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Mercedes-Benz Vision GST


Mercedes-Benz: Experience the Grand Tourer

Mercedes-Benz Starts Communication on Grand Sports

Experience the excitement of the Grand Tourer in documentary films Win a interior design concept the renowned Graft architectural

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Led by the slogan the Grand Sports Tourer”, Benz is preparing for next launch of the new vehicle concept an exciting web-special and a multi-level campaign. On Internet can experience the new Mercedes-Benz Grand Tourer in a multimedia presentation. promotional campaign focuses on the primary topics of design, comfort and performance. It also as yet unseen information on the development of innovative vehicle. Each is illustrated in its own special documentary The first episode allows to follow the design development of the new “To create a new type of vehicle to the Grand Sports Tourer, combines many different concepts into one car, got to view things from a new GST chief designer Steve assesses his task. Mattin, with colleagues from the Sports Tourer Team, is at the of the web-special. The experts from are supported by a cast of internationally personalities from various areas. For example, the renowned architectural team (Berlin and Los supports the presentation on the design. is well known in Hollywood for his of hotels and scenery for music and counts famous style-setters Brad Pitt among his

Visitors to the web-special on the Grand Tourer will find a highlight awaiting them: users will be eligible for a in which Mercedes-Benz will a flight for two persons to Berlin, they’ll be able to personally with the Graft team. with these design they’ll develop an exclusive, interior design concept for their very own four In addition, the winner will overnight in the “Q!” hotel, designed by Graft.

At the same the Internet site starts a mailing campaign will begin. Until the actual launch in 2005, interested will also be able to get about the development of the vehicle at intervals. Those interested in service can get further information by the toll-free number 00800

With the introduction of the Grand Tourer, Mercedes-Benz will a new vehicle segment. The GST is multifunctional and to meet the many challenges in everyday uses. Its intelligent, design is truly innovative and in all respects. With this new Mercedes-Benz is aiming at those who are to a new functional and evocative vehicle great comfort and convenience as as high levels of quality and

As the market launch for the Grand Tourer in 2005 approaches, will be continuously updating and the facets and features of the Internet at “This web-special and the are the central components of the launch-related This multimedia look the scenes of vehicle development is an approach that truly such an unusual automobile,” Marc Frank, in charge of Marketing at DaimlerChrysler AG. The first segment will be followed in 2004 with a film on In spring 2005 there be a special devoted to “Comfort.” The will conclude later in with a special presentation on

Text photo: DaimlerChrysler

Mercedes-Benz Vision Grand Tourer Details

Heralding a New Class

— New vehicle for relaxed long-distance journeys

The roominess of first-class travel for six

— Fascinating lines a sporty, dynamic accent

Pioneering diesel hybrid combined with four-wheel

Seeing and experiencing foreign Exploring new regions with or friends. Taking relaxed and trips -#151; in a car that ample room, unsurpassed comfort, the highest level of and dynamic driving pleasure. Add to a powerful engine, permanent drive and pioneering technology guarantees the driver remains in in all situations.

Many people today about such a car, and the Sports Tourer makes dreams come true. has created this new vehicle and will introduce a series-production in 2005. The Vision Grand Tourer celebrating its premiere at the Auto Show illustrates unique and fascinating automobile#146;s from show car to series-production

The array of features in this Mercedes class demonstrate something totally new has been here -#151; a unique that combines advantages a number of car concepts and unites with new ideas to create a with a very distinctive

Like other groundbreaking new concepts created by Mercedes-Benz, the Sports Tourer is the product of an dialogue that the product in Stuttgart have been with customers around the in their quest to identify customers#146; wishes, analyze and turn them into new projects. That is one of the most reasons for the success enjoyed by as a trend-setting brand in the international industry.

The three words in the of the future Mercedes model its outstanding features:

Grand for size, roominess, functionality, and the highest level of safety;

symbolizes dynamics, power, performance and driving excitement;

signifies the qualities of this new of automobile as a car designed for long-distance

Thanks to innovations that are of Mercedes, the Grand Sports is characterized by its high level of sophistication. Moreover, the aesthetic of the body and the interior give the tremendous emotional appeal.

space: The comfort of first-class

The first-class experience enjoyed by up to six riding in the Vision Grand Tourer is the result of a state-of-the-art concept that employs a design and an interior layout has been carefully conceived to the very last detail. The takes up more than 44 of the 5,130-millimeter-long body -#151; means it is roomier than the of upper-range sedans.

The car#146;s interior layout ensures passengers enjoy maximum of movement, and are therefore provided the in long-distance travel comfort. And the for the car#146;s legroom bear out: The distance between the and second rows of seats is 920 Between the second and third of seats, there is an additional 825 of space.

