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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Mercedes-Benz TecDay: The new V-Class The Mercedes among Full MPVs

The Mercedes among size MPVs will be next year in the form of the new The successor to the Viano, the newest and member of the Mercedes-Benz passenger car will be arriving in 2014 – and it a clear ambition to redefine the in this segment. The new V-Class combines outstanding spaciousness and functionality with the sense of the aesthetic appeal, the comfort and the that typically characterise the that bear the three-pointed All this together makes the the ideal vehicle for large for those who take part in recreational activities and for shuttle operators, all of whom desire to and offer only the best.

The of the new V-Class features high-quality and reflects the style of Mercedes-Benz car models. It thus very embodies the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz car design philosophy of ‘sensual The typical contrasting interplay of surfaces and clear lines, with warm and cool tones, conveys an exceptional of harmony and serves to underline the feel of the vehicle. The car offers a synthesis of function and emotion. sophisticated finesse is rounded off by ambient lighting in three shades. By adopting passenger car elements, Mercedes-Benz raises the and aesthetic appeal of the V-Class to a new in this segment.

The interior of our new combines a generous amount of and maximum variability with and a high-quality appeal that is on a par that of the best passenger around. In my view, the new V-Class is a multitalent that is unrivalled in segment . says Volker Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

design: visual breadth and value

One of the most eye-catching is the cockpit. The dynamically shaped is based on a two-section design the emphasis firmly on breadth. The and lower sections are separated by a three-dimensional trim element creates an impression of breadth and a high sense of value. The section is sculptural in design. emphasises the car’s spaciousness, also giving a sense of For the first time in this there is the option of a leather-look upper section with finished topstitching. High-quality also features on the leather on the armrests and in the centre section of the panelling, emphasising the high-value of the entire vehicle interior.

The and sophisticated impression is reinforced by the and display components that are a of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars: the central display, the circular outlets, the 12-button multifunction wheel, the DIRECT SELECT including shift paddles if an transmission is fitted, the central panel with Controller pushbutton), and an innovative touchpad can be used to operate all telematics by means of gestures or letter and input as on a smartphone. The leather wheel fitted as standard is first in the V-Class segment.

comfort and wellbeing thanks to climate control system

The and uprated THERMOTRONIC automatic control likewise ensures a and individual feeling of comfort and It sets new standards in terms of the mode’s ability to adapt to passenger requirements. The V-Class is the vehicle in its segment to offer different ventilation modes for climate control, automatic air when a tunnel is detected and air distribution to both the driver’s and the side, the intensity of which is adjusted according to the position of the

Separately opening rear and second loading level

For loading and unloading, the V-Class another first in this in the shape of the separately opening window attached to the upper frame. It can be opened and closed of the tailgate. This makes and unloading easier in two respects: on the one it allows a second loading on the other hand, particularly in parking spaces, there is no to open the large tailgate.

COMAND Online generation and Sound system

The new V-Class with a choice of three systems, offering a bespoke solution for all budgets and requirements: 20 USB (standard), Audio 20 CD and, at the top of the COMAND Online, which is a integrated multimedia system 80 GB hard-disc navigation, DVD player, access and numerous additional The latest generation of COMAND features a photorealistic map display, a of useful apps, an additional profile that allows access, for example from an and the relaying of traffic data in time.

A superb audio comes courtesy of the optional Surround Sound system. for the vehicle, this sound features 16 high-performance speakers a bass reflex loudspeaker and a DSP amplifier with a total of 640 watts for first-class feelgood With COMAND Online and the Surround Sound system, the raises the bar in its segment in terms of internet use and the enjoyment of music.

Extensive safety equipment

USP of the V-Class is its extensive package of equipment, including numerous driver assistance systems on sophisticated radar, camera and sensors, first introduced the name Mercedes-Benz Intelligent in the new E-Class and S-Class. They the risk of hazards such as crosswind gusts, the blind or insufficient distance to other to an absolute minimum. The new full MPV is even as easy to park as a car. The assistance systems both comfort and safety.

equipment for the V-Class includes ASSIST, which warns drowsiness and inattention, and Crosswind The latter can compensate for the effects of by applying the brakes on the front and wheels on the side of the vehicle the wind. Further assistance include Blind Spot Active Parking Assist, allows automatic parking in and perpendicular parking spaces active steering and brake a 360° camera, radar-based PREVENTION ASSIST with Brake Assist and Traffic Assist with wrong-way function.

