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Wildlife and Your Car

Over the people have asked us car problems relating to dogs, goats, snakes, birds, raccoons, geckos, bed bugs, mud and Madagascar hissing cockroaches – others.

And we made up lots of Until now! Meet expert, Dr. Kieran Lindsey. Her is open, and she’s here to your questions about the of cars and wildlife.

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Why do rodents themselves at home in our cars?


All animals, including have four basic needs: air, water, and living space – someplace to home that offers a bit of from the weather and other a place to sleep in relative and room to raise a family. at this from a small perspective (without actually experienced this perspective of course), cars make cribs:

Rodents are small to make a doorway out of a dime-size so there are all kinds of nooks and safe from sun, cold, rain, snow, and that think of them as

There’s plenty of handy materials nearby in the form of insulation, upholstery fabric and and rug fibers so you can fix the place up just the way you it.

And sometimes you get a free ride to the the movies – or even the beach!


So, how do we keep out?


Of it’s not feasible to try to plug up opening in the family truck so we to think about this a different angle. Assuming the car is driven on a regular basis, probably free food attracting the wild crowd. about it – if you stumbled onto a that offered a 24-hour wouldn’t you start checking out the and calling movers?

If the car in question in a garage, a rubbish bin might be the If so, relocate the bin away from the

Has your family been the garage as an auxiliary pantry or to pet food?

Consider items may not automatically think of as food. Are seed and other gardening being stored nearby?

If the car is on the street, look around to see if a food source nearby, as trees that bear or nuts, or maybe a bird

Americans often eat on the go, so look for French fries, stray crumbs, or shredded lettuce. if you find all three, maybe time to think about a at home!)

If the vehicle regularly a baby or small child, it is a universally acknowledged that will be Cheerios.

My advice is to as many food sources around and inside the car as possible. remember to be diligent about up after eating on the go.


Can you stop from dying in your


The main way to rodents from dying in a car is to them from living in the car in the place by removing sources of and shelter.

If the rodents weren’t in the car when they died, it’s possible they’ve poison and have used last ounce of strength to themselves into the sanctuary of an hideout to die in peace. and deliver a olfactory revenge in the process. is one of the primary problems with poisons (from the human anyway) – once you let go of the poison lost control of it. You can’t who consumes it, or where the victim of chemical warfare will Besides, poisons are cruel frankly, bad karma. Clean up the or parking area, remove all the sources, and give the car a thorough and vacuuming.


OK. We promise to stop poisoning the but we do promise to refrain from animals. Just tell us how to get rid of the


A small can hold an amazing amount of The best way to get rid of the smell – no surprise – is to the body. Unfortunately, that’s not easy or inexpensive.

So, how long that nasty smell Until the remains have completely or dried out. stink will usually around anywhere from two to days to two to three weeks, upon the size of the mouse and there’s more than one – and whether you might actually a small, dead rat on your Factors like the temperature and play a big role in determining the of the odor, too. Dead-rat usually lasts for a week but last for up to a month. If you’re not to wait that long, you can try any or all of the and then wait a week or

an absorbent filter (such as charcoal or silica gel);

an neutralizer, such as Nature’s and/or

a masking deodorant.



Why do we keep nuts in our ventilation systems, the compartment, and air intake?


Rodents are the most likely particularly species who hoard or food resources. Depending on you live, this might chipmunks, field mice and rats.

Look at the engine or ventilation system from a eyes. While we see an engine or a ventilation system – rodents likely see something that a lot like a burrow. How convenient! And how of the humans to provide a prefab just waiting for a nice or chipmunk to move in and fill the with groceries! Prevention is about making groceries to come by. This means the

Clean up the garage or parking remove all the food sources, and the car a thorough and regular vacuuming.

Be to drive the vehicle regularly.

car Smart insect

your parking options so the car always waiting in the predictable

Are there other animals nest or store stuff in


Teenagers. And I have no idea how to prevent but I’d suggest you start by up the garage or parking area, all the food sources, giving the car a and regular vacuuming, and hiding the


How do you stop and other small furry from eating car wiring? to think of it, why do they like to eat


There’s question among us animal over whether they’re eating the insulation, harvesting it for uses, such as nesting or both. I have been about soy – specifically, soy-based used by auto manufacturers of petroleum-based plastics – that wiring into a tasty but I’m not sure I’m Regardless, animals that near people tend to be adaptable and that’s true of ability to utilize novel such as new kinds of food and materials.

How can we put a stop to it?


Wire damage commonly when a vehicle isn’t driven for long periods of or when it’s near a population of gnawers. Soy or no soy, the step, as I’ve mentioned is to make sure you’re not putting out the welcome mat by making food sources readily

If food isn’t the problem we need to look at humane to ask the local fauna to leave the car There are any number of techniques will do the trick. at least for a But the same adaptability that certain wild species to and even thrive in close to humans also causes to habituate quickly to our scare Here are some ideas:

such as a portable stereo.

or other blinking lights.

or aluminum pie plates tied to the of the vehicle.

A garden gnome or other small statue eyes placed beneath the you get the idea.

Make wires tasty by spraying with the chemical that makes hot hot. This won’t get rid of permanently, but it may buy you some time to up and make the car less attractive to

We’re trying to use the element of so that we avoid complacency on the of both the wildlife and the car owner. Get get wild, get crazy – but stay


Why do mice love us – and our cars – so much?


you have to admit, once you get the beady eyes, humans ARE cute. They provide all of helpful services – finding and tasty treats, for example. Who want to keep one as a pet? of course, one of the best places to your human is in a car.

way to look at it might be karmic. and rodents go way back. Of course, it always been a marriage in heaven. We blamed them for the Death, when fleas the real culprits. We continue to them for service in medical We hire exterminators to get them out of our then go to a pet store and buy them to as companion animals, or to feed to species we keep as pets. the reason they love and their cars so much is figure we owe them. Big time.

car Smart insect
car Smart insect
car Smart insect


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