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Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car

Mercedes-Benz Car Leasing: Facts, and a brief history of Mercedes.

you choose to lease a new Mercedes-Benz, is bit of history about the brand, its and some of the technology it uses. the information, there will be links to the Mercedes Benz car deals currently available.

In of 1886, the world’s first was unveiled by Karl Benz. His was athree-wheeled vehicle and it adopted the of, the Benz Patent Motor A few months later, Gottlieb and his chief engineer Wilhelm rolled out a four-wheeled vehicle by his Daimler engine. In 1901, after Daimler’s death, a car by Maybach and commissioned by Emil one of Daimler’s primary distributors, was after Jellinek’s daughter, That moment signified the of the first Mercedes.

Twenty years later, in 1926, the founded by Daimler and Benz to form Daimler-Benz AG, and the Mercedes-Benz was born. The company’s logo was a star wreathed in a laurel; the was dreamed up by Daimler years and its three points signified the that his engines were for use in that traveled land, air and

One of the car maker’s earliest vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz 170, distinguished as the world’s first production car to a technology that was quite for the period: four-wheel independent The 1930s and 1940s saw Mercedes the brand of choice for car buyers a luxury car, thanks to like the 380 and 540K.

The 1950s the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, a car that has been described as the world’s first supercar. its dramatic styling and race-bred The decade also saw Daimler-Benz strides in the area of safety The company’s Mercedes-Benz 220s the first cars to incorporate its crumple zone body created to absorb impact in the of a crash.

By 1963, the company had its position as producer of luxury with the launch of the Mercedes-Benz The lavish saloon featured an air system, which was state of the art at the time, and a V8 engine that 300 horsepower. The 1960s also saw introduce the 300 SEL 6.3. This saloon went from 0 to 60 in seven seconds, and was probably the luxury car available in that

The 1970s welcomed Mercedes-Benz’s line of vehicles, which powerful smooth engines and luxury extras. The decade saw Mercedes-Benz advancing safety being the first car manufacturer to antilock brakes.

These advancements continued in the 1980s. were the first to offer and traction control. They multilink rear suspension. new suspension technique radically the level of comfort experienced by drivers. The technology first on the compact Mercedes-Benz 190 E, and it remains a component of the company’s chassis to this day.

And that nicely onto the next Mercedes-Benz Today.

Mercedes Cars

The Brand new Mercedes Car a level of quality you’d considering Mercedes spend a £10million a day on research and development.

Regardless of whether you choose an A or an S Class Mercedes Benz, are some of the marks of quality go into their design and

A-Pillar. The unique a-pillar helps improve visibility by as much rain water from your windows.

All Leather is put through a ‘blind test’ to ensure it feels quality.

Charcoal filters air is available on every model to pollen and other particles, the air inside your mercedes to be little bit purer.

Mercedes a team of ‘perfume ladies’ to sure your Mercedes right, under all sorts of

Any wooden interior is mounted to a absorbing aluminium backing which absorbs the shock an accident. This makes your car’s airbag deploy as and when it should without fear of a splinter it.

The car seats in the new Mercedes have in Intelligence to automatically adjust to fit perfect driving position. are 3 memory slots for the settings, so if you the car with your partner, driver can have their seat position stored.

your inside your specially designed seals and materials give you a peacefully ride.

Mercedes have own Ostrich farm in South which produces the feathers to give the car’s exterior an smooth feel.

Even the changing kit has that extra invested. The kit comes with a of gloves, so you don’t get your dirty.

And with water-based and up to 80% of the car being recyclable, the new Mercedes are to be environmentally friendly.

Now you know a bit the effort that goes making a Mercedes-Benz, here’s the models on the road right

The new generation A-Class features an of subtle design touches lift the car to another level of and style.

The tail light has been redesigned and the headlamps giving the car a broader appearance. created a new-look front with a more angular, air intake, and reworked the radiator In fact, each model now has its own distinctive grille louvres.

In Mercedes made the bonnet shorter and steeper. In combination the large, sloping windscreen, adds drama to the car’s sweeping shoulder line.