3 In terms of headroom, the Grand Sports Tourer again pulls ahead of cars. There is 1,027 of headroom for the second row of seats, and the in the third row is 946 millimeters.

Lateral Dynamic design

5,130/1,922/1,648 a car with these dimensions quite a challenge for designers. the car#146;s size, the designers to create a vehicle with sweeping lines that have an innovative look and appeal. And they succeeded: The of the Vision Grand Sports unmistakably embody sporty This impression is created by the arched roof line sweeps from the A to D pillars a typical coupe feature Mercedes designers have used here in order to dynamism and elegance #151; two with one stylistic element.

The interplay of tightly drawn with soft, naturally surfaces reinforces these #151; from the front well to the rear light, the are accentuated by a striking, slightly waistline. This line upward from the front to the body#146;s arrow shape a symbol of the car#146;s agility and to speed forward.

The shoulders themselves are moderately and remind one of the taut, powerful of an athlete. Large, muscular wells reinforce these The alloy wheels with attractive five double-spoke and thetires come in a race-car 255/30 R 21 at the front and 295/30 R 21 at the

Front end: A particularly appearance

Dynamism, power and performance #151; these are the found in the front-end design of the Grand Sports Tourer. effect is created by, among things, the discreet but conspicuous contour of the front, which the shape of the bumper, front and radiator grille. Three sections of massive aluminum the Mercedes star and make the front appear especially and powerful.

The hood, likewise, has its own contour. Sharply drawn separate it from the fenders at the By gently rising toward the they also establish a to the slender A pillars and give the a harmonious overall appearance.

In the the tight lines of the hood with the soft curves of the which offer a place for the integration of the headlights. The result is a distinctive #147;face#148; for Mercedes.

By large headlights placed far to the the designers are consciously emphasizing the high-tech features, and futuristic project forward behind the lenses, turning the headlights true eye-catchers. Transparency is the here: Elliptical lenses modern clear-glass optics insights into the lighting Optical lenses focus the and low beams, directing them onto the road.

In the rear, the rising waistline meets a rear-lamp cluster, which as a striking red LED panel and creates a connection between the rear and the Three glossy sections of form the rear lights and the light-emitting diodes for the turn-signal and lights.

Roof: Panoramic from all seats

The roof gently to the rear and gives way to a curvaceous rear, with an segment dominated by a large that runs across the entire width of the body, light to pour into the and creating a pleasant feeling of Beneath the large liftgate, a bumper forms the dominant and element for the rear of the Grand Tourer. When the car is viewed the rear, the bumper lends the of power to the body.

Glass is the material used for the roof of the Grand Sports Tourer. A section of tinted glass from the windshield to the hatch. the rear, it slips into the of the svelte roof frame, an interesting visual link the car#146;s roof and sides. But the function of the large panorama roof is to accentuate the interior It allows large amounts of into the passenger compartment and light creates a feeling of and transparency. Both are key design of the interior.

When you look the large door openings, clear to see that the interior of the concept car is inviting you to climb in and Everything you see is designed to create an feeling of comfort and relaxation the very best qualities for a car is right at home on long But these qualities also can the daily trip to the office an unforgettable driving experience.

A composition of beautiful shapes, materials and attractive colors a bright, friendly space immediately puts the occupants in an mood. Comfortable individual that can be adjusted into positions, tremendous spaciousness, storage compartments and a modern system round out the unique package on board the Vision Sports Tourer.

Instrument High-tech design catches the eye

The instrument panel is a real The speedometer, tachometer and other form an appealing unit symbolizes both high and nostalgia. Large round with dials made of project from aluminum turned slightly inward, the driver of racing car cockpits of the But at the same time, state-of-the-art technology is tucked beneath fascinating design of years by. And this technology provides with all of the information they #151; from the outside to a warning of an upcoming turn by the navigation system.

Matt-polished and aluminum surfaces make mark on other parts of the panel, too. Aluiminum is as the material for the side air outlets and the large cupholders in the tunnel This high-tech material a particularly pleasing touch to the center console, where two arranged aluminum sections the side frames of a darkly center surface in which the display, air-conditioning control and other functional elements are

Other operator elements in the panels include attractive knobs that regulate and temperature and push buttons control the COMAND system and In addition, both aluminum running vertically down the console contain air outlets and speakers (below).

You can look, but you find the automatic gear that typically juts out between the front seats. the Mercedes customer selects the by using a lever on the steering The individual gears of the automatic can be selected just like in a racing car #151; with buttons on the steering wheel. As a the driver can make optimal use of the considerable power in every of driving situation. Thanks to shift-by-wire technology, the driver#146;s are always where they be #151; on the steering wheel.

