10 ways to raise children that new mothers must know

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How to care for children after birth It is a matter that every mothers should study various information well because raising a baby is a very sensitive matter. Even the slightest mistake can cause harm to your baby. So let’s take a look at 10 ways to care for a newborn baby. ยูฟ่าเบท

Raising children with 10 methods that mothers must read
Let’s see how to raise children properly. The method of raising children is as follows.

  1. Feed breast milk correctly and on time. It is the first and very important thing. Because newborns need to drink milk frequently, every 2-3 hours, even when the baby is asleep. You also have to wake the baby up to drink milk.
  2. Properly clean the baby’s body Mothers should wipe their bodies, faces, and damp areas. Or bathe the baby 2 times a day (or you may not have to bathe every day) in the morning and evening. But in the case of cold weather, showering once per day is considered sufficient. Including washing your baby’s hair only once a day.
  3. It’s normal for a baby’s bowel movements to contain water. The average is approximately 6-8 times per day, which depends on the amount of milk the baby is eating. and urinating 10-20 times per day
  4. Mothers should wipe their navel thoroughly after bathing. With a cotton swab moistened with 75% alcohol, the navel will usually fall off within 7-10 days. If there is swelling, redness, inflammation, or a bad odor, you must immediately take the patient to see a doctor. There is also a very important caution: Mothers are strictly prohibited from using any kind of medicine to sprinkle on the baby’s navel. Because it will cause problems with the joint between the navel and the abdominal skin. which may look dry outside But it is often found that the inside is still wet. As a result, it results in the accumulation of germs that can lead to inflammation.
  5. Wipe your eyes clean after showering. With a cotton pad moistened with boiled water Before wiping the baby’s eyes every time, the mother must wash her hands thoroughly first. And if you find that the baby’s eyes are wet Gently massage the baby’s eyes often, but if it is found that there are still abnormalities such as a lot of eye fluid coming out. Please take him to see a doctor immediately.
  6. Raising children should be in places that are well ventilated, clean, and safe. Avoid places that are humid, crowded, wet, have dust or cigarette smoke, etc.
  7. Jaundice Many babies experience this symptom within 3 days after birth. However, if the mother notices and finds that she has abnormal jaundice. or the baby does not suck on the mother’s milk or have symptoms of depression Hurry and take him to see a doctor.
  8. For mothers after giving birth or while breastfeeding their babies. The food you eat is very important. and must be taken care of, just like raising children Mothers should eat food from all 5 food groups according to nutritional principles. And avoid eating fermented foods, spicy foods, and all types of alcoholic beverages.
  9. In raising children Mother’s cleanliness It is also something that cannot be overlooked. Which mothers should always remember in touching their babies every time. Hands should always be washed and dried thoroughly. For the safety of your little one
  10. If the mother is not ready to breastfeed and giving mixed milk to the baby An important piece of equipment that must be taken care of is the teat. It must be boiled or steamed first every time.

    For new mothers Let’s study how to raise these children. I believe that it is definitely not too difficult.