Egypt national team issues statement after Liverpool star refuses

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Egypt national team issues statement after Liverpool star refuses to substitute.

  • Mohamed Salah refused to be substituted in the draw with Guinea-Bissau.
  • Egyptian Football Association came out to deny that it was not true at all
  • Salah has previously been criticized for arguing with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

It’s almost the same story again for the Egyptian national team

Liverpool ‘s top striker , Mohamed Salah, who refused to be substituted in the 2026 World Cup. Qualifying game between Egypt and Guinea-Bi. The reason came from the end of the game when many people noticed that two players of the Egyptian national team,

Mostafa Fathi and Nasser Maher, were preparing to be sent onto the field during injury time. But instead, only Maher was the only one on the field, while Fathi. Who played in the same position as Salah, had to return to sit on the bench as usual. It became an issue. After the game whether the superstar player refused to be substituted or not. Most recently, the Egyptian Football Association Has issued a statement regarding the said issue.

“Rumors that Mohamed Salah refuse substitut. It is not true at all, Salah was not going to substitute in the first place. Hossam Hassan intended to send only Nasser Maher on the field.

This latest rumor is not the first negative news between Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian national team.

because in March there was an issue with this star player. His name was stubbornly cut from the team even though he had already recovered from ufabet his injury in the previous game. However, the executives of the Egyptian Football Association has come out to clarify that it was a mutual agreement between the Liverpool club and the Egyptian national team, which agreed that Mo Salah needed time to recuperate his body.

“There was a discussion between The Egyptian Football Association, Liverpool, and Mohamed Salah have already And there is also an official letter explaining Salah’s injury. The idea is that Salah must return to the field little by little. He is already playing for Liverpool and still needs to be closely monitored by the club’s medical team.”

It can be said that it may not have good year for Bangmo because this season he has had negative news from both the national team and the club appear from time to time, especially the hot issue with Jurgen Klopp in The game was tied with West Ham United last April. However, Bang Mo was the key scorer in the game against Guinea-Bissau, helping Egypt stay top of the standings by collecting 10 points from all games played. 4 matches, still haven’t lost a single game.