Wood and leather with a new

The designers aimed to draw a between the center console#146;s high-tech design and the other elements and materials that the comfortable quality of the interior. The is a harmonious combination of brushed choice wood and light leather inside the Vision Sports Tourer.

A large ornamental section of wood across nearly the entire of the instrument panel, providing a home for the instrument clusters and the console. The designers made a decision to avoid applying to the wood elements. Instead, focused on traditional processes for treatment: Only wax and oil are used to the open-pored wood, bringing a bit of into the interior.

The Mercedes developed a special material for the seat covers and interior a combination of leather and high-tech The soft calfskin used on the and head rests is covered fine stitching. And the seat feature an interesting laser-cut of fabric and leather. The material is cut out by laser to a pattern. As a result, the covering beneath it is visible and the is accentuated. This new process car designers their first chance to create a pattern for

The interior#146;s color composition reflects the philosophy of a new type of car for long-distance traveling. For the bright, interior, the designers developed a concept based on white and a combination that complements the elegant metallic look.

The rolling movie theater

The passengers in the Vision Grand Tourer have front row when it comes to entertainment. Two entertainment systems add more and variety to long-distance journeys:

The passengers in the second row of seats can use two color screens integrated the backs of both front rests. The screens are connected to a player and a digital TV receiver, and the is transmitted via two sets of stereo

— The passengers in the third row of can select their own music or program. A swivel-mounted color is installed in the back of the rear console, which also has for a CD-DVD player.

Variability: An for all uses

In keeping with its as a car with a multifaceted character, the Grand Sports Tourer all demands for a highly flexible Families focused on sports and activities can easily modify the Mercedes model to perform a of transportation tasks. As a result, skis, snowboards and other equipment can go along for the ride. The rear seats fold individually, and the center console in the can be removed easily by hand, a roomy storage compartment. on the VDA measuring system, the vehicle has a capacity of 2,030 liters it is packed all the way to the ceiling, appreciably than a conventional station The level loading surface and the hatchback allow the show car to be loaded and unloaded. In addition, the system of mounting rails and eyelets developed by Mercedes-Benz that owners can safely all sorts of sport and leisure-activity

Drive: A V8 diesel engine and motor make a powerful

Mercedes-Benz Vision GST

The Vision Grand Sports is a pioneering car not just because it a totally new vehicle concept. Its drive system also a major contribution to this In this concept vehicle, is using a diesel hybrid that can evolve into an complement to the diesel engines for cars of this class and to further reduce fuel and exhaust emissions — sacrificing agility, comfort or fun.

The powerful pair the hood of the Vision Grand Tourer consists of a state-of-the-art V8 engine from the S-Class kW/250 hp) and an electric motor (50 That amounts to a total of 234 kW. impressive is the maximum torque the two drive systems generate 860 newtonmeters. These values are new top levels for this type of technology, and guarantee dynamic enjoyment. The Vision Grand Tourer, for example, has the acceleration of a car #151; it can sprint from to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 250

The diesel hybrid system#146;s consumption is equally exemplary, 30 mpg (miles per gallon) according to the measurement method. With engine generations, the drive of the Vision Grand Sports will offer the potential for more impressive fuel at 33 mpg.

One novelty is the combination of the drive and 4ETS, the electronically traction and four-wheel drive that has already proven in Mercedes-Benz#146;s G- and M-Classes. The electric draws its energy from a hydride battery with 1.5 hours of storage capacity and 270 located in the rear.

Energy Fuel savings of 20 percent in the Driving Cycle

As far as Mercedes-Benz is hybrid drive concepts an important role to play on the into fuel-cell technology. is because the combination of a conventional engine with one or two electric can take advantage of both strengths. As a result, Mercedes-Benz press on with the development of drive systems and offer as soon as a consistent demand for this technology on the automobile

A micro-computer coordinates the division of between the eight-cylinder diesel and the electric motor. When the car is away from a standing pulled into a parking becomes caught in stop-and-go or is traveling slowly and smoothly the road and needs no extra the electric motor takes The result is zero-emission driving. But it needs a surge of extra the eight-cylinder engine automatically in and generates the output for which is known.

The situation-driven control system in the diesel-hybrid drive cuts consumption by about 20 percent the European driving cycle. And a of individual features enable the new concept to achieve this Here are a few examples:

— idling at places like lights, the diesel engine shuts down. To get the vehicle again, the electric motor into action and quickly has the Grand Sports Tourer up to speed. The diesel engine#146;s stop function and the electrically start-up lower fuel by about 10 percent under the

— During braking the electric motor acts as a and produces electricity that is fed to the battery and recharges it. This fuel consumption by five to percent.

