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Mercedes-Benz Vision GST

2002 Mercedes-Benz Vision GST pictures, specifications, and information

GST — Mercedes-Benz presents study for a six-seater tourer of the

• ‘Grand Sports Tourer’ for a new market §egmènt

• Innovative for exciting and enjoyable motoring

• interior wîth four seats

• Dynamic body wîth sporty styling

• SBC, 4-ETS, AIRMATIC and the new system PRE-SAFE

• 265 kW/360 hp V8 AMG

At the North American Auto in Detroit, Mercedes-Benz is once showing its class as a leading and trend-setter among premium-class brands. With Vision the marque wîth the longest of any automotive brand in the world is a radically new vehicle concept focused on the needs and wishes of of today.

The letters GST stand for Sports Tourer’, a new and tantalising of vehicle which combines of a number of established vehicle into a new and distinctive format: GST is a touring saloon, estate, carrier and sport utility (SÚV) rolled into Above all, it is a vehicle lends unprecedented excitement and new to the concept of long-distance driving This Mercedes study luxury from the moment the step on board, allowing to savour and enjoy every of the journey.

Sporty, elegant wîth sports car styling

The design study unveiled by in Detroit offers an intriguing onto the future of the automobile. It frequently aired desires for a for all occasions which is consummately exciting to drive and highly — a car which offers of room for family and leisure for touring and for professional use but at the same combines this wîth handling and effortless performance. All of is achieved wîth the aid of high-quality design and ground-breaking technical plus a high-performance engine beefy torque.

Of various styling features, the striking roof line which in a gentle sweep from the to the C-pillar deserves particular It emphasises the long, sleek and hints strongly at the powerful, power plant lurking the capacious exterior. This is further reinforced by the large, wheels and the wedge-shaped side

Hand-crafted interior materials

hand-crafted materials like leather and aluminium underpin the interior ambience in the Vision The ingenious lighting wîth luminous panels in the roof in the door trim and on the transmission accentuates the cosy atmosphere. The the front passenger and the occupants of the seats can feel completely at ease in the comfortable, power-adjustable seats wîth integrated system. With a third row for two additional passengers in the rear, the GST offers comfortable accommodation for six The large side window and the panoramic glass roof them to enjoy the journey to the

In the area of the instrument panel, the eye is to the centre console which appears detached from the of the dashboard. The centre console, its two aluminium panels and tinted houses the colour monitor, the CD the car radio and many of the controls. The which is part of the navigation incorporates new software which the arrows, road maps and graphic display features a ‘3D’ effect. This display technology is also for the shimmering blue cockpit An entertainment system comprising DVD and video games keeps in the rear occupied during journeys.

High-tech specification trailblazing Mercedes innovations

the bonnet of the Vision GST lurks a 5.5 V8 Mercedes-AMG power plant, 265 kW/360 hp. The design study is equipped wîth the four-wheel electronic traction support 4-ETS from the M- and G-Classes, air suspension and the new high-pressure brake Sensotronic Brake Control The large brake discs are of fibre-reinforced ceramic.

The occupant features are rounded off by the new PRE-SAFE system which can detect an collision in advance and activates the before the impact actually

The Vision GST measures 5.15 in length — the same as a S-Class. The wheelbase measures metres.

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First-class comfort makes of long distances

• Ideas for a premium-class tourer

• Spacious and top-class comfort for up to six occupants

• doors opening to 90 degrees

• interior materials

• 4-ETS drive traction support combined wîth AIRMATIC air

• Predictive PRE-SAFE occupant system

• Zero to 100 km/h in seconds wîth 360 hp power

‘Individuality through diversity’ is the theme of the Mercedes-Benz passenger car With eleven model we meet the expectations of discerning and offers vehicles to suit any application and lifestyle.

No other automotive brand has responded so and so uncompromisingly in recent years to customer preferences and future requirements as Mercedes-Benz. With its estates, compact models, coupés, off-road models and Mercedes-Benz is now, some years after the launch of its product offensive, the most manufacturer of stylistically prestigious and pioneering automobiles in a wide of market §egmènts.

But times continue to change. New new social trends and new values a steady stream of new demands on the Vehicle concepts which are today may already be on the wane That’s why Mercedes-Benz keeps its on the pulse by monitoring trends and customer requirements, sifting information and channelling it into the of new design ideas.

