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car Smart Crossblade


The German company smart, formerly smart GBH was established by watchmaker Swatch. The smart fortwo stands for Swatch Mercedes ART. The vehicle was conceived as an economical vehicle marketed to young drivers. The automaker has not been profitable since its inception, and negotiations with General Motors to produce the car failed. But manufacturing the smart fortwo is now a joint venture between Swatch and Daimler AG.


The theory of the fortwo is that its short length and 59.6-inch width will allow three fortwos to park side by side in a single parallel parking space. But European cities like Munich, Germany, have made such parking illegal. It’s also illegal in most North American cities. The fortwo also grew to 106.1 inches long in 2008, making the claim less practical.


The first generation fortwo is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission that has no clutch pedal. Instead, the car features a floor-mounted shifter that allows the transmission to operate as an automatic. Paddle controls mounted on the steering wheel to shift the transmission also is an option. Second generation models have the 5-speed version.


The vehicle features interchangeable plastic body panels, while the cabin is protected by a rigid steel frame. Different panels can change the color and styling. It’s offered as a cabrio with a targa-style roof that can be removed. The limited edition Crossblade cabrio was produced in 2002 without a windshield or doors.


The first generation rear-engine 0.6-liter turbo generates 50 horsepower, while the diesel version offers 40 hp. The 1-liter version introduced in 2008 features a high 11.4:1 compression ratio that provides 71 hp and runs on premium gasoline. The Brabus engine, tuned by the German high-performance engine specialist Brabus, generates 98 hp. The European Union rates the gasoline 1-liter smart achieving 50 mpg and 69 mpg for the diesel version. The U.S. Environmental Protection agency rates gas mileage at 41 mpg due to strict U.S. emissions standards.


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car Smart Crossblade

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car Smart Crossblade
car Smart Crossblade
car Smart Crossblade
car Smart Crossblade

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