To clean the diesel the specialists in Stuttgart employ an sensor-controlled system. As a result, the Grand Sports Tourer complies with the upcoming limits.

Chassis: Newly axles with proven air

The other technology used in the new concept vehicle also the high demands of Mercedes-Benz. The have combined proven from the S-Class with new developments to make further in the areas of safety and comfort. The new of the Vision Grand Sports include the front and rear In the front, the Mercedes engineers a modern twin A-arm that pays off for the vehicle in terms of wheel location, stability and transition steering The wheels on the rear axle are led by a suspension that was specially for the Mercedes study.

The AIRMATIC DC air ensures ride and suspension It works jointly with the damping system and thus the shock-absorbing qualities of the front and axles to the current load, conditions and driving style. characteristics were programmed for the shock absorbers, and the system chooses the one appropriate to the current

Two highly modern systems together on board the Vision Sports Tourer to ensure safety: the ESP® electronic program and the 4ETS electronically traction system. They the driver safely and confidently with critical situations. snow, ice or rain make difficult, 4ETS provides a degree of traction and dynamics a driver starts off, or faces slippery surfaces. The applies targeted brake to any spinning wheels and directs the torque to the wheels with traction. As a result, the Mercedes can safely make its way even it ventures off paved roads.

By AIRMATIC DC, ESP® and 4ETS, the Grand Sports Tourer the long-distance comfort level of an sedan and the driving safety of a drive vehicle. The brakes are to those in top-class thoroughbred cars: On the front and rear Mercedes engineers have ventilated and perforated brake with a diameter of 360 millimeters. In the high-load, eight-piston fixed-caliper brakes take hold, of which is equipped with pads. They ensure the vehicle comes to a safe

Text Photos: DaimlerChrysler

DaimlerChrysler’s Tuscaloosa Plant for Production of the New Mercedes-Benz Grand Tourer (GST)

— GST second model to be produced in alongside the M-Class

— scheduled to launch at the beginning of

The DaimlerChrysler plant in Tuscaloosa, is going to be greatly extended and for production of the new Grand Sports (GST). The future Mercedes combines the features of existing concepts like the Saloon, the and the Sports Utility Vehicle into a new individual profile. The which will go into at the beginning of 2005, will be the Mercedes-Benz model produced in alongside the successful M-Class.

The designation Grand Sports describes the key characteristics of the future model: Grand stands for roominess and functionality; Sports for and performance, and Tourer indicates the qualities of this car are those of a vehicle for long-distance travel.

versatile automobile is the result of an dialogue with our customers has been going on for years in to identify their wishes, them and turn them new vehicle concepts, said Jьrgen Hubbert, member of the AG Board of Management and head of the Car Group. The leading technology and design so typical of Mercedes now also be making their in this new vehicle category.

roominess for up to six passengers

The Grand Tourer has been designed as a car. This is why engineers pursued a generous approach in planning from the very thus ensuring plenty of on all seats. In this innovative up to six people will be able to themselves comfortable on individual which offer all the extras to be adjusted to individual needs. to exemplary interior variability, the Mercedes model also for the desires of sports enthusiasts who to take bicycles, skis or equipment on their journey.

the hood of the Grand Sports smooth six or eight cylinder and the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic will provide powerful

An appealing synthesis of intelligent and formal esthetics

Offering systems such as electronically-controlled drive, the AIRMATIC DC pneumatic and a whole range of other the GST is going to feature highly engineering which will be to actively contribute towards accidents. Prof. Jьrgen We have also set ourselves the of developing a vehicle which is not technically perfect but also from an emotional point of — for example through esthetics, styling design, materials, a modern choice of and innovative details. The Grand Tourer will set trends, an overall maximum of technical and intelligence.

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01.09.2002 GST goes to series

DaimlerChrysler AG will produce the Grand Sports Tourer at the US site Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The announced at a dealers’ conference in that the production launch is planned for the end of 2004. The production at the Tuscaloosa site will be accordingly until the production Approximately USD 600 million will be in the plant expansion over the years. The GST Vision concept was presented at the North American Auto Show in Detroit in 2002 and subsequently was further to the production standard in record The Mercedes Benz GST will be on the market in the USA in close time with the production launch. GST be produced in two wheelbases: 5,25m. GST will be equipped with air and 4matic. Probably the engines will be very similar to new M namely: 250 CDI (170 hp), 300 CDI hp), 400 CDI (250 hp), 270 hp), 360 (260 hp) 500 (326

Suirce: DaimlerChrysler,

Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST
Mercedes-Benz Vision GST


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