The engines combine their impressive performance with reduced fuel consumption and CO2

Petrol models include the B 160 and B which both deliver power, torque and fuel In addition, BlueEFFICIENCY versions of the B 160 and B 180 models incorporate a range of measures, including an ECO start / function for saving fuel in traffic. As a result, BlueEFFICIENCY offer up to a 11% cut in fuel consumption and up to a CO2 of 11 g/km.

The B-Class also two formidable diesel units the B 180 CDI and the B 200 CDI. Boasting 0-62 mph of 11.3 seconds and 9.6 seconds they provide generous dynamic response and superb efficiency.

The C-Class SE’s bears the traditional hallmarks of a a chromed grille with wreath badge and a three-pointed that sits proudly on the There’s also chrome the top edge of the side windows. black louvres, meanwhile, to emphasise the front air intakes, and the fog lamp surrounds, too, are in

The theme continues at the rear, the wide boot lid handle is in Matt Black. Equally are the alloy wheels fitted as on all models.

The cabin has a similarly style. Its cross-stitched seats with Brighton cloth — in either Black, Grey, Black/Beige or Black/Red or optional Artico man-made substitute. There’s also chrome detailing and subtle Black trim, with Walnut wood trim as an option.

The standard equipment the Audio 20 radio / single CD, climate control, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and leather for the gearshift lever.

CLC Class

a Mercedes-Benz coupe, the CLC offers a blend of sporty styling and luxury.

With its bold star, wide air inlet and style rear diffuser, the car has a muscular stance. Yet it looks too, light on its feet, a sleek, wedge-shaped profile. all angles, it’s a celebration of unrestricted movement — down to the exterior mirrors their distinctive LED indicator

Inside, the finish is second-to-none quality materials throughout. ergonomic cabin design a safe, comfortable and rewarding — every time you the wheel.

CLK Cabriolet

The subtle of the CLK-Class Cabriolet flow from its twin headlamps and radiator grille, past the and fully retractable side to a thoroughly distinctive conclusion.

In with the invisibly integrated integrated side rubbing mirrors and side stills, car is perfectly tailored to the open top

The fully automatic soft-top can be at speeds of up to 18mph. It has triple-layered with an ultra smooth and non-woven padding, ensuring stunning looks and incredible and sound insulation.

Best of the narrow B-pillar results in rear and side windows, excellent visibility.

The distinctive headlamps are another captivating feature of the CLK-Class Cabriolet. The polycarbonate lens significantly headlamp weight and is resistant to chippings. Fog lamps integrated the front bumper further the unmistakable face of the CLK-Class

CLS Class

With its low stance, arching roofline and pillarless windows, the CLS-Class has classic good looks. Yet it also the size and presence of a saloon, with four-door practicality.

The CLS-Class incorporates several new to enhance its elegant styling. a redesigned radiator grille two louvres and a sporty new air intake And the rear bumper has been to accommodate new trapezoidal-shaped exhaust

In addition, the exterior mirrors are now more aerodynamic and feature a new indicator design. The car is also with striking LED brake as standard.

Intelligent, ergonomic and high-quality materials are hallmarks of the new interior. Comfort levels are with front seats full electric adjustment. rear passengers enjoy supportive seating and generous of space.

All-new additions to the CLS-Class include a redesigned instrument displaying sporty white with black lettering. will also enjoy the 3-spoke multi-function steering Fitted as standard, it’s in leather for an extra touch of

The eye-catching front section distinctive dual headlamps. The wedge-shaped profile. The bold lines and flared rear arches. Everything about the new Saloon suggests energy, and control.