II. Interior design: style and high-class appeal

A dynamic design idiom of lightness and elegance, coupled exquisitely finished high-grade – unmistakable passenger car styling for the new V-Class. With this the premium brand is raising and aesthetic appeal to a new level in vehicle class. The V-Class is a statement of an independent lifestyle.

all current Mercedes-Benz passenger the V-Class interior provides an feeling of wellbeing. It follows the new idiom, which embodies clarity. The typical contrasting of organic surfaces and clear along with warm and colour tones, conveys an sense of harmony and serves to the high-class feel of the vehicle. The car a perfect synthesis of function and This sophisticated finesse is off by discreet ambient lighting in colour shades.

Curved for a generous sense of space of lightness

One of the most eye-catching is the cockpit. For the front passengers, it is sitting in a typical Mercedes car. The dynamically shaped is based on a two-section design the emphasis firmly on breadth, different surface structures. The and lower sections are made of soft-touch materials. For the first in this class, there is the of a leather-look cockpit upper with lavishly finished

The upper and lower sections are by a large, three-dimensional trim that creates an impression of and conveys a sense of high It is available in a high-gloss piano-lacquer a matt anthracite wave-look, a dark brown ash wood-look or a anthracite ebony wood-look. The section is sculptural in design. emphasises the generous sense of whilst also giving a sense of lightness.

Free-standing display and central control with touchpad

This impression is reinforced by the free-standing display. Standard equipment for the includes a 17.8-centimetre display a frame in high-gloss black. A 21.3-centimetre display with glass and a frame in galvanised shadow is available as an option. new and particularly elegant looking provides an even more and high-contrast image.

There is new feature located below the display: the central control that features in Mercedes cars with a Controller pushbutton) and, for the first a multifunctional touchpad (see and display concept section). The design and ergonomics of the central panel were adapted for the V-Class. It blends harmoniously the dynamism of the dashboard, further the sporty shape and lightness of the

Multifunction leather steering as standard

Another sporty, touch is provided by the circular that are a hallmark feature of passenger cars. Their is inspired by aviation. All four outlets are galvanised in silver creating a metallic surface with cool touch – and an exciting contrast with the wood or leather look.

equipment for the V-Class also the 3-spoke multifunction steering with 12 buttons and the DIRECT lever plus shift if an automatic transmission is specified. The wheel is adjustable for height and improving ergonomic posture and the seat occupant to relax. The is the only vehicle in its segment to a leather steering wheel as

Individualisation through light, and colours

The three-dimensional design of the trim is echoed on the sliding and the side wall. This a feeling of security and further the generous sense of space. front to rear, the interior to be cast from a single In the rear, discreet ambient below the trim on the side and the sliding door ensures a homely light. As soon as the are opened, the LED fibre-optic cables are and offer a welcome home In addition to this, the ambient is activated and deactivated with the lighting, is dimmable in five and has three colour shades for an individual lighting mood: (white), solar (amber) and (ice blue). The convenient control panel likewise only LED lights as standard: an light with fibre-optic and reading lamps for the driver and passenger.

An exclusive choice of materials and for the seat covers also great scope for individualisation. As is the for all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models, interior design packages are The newly developed comfort in the V-Class are upholstered in fabric as As an alternative, leather is now joined for the time by nappa leather as an option in this class.

new is the sporty seat upholstery allowing an expressive two-tone for the fabric seats and, further emphasising the feeling of throughout the entire interior. the leather upholstery, topstitching in a colour lends the seats a of aesthetic appeal that is in this segment. High-quality can also be found on the upper of the dashboard, on the armrests and in the centre of the side panelling, emphasising the appeal of the entire vehicle

The perfectly coordinated concept, contrasting shapes, materials and produces an exclusive interior high-class appeal and underlines premium claim. The overall is a unique combination of hallmark elegance with a high-quality and sophisticated, sporty lightness.

