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car Smart Fortwo


Daimler’s Smart has been begging for an electric since its inception, due to its small and focus on being more than other cars on the It took some time, but finally did debut an electric and it is now due for an upgrade. Well, after delay, the redesigned Smart drive – yes, it’s all letters to stay true to the way – is finally set to hit the streets without the filling station.

With the of EVs in the marketplace, can the puny smart really stand up to the challenge? The has always been a niche car and in the hum of an electric motor in the place of its gasoline power plant places it into an even niche.

Only time truly tell whether car will gain any traction in the EV but we are all set to dive into it and tell you to expect. We will also let you if this car is one for the ages or one that you can without.

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In typical fortwo fashion, the exterior of the fortwo electric drive is very small. It borders on almost unsafe, but engineers at have worked hard to this subcompact ride all of the NHTSA’s safety requirements. It is as tall as it is long, giving it a awkward outward appearance, is endearing to some, but downright looking to others.

The exterior of the Smart fortwo boasts a slightly larger than the 2012 fortwo, the circular “electric drive” in the center. At the base of the bumper is a set of LED lights, which provide safety in the fog while not putting too draw on the battery. The Smart ED is also now offered in every available on diesel- and gasoline-powered and boasts a new crystal white and green body color is only available in the ED model.

At corner of the 2013 Smart ED is a 9-spoke alloy rim. As the Smart fortwo comes a solid roof, but for an additional you can add in a glass roof or even a top.

The rear end of the 2013 fortwo ED has been ever-so-slightly The rear hatch has fewer to it, giving the rear end a cleaner In addition to the revised hatch, the bumper cover now has a cutout in the of it, giving it a more stylish

On the outside, the Smart fortwo ED is not different than the 2012


On the inside, the Smart is about the same as any modern save for the lack of interior The dashboard is cleanly set up with clutter, which is a huge in the modern era and the constant addition of new to press and knobs to twist. simple has become the new trend, the 1990s where it seemed the more buttons the merrier.

The speedometer and main gauges are placed in front of the driver, not in the of the dashboard like so many in this style. The only in the center are the state of charge and the gauges.

As with any other model, the Smart fortwo drive features heating and standard. To help keep comfortable before you get in, you can actually on a pre-heating or pre-cooling system via the or a smartphone.

The steering wheel is wrapped and boasts a silver in the center, in an attempt to give it a little extra flair going overboard. The entire boasts the same silver throughout, but Smart was careful not to it. If you opt for the crystal whit and electric exterior, you will also get accents throughout the interior to the black bas color.

Standard on the fortwo ED are power windows, a audio system, power and a luggage compartment cover. optional equipment available on the Smart fortwo includes a 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering and a navigation system.

So you can judge how power is left, the Smart also includes a journey center that shows the state of charge and remaining

Smart has also developed a app for the iPhone, so you can use your iPhone as a trip computer. The iPhone allow you to take hands-free listen to music via the fortwo’s system, launch internet and hear it through the stereo, and you can use the as a navigation system. Another bonus is the “Car Finder” helps you locate your if you forget where you parked it.

Helping integrate the iPhone the Smart fortwo ED, Smart has an iPhone cradle with a unit and microphone. In addition to your iPhone to the fortwo, cradle also charges the as needed. The drive app for the Smart electric drive also the iPhone to access the vehicle’s to view its current state of and it also displays local stations that it can reach on its charge.

As you can see, Smart has put vehicle connectivity and interior on the front burner this

Motor and Drivetrain

The 2013 fortwo ED comes with a 55 kW motor that is the spawn of the venture between Bosch and This motor pumps out 130 Nm (95 of torque, which gets subcompact EV from 0 to 100 km/h (62 in just 11.5 seconds, is rather respectable, considering its This EV’s top speed is 125 km/h (77.7 mph), but the fortwo is touted more as an vehicle than a speed so that is still an acceptable

The 2013 Smart fortwo ED boasts a new 17.7 kWh lithium-ion that allows this vehicle to go 145 km (90.1 miles) on a charge. That number is good, based on the fact this vehicle is more of a dweller than a long EV.

This battery has multiple options. The slowest option to seven hours to go from a discharge to a full charge and is via a standard electrical outlet. If you opt for a box connected to a standard socket, the time decreases to just six The wall box also connects Smart fortwo to the Internet, so you can its state of charge online. If you access to a 400-volt charging the Smart fortwo electric charging time drops all the way to just one hour.

car Smart Fortwo

As for the drivetrain, Smart makes no of any changes. This lack of leads us to assume that the model year will the single speed forward and transmission from the 2012 year.

When Can I Get One?

The fortwo electric drive has available in Europe since so we all know that this will continue to be sold The newest deal is the fact the 2013 Smart fortwo ED is to the U.S. In both markets, the new ED is expected to arrive in fall of


For the most part, EVs are much out of the average American’s range. The Smart fortwo drive actually comes in at a affordable price at €18,910 for the coupe model and €22,000 for the convertible body. In addition to the of the car, there is a €65 ($82) per fee to rent the battery.

The exact pricing has yet to be released and we assume will have to be a little for the importing and homologation into the We say it is safe to anticipate a $28,000 on the coupe model and a $32,000 tag on the convertible model.


The EV market is swamped days, but there are really a handful of competitors for the pint-sized fortwo electric drive.

The model to it now that is currently on the is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The i-MiEV a base price of $29,125, is slightly more than we the Smart fortwo ED coming in at. the i-MiEV beats the Smart is in passenger capacity, as it has four and room for four or five Other than that, the is well below the Smart ED, as the Smart looks better, has a range (90 miles vs. 62 miles), and has a price.

The Nissan Leaf at is an outside competitor, as it is slightly and more family oriented the fortwo. The Leaf beats the in charging time, as it take to eight hours on a home and as little as 30 minutes on a commercial The Nissan EV also beats out the fortwo in total power, as it an 80 kW electric motor that out 107 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. The comes up short on the total competition, as the fortwo goes 90 whereas the Leaf only 73 miles.

In the future, we anticipate the BMW i3. which is supposed to hit the market the same time as the Smart ED. The details are still a little on the i3, but it is supposed to boast a 125 kW motor pumps out a hefty 170 ponies and 184 of torque. This will get the i3 to 60 mph in than eight seconds, only requiring a charge to 80 percent capacity of one hour. the i3 also will have a range on a single charge.

The i3 looks like the sure on paper, but we have yet to see a price and specs from the EPA. hold off judgment until


The Smart fortwo pretty good to us, in an economy and sense. In styling, it’s as funny looking as any other car on the market. We suggest waiting for the details to come out about the i3 rushing out and placing an order on a ED, as the i3 simply looks better, has a range and is faster. If the price between the Smart and the BMW is small, it may be your while to hold out for the

car Smart Fortwo
car Smart Fortwo

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