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Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car

Vario Roof (Top) open or close all the way

My purpose for this thread is to provide a that deals with Roof Problems and Repairs and puts all the information at the beginning of the so people won’t have to two pages of posts to find the they need.

What has me to do this is: I’ve had two problems my roof and because of those I ended up doing hours of research and in doing all that I also realized that of people have had problems their vario roofs. of that, and another guy’s that I found, I thought it be a good idea to do a thread summarizes information solely to the Vario Roof (Kinda a One Stop Shop). ) basically replicates this but it may be easier to follow because it has the next to the paragraph that it to, which is something I am unable to here.

Also, the Safari doesn’t like my web page.

1) The Top not Open or Close all the way

If this you are limited to four more attempts to open or close it. If those five attempts of which includes the initial when you realized the problem) the will automatically be inactivated and need to wait 10 minutes it reactivates itself to allow more attempts (this is available in the Vehicle’s Owners

Additionally, if the roof won’t or close all the way you should look at the two that are located on the underside of the lid, towards the passenger end, to see if either side’s is hanging down from the of the trunk lid. If one is hanging then it is most likely the of the problem and what worked for me I had the problem was that I lifted the low flap up (I may have used a to hold it in place) while my operated the manual control to close the roof.

A Mercedes’ Manager also said shaking the roof back and while someone is operating the manual control switch sometimes free up the roof. it didn’t work for me.

There is a way to the roof manually. Follow the that follows for info and in mind that you’ll the tools called out in these ) together is an awesome I say awesome because he’s put a lot of into building the site, I he helps people via email and he a lot of technical information for many Models, which helps all of us Owners.

When you go to his site on “Access Our Training Print to see a list of all the technical and repair he provides.

2) Flap/s not tight Underside of Truck Lid

If one or both of the mentioned Flaps is/are down from the underside of the lid and it has caused a problem before it should be fixed with the kit because it will eventually a problem again if it hasn’t

So you know what is causing the this picture ) the defective piece the repair kit replace. The gap the arrow points to the bend that causes the This gap is a little under inch wide. This gap the drive gear to skip a or two on the cable pawl which the pad to hang down.

In other the gap is almost 1/16 within two which is half the length of the that is being replaced, and it the drive gear to skip a or two.

Mercedes has manufactured a kit for the hanging flap problem. The Kit Part Number is “A 230 750 01 11”. you get this kit and compare the replacement to the old ones you will see that the parts are superior in strength.

You can get the kit online and, although you can get the repair kit from several the link that follows you to one site with a picture of the kit to you an idea of what’s in it:

3) Installing the Kit

Before you get started I strongly you click on the below link, will take you to a thread a guy with the User Name put together an outstanding instructional To” thread with pictures will give you an excellent of what you’re up against you install the repair kit and it will build your confidence.

As for NikleinR6’s Thread, he said it him 20 minutes to install the repair on the first side and that it 10 minutes to do the second side. I have no reason to doubt for me it took about four to do both sides and I’ve playing with cars as a for over 50 years so, when you do the plan for four hours and it only takes 30 minutes.

The thing he mentioned was the adjusting which I had to use on both sides, and worked fine for the final pad

Here is another link takes you to a webpage that provides the Mercedes WIS Instructions for and replacing the defective part:

is a list of tools you will and some notes that be helpful.

1) A 10 mm socket or wrench

2) A 10 Torx Driver or Bit

3) A number 30 Driver or bit

4) A Flat-Blade Screwdriver

Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car

In the kit there are two screw holes in replacement part and four screws. Because the screw don’t have threads I recommend that use the self-tapping on the correct side of the part to some threads before you putting things back It just makes the job easier and misalignment of the threads in the screw and once you have screwed the screws into the replacement only screw them in way to hold things together. you begin to screw the replacement onto the gear drive the should to be left in a high position so that the separation the two parts is enough to allow the to move so the pad’s hinged arm can be up into what would be the position (tight against the lid). Once you have the arm pulled up enough and you’ve sure the gear teeth are in alignment with the pawl then go ahead and tighten the #30 screws and if the pads end up being too making reinstallation difficult, loosen the screws again so the arm can be repositioned lower and retighten the

So you understand what the above is about, when the #30 torx are loose enough it allows space between the drive and pawl so the pad’s arm can be moved.

) I used a screw driver to pry the in far enough.

The small clamp clamp pads) you see is there to the pawl in place so it doesn’t out and become detached from the However, this is not a necessity.

on the driver’s side there is a that controls the flap It is the black plastic thing, some wires are connected to, needs to be removed with the 10 Torx Driver as you are removing the part. There are two small contacts that stick out of the During removal and reinstallation of the be careful you don’t bend two contacts. I say that because I did one of them and had to reshape it to match the one, which was a pain.

4) Adjusting the Flaps:

After I reinstalling the flaps I opened and the roof. I then opened the and found the flaps were down a little bit so I loosened the nuts (lock nuts) and the adjusting nuts to pull the up enough so they were against the underside of the truck

In order to loosen the counter you’ll need a 17 mm open end You will also need a 12 mm end wrench for the adjusting nut and if the counter are too tight to break the two nuts you’ll need a 12 mm open end that is thinner than . used in combination with the 17 mm to break the them apart.

mine I was able to break the two nuts with the 17 mm wrench holding the drive gear with channel locks.

To the flap fit tighter against the lid when it is all the way up you must turn the nut clockwise and visa versa to it looser.

When you adjust the make sure they are against the underside of the trunk lid to noises and vibrations.

After I adjusted the pads, worked fine, I found out the shop manual says to do it If you click on the following link you can see the Mercedes WIS Program says.

5) web page you will eight Vario Roof dealing with such as Vario Roof Diagnosis, Roof Familiarization, Vario (55 page overview of the Vario etc. In all there are eight related to the Vario Roof cover just about you’d ever want to about the Vario Roof. there’s also many PDFs that cover a lot of information that’s applicable to Mercedes Models.

If you use this as a reference for installing the Repair Kit and suggestions for improving it please your suggestions.

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Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car
Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car
Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car
Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car

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