Kamawinga gave Modric an inspiration.

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Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camawinga has hail Luka Modric as his inspiration. Real Madrid’s 19-year-old French midfielder Eduardo Camawinga describes his experience training with the White football team for the first time. Since joining from Rennes in the summer. Luka Modric has hail as the player who inspired him for the movement in the Croat’s game. As report by Marca on Saturday. 

‘In my first group rehearsal session, I said to myself ‘Eduardo, try not to be in the middle of the group’ but now I will tell you I was not successful. UFABET It surprise me a little how fast it was.’

The French midfielder has praise David Alaba as the Austrian defender has instrumental in him. He was also welcome by his teammates and the help they provided.

Kamawinga also praised the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, adding: ‘Luka, he has intuition, vision. outside of him If I try this My ankle might be broken. He plays offensively as well as defensively. So he inspired me in his movement style.’

  Luka Modric started in 2001 playing for the national team. Asian descent in the same age category and the same year, not more than 15 years, then in 2003 and 2004, youth under 19, including 2004-2005, playing in the under 21 age group. Then in 2006 was called up for the national team always fully Which is a football player who is important in terms of playing the game. of the national team that has been called up to the Croatian national team throughout every match.