Jurgen Klinsmann believes that if England wins Euro 2024,

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Jurgen Klinsmann believes that if England wins Euro 2024, German people will join in the congratulations. Bayern legend confident German fans will join in congratulations if England win Euro 2024.

  • The main reason that makes German football fans support the Three Lions is Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham.
  • Klinsmann regrets Gareth Southgate’s removal of Jack Grealish from Euro 2024 squad

Legendary “White Sharks” player Jurgen Klinsmann has given interview expressing confidence.

That if the English national team succeeds in winning the championship at Euro 2024, the host nation, Germany, will definitely join in the congratulations. The main reason is Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane, who are very much loved สมัคร ufabet and adored by German football fans. The former has played for Dortmund for more than three seasons, while Harry Kane has been able to move in and show his brutal form since his first season with Bayern Munich, so if Germany doesn’t reach their dreams at home, Klinsmann believes England will be the team that the host nation gives great support to. certain

“If England succeeds in winning the championship I think they would get a lot of respect from the German people. If it weren’t for beating Germany in the final, let’s say Germany were eliminated and England won the championship. They would definitely be respected. The reason is the presence of Harry Kane in the team. He is very beloved by German fans. Especially since he has adapted to this place since his first year, and Jude Bellingham as well. He serves. Ortmund has been outstanding in recent times.”

“The English league has always popular in Germany.

Even when I was a kid, I always liked to watch Liverpool’s games. I had a feeling that England would finally win the championship with dignity. They should have done it since the last Euro. But sometimes you need a little luck. Of course, you have to go through another penalty shootout. Because it is part of this kind of competition, but at this time England has enough experience. This will help them succeed.”

“Jude Bellingham has made the leap to become a world-class footballer. And I hope he can continue to show that kind of form for the national team. Real Madrid have a lot of experienced players, but Jude has stepped up to play perfectly with them. He has the leadership and courage to say, ‘Give me the ball. I’m not a bit nervous in front of goal. He should have that confidence paired with Harry Kane.”

“I think Kane will definitely win the championship with Bayern Munich next season. The way he has adapted to the club and the people is amazing. He’s England’s ambassador to Germany, and on the field he’s an automatic goal-scoring machine. And how he adapts to the way of life here, including beer at Oktoberfest and eating white sausage for breakfast. German people are very fond of him.”