Don’t Be An April Fool Get Smart About Flea Control For Your Pets!

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car Smart insect

Don’t Be An April Fool Get Smart About Flea For Your Pets!

Lumino Earth for Pets Kills

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for kills fleas mechanically, not dangerous neurotoxins

When attack your pets and your home you are naturally to be rid of them.

How Safe are Spot-On Killers?

Spot-Ons are advertised recommended by trusted veterinarians and as safer, easier to use alternatives to the pesticides. But is the new mix of neuro-toxins really for pets and your family?

(aka Chlorpyrofos, Diazinon, and Malathion) and carbamates (aka Methomyl and Propoxur) were the original chemicals in flea/tick Both work by interfering the transmission of nerve signals. these effects are not confined to the but eventually caused enough damages and death, that the EPA some of them from the US Many of these ingredients are used in flea collars and bombs.

These were by the Spot-On. Though supposedly all of these ingredients have associated with laboratory health effects. The severity of to these new insecticides range

minor skin irritation, sloughing, hair loss


nausea, vomiting, abdominal and lumbar pain

miscarriages and smaller offspring

aggressive behavior, learning

animal carcinogen and possible carcinogen


These are cause for alarm indicating levels of acute and chronic from even short-term There has not been sufficient to evaluate long-term cumulative Also unknown is the potential for effects from the combined of multiple exposures to different

Many organizations (NRDC, HSVMA) including the EPA are questioning the and long-term effects of their Our pets have become test subjects.

The Safe

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for is a non-toxic alternative that fleas by absorbing waxy and oils from their After this coating is the fleas can’t retain and die due to dehydration. Most will die 60% of their fluids are lost.

is Diatomaceous Earth and how is it processed?

Diatomaceous Earth began between 5 and 20 million years as single-cell aquatic plants as Diatoms. During the 15 millions that they lived and truly unfathomable numbers of microscopic skeletons accumulated at the of what where once fresh water lakes. the lakes disappeared leaving deposits of these fossilized Subsequent geological events many of these deposits but recent (just a few hundred years ago) geological made some of the deeper that are several hundred in depth extractable.

The diatoms produce Diatomaceous Earth in a unique way. Most use the sun’s energy to synthesize for the cell structure. Instead extract dissolved amorphous from the water. Silica is for building their strong and skeletons. These naturally hard skeletons are what DE its remarkably abrasive and absorbent There are also why DE is a good of silica.

Of the 600 DE deposits in the USA only are considered Food Grade by the Not even these few Food deposits are identical; some Grade deposits may contain amounts of sediment and clay. on how the deposits are formed, sufficient particles can clog the pores of fossilized shells reducing the of the DE.

car Smart insect

In tests performed by the USDA, as as numerous consumer trials, DE has to be an effective non-chemical insect

INGREDIENTS: We’ve added other ingredients to Perma Fossil Shell Flour to increase it’s effectiveness: for better adhesion to the pests, to speed up the dessication, and baking to soothe the flea bites. All of our DE is mined, processed, and bagged in the

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply strength by rubbing into coat as close to their as possible. Reapply every 3 or as needed. A little sprinkled the pet’s bedding is a further

How DE works externally

DE kills and parasites by desiccation. Due to its highly nature, DE is one of the most effective of all inert dusts. It absorbs fats and oils (lipids) the epicuticle (skin) of insects and invertebrate pests. Once the oily coating is removed, the cannot retain water and due to dehydration. Partial water makes them thirsty, but insects die when about 60 of their water is lost.

The same principles of flea frequent vacuuming, the use of flea-unfriendly materials and the application of DE for the house and also apply to flea and prevention in other places. If you on seeing fleas, you need to all of the ‘other’ out-of-the-way places pet might be hanging out, you haven’t yet treated for these

Your car(s) can be a significant of flea re-infestation problems. infested animals drop into the car during car trips these flea eggs can into larvae and go through the flea life cycle of the soft seats and carpet of the car. DE and frequent vacuuming are the safest ways of ridding the car of eggs, larvae and cocoons.

If pet spends a lot of time outside in a or aviary you can expect a thriving population to be present in the soil or in the you have placed within it.

If the walls and floor of the kennel are of smooth, hard, easy to materials (metal, hard then only the pet’s needs to be cleaned or discarded. and not the itself. Open-floor kennels on grass or soil can be washed and then the kennel should be to a different region of the yard, away from the original to let the sun and dry air kill the flea life stages present in the grass and of the first area.

Should you not to discard your pet’s sunlight and drying, also larval fleas and flea in kennel beds. Leaving pet and pet bedding out in the open sunlight for a few (make sure that are hot days with a very low air can also reduce flea and flea pupae populations in items.

Dogs and cats go under houses and sheds solitude and shade. Used these spaces will be home to a robust flea cycle. Other possible places for fleas; Tops of and dressers — cats like to hide out in high as well as barns, attics and

Wherever dogs and cats and animals hang out in numbers, is the potential for fleas to exist. your dog or cat visit such or hang out with other animals, there is always the for him or her to come back home new fleas. Make sure your pets are treated DE before they go anywhere they could pick up

car Smart insect
car Smart insect
car Smart insect
car Smart insect

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