Pep Guardiola has confirmed will bring young players to Germany. 

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Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed he will be bringing a number of young players to Germany. For the away game RB Leipzig.

Manchester City have the final fixture of the Champions League group stage at Germany’s RB Leipzig on Tuesday. A game that has no effect for Guardiola’s side as it has been guaranteed. Finished first place in Group A for sure. Reserve the right as a team of the last 16 knockout rounds.

For this reason, Pep does not hide to bring many young players to the first team to play in European games to gain more experience, such as Cole Palmer, James McCaty, etc., but is still the first team that strong Because they want to respect all three team A teammates.

“They’re 18 or 19 and have everything ahead. They are great young players. They need to adjust. But there is potential,” Pep said of the youth team players.

“Of course everyone who is playing tomorrow wants to win. Out of respect, Leipzig also respects Club Brugge and PSG, most importantly the first team. It’s good for them to see how you act. Hopefully tomorrow someone can play. We can substitute five people. Maybe we could use them.”