Under the microscope: look and — The most spacious passenger car

Compared to its predecessor, the new offers a vastly enhanced in every respect. Kai Sieber, of Design Mercedes-Benz Vans and and Hartmut Sinkwitz, Head of Design Mercedes-Benz Cars, the design philosophy and the requirements need to be met by the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Mr why revolution rather than

Kai Sieber: When designing and the new V-Class, it was a case of coming up something completely new rather upgrading a functional interior. We to give our full size MPV passenger-car character. And in every high-class appeal, material and concept, control and display seating and climate comfort – in everything that makes the of a Mercedes passenger car stand

Hartmut Sinkwitz: Mercedes-Benz stands for sensual clarity. means that our design high-tech, in other words the of the art, and also arouses We want to give our customers an home. The interior of a Mercedes take into account the for a sense of wellbeing, security and We have therefore greatly the quality of the interior in all our model in recent years.

Kai Sieber: the V-Class we are now also bringing design and high-class appeal to the model series for large – and therefore setting a new standard in segment. We create a feeling of and a level of comfort on a par with passenger cars – without the traditional functionality and variability of a size MPV.

What the V-Class a true Mercedes?

Sinkwitz: The cockpit alone has passenger-car character. One particular hallmark is the overall concept of sculptural forms, the emotional of sensuality and clarity, and the intelligent use of Rounded forms flow clean lines like waves. High-grade materials and with warm and cool blend harmoniously together. design idiom allows the to convey a refined and pleasantly sense of space – without oversized or large. On the contrary: it a feeling of freedom and independence. The is a stylish saloon for discerning and individualists. Or, in other words: The spacious Mercedes-Benz passenger

Was the V-Class developed by passenger car

Kai Sieber: We assembled a team of from the passenger car and van sectors and together to develop perceptions of the vehicle, explore extremes and find a way of getting these into series production. The therefore has much in common, but much that sets it from current and new Mercedes cars. By way of example, the new touchpad is differently for the V-Class. Likewise the and design of the dashboard, as well as the and colour concept, is adapted to the character of the V-Class.

Hartmut On the other hand, the design of the instruments, the ventilation outlets and the central display are already features seen in many passenger car model series. And the of control logic and switch from the S-Class meets the of requirements. The aim was to develop an interior that makes the V-Class as a member of the Mercedes passenger car yet has its own unique character. I am confident it will be very well by our customers.

IV. Interior: A new dimension of and variability

Featuring numerous such as active seat with reversing fans, the opening rear window and a loading level, the V-Class new standards in its segment in terms of and variability. The interior concept the individual requirements of the different groups. Be it for family, business or – the V-Class offers a uniquely range of options and independence using a full size

The seats were developed the focus on cosy comfort and control. High-grade materials and a new structure with optimised support ensure an exceptionally sitting position in all seats – on longer trips. The seat materials are exceptionally hard-wearing. to enhanced technology and control the luxury individual rear can be folded forward intuitively to fast and easy access to the Very little effort is to push the individual seats and backwards in the further optimised rails, allowing almost seating configurations for practically any In addition to this, the seats can be down to load compartment or removed completely to create for luggage or sports and leisure

Front seats with lumbar support and active ventilation

For the first time in segment, the driver and front get 4-way lumbar support, provides additional back It is easily controlled at the push of a There is also the option of front seats.

Another USP in of comfort is the active seat with reversing fans for the and front passenger, introduced as a first in the S-Class.

Climate – individual and intelligent

The enhanced and THERMOTRONIC automatic climate available as an option to the standard-fit system, likewise ensures comfort and wellbeing. It sets new in terms of the automatic mode’s to adapt to individual passenger

For the first time in this segment, three different modes with different and air distribution characteristics are available for climate control: FOCUS, and DIFFUSE. DIFFUSE is configured to airflow and ensure that air is not directly at the occupants. By preference the air out of the defroster vents and footwell FOCUS, on the other hand, with higher airflow, the air mainly coming out of the ventilation MEDIUM ensures balanced, climate control with airflow.