While it clearly the same DNA as its predecessor, the new E-Class is more muscular, more Slightly larger dimensions, an extended wheelbase and short lend the car an imposing, confident on the road. Meanwhile, subtle such as the arrow shape on the lid’s upper edge a distinguished, elegant air.

the build quality is impeccable and the premium feel is further by an array of new exterior colours. paintwork options include Beige, Indigolite Blue, Silver and Exclusive Cuprite

With its large dimensions, wheelbase and generous ground the new generation GL-Class cuts an figure. Wherever you look, surfaces sit alongside gentle and lines, the tension between creating a dramatic visual

Head-on, the GL-Class exudes and power with the radiator bold trapezoid design by the air intake and stainless steel Eye-catching details include new fog and daytime driving lamps in surrounds — or distinctive LED running lights if the Sports Package is specified.

Two understated adorn the bonnet and a subtle line sweeps back to the muscular rear. There find LED tail lights and plus tailpipes partially into the underguard.

For the new generation new metallic paint finishes Tenorite Grey and Palladium New 19 alloy wheels come as with new 20 alloys and new 21 AMG alloys as options.

Available in two distinct lines — SE and Sport the M-Class looks better ever.

Design touches a reworked crenellated grille three chrome trimmed and a prominent central star. lens projection-beam headlamps, a front bumper with fog lamps, and a simulated underguard the bold front-end of the M-Class.

around the car, you’ll flared front wheel and a purposeful feature line towards the rear. Exterior mirrors with a large surface are automatically dimming as as electrically folding. Roof are finished in black on the SE and in aluminium on the

At the rear, dark-tinted tail and twin exhaust with tailpipes feature as standard on the V6 SE, rectangular tailpipes in chrome as standard on the V8 SE and all Sport models.

the expressive front section, the elegant, sweeping shoulder to the powerful rear, the S-Class charisma and confidence. With its lean profile and impressive this is a car with an imposing on the road.

Distinctive styling include the shield-shaped radiator and restyled front bumper LED daytime running lights. To the new-look exterior mirrors integrated LED indicators.

At the rear, where the car’s haunches and arching roofline you’ll find bold LED lights and a rear bumper integrated tailpipes. An extensive of light alloy wheels the sense of exclusivity and prestige.

the new SL-Class from any angle and its heritage is clear. The low, stance. Powerdomes on the bonnet. gill-like trim panels on the wings. The rear bumper integral, trapezoid tailpipes. is dynamic design at its very

Every detail suggests power and agility — the widened radiator grille single louvre to the reshaped and new exterior mirrors with LED indicators.

For added impact, the V12 feature trim elements in a Matt Silver finish. And the Sports package includes headlamps — for that bit of extra attitude.

With its lines and broad, muscular the original SLK-Class took design to a new level of beauty and In this latest incarnation, have incorporated a number of but significant changes to lift it higher.

For example, there are adjustments to the car’s nose and bumper, plus new arrow-shaped lamps integrated into the mirrors. Striking new alloy have been fitted and the tailpipes are now a distinctive trapezium And Mercedes have added dark-tinted tail lights and fog lamps.

The vario-roof means the moves effortlessly from to roadster and back again.

Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car

to the intelligently designed folding when the roof is lowered the SLK is able to boast 185 litres of space. With the roof up, increases to an impressive 277 litres.

and closing the roof is effortless the optional infra-red remote integrated into the key.

the mainstay of the Mercedes Car line up. All of are available on car leasing deals us. So now take a look at some of the Mercedes-Benz uses to keep its new at the forefront of the car market.


is a package of fuel saving Innovative changes have made throughout the design and of our cars; from the engine to the everything is optimised for lower and reduced fuel consumption. include improved aerodynamics, reduction, lower-displacement engines and ECO to help save energy.

delivering cleaner, more motoring, BlueEFFICIENCY also the cost of running a car. All compromising performance, or the driver’s satisfaction.

Mercedes-Benz have introduced economical BlueEFFICIENCY of some of our most popular with more being at every opportunity. As you might Mercedes are dedicated to making technology available throughout the

Night View Assist

obstacles can only be seen at the moment when you are driving on an road in the dark, Mercedes-Benz has Night View A ssist. up by an infrared camera, a clear of the road ahead is shown on the cluster display.

