5 healthy foods Choice menu for health lovers

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healthy foods or clean food It is considered another option for people who care about health or healthy people. balance the body We just know how to choose food. and to be cooked properly These healthy meals can turn into delicious meals. Today, I recommend 5 healthy foods to continue eating. สมัคร ufabet

1. Quinoa,
who is a clean eater? or love health You must know the cereal called “quinoa, for sure, it is a plant in the same family as spinach and beet. “Superfoods” because they are considered a good source of dietary fiber for good health.Benefits of Quinoa• 1 cup of quinoa contains approximately 5 grams of dietary fiber, an insoluble fiber that is essential for the body’s digestive system. • Quinoais a plant that is low in cholesterol. Therefore suitable for people who want to control their diet. Including suitable food for diabetics.

2. Almonds
are nutritious nuts . And there are nutrients that are beneficial to the body than other types of nuts can be eaten instead of the main meal. or can be eaten instead of snacks
Benefits of almonds
• Almonds are beneficial in helping fight free radicals. strengthen the immune system in the body Eating as a snack will help reduce fussiness and reduce hunger between meals.
• Eating almonds daily can help you lose weight. Because in 1 seed almonds provide only 7 calories of energy.

3. Salmon

is the most popular fish among Thai and Japanese Popular to make both sushi and sashimi. because in addition to having the right taste It is also rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body.
Benefits of Salmon
• Salmon is a protein that the body can easily absorb.
• Omega 3 in salmon helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower triglyceride levels. And help increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL)

4. Chicken Breast Chicken breast

is considered a favorite among healthy people because chicken is a type of high-energy meat. Rich in protein, easy to digest, low fat ratio Especially the brisket has almost no fat at all. Therefore, it is popular to cook food for health care, such as clean food. Chicken breast is suitable for cooking for those who want to control their weight, such as chicken steak by marinating and grilling. Eat with various side dishes, it’s absolutely delicious. It is a food that is good for health. high energy and rich in many benefits
Benefits of Chicken Breast
• Chicken breast is high in protein but low in calories.
• Protein is an important nutrient that helps repair damaged organs in the body. strengthen muscles

5. Eggs

Eating eggs as part of a meal will keep you fuller for longer. and eating less
Benefits of Eggs
• Eggs are one of the high protein foods with 6 grams of protein per egg.
• Eggs are a good source of protein. which those who want to have muscles all choose to eat because it is believed to help build muscles well Because protein contributes to the growth and repair of the body’s wear and tear.