A further new feature is the solar sensor for automatic of the interior temperature. It monitors the rays and, if the rays the blower speed and temperature are automatically in the affected quadrant. If the sun is intense on the driver’s side, for the air conditioning increases the airflow on side only. The set climate is retained on the front-passenger side. improves thermal comfort as and required, especially in stop-and-go

Further outstanding features of the new automatic climate control automatic pre-entry climate with the vehicle key if the V-Class has parked in the sun for a while, the integrated sensor and automatic air recirculation. The sensor checks the humidity as soon as there is a risk of the or side windows misting up, air is fed in automatically and the air distribution is adjusted Consequently, there is no longer any of the windows misting up, which to enhance safety. When the drives through a tunnel or the is cleaned, THERMOTRONIC switches to air automatically to minimise the odours and entering the passenger compartment.

is configured as front and rear climate control for three The automatic climate control is using the air conditioning control or the central control panel touchpad if Audio 20 CD or COMAND is fitted.

Easy loading to separately opening rear

For easy loading and unloading, the features a first in this in the shape of the separately opening window attached to the upper frame. It can be opened and closed of the tailgate. This makes and unloading easier in two respects: on the one it allows a second loading for the weekly supermarket shop, for on the other hand, particularly in parking spaces, there is no to open the large tailgate.

The load compartment divider is to install and remove. It is covered in dilour carpet and has two recesses, of which contains a removable, shopping basket. The load divider weighs around 18 and can be loaded with up to 50 kilograms. The height beneath it is 445 millimetres.

V. New and display concept: Multifunctional with gesture control

The V-Class sees the arrival of the latest control and display in this segment. The major is the multifunctional touchpad on the dashboard. a smartphone, it can be controlled using or by inputting letters and numbers. In to this, control and display that have already used successfully in numerous passenger car model series are their premiere in this including COMAND Online COMAND Controller (rotary the DIRECT SELECT lever on the wheel, the central display and the display in the instrument cluster.

The designed control and display is easy and intuitive to use. The logic and various switch have been taken the new S-Class and are therefore based on the levels of user-friendliness and ergonomics. include the elegant rocker on the air conditioning control panel, the switch modules for the power in the door panels and the rotary switch.

Innovative touchpad with new technology

The touchpad newly by Mercedes-Benz is available for vehicles with Audio 20 CD or COMAND It is located together with the control panel and the COMAND below the central display on the The touch-sensitive area, made of plastic in high-gloss black a silver shadow real surround, blends stylishly the interior design concept and has the of a high-quality tablet PC. All telematics can be controlled intuitively using or by handwriting. The touchpad therefore an additional input option and above the COMAND Controller and the voice-operated control.

The multitouch system recognises one and two-finger such as scrolling, swiping or by spreading or bringing together the To prevent incorrect entries and operating safety, the Mercedes-Benz have developed a new recognition that evaluates the sensor three-dimensionally. Particular importance was to correct identification of the speed developing the gesture recognition. The driver can therefore use slow or gestures, which lead to but also reliable movements of the

Furthermore, users can input symbols and numbers in their handwriting thanks to the character feature. The touchpad recognises the and uses them automatically for navigation destinations, for example. speeds up input and generates added value. There is advantage: the new telematics control with touchpad allows a in the number of buttons in the head making for a tidier appearance.

of operation is also enhanced by touch-sensitive buttons behind the 65 x 45 mm surface, which can be used to up key functions quickly and directly: the function, the Favourites menu and the audio menu. The user clear haptic feedback using the operating area or the To make the system easier to use at both the symbols and the borders of the area are illuminated indirectly.

and tidy command centre: cluster with multifunction display

The instrument cluster of two large, analogue circular each with one small bar The multifunction colour display for the computer information is located the two circular instruments and displays and warning messages, especially from the numerous driver systems such as DISTRONIC Traffic Sign Assist and Keeping Assist. There are comfort indications, the trip and messages about operating

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Central display: high and colour

The information from the system is shown on a high-resolution display. As in numerous new Mercedes-Benz car models, it is free-standing and located the central ventilation outlets and the air control panel.

