materials.

The troubles of the time meant was slow and Karl Benz his attention and engineering skills to the two engine. After two years of work his engine finally operational, and on 31 December 1879 took out numerous patents on the

In 1883 together with two Benz started ‘Benz Cie Gasmotorenfabrik’, a successful business manufactured industrial engines. his new found financial security could turn his attention to a horseless carriage with an based on the Otto four cycle. Unlike Gottlieb Karl Benz had designed a vehicle with an engine and

On 29 January 1886 Karl Ben was a patent on the vehicle and historically on the 3 1886 the world was shown the ever automobile. In 1903 retired from his company to re-join the following year on the board of Benz Cie, and with Daimler Benz AG in when the company was formed.

Benz died in 1929 behind a wife and five The former Benz family in Ladenburg is now open to the public and is the office for the Daimler-Benz foundation.


Gottlieb Daimler was on the 17 March 1834 in Schorndorf and was the son of a He served as an apprentice to a gunsmith attending Stuttgart Polytechnic, which he worked for various and locomotive firms in both and France.

In 1865 Daimler to Germany and was given the job of Technical at the engineering firm Reutlingen It was in this position that he met a young engineer called Mayback; a fortuitous meeting would be a turning point in men’s lives.

In 1869 joined Maschinenbaugesellschaft Karlsruke as of Workshops, and that same arranged for Mayback to also be at the company. The two men were to become an and inseparable engineering team.

In Daimler became technical of Gas Motorenfabrik AG and once again moved with him and became the Design Director. At this the company owner Nikolaus produced his first four engine and it quickly became to Gottlieb Daimler that would be the future of engine

A serious problem was to arise Otto and Daimler; it has been that Otto was jealous of background and education, and subsequently was fired in 1880 and Mayback soon afterwards.

In 1882 and Mayback moved to Stuttgart they purchased a cottage and a workshop to experiment on four petrol engines. By 1885 the had their first self-developed which they first to a boat, then a balloon and a motorcycle type vehicle. was the first car Daimler Mayback

On 28 November 1890 the men founded Motoren Gesellschalt (DMG) Wilhelm Mayback appointed as Designer. In 1892 DMG finally their first car, but Daimler developed heart and resigned in 1893.

Gottlieb died in 1900 and when Mayback subsequently resigned in the company merged with Cie and Mercedes-Benz was formed.

Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class

After was registered as a legal brand in September 1902 the DMG board realised that they a memorable trade mark, and it was sons Adolph and Paul who their father had once a star as a logo.

When Daimler had been Technical at the Deutz gas engine factory in he had sent a post card of to his wife and marked a star where his house was located. He had on the card that one day a star shine over his own company as a of prosperity.

In 1904 the DMG officials a proposal for a star and both a pointed and four pointed were registered. Only the pointed design was eventually and the star logo began the front radiator of Mercedes-Benz from 1910. The three star is said to symbolise global dominance of land, and in the air’.

In November 1921 DMG a new variation of the emblem, this a three dimensional three star enclosed in a circle, became a registered trademark in

Mercedes 35

The first car to bear the of Mercedes was a vehicle developed by Mayback in 1901, the Mercedes 35, is generally considered to be the world’s ‘proper’ car.

The 35 Mercedes had a mounted 4 cylinder engine was bolted directly to the steel that produced 35 Bhp. The car had technical highlights: the intake and valves were controlled by the instead of manually; it had a spray carburettor, a cooling fan, radiator and a 4 speed transmission and clutch.

The Mercedes 35 signalled the of the era of Mercedes!

Mercedes-Benz SSK

The SSK was a roadster by Mercedes-Benz that was built 1928 and 1932 and its name is an of ‘Super Sport Kurz’ for ‘Super Sport Shot’. The car a powerful performance and achieved racing successes and it is regarded as one of the sports cars of its period.

The SSK was designed by Ferdinand Porsche before he established his own company; the had a 7 litre engine producing up to 300 Bhp and 500 Ib –ft of torque — a respectful even by today’s standards!

All power gave the SSK a top speed of 190 making it at the time the fastest car in the Less than 40 SSKs produced and only 4 or 5 are thought to in original form today. fact makes them valuable and indeed one was sold at in 2004 for $7.4 million, the highest price ever for a car at the time.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

people think Mercedes-Benz immediately think: S Class. had one aim with the flagship S Class and was to build the best car in the world, with the latest technology.

The S was first developed in 1972 and its code name was W116. The car the first ABS Braking system and the production saloon built a diesel engine.

The W126 S Class was launched in and followed in the footsteps of its predecessor by the very latest technical from the automotive industry. The S Class was the first car to feature and passenger airbags and seat pre-tensioners; and it was in production for twelve longer than any other S model. In total 890,000 were sold.

In 1991 the version was produced which bore had many automotive firsts, including Electric Control (ESP), adaptive self-closing doors and boot, and glazing. The W140 was also the time Mercedes-Benz fitted a V12 to a car, making the 6.0 litre the most powerful car Mercedes had at the time.

The W220 version was in 1998 and was shorter and lighter its predecessor, but still packed an punch with eight automatic cylinder shut key-less go and ventilated seats. The version was also the first S to be associated with Mercedes in tuning firm AMG, the 493 Bhp supercharged S55AMG model.

saw the launch of the W221 S Class a larger model all round the W220. The car features an array of new and plenty of new technology including Assist, Blind Spot Lane Keeping Assist, Controlled Cruise Control and Vision!

Overview of Current

Mercedes-Benz A Class

Is a compact 5 hatchback originally launched in and now its third generation. The A Class is with seven petrol and six diesel engines ranging 89 Bhp to 355 Bhp.

Mercedes-Benz B Class


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