Vision GST is one of this kind of brainstorming. Its premise is that a car of today has to juggle a wide variety of It must be spacious, practical and it must look good, its own distinctive and unmistakable personality, incorporate cutting-edge engineering last but by no means least, be enjoyable to drive in all situations.

In words the car of today must be an combining the features of a number of vehicle concepts into a new and format. Vision GST presents the view of such a model.

comfort takes the strain out of journeys

The initials GST stand for Sports Tourer’, a new and attractive of vehicle geared to a new and potentially market §egmènt of the future. It is a car’ in the literal meaning of the a car made for covering long in comfort wîth the whole

The spacious interior, wîth its materials and innovative engineering, can up to six passengers in first-class comfort. In it’s comfort all the way — before getting into the A brief touch of the sensor causes the door handles to out for easier opening. This is up a moment later by the next surprise: the large doors to 90 degrees to present a breathtaking of the spacious interior.

Since is no B-pillar, the exclusive interior is exposed in all its glorious spaciousness on the door. It is quickly apparent there is much more to interior design than attractive colours and styling. The designers have produced a of comfort, a ‘living space’ and world in which everything is to relaxation and enjoyment.

The ‘floating’ of the seats, of the centre console, of the between the seats and of the transmission creates an exceptional sense of and elegance, while lavish, materials such as wood, and aluminium are easy on the eye and to the touch. An lighting concept wîth luminous panels in the ceiling, the trim and the lower areas of the tunnel adds to this of cosiness, providing discreet of the interior while on the move. At the luminous panels maintain the agreeable sense of spaciousness, so the occupants of the Vision GST feel as comfortable and at ease as during the

Centre console wîth CD and high-tech colour monitor In a counterpoint, the snug ambience of the is interspersed wîth ultra-modern, design features, the main one being the centre console appears detached from the of the dashboard. This comprises two panels and tinted glass in the colour monitor, CD player, car and many of the controls are housed. The take the form of slightly symbols on the aluminium panels; the or front passenger touches symbols briefly to activate or the desired function. LEDs what switch position has selected. The aluminium panels in the console also incorporate outlets on both sides and loudspeakers (bottom).

The colour in the centre console, which is of the navigation system of the Vision incorporates new software which the arrows, road maps and graphic display features a ‘3D’ effect. This display technology is also for the shimmering blue cockpit

The intriguingly designed automatic lever between the front adds a further high-tech touch. The driver operates the knob wîth just a of the wrist. The controls for the convenient shift gearshift, used for manual shifting between the gear ranges of the automatic are inspired by racing car cockpit wîth special rocker handily positioned behind the spokes of the §teering wheel. The V8 engine meanwhile springs to at a press of the starter button.

An for all occasions

Three rows of seats can accommodate up to six people on the Vision GST. Large window areas and the panoramic roof make for maximum of the journey. The comfortable single in an artful combination of wood and trim are equipped wîth belt systems and every amenity for adjusting the reach, and inclination of the seats. Fore-and-aft adjustment raises the comfort a notch for the driver and front

The anchorage of the seats and transmission to the body is concealed, giving a ‘floating’ appearance which accentuates the pleasant spacious in the ‘Grand Sports Tourer’.

The for the rear passengers also first-class recreational facilities. A entertainment system helps to away the hours on a long flat screens mounted in the of the front seats provide a entertainment programme which can be selected by the passengers using the DVD player or the video game

True to its multi-functional character, the GST also offers extensive adaptability for more sporty-minded Bicycles, skis, snowboards or leisure equipment can be transported by folding down the single in the rear in a few easy operations or them out completely. Thus stands in the way of a sports-packed weekend. A tailgate provides easy to the luggage compartment, which has room to accommodate all passengers’ luggage even when the seat row is in place.

Mercedes-Benz Vision GST

Design — dynamism and transparency

an exterior length of 5.15 and a wheelbase of just under metres, the Vision GST is hardly to be overlooked on the road. Nevertheless, the designers came up wîth a design which combines generous proportions wîth a sporty and elegant component. state-of-the-art, high-tech elements wîth agility, energy and

The striking, arc-shaped roof which flows in a vigorous from the A-pillar to the C-pillar is a coupé feature. It emphasises the sleek silhouette and hints at the powerful, sporty power lurking beneath the capacious This impression is further by the powerful, muscular shoulders along the side of the vehicle and a lithe, wedge-shaped effect. The 22-inch wheels (front: R 22; rear: 295/40 R 22) wîth two-spoke design complete the

To the rear the roof falls sharply and merges into a rounded tail end which is by the coupé-like C-pillars. Again, the is to produce a distinctive synthesis uncompromising spaciousness on the one hand and elegance on the other.