Two display are available, depending on equipment: In with the Audio 20 USB or Audio 20 CD the monitor diagonal measures centimetres. The frame is finished in black. A display with a diagonal and high-brilliance resolution is in combination with the COMAND system. In this case, the is galvanised in silver shadow. display is equipped with bonded cover glass. The mineral glass is directly to the surface of the TFT display using an adhesive and a lamination process, so that no air or dust can get between the and the glass. This added reduces optical distortion and to almost nothing. The resulting is particularly detailed and high in

In addition to manual brightness via the COMAND Online menu, displays have a light for automatic brightness control. As as displaying telematics functions, the available in combination with Online can display photos and manual scrolling similar to a New display forms also easy control when to music. The Coverflow function, for sorts the cover images of the music albums in carousel-like so that the V-Class driver can scroll through their collection. This collection can be large as there are 10.8 of memory available for compressed files (mp3, wma,

VI. Infotainment programme: Unique that caters to every

The new V-Class comes with a of three infotainment systems, a bespoke state-of-the-art solution for all and requirements. At the top of the range are the optional Online fully integrated system and the Burmester® Surround system. With these, the raises the bar in its segment in terms of internet use and the enjoyment of music.

The generation of COMAND Online has 80 GB hard-disc navigation, a DVD player, access and numerous additional It features an improved photorealistic map relaying of traffic data in time, useful apps and an Bluetooth® profile allowing access using an iPhone®, for It is controlled using the innovative the COMAND Controller or the LINGUATRONIC control.

Real-time traffic and easy internet use

In conjunction COMAND Online the latest information is transmitted to the vehicle in time by Mercedes-Benz Live Thanks to a special communication which ensures permanent to the cloud, the driver of the V-Class early information about such as traffic jams, volume or other possible along the route, allowing to adjust their route in good time.

Internet access via COMAND provides substantial added customers can either browse when the vehicle is stationary or up a Mercedes-Benz app with pages load extremely quickly and are easy to use whilst driving. The apps include Google™ Google™ Panoramio, Google™ Search and Weather as well as the of downloading a route previously on the PC using Google Maps and to the vehicle. Further apps can be via the Mercedes Online Shop

Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD

There are two audio systems to choose in the shape of Audio 20 USB (standard) and 20 CD (optional). Standard features on the Audio 20 USB radio include the tuner for interference-free reception and a interface for Bluetooth, USB, and SD cards. It allows mobile devices such as MP3 players or to be connected to the vehicle’s telematics

The Audio 20 CD system also has an CD player and, as an option, can be with the Burmester® Surround system, Convenience Telephony in the console and digital radio For the navigation system there is an optional pre-installation package GPS receiver, interlinked satellite and aerials.

Burmester® Surround system for an exceptional music

The optional Burmester® Surround system offers music an acoustic experience that is in this segment. Optimised for the this sound system 16 high-performance speakers including a reflex loudspeaker and a 10-channel DSP with a total output of 640 for first-class Feelgood Sound.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive: assistance systems on board

all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the new features an extensive range of equipment, including numerous driver assistance systems on sophisticated radar, camera and sensors, first introduced the name Mercedes-Benz Intelligent in the new E-Class and S-Class. They the risk of hazards such as crosswind gusts, the blind or insufficient distance to other to an absolute minimum. The new full MPV is even as easy to park as a car. The intelligently inter-networked systems enhance both and safety – and make the V-Class the vehicle in its class.

The new full MPV is equipped as standard with ASSIST, which can warn inattention and drowsiness, and Crosswind With a relatively large and side area compared other passenger car models, size MPVs are more to the effects of strong crosswinds. Assist counters these to protect those inside the new V-Class. It assists the driver and can for the effects of wind by applying the on the front and rear wheels on the of the vehicle facing the wind.

assistance systems are available as extras. Like Crosswind most of these are available in segment for the first time.

made easy: Active Assist

The V-Class makes a full size MPV an easy and affair. Active Parking enables automated parking active steering and brake in both parallel and perpendicular spaces. It is an enhanced version of the system with Parking What’s more, the system is able to manoeuvre the vehicle out of parking spaces all by itself automatic steering and brake assuming the vehicle was parked automatically previously. This makes the V-Class unique in its

Everything in view, everything control: the 360° camera The camera is another USP for the V-Class its segment. It can be set to switch on automatically reverse gear is engaged. networked short-range cameras are to provide a bird’s-eye view of the on the central display, allowing a all-round view when and manoeuvring. Consequently, even located below the window of the V-Class and outside the driver’s of vision can be detected. This when approaching kerbs, for One camera is mounted centrally at the end in the radiator grille, plus is one camera in each of the exterior and a further camera in the tailgate The virtual viewpoint calculated on the camera images covers an of around 3 metres ahead of and the vehicle and 2.5 metres on either of the vehicle.

