Looking back at the Euro Championship over the past 64 years

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Looking back at the Euro Championship over the past 64 years, who has won this championship before?

  • Euro 2024 will be the 17th edition since the competition’s inception in 1960.
  • Germany and Spain are the two nations that have won the most titles in this competition.
  • England national team They have only been to the finals once, most recently in 2020.

Looking back at the Euro Championships over the past 16 times.

1. 1960 – Soviet Union

The first Euro was contested on French soil at the Parc de Prince stadium, and it was the Soviet Union who narrowly defeated Yugoslavia 2-1 in extra time, setting a record for being the first nation to win.

2. 1964 – Spain

Four years later, Spain accepted the baton as host and they did not disappoint the nation as they narrowly defeated the Soviet Union at the Santiago Bernabeu 2-1, thanks to a late winning goal. Game from Marcelillo

3. 1968 – Italy

It was another year that the home team was the team that won the championship, with Italy entering the final against Yugoslavia, which tied 1-1, forcing a rematch before the Assuri army finally won 2-0 to win the championship at home. successfully came to dominate

4. 1972 – West Germany

In Belgium, Germany at that time was said to be extremely strong and unrivaled in the era of Fran Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Jupp Heynckes and Gerd Müller, who defeated the Union. The Soviets went on to win the final 3-0.

5. 1976 – Czechoslovakia

Czech national team, which at that time was still Czechoslovakia Did an excellent job at Euro 2076, hosted by Yugoslavia, where they defeated west german Went on penalties after 2-2 after 120 minutes.

6. 1980 – West Germany

Rome had the honor of being the host for the second time, but this time the host, Italy, did not come as scheduled. West Germany in the era of Brandt Schuster and Kark Heiss Rumenigge, competing with Belgium and finally being Iron Eagle Army Who won 2-1 and successfully won their second championship.

7. 1984 – France

France, the host country that year, successfully advanced to the finals. Their opponent was the Spanish national team, but they were unable to resist the excellent performance of Michel Platini before being defeated by the Atletico team 2-0.

8. 1988 – Netherlands

In Munich, Holland during the Golden Age entered the final against the Soviet Union, but as we all know, that era The Netherlands had Frank Rijkaard, Ronald Koeman, as well as Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten, who each scored a goal to help the team win the championship in a big way.

9. 1992 – Denmark

In Sweden, Denmark at that time no one expected them to do so well. This was the era when they had the Laudrup brothers and Peter Schmeichel standing guard, who were able to turn around and defeat Germany in the final 2-0 in the end.

10. 1996 – Germany

In London, Germany hopes to make amends from last year. This time around they have stars like Jurgen Klinsmann, Matthias Sammer, Mehmet Scholl, and Christian Ziege as players. Protagonist who can defeat Czech Republic Succeeded in extra time from the Golden Goal Rule 2-1.

11. 2000 – France

In the Netherlands, France, who recently won the World Cup, is still doing an excellent job. Many people considered that era to be a golden https://ufabet999.app era because of the presence of famous stars such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Youri, Jorgeeff, Didier Deschamps. Patrice Vieira, Rollant Blanc, Lilian Thuram, before defeating Italy in the final 2-1, the kind that came to score the equalizer in extra time and scored the winning goal during the Golden Goal from David Thee. Roseguet

12. 2004 – Greece

at Lisbon It was another shocking game in the history of the tournament for Portugal, who entered the final at home but were defeated 1-0 by a team like Greece, thanks to Angelos Chariste’s winning goal. AS early in the second half

13. 2008 – Spain

In Austria, the Spanish national team had a golden era under Luis Aragones, along with stars like Fernando Torres, David Silva, Cesc Fabregas. Xavi Andres Iniesta Sergio Ramos Cales Puyol defeated Germany 1-0 in the final thanks to El Niño’s 33rd minute goal.

14. 2012 – Spain

In Ukraine, Spain was the first nation to successfully defend this championship. Since the first team of players is still the same with more experience. This made the competitor in the final round at that time, Italy, unable to compare at all and ended with a victory for The Bulls went 4-0.

15. 2016 – Portugal

The game in Paris, France, where the hosts successfully reached the final with Portugal as their opponent, was a tight game that didn’t do anything until the end of 90 minutes before extra time. Eder, the reserve striker, scored a beautiful long-range shot to score the winning goal. Send Cristiano Ronaldo to successfully win a major championship with the national team.

16. 2020 – Italy

The 60th anniversary of this football tournament has led many nations to join together as hosts, but in the end the final came at Wembley, with England, the home team, coming to this round for the first time, meeting a great team like Italy, who had an excellent performance. throughout the season in the game 1-1, with England taking the lead from Luke Shaw from the beginning of the game before Leo Bonucci equalized for Italy in the second half before going on a long drive until the penalty shootout and Italy, who were sharper, won. Went 3-2.