Glass is a important design theme in the GST: at roof level, a area of electrochromic glass from the front windscreen to the of the vehicle. At the press of a button, the can vary the level of tinting on the intensity of the sunlight. The panoramic ‘spills’ over the edge at the giving a three-dimensional effect and to the light and agile appearance of the GST.

New face for a new class of

The frontal view of the Vision GST is and adrenaline-charged. The radiator grille the centrally positioned Mercedes a typical icon of the sportier from Mercedes-Benz, looks as good on the ‘Grand Sports The elongated horizontal ribs the front section a broad and stance which is accentuated by the arrow form of the grille. Two air intakes flanking the radiator on either side funnel air to the V8 engine.

The front end too makes use of stylistic to give added dynamic while at the same time out the Vision GST as a typical Mercedes product. Powerful, sharply lines form the transition the large, steeply raked to the slimline A-pillars. This is by a clearly defined accent which adds to the subtlety of the and shade patterns.

The wing-shaped spoiler introduces another key ingredient — aerodynamics. The around the body is ‘visualised’ by detailing which lends agility. The outer air intakes in the spoiler are echoed in fairings spill over to the sides of the and through to the rear where flank the rear spoiler in a treatment which mirrors the of the front.

Lighting effects

The headlamps evoke associations the current-model products and at the same give the design study a and unmistakable face. Their technology enhances and enriches the — for example the running and the direction indicators illuminate the semi-transparent surface of the headlamps, so the characteristic oval shape is at night as well. The twin projector beam headlamps, the high beam and low beam through Fresnel lenses, are a stylistic landmark. For the direction and daytime running lights, light-emitting diodes are used.

styling and functionality is on parade at the as well. The three-chamber lights elegant, chrome-plated fins and an brake light function automatically causes all rear functions to show red when the steps on the brake pedal. provides a conspicuous warning for traffic. The direction indicator also double up as highly daytime running lights.

Top from the Mercedes range

The GST profits from many technical innovations used in the Mercedes-Benz model range, in high-tech systems from the and M-Class and from Mercedes-AMG.

The 5.5 AMG eight-cylinder engine provides power. Peak output is an 265 kW/360 hp, wîth peak of 530 Newton metres available 3000 rpm. All this sports car-style acceleration, the ‘Grand Sports Tourer’ zero to 100 km/h in less seven seconds.

Another where Mercedes-Benz sports car has been inherited is the Sensotronic Control system (SBC), made its world debut in the SL. the driver steps on the brake an electric signal is sent to the SBC Thereupon the microprocessor, which has obtained extensive information the vehicle’s current ‘dynamics’ a complex sensor system, the right amount of braking to apply to each wheel. The is significantly enhanced braking when cornering.

The large brake discs mm diameter at the front, 350 mm diameter at the are made of a high-tech carbon ceramic material which can extreme temperatures of up to 1600 centigrade and is around a third than grey cast

Four-wheel drive and air suspension

The drive electronic traction system 4-ETS and the Electronic Program ESP® deliver active safety, keeping the GST on track both on and off surfaced

The AIRMATIC air suspension system is one of technologies which the design has borrowed from the S-Class and provide impeccable comfort on journeys. AIRMATIC combines air wîth an adaptive damping which automatically adapts the absorber rates at the front and axle to vehicle load, surface conditions and driving The gas pressure front and rear absorbers can store four damper characteristics which the selects automatically as required. The of AIRMATIC and 4-ETS gives the GST the comfort of a long-distance luxury and the handling safety of a 4×4.

predictive occupant protection

With the new Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE protection system, the Vision GST a new trail in the field of safety. It can an impending collision in advance and special protection systems the impact takes place. systems include a new type of tensioner and an automatic seat which moves the front seat into a position the belt and airbag can provide possible protection.

This safety system is based on the of Mercedes-Benz accident research shows that in about two of all road accidents there is time between the moment the collision is detected and the moment the actually occurs to activate protection systems.

Source DaimlerChrysler

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Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST


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