The display can show views in addition to the bird’s-eye including PARKTRONIC information, guide lines and steering to make manoeuvring easier, and the range of movement when the turns the steering wheel. If a coupling is fitted, there is a special view available reverse gear is engaged to it easier to manoeuvre the ball up to the drawbar.

For an even better view: Blind Spot

Thanks to two short-range sensors in the bumper, the radar-based Blind Assist can detect vehicles in the blind spot – when lanes or overtaking, for example. In situations, the system gives the an audible and visual warning. The zone (blind spot) near the B-pillar and extends 3.5 metres to either side of the and 3 metres beyond the back of the The system is activated when the reaches 30 km/h.

Prevention of collisions: COLLISION PREVENTION

The V-Class offers a further new in this segment in the shape of a collision warning system adaptive Brake Assist, reduces the risk of rear-end At speeds above 7 km/h, the PREVENTION ASSIST sensor monitors the traffic area of the vehicle — the distance to a obstacle in the direction of travel up to a of 70 km/h, and the distance and speed of to vehicles in front up to a speed of 200 If there is a risk of a collision moving or stopping vehicles, PREVENTION ASSIST gives the a visual and audible warning, and the braking power required to the collision in the best-case scenario. is initiated at the moment the driver of the clearly presses the brake

The safest by a distance: thanks to PLUS

The DISTRONIC PLUS cruise control system in the is the first radar-based assistance to be offered in this segment. It the driver’s job easier in heavy and also helps to prevent collisions. To this end, the controls the speed at the level by the driver between 0 and 200 km/h the lane is clear. If the radar system detects a slower-moving within a range of around 200 DISTRONIC PLUS reduces the and follows the vehicle in front, the pre-programmed desired distance. The cruise control accelerates the back up to the desired speed the driver moves into a lane or when the vehicle in increases its speed and the driver it whilst maintaining the desired

DISTRONIC PLUS makes easier for the driver of the V-Class, in stop-and-go traffic. If the system the risk of a rear-end collision, it the driver a visual and audible and it calculates the braking pressure for the adaptive Brake Assist to the V-Class in time. This assistance is available as soon as the presses the brake pedal.

The PLUS adaptive cruise can brake the V-Class with a of up to 4 m/s² and – if required – to a standstill. The is then reactivated when the either actuates the cruise lever or briefly presses the As DISTRONIC PLUS is a convenience that only brakes the with moderate deceleration and only accelerates the vehicle to a extent, the driver receives a and audible warning and is prompted to if greater deceleration is required. If the applies the brakes following prompt, adaptive Brake (BAS) intervenes to assist the

Helps to prevent unnoticed changes: Lane Keeping

The camera-based Lane Keeping can detect the risk of a vehicle its lane unintentionally and warn the by making the steering wheel To this end, the system the images provided by a camera behind the windscreen, which the lane markings. Based on data and on the activity on the part of the that it registers, Lane Assist determines whether the is leaving its lane intentionally or The system is active at speeds 60 and 200 km/h.

Wrong-way warning to assist the driver: Traffic Assist

Another system uses to help prevent is Traffic Sign Assist, in conjunction with COMAND The system detects speed-limit and no-overtaking signs and can warn the if it detects no-entry signs. To do the camera inside the windscreen the road signs, including on overhead gantries or at road The image data are compared the navigation system information and can be both in the instrument cluster and on the display map view.

If the camera not detect any speed-limit signs or if a limit no longer applies, the allowed maximum speed on the navigation data is displayed. If a sign is detected, the system’s warning function gives the a visual and audible warning – an way of helping to reduce serious caused by wrong-way drivers.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Mercedes-Benz V-Class


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