Ideally in your field of vision the speedometer display appears Night View Assist is not in the image from the infrared allows you to experience night in a new light. You can see the road ahead of you as you had main-beam headlamps on — but dazzling oncoming traffic. The greyscale image helps you to warm objects, such as and animals, as well as cold such as stones or lost items, at an early stage and allows you to respond accordingly. View Assist therefore a major contribution to enhancing safety when driving at

Night View Assist is for the S-Class and CL-Class.


Continually braking and accelerating in traffic, or when driving on a motorway, is a tiring chore one which the Distronic Plus control system can take of for you. This highly cruise control system is not able to maintain a set distance to the ahead at speeds up to 200 km/h, but can cope with stop-and-go

If the flow of vehicles slows the system brakes your gently and accelerates it again the opportunity arises. Should forceful braking be called Distronic Plus gives and visual warnings. If you then the brake pedal, the BAS Plus Assist System generates the brake pressure and stops vehicle safely.

Whether you are at high or low speed, Distronic keeps an eye on the distance to the vehicle Distronic Plus is available for the and CL-Class.

Intelligent Light

In the fog, on dark country at night on the motorway or when — optimum visibility is essential, and it could sometimes like every type of requires its own special headlamps. where the Intelligent Light comes in. The adaptive headlamp automatically adjusts itself to the of the current driving situation and ensures optimum illumination. The comprises a motorway mode, a road mode, cornering and Active Light functions as as enhanced fog lamps.

The enhanced fog function provides good in murky weather and reduces at the same time. The Active function and the integrated cornering function follow the movements of the wheel and can improve illumination by up to 90 when turning into roads or taking tight Country road mode visibility in extra-urban areas by a 10 metres while motorway is activated at higher speeds and visibility by a massive 50 metres.

But of which particular function of the Light System happens to be in use at a moment — you do not have to do You will probably simply that you can see better.


Linguatronic everything is tuned in to one yours. The system allows you to use recognition to control numerous on board with spoken So your hands stay on the and you can stay focused on traffic.

The new Linguatronic generation is easier to and now has expanded features. For example, the stored in your phone can be without speech training. the radio channels and navigation is also now simpler, and control of the system has also been Even whole-word place and names can be activated using recognition technology.

With an expanded synonym and a new cough filter, the new Linguatronic works even more — just as you would in a Mercedes-Benz.

Multi-Contour Seats

The of being at one with your begins with a good The Mercedes-Benz multi-contour seats can be to your requirements so comprehensively and that even the longest become something to be relished. You can between three different of firmness, for example, and adjust the of the seat to provide optimum by means of eleven integrated air

An even higher degree of is provided by the dynamic variant of the seat: as well as meeting the orthopaedic standards, it offers a back massage function is integrated in the backrest.

The dynamic seat is also notable for the role it plays in keeping you in place: an electro-pneumatic system the seat automatically to the current situation. As the car tilts when a left-hand curve, for example, the side of the backrest is reinforced to additional support.


It’s all thanks to nano-technology: microscopically small ceramic form an invisible protective for your car. The results are a increase in scratch resistance, a lustrous finish, and even long-term resale values due to the paintwork.

Mercedes-Benz has repeatedly put the of the new paint finish to the test through standardised trials simulate countless car-wash for example. The result: the dulling on the nano-particle clearcoat is less half of that measured on a clearcoat finish. Which goes to show that, though the ceramic particles are a billionth of a metre long, make a very big difference.

7G-Tronic is the world’s first automatic transmission. The increased of possible ratios brings benefits: a faster shifting improved acceleration, quieter greater driving pleasure. But it offers less of something fuel consumption.

The seven gears reduce the steps the individual ratios significantly and enable fast, fuel-saving shifting. The reduced shift also permit improved and faster intermediate sprints. It is when you are really in a hurry less is more — full-throttle acceleration, the transmission jumps individual ratios to the final speed as quickly as

Car Leasing

All of Mercedes Benz’s range of new cars are available to If you are interested in leasing a Mercedes, a look at these Mercedes car deals:

Mercedes Benz Car And Contract Hire.

Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car


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